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Mazda MPV



  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    Thanks for the tip, tboner. Hopefully I'll get ambitious enough before next winter to try the fix.
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    I bought my MPV 3 weeks ago in CT and got $2000 cash back. It's $2000 Cash back or 0% financing. I'm not sure when that ends. You can check the mazda site. We took the cash back.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    ....there's a drastic increase in MPV sales. The way the economy is, I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  • tccmn1tccmn1 Posts: 278
    It's been a while since I've posted here and wanted to give update on my 03 MPV LX - w/GFX, fogs, power sliders, tow package, 4 season, rear ac, sunroof,roof rack and trac.cnt. - and some questions too.

    I DID change my oil at the dealer at 3K miles...old habits hard to break, I know, but what the heck. Had a couple freebies coming anyway.

    Still love this machine and getting head nods as I drive by, etc.

    1. Engine DOES seem noisy or idling at higher rpm than it really is. 700rpm is suppose to be ok and had it verified at the checkup.

    2. I have noticed the irradic, clunk in the transmission at slow speeds when letting off the gas...around 5-10mph...but not all the time. Otherwise, seems to shift like silk. No comparison to my old DC mini and the rough shifts it had.

    3.Radio volume; those of you who have the indash 6cd model with cassette; does your volume sound much louder on FM than AM? I've never experienced this in other vehicles. Service said it was 'normal'...? It's at least 3 bars on the volume difference to me.

    4. Heat in back on 4 season and front on the thermostat; Seems to take a longer time to get heat to the back than in front. Also seems to not heat up until the dial is pushed well past half way on the front vents. Anyone experience this yet?

    Otherwise, I still love it and it is a joy to drive. Never thought it would be this good before I got it. Hope it lasts about 8 years or so for me. Zoom-Zoom

    For those of you contemplating ordering one - cause I did; be prepared for at least a 3-4 month matter what the sales person says.

    Thanks for any feedback on the Q's above.
  • Hi all,
    I started looking at buying a minivan recently and stumbled across Edmunds' townhall discussions. I was initially looking at buying a Sienna but got turned off by reading their "what did you pay?" town hall page. Everyone was paying MSRP or maybe 500-1000 below MSRP for the CE and LE trims. I remembered seeing these Toyota commercials in Birmingham AL that stated they sell all cars $500 over invoice a few months back, and wondered if this applied to the 04 Sienna. A young salesman said he could get it for $700 over invoice but after reading the Sienna town hall page, I thought he was smoking something, and started looking at other minivan alternatives. MPV had these $2000 rebates and many post on this site said you should be able to get $3500-$4000 below MSRP, so I test drove one and liked it. Case closed right? Well today the toyota salesman calls and sure enough has a LE with leather, running boards, and roof rack and will sell it too me for $700 over invoice. By now I like the idea of all the goodies I can get for much less on the MPV so I decline as I wanted a Sienna 8 pax with Package 7. End of story right? No he counters by saying what if I can get you a Sienna the way you want it for $700 over, (Now the Sienna is becoming more tempting) I tell him to call me if he finds one so equipped. So now that the Sienna is back in the running I decide to take a test drive. I call the local dealership to see if they have one and they say they do. I go down there and no one knows where it is. It located close to the Mazda dealer so I decide to head over there to see if there are any MPVs with the options I'm looking for. My salesman has the day off but his boss is in and we begin to talk.
      This guy is your dream car salesman. He is blunt, to the point, and most importantly, honest (I know. You're thinking "you sucker!"). First he tells me that if I don't see what I want on his lot then I would get a better deal buying directly from another dealer who has what I want, rather than having him get it from that dealer and sell it to me himself. Then to my utter amazement he shows me his book containing his cost for each vehicle and the dealer hold back (it matches Edmunds). He says he will sale me any MPV on his lot for invoice + $2000 rebate. Obviously that Sienna doesn't look so great now: $3649 more and fewer options. Unfortunately he doesn't have the options I'm looking for but I did find a dealer 75 miles away that does. Unless this dealer is giving the same good deal, I think I would be better off paying him an extra $50 (his estimate) to have him get this MPV and still buy from him.
    An 04 Sienna with my bare bones gotta have options at $25859 before tax and tags isn't bad ($700 over invoice is the best I've seen on an LE) but a MPV with 4 season package, traction control/side air bags, power sliding doors, rear air, 6 disc cd changer, GFX package for $22,210 before tax/tags still sounds better to me. I know the Sienna is bigger (146 vs 128 cu. ft.) but I'm not willing to pay $3600 for 21 more cubic feet and less options. The MPV still has more max cargo capacity than a Ford Expedition (128 vs 111 cu. ft).
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    I also have an '03 with GFX, traction control, 4 season package, auto. sliders, roof rack, 6 cd changer, rear air and heat, tow package (which is the 4 season) moon roof. Mine I have had for 3 weeks and it will go in next week for the 1500 mile oil change. They also owe me a detailing. I do experience some tranny "roughness" but only when taking off from a stop. Otherwise it is very smooth. This also doesn't happen often and mostly when the car is cold. It's not a concern sine I have driven a car that had tranny issues. 3 different trannies to be exact. I literally left the tranny of that car laying on the road behind me!! LOL!

    I've had no stereo issues. The heat I haven't had on too much lately because it's getting warm out. The A/C has given us no probs. but I'm sure that it will take the back just a little longer to cool off.

