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Mazda MPV



  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    Mazda's main battery terminal is not a 1K part. I'm sorry, it just isn't. If Mazda were to have made that part 1/4 of that price, they would have been insane.

    In quantity, it's a very cheap part. Now perhaps they have no more in their system, but as another poster showed you via a link, a suitable replacement is going to cost 10s of dollars at most.

    I'm so sorry for you. It really sounds as though someone has worked the situation and cost you big $$$, when that shouldn't have been the case.

    Also, I apologize, but there's something about your story that isn't really adding up. Is there something you are omitting? I'm just having trouble with the information thus far presented.
  • I've got a green 2001 ES which we've been very happy with. Unfortunately, my son has finally managed to break the handle off.

    Anyone know if this is something that a DIY'er could manage, or should I just take it in for service at a dealer ( I assume I'd have to get the part at a Mazda dealership anyway )?

    Anyone know the cost of the part or service?

    Thanks for any info!
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    It's probably not hard to fix. Th issue will be finding the part outside a dealership. I would call a dealership and ask for a price to fix it then call a body shop to compare prices. Body shops have access to these types of parts as well. Most of the time their labor rate is much cheaper then a dealership.
  • steinprsteinpr Posts: 11
    I bought my 2002 mpv brand new, I brought in the 2 different mazda dealers to check the transmission and gas mileage, I once burnt my hand, i was holding my coffee and the car gave a jerk that spilled my coffee on my hand. the dealers could not find anything wrong. of course at 18,500 miles while driving with the family doing 65, the car just stalls I lost all power steering, brakes... (we are all lucky to be alive) this was friday evening, earliest a dealer can look at it is Monday. Manhattan Mazda replaced the tranny under warranty, it took them 3 weeks, they authorized a rental car for the 3 weeks, 2 months later the rental car company charged my credit card, Manhattan Mazda reneged on the authorization code. needles to say I was out $600.
    Now at 53,000 miles my car just died, i was doing 55 with out my kids in the car ( I'm scared to put them in the Mazda) they think it is the alternator.
    to make a short story long, this Mazda MPV was a waste of $25,000 plus.
    Never Again
  • I'll answer most of my original question.

    Turns out it's not too hard to replace. After removing the inner door handle ( little metal clip holds it by the collar ), you can wrestle off the interior cover ( held in by a bunch of those plastic clips ), then remove 3 bolts that hold the door handle assemby to the inner part of the door, then 2 nuts which hold the external door handle.

    All in all, I say it took 30 mins to remove and 30 mins to put back.

    Bummer was the door handle was $167 @ Mazda Parts department. FWIW, my wife said the parts department guy said he thought it was $100 to have it installed.
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  • I have a 2004 lx with the towing package. I had a popping nose in the rear of the van. Took it to the dealer and found out that the muffler was hitting the tow bar under the van. The dealer said that there was nothing they could do with it. I will try to put some high temp padding on the tow bar to stop the popping nose. I love the van. We get about 21mpg in town, and 26 on the highway. I have had a mazda for 12 years. Still have a 1999 protoga with 107K miles on it. No problems other than bracks and oil. Would like to know if anyone has the same problem with the tow package that I have thanks. :shades:
  • juneljunel Posts: 1
    We purchased a brand new MPV in summer 2001. We followed the maintenance schedule closely and have all the proper maintenance work done. In 6/2007, the engine light was on so we brought it in to the dealer place and was told it was an electrical problem. It cost us over $500 to fix it. Last Monday, the engine light was on again so we brought it back in again. This time, we were told the compression was too low, so we would need a new engine. The van has only 68K miles on it and we took good care of it. I just can’t believe it would die at 68K. While I am waiting for the new engine price, could someone tell me what’s going on?
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    I'm no mechanic, but I would get a second opinion! My check eng. light has come on several times; once due to a compressed PVC hose that they did now cover for $100 and the other time due to a cracked spark plug. Of course I had them replace the 3 front bank plugs since it was costing me about the same for one or 3 anyway. I can't believe that the eng. is 'bad' after 68K miles....that seems a bit of a stretch. Do you know/trust any other mechanics. If you've been changing the oil about every 3K miles, that engine should last a good long time!
  • My rear door handle also broke off recently an the other rear door handle is about to break. I was quoted by a dealer at $170 for a new handle which doesn't include the labor.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    Been years since I posted here when I bought my buggy. I am having a 'lazy drivers window' on my van at temps lower than 15 degrees. The window CREEPS up when trying to close it...goes down fine. Anyone have that issue? Took it in a couple weeks ago to my local Polar Bear and they just greased it and charged me $20...still no good. I have extended warranty that covers motors but you know Mazda; got to have the window fail totally before they do anything! (It's too cold to take a chance that the thing won't go back up sometime!)

