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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • I am reading the manuals, but Jesus, they are long. My car is apparently located 200 miles in the ocean off Palm Beach (according to the NAVI). I tried to calibrate while driving and it wanted to know the freaking tires I had on the car - OUCH! No luck for me. I will plod on and succeed.

    I have the CD type as my car is 2000. It was a great ride today for 250 miles. No kidding, a great ride. But I can not work half of the stuff it came with. Oh well, positive problem. I am going to go back tot he guys who sold me the car (Genuine Motorcars in St. Pete Fla) who have been AWESOME and get their advice.

    Again, positive problem!
  • Greetings: Just had it painted,now the alarm goes off when I unlock drivers door. The trunk and pass. door ok to unlock-no alarm goes off. What do you think it may be ???.
    Should take it back to painter OR should I look ???

  • hey, if the alarm worked before you had it painted then you should take it back to the painter. It may be a wear/tear problem but you should have them look at it because it could have been something they did when they had the car. Chances are that it is something minor but you never know.
  • benztuner: Tks for the comeback..I plan to do just that, but was tempted to pull the panel off to see is I could see a wire loose or ???

  • Help!!!! :blush:
    My sister just purchased a very well kept 1997 Mercedes S 320.
    Can anyone tell me which tire would have the best grip and quietness to suit this car?
  • Michelans are what Mercedes-Benz recommends. Michelan actually makes tires especially for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the tires are made to reduce noise, increase tread mileage, increase fuel mileage, etc. I know the Michelans are more expensive but they are the better tires. You might want to check with your local Mercedes-Benz dealership for tires, or a local Michelan dealer. By the way, if she wants some Lorinser 17" RS90 wheels, ive got a set.
  • ejc63ejc63 Posts: 2
    The more things change the more they stay the same. I have had three MB. 2001 S500, 02 S500 that I got when I had to take the 01 back due to many defects, and an 03 SL500 which I have since sold. I still have the 02 s500 and it's a great car. I bought them all new and they all had these "glitches". I have said before and I will say again, it seems, to me at least, that the more one spends on expensive vehicles these days, the more 'glitches' they encounter. My wife drives an 02 Lexus gs300 that we also purchased brand new. Other than routine maintenance she has never had an issue with the car. I on the other hand should have an office at the service department at MB because I have been there so much. Over time though the 02 S500 I still have has "settled" I guess. I have 92k miles on it and it still rides like a dream. I changed the tiresand wheels. I have the 02 sports package but got tired of buying tires every year so I changed out the wheels and went to where I now purchase all my tires for a fraction of what dealers charge. Same tires, lower price. Since I have done that I can now rotate my tires which has substantially added to the life of the tires. I was considering buying a new 07 S class but this time had the foresight of reading these boards before I go to my super friendly dealer.. lol. Well I guess I will just keep my current one now that it's settled in and the kinks are gone. I just dont have time to be at the dealer every other month like I used to be in days gone by. Good luck to all you new owners....:)
  • Im putting a BRABUS kit on a new W216 CL, and it had Continental tires on it, so I guess it is just a matter of opinion and cost.
  • I am quite surprised at the issues you had with your Mercedes car. I just saw the latest released S- class and think it looked fabulous. Just as I thought only the BMW has the upper hand in styling department currently...looks like BMW's designer Chris Bangle will have a headache beating the latest S-class.
    The Lexus has never been top notched in roadhandling and also in resale value. In fact a lot of Asians that I know refer Lexus as a poor man's Mercedes Benz.

    So far among my small circle of friends who owned a Mercedes, not one had any major complaints. In fact, a lot of wives complaint that their husbands took better care of their car than themselves.

    A senior manager who bought the latest BMW 530 also did the same (takes care of his car better than his wife) had spent quite a good amount of time at the service center fixing the computer-sync glitches.