    Otherwise, I too love driving my MPV and noticed that we turn some heads especially when the kids have their back windows rolled down! It's an awesome vehicle! I need to get 10+ years out of mine probably more like 12 since that's when my youngest will start college! YIKES!
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    Go for the MPV! Zoom-Zoom!
  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    Our MPV is due in Next week. For real this time. 9 weeks order time...
    I wonder if the 2K rebate will run into May???
    Dealer said I can get whatever rebate is available at Closeing time...
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    if you are the getting the the new 04 sienna(230hp), the bigger one, you should take it.....

    i would trade my 02 MPV ES with you.
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    I went into the Mazda site and the only rebate I could find was for $500. They also are still offering the 0% until the end of April. Someone posted that they called Mazda and were told that there are no rebates at this time. I doubt that the $2000 cash back expired already.

    Hopefully your MPV will arrive by Wednesday! Good luck!

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The MPV is going to have an availability issue here in the Northeast in short the buyers in this region need to plan accordingly.
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    wondering why everyone is worried about 2,000 rebate, when you can comfortably negotiate MPV for 3,000 to 4,000 off MSRP ?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Just in case your link gets the heave-ho there, Tommy, here's a non 'other site' link for the manual... You never know, so I thought assist...

    MPV Owner's Manual 3rd Edition

    MPV Owner's Manual 1st Edition

    Just do a right-click and save-as action and you're golden.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    We frown on "promoting" competing auto forums around here; thanks for understanding (it drives the beancounters nuts to give away advertising).

    Steve, Host

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  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    >>> wondering why everyone is worried about 2,000 rebate, when you can comfortably negotiate MPV for 3,000 to 4,000 off MSRP ? <<<

    Because $2000 is a lot of money to most people?
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    i know 2,000 is a lot
    are we talking about 3,000 to 4,000 below MSRP that i mentioned + 2,000 rebate, a total of 6,000 ?

    fill me in please
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    All the deals I see for $4000-4500 off MSRP on LXes (what I am interested in) include the $2000 dealer cash. I don't think there's enough markup on MPVs to get that big a discount w/o the dealer cash, since these are desirable vehicles albeit in a down market.
  • tccmn1tccmn1 Posts: 278
    Thanks for your feedback. At least it's not just me noticing that jerky start sometimes between 1st and 2nd gears at low end. Again, like you say, it normally shifts smoothly. I too have the DC jitters from 13 years (two vans) Two trannys under Chrys.warranty in the recent past(THANKFULLY!) I am a little more conscience of the tranny deals.
    I towed my 2200lb sailboat up and down the ramp today for the first time with the MPV and it did well. It seemed to groan a little more than my old DC 3.3 up the ramp, but it moved fine once it got going.

    It's heating up here now (Twin Cities) so it will be hard to followup on the rear heating issue...but the kids will keep me informed when it happens.

    The ONLY real issue I have, besides that stupid 10foot long shifter handle, is that I wish they had a place for the sunglasses/garage door opener with the moon roof. I have my opener stuck in that sleeve on the visor, but need to reach down in the door pocket for my sun's rather than overhead like in the old DC. I suppose the next generation will have more overhead slots.

    Strange you say that you had your oil changed at 1500 miles. My sales guy said I should do it at 7500 miles...but I did it at's a habit I have. The sales guy told me that you don't need to change the initial oil at the lower mile amount anymore. I feel better changing it at 3K than 7.5K.
    This had been a hot topic on this thread in the one could agree on the right oil change time. I'm going with 3000-5000 for the life of it. Cheap insurance for keeping good lube on the motor.

    Finally, what kind of mileage are you getting? I can't push it over 20MPG around town and some freeway time too.

  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    I have noticed that the AM dial on my Passat needs to be turned up to match the volume level of the FM stations. I haven't noticed it in our MPV but my wife is the primary driver of the MPV. Whenever I do get to drive the Mazda (road trips or on the weekends) we typically are listening to the CD player or the occassional tape. Not a lot of radio listening.
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    You said: "I towed my 2200lb sailboat up and down the ramp today for the first time with the MPV and it did well." What kind of sailboat do you have? We had a 19ft Flying Scot up until we had kids. Traded it for a camper and now are thinking about another boat. Part of the reason we chose the 4 season package on the MPV. =0 )

    You Said: "Strange you say that you had your oil changed at 1500 miles. My sales guy said I should do it at 7500 miles...but I did it at's a habit I have." Yes, my MPV is going in at 1500 miles actually this Thursday. They will change the oil. I guess part of the reason is that most of the time they get these vehicles in and then they sit on the lot for a bit until someone buys them. Although my MPV only had 10 miles on it, the oil may be on the old side. It's this particular dealerships policy so I'm going for it. They also owe me a detail so they will have it for the day. Also, 7500 miles in any vehicle is way too long. My husband can't stand when he hears that. Every 3,000, that's his policy. That's why we drive our cars for so long. The oil is the "blood" so to say. Let that go and well, might as well kiss the car goodbye!!! We are getting a case of oil filters from the Mazda dealer and my husband will change the oil after this one 1500 miles change.

    LOL! Yes, the shifter is a bit long. I have bumped it a few times. I keep my sunglasses where the ashtray would have been. They fit perfectly. I don't have a garage door opener yet. I do have a very nice 2 car garage but since it's an old house (1930's) we need new doors in order to get the openers. That's next on the "honey-do" list.

    Ok, Mileage. Hmmmmm, it's been climbing. We went on a trip and got 25 mpg. Around town I started with 18 mpg and this past time it was up to 20 mpg. I'm due to fill up today so I will post the results later. My husband feels it will steadily climb until the engine breaks in. I also have been playing around with overdrive vs. no overdrive so that could be some of it.

    I'll post later.


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