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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I found out the answer to my question above. It turns out that when they added "Onstar" they had to eliminate the capability of locking the trunk with the valet key since Onstar would be unable to unlock the trunk remotely if you locked your key in by mistake. I assume this means that on none of the Mercedes can one secure the trunk with the "Valet Key". After 25 years of Mercedes ownership I will not be able to buy a new one. I cancelled the sale (new S500) and got my money and tradein back. I am now looking at a Jaguar XJ Super which along with all of their models still have a "Valet mode".
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    But thanks for the update, pathdoc - good luck with your search and keep us posted.
  • mbzlvrmbzlvr Posts: 14
    Onstar is for GM cars. Maybe that's the problem. Also, what could be in your trunk that you would cancel an $85,000+ MB car and get a Ford because you can't lock the trunk. Don't you have a house and garage? I'm sorry, I'm not being sarcastic but I just can't figure this one out.
  • larianlarian Posts: 3
    Strongly decided to go for the S500, but need to know the average maintenance cost per year. Read here about $90 for an oil change and $500 for a brake job... What about the frequency of repairs and the response of the average MB service department. Thanks for your help.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I am a physician and live in an area where valet parking is mandatory at most hotels and restaurants. I frequently leave the hospital and attend meetings or dinner where I have to valet. I do not want items stolen from my trunk. Also on trips I often do not unpack the entire trunk at each stop.
    The Mercedes system is "TeleAid" but all I believe are run by OnStar. After driving the new S500 and now my older S500(99)and the new Jaguar XJR Super I am even happier I turned the car back. It's not thatI don't like Mercedes(still have several) but I think the Jag. is a better car. I also have had an XKR convertible for three years and it has been flawless. My major points are 1) The salespeople at MB didn't know or tell me about the valet locking,2)They list it in their current(2005) brochures 3)They offer it in their Euopean models and 4) It's another example of either cost cutting or lack of engineering skills. I am sure that if they had an electronic valet function like Jag. they would be able to control it remotely.

    As to it being a Ford I suggest you check JD Powers re reliability between Mercedes and the JXR/8 before you make such negative comments.
  • mbzlvrmbzlvr Posts: 14
    Thanks for the clarification. I live in the Los Angeles area and Valet Parking is the natural way to park so I don't even think of what might be in my trunk. Also, I can't parallel park!

    Also, I know that MB has has some bad quality control issues so I'm not saying it's the best. However, ever since Ford bought the Jaguar marque, it hasn't been the same to me. It's a personal issue. Same thing with Saab and GM. When I was a kid, my dream car was the Saab convertible in Black and Tan leather. I even considered the new Saab against the MB but the GM thing just didn't sit well with me. Yeah, the MB is another Dodge but I'm not there yet.
  • Re: Costs of Ownership: $500 for a competent (i.e., all new pads, new rotors, fluid, a line or two, "environmental charge", "miscellaneous shop expensese", etc.) brake job is half of the market price on even a Volvo. Keep in mind that most rotors these days can not be resurfaced.


    Re: Pathdocs Trunk: We live in a diverse country. I never would have imagined an area where valet parking was "mandatory" or consenting to a life style where as mbzlvr put it in his post "the natural way to park...". The rationale not to buy an S Class because one has to valet park wherever you go and you can't trust the underclass not to rip you off because you carry more than a gymn bag in your trunk raises a lot of issues. Most of them off topic. But, wouldn't pathdoc be a lot happier, more relaxed, and safer ("hey look, its a doctor in a Mercedes....") in a SAAB Aero with the rest of the MSRP thrown into a small cap index fund?
  • My Motorola Timeport P8367 MB cell phone for my 2001 S500 is getting "out of date". I'm using Verizon as carrier.


    I wonder if anyone know the newer Motorola phones such as V265 or V710 will work well with the MB integrated system?


    Thanks in advance,


  • I got some answers to my own Timeport cell phone question. A VZ sales representative at Palisades Center told me that the newer Motorola phones will not work in the MB integrated system.


