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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Does somebody has reasons to believe that the 1999 Mercedes S320 would be a decent reliability car ?

    I am very concerned about the 2000-2005 reliability record, and wonder if the previous model (1999) was a simpler, so more reliable car.

  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    That is a nice gesture to show the coming prices...I agree that the prices that they charge will be the key...As I wrote previously I personally don`t care to go into buy a car and then have so many extra selections....I am sure the companies do this to adjust their prices when the dollar rises and falls, but I think a car in theis league should come with almost everything in the asking price, with maybe just a few added choices...Again I would want to get the night vision, and radar controlled cruis control, and would be turned off at what I think they are going to charge. Tony
  • durezdurez Posts: 1
    Hello to all, I have developed a love for the S-Class Mercedes Benz (1997-1999). I have never owned one and would like to know what to look for, and what to stay away from, in my search.


  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    After reading you fabulous post about the show in Detroit, I was wondering is you found the arches to your ...liking... You mentioned they wern`t as large in person, but failed to put your mark of approval, or just so so...Did you really like the Imperial concept?and it`s inside refinements? Tony
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well the S-Class wheel arches aren't as bad as I thought. The arches themselves I'm still not crazy about, but the car itself gets my approval though it isn't as "pretty" as the 2000-2006 model. However the AMG package changes things it puts the new S-Class over the top for me. Stunningly aggressive and sculpted to me. If I were getting one I'd want the AMG treatment.

    Yes I like the Imperial concept. Big and bold, a total American throwback. Loved it inside and out.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Have a look at what the editors think about the new S550: Full Test: 2007 Mercedes-Benz S550 - The new benchmark.
  • When did they add Fourmatic as an option?

    I see '02 S Classes now down to 40K asking with a lower final net sale price. By now will the problems have been worked out under warranty, or could an '02 still be warranty problem on wheels?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    4Matic was added for the 2003 model year.

    I'd get a 2003 or better, a 2002 model would be before the facelift.

  • Hello forum,
    I just discovered this site and have enjoyed it immensely, particularly about the new S-class issues. I won't even consider purchasing one of those, now. I owned a 1982 300SD for 16 years, and enjoyed it quite a bit, except for the noise. It was a very reliable and economical car (for a car of that size). I then traded it for a 500SL and drove it for 4 years until I decided I missed a back seat. After a year of BMW 540i, (big mistake), I currently drive an Audi A6, which I believe is equal in quality to about anything on the road right now, especially the seats!!! I miss the Mercedes presence, however, and was wondering about all the comments regarding maintenance of the W140 series, S420, either a 98 or 99 model. I am strongly leaning towards buying one, with no more than 70K miles. What can I expect as far as costs and maintenance of this car versus the 500sl. Are they comparable? I am assuming they are, but I don't know if there are additional things about the S420 that would be necessary. Quite a few people have stated the 140 series is a wonderful car, if you can afford to keep it running. I am a big believer in preventative maintenance, but I don't go overboard. If anyone has any thoughts on this, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Dale
  • Hey L8_Apex,

    I couldn't exactly find the right thread to post this question (so perhaps you'll move it to the right one), but I was wondering if you had any experience with LeaseWizard software and what you thought about it. (

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi Krump, welcome!

    I'm not personally familiar with that site/software, but I can guarantee you that between the information on the Edmunds main site and the discussions here in Edmunds' Forums, we can provide the same information for you - all for only the price of your membership. Which you've already paid. :P

    I see you have found a couple of our Lease Questions discussions for a couple different vehicles. Are you also interested in the S-Class? If so, try here: Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Lease Questions.

    We don't really have a totally generic leasing issues discussion at the moment, but you could try Leasing vs. Purchasing if that's the type of discussion you're trying to find.

    But I really think your best bet is to ask what you need to know in an appropriate Lease Questions discussion. You can look them up with the Make/Model dropdown on the left side of the page.

    Hope this helps!
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    3,360 units

    Plenty of delivered pre-orders in thur. :)

    They can sell 25k plus for the first time in a long time! :surprise:

    I guess we like "My Humps"!

  • krumpitzkrumpitz Posts: 4
    Wow...that sounded more like a sales pitch than a thoughtful response. I read over the site and there is nothing on Edmunds that compares actually to the software.

    I was hoping that you would have used it and perhaps reviewed it as a legitmate consumer aid. I love the breadth of Edmunds, but thinking that Edmunds has ALL the answers is naive.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Regardless of whether it seems like a "sales pitch", it is true that we have tons of leasing resources that are available to you for no charge whatsoever. Car_man and kyfdx, hosts of the Prices & Leasing Questions board, can be much more help to you in that department than can I. The Leasing Tips page is very helpful as well. Good luck with your search.
  • mcaleermcaleer Posts: 11
    My 2003 S430 has the Motorola cellphone that is integral to the Command System but can be removed and used when I'm not in the car. I visited the dealer yesterday and was told that the cellphone is not removable from the car. I was hoping to have the Bluetooth system like the Lexus where you can use a number of different phones though the communications system in the car. Did the sales guy I talked to yesterday know what he was talking about? What's the sense in having Bluetooth if the phone is fixed?
  • LanceL99LanceL99 Posts: 39
    I just picked up a new S350 with Keyless Go, Elec Trunk Opener, and CD changer for $53,500. Anyone else out there buying the leftover '06's?
  • pennylupennylu Posts: 1
    i'm not sure exactly where to find this.
    i'm purchasing a '57 220S and in order to tow it i need the approx. weight.
    if anybody has any idea, please let me know :confuse:
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    I had a '59 220se. It's going to be a little less than 3000 lbs.
  • mobydocmobydoc Posts: 6
    thanks for the advice. You were absolutely right. It was a stuck parking card.
  • mobydocmobydoc Posts: 6
    I have put 54K miles on my 01 S430 and have had NO major issues . Contrary to a lot of bad things you hear about the airmatic suspension and so forth, I guess I got lucky. My question to other owners is that have you all been happy with your vehicles or are there any regrets ? There is a similar vehicle listed on Ebay these days with 240 K miles which makes me hope that this baby has a long time to go. By the way does any body have any recommendations on how to deal with a small (1 cm) nick on the inside panel of the drivers door handle ( I think it is plastic). It is a minor cosmetic issue which is hard to see. Am I better off just leaving it alone ?.
    What major maintainance would you all do at 60 K mileage ?
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