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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,026
    A large national newspaper aims to interview someone who has purchased, ordered or plans to order a 2007 Mercedes-Benz S550. Please respond to before Thursday, March 16 at 5 PM EST with your daytime contact info.


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  • bocchunbocchun Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 S500 and it currently have 55k miles on it. However, I have a horrible experience with it.. Since I own it, the repairs total over $25k (most of them were covered by warranty), the repairs items included (what I can remember on top of my head): door assist (broke 4 or 5 times), passages windows motor broke 3 times, Command system was repaired twice and finally they replaced the whole system. 3 different areas of leaks, AC problem 3 or 4 times.. (replace different parts each time), airmatic suspension, sub-frame (not really sure what that is.. but supposed to be part of the frame) has a crack on it (warranty won't cover it... cost +-3k, which I'm going to fight with the warranty company - warranty direct, they claim I'm aware of that problem but keep driving it to make it worst...)
    Anyway, If you are thinking about getting a S class.. you may want to think again. I'm a 3rd generation of Mercedes owner and it looks like I might have to switch to the new LS 460.
  • I once was one of Mercedes biggest fan. After owning several Mercedes, I finally learned and bought others. I've learned that only thing with Mercedes is the name and the prestige. Have lots of friends who would never buy another Mercedes. When I was in the market for a suv, I bought a new (05) Range Rover. Luv it, glad I didn't buy a G500. We just bought 06 750Li. Didn't even bother looking at the S Class. In my opinion the Mercedes is less to be desired.
  • shoremanshoreman Posts: 1
    My wife finally got her Mercedes. A 2000 S500 at a local used dealer. After several days of driving it the hazard lights would start to blink . So we took it back and they replaced the hazard switch. Now they come on intermittently as well as the interior lights. Then the door locks will not work and occasionally we go out to the car and all the windows and the sun roof have opened on their own. Dealer reset the computer and it has reverted back to these malfunctions 4 times now. This is not a Mercedes Dealer but he specializes in Mercedes and BMW. He keeps resetting the computer and now showed us how. Not good enough. There is a problem! Anyone ever heard of such malfunctions?
  • duane3duane3 Posts: 7
    I have a 1991 420SEL, that I bought new, the car has 160,000 miles and today I broke a timing chain. I was at a stoplight and when I stepped on the gas there was a crunch and the car quit. I took a look under the hood and the left rocker valve cover was broken and you could see the timing chain. I had it towed to the dealer and this is what they had to say...

    when the timing chain broke, it may have bent the valves and damaged the pistons, they want to take off the heads and do a valve job and inspect the valves to see if they are bent, also look at the pistons to see if they are damaged. Cost estimate is $6,300!! If the valves are damaged, or worse, if the pistons are damaged, the cost could go up even more.

    I'm having a hard time understanding how the valves and pistons could be damaged. In the old days when timing belts broke, you just replaced the belt and that was that. Can anyone tell me if what they are saying makes sense, and what about the cost of $6,300, for basically what amounts to a valve job (plus a timing chain and a valve cover). What if they just put on a new timing chain and valve cover - would I be okay??


  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    Sorry to read of your problem----Just a chance but you may not have done too much damage.....Possibly and independent shop would be able to advise you, at a lower cost....Further you may be out of luck as the car may not be worth that much money, particularly if it starts to have additional problems in the near future....Good luck Tony
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Most engines today are interference engines. That is, when the valves are open, they protrude far enough into the cylinder that the piston would hit the valves when the piston is at the top of its motion if the valves are still open. The timing chain is what keeps the pistons and valves in time. When the timing chain breaks, the valves stop in their current position (open, closed, or in-between). The pistons keep moving and smack into any open valves.

    This bends the valves, possibly damages the pistons, and may wreck other bits and pieces in the head.

    No, they can't just replace the timing chain and valve cover. The valves are bent and broken. They won't open and close properly (if at all) and the engine would not run.

    Sorry for the bad news, but the dealer isn't trying to screw you over on this. I'm surprised the cost is only $6300.
  • spinnspinn Posts: 1
    Anyone know which are the best banks or leasing companies to lease hi line cars?
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    Merc---There is a business article in free read ..I did not realize Mercedes Benz and Diamler Benz merged around nine years ago...Was the merger between the truck operation and the auto part??? It`s a good article for background.. I think you would appreciate it Tony
  • lauren12lauren12 Posts: 4
    I received this message display 'No magazine' when I tried to activate the cd in my 2002 S500. The cd magazine is in the changer located in the trunk, but if I try to eject it, it will not eject as well. Does anyone experience this problem with their cd magazine and could advice me on this? I took it to the MB dealership for an estimate to fix it and they say it'll probably be $1200k to change the whole unit. Any advice would really appreciated.
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    I'm no techie, but sounds like the sensor in the unit that detects the presence of the magazine is not working. Assuming you are out of warranty, I would take it to an auto sound shop and have them check it out before spending $1200 (hopefully not $1200k as you wrote - that would be $1,200,000!) at the dealer to replace it.