    So I guess maybe the more hi-tech a car is, the greater the possibilities of things going wrong. :sick:

  • ejc63ejc63 Posts: 2
    Well I can understand the wives complaining. When I bought my first MB I stayed up til 4 am just running back to the garage to make sure I wasnt dreaming. If your friends are like me, most have dreamed of owning a MB since they were teens. I remember being 19 and in college. There was a MB dealership not far from where I lived. I drove a Plymouth Champ (Dodge Colt) and would go by the dealership at night after they closed and "lay hands" on a car and pray that God would give me one in my lifetime.. lol. Naive and young, but hey it must have worked, I've owned 3 so far.. lol. ( Don't worry I won't pass around an offering All the problems I had with the previous vehicles were electrical and more often had to do with either some sensor going bad or something like that. I know that in 00-01 MB had different vendors and suppliers than they do now so it is possible that they have improved things quite a bit. I know they cant rest on their laurels because Lexus is now the number one selling luxo-boat. MB has a great history and makes probably the most asthetically pleasing vehicle on the planet at any price, but they also understand that if they sacrifice quality for profit, they will go the way of Oldsmobile, the latest of former automotive giants to be sent to the autodealers in the sky!!
  • i bought a2003 s-class about a year ago with 38,000 miles on it is my first experience with a mercedes benz ever. i can safely say i would buy another in the future, although i've had an odd thing happen with my gearshift it wont move out of park only if i jimmy it for about 3-5 minutes can anyone shed some light so many saftey features i missing something??
  • A crazy thought re the shifter... are you putting your foot on the brake? Need to do this to release the gear shifter out of park.
  • indeed after i buckle and depress brake pedal i try and shift to no avail til about 2-3 minutes ..thanks for youre response though ejerod.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    You guys keep overlooking my comments, but I'm replying to my own anyway.

    Now, priorities have switched. We're still going to get a new house in April and the new car (for the wife) won't come until early next year. However, our son has convinced us that we should look into leasing again. Believe me- he knows at least as much as I do about cars on the market, although he has a limited mechanical knowledge.

    He has said that, instead of buying a used S550 4Matic (which would be terribly hard to find in my wife's specific colors), we should go back to leasing. I feel there's a little stigma there, because I tried to dump leasing when I got rid of my '00 A6 2.7T. Right now, I own all four of our cars. I see his point, though. I built an S550 4Matic online. With the Premium I Package, Rear Seat Package (unnecessary but awesome- we'd like heated rear seats), power trunk and backup camera (as well as the no-cost five-spoke 18s), the car comes out to a whopping $96K. Nevertheless, if we got $20-25K on the RX330 and I payed $3-8K down, it would cost about $794/mo on a 39mo lease. That's assuming we get 4.0% interest, as well as 12K miles per year. My credit rating is excellent.

    I would consider this to be a relatively good deal, especially when I pay a bit over $1,000 a month for my car. Remember, though, I own it. Is it truly a good deal, or should I look elsewhere for her car?

    I do love the S550. It's the ultimate sedan, and I wouldn't mind taking it to work once or twice a week. It's mutual- she loves driving the S4. Especially in the summer ;)

    I still have one question left. I'm not familiar with the MB custom delivery program, and would I be able to lease a car that I custom-ordered from the factory. Hers would have the specific options I mentioned, and she has equally specific colors. She needs a beige interior, and she'd love to have either Pewter or Mercedes's dark green on the exterior.


    '06 Audi A3 2.0T DSG • '05 Audi S4 Cabriolet • '04 Lexus RX330
  • Hey, I am in NC, but I am pretty sure this information is accurate. I own a MB Certified Collision center and tuner shop, a customer of mine wanted a S600 with very specific options so I set him up with the local MB GM. A few days later, he told me that they were looking for cars with most of the options he wanted because Mercedes-Benz has indefinately suspended the custom build option for the S class. Apparently MB has taken too many "build your own" orders for the S class and is having trouble building the orders they already have. You should check with your local dealer first to make sure this info is accurate, but like I said he has no reason to lie. Also you might want to figure out exactly what options you want and take the list to the dealership. The dealership can do a national search for the these options and should be able to find a car with a majority of the options you want.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Thank you so much for your help, but I'm not taking action immediately, because we're not getting a new car until early next year! :(

    Hopefully, the indefinite suspension of the built-to-order option will end by then.

