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Mazda MPV



  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    The general consensus is they don't filter as well as OEM filters. They flow better, but also allow more crap into your engine. I tend to agree with this theory.

    The only way to find out if they improve mileage would be to test several different vehicles, in a controlled environment, using indentical methods for each vehicle.

    The only advantage K&N filters offer for sure is never having to replace your filter again. No thanks. I'll use OEM and go with better filtering.
  • hey tccmn1,
    I got the GFX package with my 03 MPV. My dealer did not tell anything abt peeling / stripping of the chrome strip. Is there any concern with this chrome strip?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Acutally, I said, they do a great job of filtering, not filter better. I agree that the chief benefit of a drop in K&N filter is not having to buy another filter again... well for like a million miles anyway. You've gotta watch out when you re-oil the filters though, b/c some mechanics blame premature MAF failure on over-oiled filters.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    I knew about the ES and LX models, but what's a DX model?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    You mean a new '03 MPV DX or an older one? When the MPVs first came out there was a DX trim line, which is the low-end line with few frills. Just like they have the Protege DX, LX, ES. They dropped the DX after the 2001 model year.
  • tccmn1tccmn1 Posts: 278
    That was the word that was told me by the manager at the dealer here in MN. where I bought her. I had been wondering about it myself before I got the unit - thinking how low to the ground that is and it is only a plastic type of 'chrome' strip anyway. It could discolor or pit I suppose and takes a lot of rock hits down there. Anyway, they're coming through now with only a solid color with the outline of the pattern visible where the strip would have been. Looks cheaper to me....of course the GFX package USE TO COST $1250 when it was first put out...I heard. Now it's only a $350 option. The story I first heard was they lowered the price on it because no one wanted I see why they lowered the's without the added chrome piece. Mine has a 12/02 Mfg. Date on it btw. I think someone asked that a while back.

    That's all I know....TCC
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    ......who claims to have '03 DX models on the lot. Could he have these confused with LX models?
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    I agree with scanner. Mazda definitely should put more leg and especially knee room in the front passenger side. The problem is the world's largest dashboard which really needs to be changed. Then push the second and third row seats back,better yet, put them both on a movable track. Also, put a center headrest in the third seat. And split the third seat to be more versatile. I like the Highlander too,but it is an SUV and overpriced, needs to get better mileage.
  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    I am on the edge of ordering an LX MPV. Price is good loaded at 21K. Then I learned that Duratec is built by Ford. Worse, that this engine is the same as the Horror van, the Windstar!!!! Any guidence would be very WELCOME!!!!
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295

    Putting the second and third row seats on a movable track is what I always thought was the best idea that allows the most versatility. The seats in the Villager/Quest are made that way, but they usually rank at the bottom in reviews.

    I'm not trying to turn this into a MPV vs. HL debate, but I think the HL is more comparable to the MPV than most minivans. Also, my HL and MPV get the same gas mileage (both V6s).
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295

    Just kidding. True, the MPV has a Ford engine, but its not the same one in the Windstar.
  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    Thanks Scanner, I have noticed that there are not many issues regarding the MPV engine other than the Moose and sulfur effects. Hopfully that will be corrected when I get my MPV in April. I really fell in love with the MPV. I like the column shift, gives more room for my coffee pot. I looked at the Mitsy Outback (great engines) but it was too small. I will go ahead and order the MPV. Unless you can think of a good reason not to.
    I need a van to haul my RC planes around and small camp trailer. Kids are long gone (Yesss!!!)(I miss'em. One is a Battalion commander in the Gulf.)
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    You mean the Mitsy Outlander don't you? The Outback is a Subaru.

    The MPV has all the bells and whistles we were looking for and I really like the smaller size and the handling.
  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    Yup, I mean the Outlander. Good car but small and you have to get the moon roof if you want some good options. No thanks hate moon roofs, not good in the Arizona sun. So I am going to order the MPV. Coastal Blue with the 4 seasons pack, hitch, auto rv mirror can'be found out here so you have to order it. When I saw Ford associated with the engine, I had a panic attack, but everyone says that the 3.0 ia a good engine and not to worry.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I don't know if this has been covered yet....sorry if it has..

    Mazda has announced a new model MPV that is available for april production. It's called the MPV-SV which stands for 'special version' it is a price leader model....There are a few items that are deleted from the LX model. They are the privacy glass is changed to a lighter green tint, steel wheels replace the alloys, 15'' tires, 100watt am-fm stereo, no CD, delete bright tip exhaust, delete floor mats and bodyside moldings.....but you still get all the other standard MPV features....only available option is rear a/c and some port installed features.

    base price $21,375 + destination $520

    for comparison purposes the LX has a base price of $22,690 + destination
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    I have an 01 LX with the 'huge' 2.5 liter engine. No problems after 28,000 miles. Why did I not wait until the 3.0 liter was put in? The 2.5 is noisy and the tranny is not very smooth,but all else about the van is nice and dependable. Mazda should have never put this engine in the MPV.
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    I don't know about you but the way I look at it is this. I've had the 00 MPV for close to 3 years now. If I had waited for 02 to arrive, I'd not have gone to some beautiful road trips in the mountains and the east coast. My family and I were able to visit tons of places in comfort and were never stranded or inconvenienced.

    Granted, I'd almost readily switched my 2000 with 2.5L and 4 speed tranny for 02/03 with 3.0L and 5 spd if I could just replace one for another, but I did test drove 02 MPV and it doesn't feel that much different. Yes, I can notice the somewhat faster pickup and smoother transmission and (most noticeably) less body roll while cornering but is it worth the money I'd loose if I'm to trade now? No. Is it worth those precious two years we had spent? No again (well, we don't have any other car, so it's either MPV or something else, we just couldn't wait a year or two more).

    I guess it boils down to words from a pop song "it's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got"... :) You buy 02 MPV and now you start biting your elbows over the new and cool Sienna. If you buy Sienna, you might regret it when the new MPV will come out in '05 or something. It's never ending story. You just need to jump in at some point and enjoy it while it lasts...

    My (very humble) $0.02
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,921
    Just like buying computers; the latest and greatest comes out the month (or week) after you get one (and another the month after). May as well just bite the bullet and enjoy the ride.

    Steve, Host
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    That's what I was thinking...but it's sure is aimed at the low end caravan buyer....This is the one market that we have not been able to hit real hard. This will do it.

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