    If it actually needs replacing, you'll find a similar (if not better) head unit available elsewhere for less. In my '98, the MB factory unit was actually made by Alpine (a Japanese company!), and the exact same Alpine unit without the MB symbol on it was available at Circuit City for about half the price.
  • lauren12lauren12 Posts: 4
    Thanks garyh1,
    Yes, I mean $1,200.00! I think you're right that I'll have to try an auto sound shop out there instead of MB. There seem to be so many auto sound/stereo shops out there that I'm not sure which one to trust. If I walk in Circuit City or BestBuys, do you think those sales guys know enough to know which cd unit would work with my MB? So in your MB, you purchased the unit from Circuit City and an auto sound shop install it for you for a reasonable charge??
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    CC or BB should be able to look up and install a compatible replacement unit, but I don't think they would necessarily be the best places to check out your current unit.

    Actually, in my case the MB dealer ran out of MB-branded units and installed an Alpine unit. I didn't discover it until months after I had bought the car. I then checked out at CC the same unit the dealer had put in, and it was about half the price that MB was asking.

    But I did buy a replacement car stereo at CC for another MB car I had (an old E320 wagon that we passed on to my daughter), and they installed it without any problem.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I will be looking soon to replace my Audi A8L W-12. I'm interested in the S63/65 AMG's, which are the more appealing models to me. I owned an '05 (W220) S65 AMG that was a blast to drive, and I'm hoping to collect some of that experience again.

    I had a brief interaction with an S600 on yesterday at the local MB dealer. The car was really amazing and better than I thought. I drove an S550 for a whole day about 2 months ago and really liked the dynamics of the car. While not quite as planted as my previous 760iL or even the S65, it adapted to the road really well. The only hold out for me would probably be that the interior isn't quite up to Audi's standard. No huge biggie, but I wish they would've spent more time on interior refinement, which was once a MB strong point.

    Which brings me to my point. Have any of you fellas drove or bought either of the AMG variants yet, or even an S550? I'm really leaning towards the S63 as 503-hp is quite enough for this car.

    I've narrowed my choices to the S63, the upcoming LS460L(depending on suspension refinements), Maserati Q-P. So any help would be appreciated.
  • lauren12lauren12 Posts: 4
    Thanks garyh1 for your thoughts on this topic. I will try both BB or CC and the local sound stereo shops to see which one can fix it for the best price. I will let you know when its fixed, hopefully soon so I don't have to change the radio stations every 3 minutes while I'm driving!

    I know someone else with a 1999 E320, which has the same 'no magazine' error as my MB. They didn't get it fix either as they think its too costly from dealership quotes.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    If MSRP is 87K for a barebones S Class (Option Package II is apparently not available and Option Package III seems aimed at the AARP crowd--I mean if I have trouble looking in the mirror or need a massage I'll go to a gymn) what would be a good transaction price in late summer? The AWD option is apparently going to cost 4K this summer when it becomes available. My local dealer tells me he is already taking names and assigning numbers (why do these German car dealers sometimes come across like my old first sergeant?). What would be a reasonable deposit, if any, to get in his AWD queue? I'm in no rush as long as I can get into one before the snow flies this year. Do you think I could get the AWD for free by then as the early adopters will have already bought their cars? Would I be shooting myself in the foot with a very complicated machine if I picked up the S Class of my choice at a distant dealer and just drove the thing home over Thanksgiving?
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    This is a bit slow Tony
  • s430amgs430amg Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 S430 AMG and I just received a message that the brake lining is wearing visit shop -

    A couple of questions -

    Is it recomended that I take it to the Mercedes Benz shop to get replacement pads or can I go to a shop that specializes in foreign cars?

    Does the AMG make a difference when replacing brakes?

    Will the signal go off if I take it somewhere other than Mercedes?

    The Mercedes shop quoted $250 while other shops are in the $150 range - is that right?

    If I take it to somewhere other than Mercedes what should I ask the shop -

    please respond

    Also I was planning on going out of town MD- NY and Mercedes can't get me in before, would it be okay to drive and get fixed upon return? Light came on two days ago.


  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Sorry for the neglect of this thread, I didn't have it on my tracking list.

    Well it was Chrysler and Daimler-Benz that merged back in 1998. I at the time needed medical attention upon reading about it, but have since recovered. ;)

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Good to see you've posted here also.

    I assume the more recent decision to get the Audi S8 means all of this has been decided already???

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