    The thing is, she also wants exact colors for her car. I don't think it would be hard to find a Pewter/beige S550 with her options, but a 4Matic... hmm...

    We'd want Premium Pkg I, Rear Seat Pkg, "Dynamic Rear View Monitor" and the electric trunk, as well as the no-cost 18" five-spoke rims.

    I think we'd have to custom-order it for those...

    '06 Audi A3 2.0T DSG • '05 Audi S4 Cabriolet • '04 Lexus RX330
  • benztunerbenztuner Posts: 76
    If you're looking at a 4 matic car you might want to try the Mercedes-Benz dealerships in and around New York and New Jersey area. There happen to be a lot of wealthy people in these areas and due to the bad winters they have most of the Mercedes' you see in these areas are 4matics. These dealerships also are allotted more 4matic models because of their popularity in the area. I have only seen a couple of the Pewter S class cars in Charlotte, and Ive seen even less 4Matic models but there is little demand for a 4Matic car here. Also the options you listed are pretty common among the S class cars, however I think you might run into a problem with the rear seat package but if you start looking now and give it some time you should be able to find something very similar if not exactly like what she wants, and lets be honest if she's happy everybody's happy, right? If you like the S4 then you've obviously got a interest in sweet cars, if you want to see something really nasty check out my album in particular the BRABUS CL. You should look into purchasing a tuner aerodynamic kit for the car, such as BRABUS, Carlsson, Kleemann, ART Tuning etc. Well good luck with the buy.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Thanks. I love Carlsson, Lorinser, BRABUS, etc... but it's not for her. If I got a Benz, I'd look into it. But she's just not flashy like that.

    I live in Chicago, but eventually I could probably get my dealer to transfer one of the cars in NJ or NY over here.

    Just a quick question- is the S450 coming here? I'd heard rumors, and that might be the car. My girl doesn't have a lead foot like me, and she honestly doesn't need 380hp. The 335hp S450 4Matic would be superb-- better mileage, lower price (for my benefit), and still very swift. I'd heard it was being imported here next year from AutoSpies and wikipedia, but neither is the best source for this kind of stuff!

    '06 Audi A3 2.0T DSG • '05 Audi S4 Cabriolet • '04 Lexus RX330
  • benztunerbenztuner Posts: 76
    Im not sure if Mercedes is going to import it. Mercedes is changing up the engines in each model but its still unclear what will be imported. As always there are smaller engines in Europe, such as C180 and C200, but I havent heard anything about the S450. Unfortunately the S class will only have the 550 and 600 gas engines. Usually when a new model comes out the smaller engines are the first to be imported, and if you want the AMG or V12 model you have to wait. But there may be some good news for you, the diesel models are still to come out. You may not want a diesel but they would fit your situation perfectly, they are turbocharged so they have a little speed, they get great miles per gallon, the new Bluetec models are incredibly clean. Either way you can count on the Bluetec or the S450 sometime in the near future. Good luck, and if I hear anything around the dealerships Ill let you know.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    I took a quick look at recently and see '04 and high mileage '05 S Classes there with 45K and under asking prices. Some with AWD. These look like good deals.

    I do recognize the potential electrical problems in these cars. But I wonder, does the onset of these problems some with age of the car or mileage? If aging and not miles cause the electrial head aches, does this mean that one can safely disregard mileage in considering a used S Class? (The only mileage component I can think of would be tires and brakes. A good set of replacement tires and some brake work could/should cost upwards of 2K.) If we can agree that the drive train is bullet proof, it is just the electrics that have non-mileage related gremlins.

    What do you think? Or is this penny wise and pound foolish?
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