    So, once we paid the $2k plus for the option, we basically are stuck with what we got. This reminds of the similar problem I had with my 1994 BMW 740 integrated car phone.
  • Can you please help me with the Address and name of CEO in Germany. I have had my car in the shop for 3 months for the suspension. They have replace all 4 struts, Rt Relay and Block and brake. Once the car gets wet the Block goes out and then the car rides rough again. This had happen twice. The manufacture Rep told me he did not want to replace the part and did now want to find out why it keeps breaking. I have a bad back and I am stuck with this car that is very painful for me to drive now. I bought the car because of the smooth ride for my back which did wonders for me for 2 years. I bought the S-500 new in 2002. Now dealership is saying it is out of there hands and Mercedes will not call me back after several letters and phone messages. I live in California and the dealer is Claridge in Fremont. - Thank you for your help..
  • When it works I think it is the smoothest riding car available. I have my car in the shop (3 shops) now for 3 months for the suspension going out. I have a 2002 S-500 38k Miles. Started off brake value for aromatic had to be replaced. Two weeks later the car went to the shop for Service B, when I brought the car home 4 hours later the car was pointed down and it road very rough. They replace front struts. Two days later back struts had to be replaced. They kept giving me the car back and the suspension would keep getting worse. So I call around and found out the Technical Manufactor Service Protocol for shocks is Struts, Relay, Pump. Finally the second shop did this and the car beautiful again. I took the car through the car wash and the car with in four hours road very rough again. I took it back to dealership #2 they re calibrated the car returned it and it still drove rough and would not hold its calibration. I had it towed to dealership #3 where I bought the car, "Claridge". Gave everything to them in writing. Two weeks later they finally replace the Block and the car drove beautiful until it rained and went through the car wash, then and now it still rides rough. This is the best part Claridge in Fremont California calls out the Manufactor Rep, he tells me that new tires should solve the problem, when I have had the same tires the entire time... The Rep told me he did not want to replace the Block even though that is what has made the car drive beautiful each time. He said if they were to replace it and it were to break again that they would not replace it again and would not figure out why it keeps breaking - so I have car that rides very stiff and rough right now. Claridge told me they would fix the car or buy it back. Now they will not respond saying it is out of there and hands and at the same time Mercedes will not respond. I cannot in good faith sell this car to someone else knowing that the suspension continually gets worse especially when it is wet outside. I asked if I would write a check for them to fix the suspension, originally they said yes and then 2 hours later when I bounced driving the car home and called and said lets do it, I just need to have this car right, they did not call me back for 48 hours and then said I could not take the car to any other dealer and I could not pay cash to have the car worked on. At the same time they will not put anything in writing saying the car it fine. My personal opinion is they do not know how to fix it and do not want to pay for it and think that I will go away and I will not... I wish more than you know that the suspension would be fixed. It will cost me 25k to get out of this car and in to a new one. That is a lot of wasted money that I do not have just because Mercedes does not want to do the right thing and fix my car or buy it back.
  • How did you figure out that it was the Electronic Control box that had to be fixed? The problem with my suspension is. The car rides very rough and stiff. They have replaced all 4 struts, relay, block and brake value. When they replaced the Block is when the car drove great until the car got wet, then it would drive rough and stiff again. They replace the Block and the same thing happened again. Do you have any ideas what on what it needs to have to fix it. It has been in 3 shops for 3 months and they are blowing me off now and do not want to fix the car. I am in the warranty but that is not making a difference. Maybe it is because I live in Silicon Valley and they would rather save money than do the right thing. I am there 4 days a week. Any help you can give me I will definilty appreciate. Thank you..
  • koiguykoiguy Posts: 1
    My 2002 S430 is coming off lease, and I'm considering a 2005 S500.


    Given the change in body style for the S-Class coming in 2006, does anyone know the last date MB will take an order for a build to order S500, as opposed to taking what's available off the lot?


    Also, anyone have current experience on pricing of a 2 or 3 year lease on S500?
  • New to this board. Please excuse my ignorance, but what does W124/126/140 refer to exactly. I am assuming it is a reference to a particular time period when certain models were produced.


    I am thinking of purchasing either a 1997-1999 S320 or S420 or S500. Any comments? I intend to have the car evaluated by an independent mechanic etc, etc.


    From researching this board I get the impression that MB changed designed significantly for the 2000 models. I also get the impression that as far as the S series is concerned, models produced after 2000 were somewhat of a dissapointment for their owners.


    Anyhow, any advice is greatly appreciated.



  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    "New to this board. Please excuse my ignorance, but what does W124/126/140 refer to exactly. I am assuming it is a reference to a particular time period when certain models were produced."


    Yes your guess is correct. The "W140" is the 1992-1999 "big body" S-Class that was so prized back in its day. The "W124" is the 1986-1995" E-Class, quite possibly my favorite Benz sedan of all time, and the "W126" is the 1981-1991 S-Class that many Benz folks say was the best. You know the old 560SEL, 420SEL, 300SEL models.


    I think you have the basics covered about buying a W140 S-Class, as the car is very expensive to maintain and even more to repair if you get an ill-kept example. Other than that it is a fabulous car.


  • Read these owner experiences and draw your own conclusions.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    While you are evaluating others' reports, do keep in mind that those who have trouble are the ones who make the noise. Those who are happy probably don't even know that some of these places exist.


    Not to defend the S-Class or any other vehicle, it's just I just hate to see people make a total judgment of any car based on anecdotal collections.


  • Hey guys, I've recently been interested in purchasing a preowned s430 of the current body style (as of yr 2000). I am concerned as to the reliability and astronomical maintenance costs of this vehicle. I understand that most happy owners of this vehicle won't complain and that the unhappy ones will be sounding their opinions - but do even the newer 03's and 04's seriously have such major problems? Reading over the experiences of the owners of this car, it worries me that brakes have been known to fail as well as suspensions collapsing. I have looked over the comments on this site ( am flabbergasted that such a supposedly wonderful car is acting like the devil. If someone can give me some feedback, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  • I bought a new 2001 S500 4 years ago. I have had my share of problems: suspension, noises, audio system problem...


    I'm disappointed in my ownership experience. I'm just trying to drag it out until I find another car (not a MB) that convinces me worthwhile.


    If reliability is high priority for you, MB is not the one.


    Consumer Report's findings certainly are accurate in my view.
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