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Mazda MPV



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    ......from getting on the 'puter today.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    When someone finally does post a message it'll be something that has absolutely nothing to do with post #6978.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    What, you expect leaks to have some sort of pattern? Don't you know there is a corollary to Murphy's Law deals with leaks? Or maybe because it's fluids the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle applies.

    But if you are looking for helpful advice--go out and take a nice long walk (or go skiing or whatever you like to do outdoors), or sit by the fire with a tall cool one and a good book, or do whatever you like to do to relax.
  • I have a vanagon that has a similar on/off leak. However, I am confident it is weather related. Cold nights/days make the seals constrict and this results in leaks. Warmer days/nights make the seals expand and this results in no/smaller leaks. Does this make sense to your problem? Good luck
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    I could see that happening with an older vehicle where the seals are deteriorating, but this is a brand new vehicle. It shouldn't be leaking at all regardless of the tempurature.
  • bsvollerbsvoller Posts: 528
    First place to start with any hard to find leak is with the fluid type.

    What kind of fluid is it? Coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, tranny fluid, power steering fluid (may be the same as tranny fluid), wiper fluid, etc ? If it's just water, it may be from rain/snow or just condensation from the AC.

    Once you've determined the fluid type, you know what system you're dealing with. Then start to systematically check that system for leaks.

    Truly "random" behavior is unlikely, but it sure can seem that way until you work out what's going on...

    I had a blown head gasket on a Plymouth 2.2 liter (infamous for them, apparently) once, that would only reveal itself if I drove far enough to make the thermostat open. I checked the oil for contamination, the coolant for contamination, nothing.

    As I generally drove only from the park-n-ride and back, the engine warmed up that far only about once every other month. I couldn't figure out why my coolant level would be stable for weeks on end and then abruptly drop to zero. The blown gasket was pressurizing the coolant system on the engine side of the thermostat - every time it opened, it would blow the coolant out the overflow tank. Of course, I never noticed, because I was on the road each time it happened.

    Seemed "random" at the time... Fortunately, I figured it out before any real damage was done, and I had the head gasket replaced.

    Good luck.

  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    I'm about 99% certain it's leaking motor oil. It still doesn't make sense that the leak is spuratic.
  • bsvollerbsvoller Posts: 528
    Sporadic oil leak, eh?

    Bummer. Can you get it up on ramps or something to get a good look at it ?

    Finding an oil leak can be a real drag. Have you tried the dealer? Even if the leak is sporadic, the trail it leaves shouldn't be. They might find it that way.

    Good luck.

  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    If you've got some ramps, get underneath and check the filter and/or the drain pan bolt. Your filter or bolt may just need a small tightening.

    Otherwise, see if you can snap some pics of the leakage area(s) and post 'em here. Maybe we can help pinpoint the source.

  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    I'll put 'er up on the ramps and see what I can see.
  • It has been sad to hear all the issues we are having. I was so proud to get my 04 only to be let down. I just contacted Mazda thru email and asked them to read the boards here and hopefully it will give them some insight on some of the issues. I expressed the concerns and if they contact me then I will let you know if they are going to help. It would be nice if they would post in all of the forums what they feel, but if I can bridge the gap then so be it. It would be nice if we could show support to them like Toyota and Honda owners show support. Lets see what they bring to the table and hope for the best.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    It's very frustrating when you do as much research as I did (as I know many of you did as well), and make a purchase based on all the info you've gathered, thinking you've purchased one the very best minivans out there, only to end up with a garage full of problems. From all the data I was able to find on the MPV, we all should be doing nothing more than routine maintenance, filling it with gas, and driving it with no worries. I don't understand why we're all having some much trouble with a van that was rated so highly in terms of reliability.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Reliability ratings, such as those from CR, are based on the combined experience of many owners. A good rating means that, on average, owners have had a good experience re reliability. But then there are the "outliers", meaning owners who have had really good experiences, maybe no problems at all, and also some who have had bad experiences--meaning lots of problems. Unfortunately, it appears you fall into the latter group. It doesn't mean you didn't make a smart decision, based on all your research; it just means that you were unlucky.
  • There is an " old saying"...I'd rather be lucky, than good.
  • tccmn1tccmn1 Posts: 278
    Well, on top of all the other tidbits on the MPV, I received my recall notice about melting foglight sockets. Seems that the fogs get too hot and melt the socket and they CAN fall back into the bumper and melt it....sweet! It sounds like the fogs are added at port side in the USA and not installed at the factory. That's a little diff. than US vehicles...not sure why they don't install them at the factory...? I had gotten a little pamphlet with my vehicle explaining the installation process too. Looks like something that I would get in a KC off road set of lights for installation.

    Guess I'll be visiting my friendly dealer again...maybe, I'll ask if they got the super fix to my tripping tranny problem!

    I don't think the fog light problem is new; I had heard of this months ago when I first got my MPV. It just hit home on top of all the other stuff when I got the notice in the mail.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I'm finally in the marke for a new minivan and the MPV is on my short list. I test drove the MPV last Wednesday. It drove nicely and handled well. OUr only concern is the space. We have 2 kids and do travel quite frequenly which explains how we put close to 20k miles no our vehicles each year. The van is fine for 4 people but if we do travel with another person, then the space becomes an issue. Have others had to deal with 5 passengers in the car and the space issue? Other then the hard shifting problem, has there been any other issues that I shoudl be concernend about?

    BTW, the improvemnts to the 2004 are very nice.
  • The MPV can handle 5 people easily and I am very happy with the interior and build quality. On the road, the interior is amazingly quiet.

    But please do not underestimate the hassle and aggravation the transmission will cause you. A test drive is not sufficient to winnow out good vans from bad--I test drove my 2004 before buying and it took three days for the problem to show up.

    My advice: Do not buy a 2004 before the tranny problems are sorted out.
  • If you read through the vehicle-specific discussions on these boards, you'll find at least one angry owner of each and every vehicle. In each discussion, we get members who drop in (usually only once!) and post that people shouldn't buy Vehicle Brand X because they're lemons. So, either there are zero good vehicles made, or there are individual lemons in even the best of vehicles.

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