    Also - spark plugs. How long are folks letting them go? I had the front set replaced two years ago due to a cracked one. Left the back 3 go. I have 95K on her now and she still runs like a champ....should I replace them????
  • It's been a long time since I posted to this website. I have an '03 MPV and I still love it. It has the towing package and we tow a popup camper with it. Now we have a Brenderup 2 horse trailer that we are going to be towing. Our children both show Quarterhorses and we wanted to buy a horse trailer. We didn't want to have to buy a truck so I started to research our options. We came up with the Brenderup which is widely used in Europe. They have smaller vehicles in Europe so back in the 50's someone came up with this light weight trailer that is extremely durable. Our MPV tows the trailer very well. All total with both horses in the trailer we top out at 4,400 lbs. The design of the Brenderup allows for the MPV to haul the trailer instead of carrying all of the weight. It has inertia (sp) breaking which is also really unique. We have our first big trip with the trailer in April. We will be traveling from CT to VA for the first horse show of this year.

    I'll post again with more info.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    4400 lbs is well over the manufacturer rating of 3000 lbs for towing.

    From the owners manual:
    "The maximum GCWR is the combined weight of the trailer and load plus the
    towing vehicle (including trailer hitch, vehicle passengers, and load). It must not
    exceed specifications in the load table".

    GCWR = 7,328 lbs
    GVWR = 5,229 lbs = weight of vehicle plus trailer tongue weight

    I think while it may seem to tow just fine, you may be exceeding the safety limits of the vehicle and putting yourself at risk of danger. Not to mention, exceeding the towing limits may be illegal in some states.

  • Brian,

    Thanks for the information. We've done our research. Our MPV has a 4 season package. We spoke with our Mazda dealer and we have spoken with Brenderup. Not to mention we have done pre-purchase test rides with the horses. Brenderup horse trailers are made in Sweden and used widely in Europe. It's so American to assume that if you don't have a big gas guzzling truck you can't haul horses. The Brenderup tongue weight is 165 lbs. dry weight is 1,950 lbs. Vehicle requirements are atleast a 125 HP engine (MPV is 200 hp) with a 93" wheel base (MPV is 111.8" wheelbase).The Brenderup has a galvanized steel frame but the body is composite with a fiberglass roof. The trailer is aerodynamically designed with Inertia breaking. We do have electronic breaks for our camper but will never need to use them with the horse trailer. It's a really cool design and if more American's with horses would look into it, we might be able to save fuel! What a concept! :shades:

    We have really reasearched this over a span of months and are breaking no laws. As far as risk, well, no matter what you tow or are towing with, there is always risk.

  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    I realize the trailer specs and having the 4 season pkg is good for the oil cooler and slightly larger tranny cooler and radiator. And yes, you don't need a truck to tow things. But, you've exceeded the mfg rating for towing by almost 50%, even if it seems capable enough to trailer it.

    I guess I can only say that you should be mindful of the overage. For instance, if you were to happen to get into an accident with the trailer, you may be found negligent for going over the mfg specs. I trust you're a careful driver, nevertheless.

  • I guess we will have to agree to disagree.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Look, I'm just thinking worst case scenario. If you're comfortable towing it even though it's over the limit, that's fine. But, any damage to the van that can be attributed to towing will on your dime, Mazda won't cover it, nor would any other manufacturer. And if you were in an accident, no matter the fault, someone who is crafty enough could find that you were towing over spec and try to sue you for fault.

    Which brings up another point: will your insurance even provide coverage?

    If you're ok with the risks, then so be it.

  • Hi Brian,

    I really do appreciate all of your advice. I want to end this discussion with one statement. My husband and I are extremely intelligent people. We have been towing for a very long time. Give us some credit for knowing what we are doing. Also, you are going purely on speculation. You know nothing about Brenderup horse trailers. There are many variables in determining how well a vehicle is going to perform while towing. There are ways of retrofitting a vehicle with certain safety features that increase the amount it can tow. The specs on the trailer being towed also have to be considered. Again, we have done our homework and we have made any necessary changes to my MPV.

    Oh and yes, the car, trailer and even the horses are insured. Mazda wouldn't cover my MPV anyway, it's over it's warranty as I've been driving it for 5 years.

  • The trailer weight exceeds the maximum recommended towing weight by nearly 50%. The trailer weighs more than the curb weight of the van if I recall correctly. The phrase "tail wagging the dog" comes to mind here.

    Stuff like that makes me nervous. Under ideal conditions it may work out just fine. But in the non-ideal real world something may happen (rain slick roads; need to make a sudden lane change; need to accelerate quickly out of trouble; any one of a thousand other scenarios) you may find things not working out as well as you thought they would.

    You are right that there are always risks when pulling a trailer, but my preference would be to try to minimize those risks.

    Well, I hope it works out for you and you have many years of happy towing and horse showing.
  • You may not be breaking anyway laws by towing way over the rated limit of but you sure as hell become negligent by knowingly doing it. You also would not be covered by your insurance in case of an accident by violating their policy. God knows I would not want you on the road next to me pulling a trailer way to heavy for a MPV. Don't believe me? Call your insurance company up and tell them you are towing way over the rated limit and see what they have to say....

    "My husband and I are extremely intelligent people" - so intelligent that you put others at risk towing without insurance coverage by violating the insurance companies policy? Your trailer might be the best thing since sliced bread but you are an idiot to risk the lives of others and yourself pulling that much weight on a MPV. Real smart move to become personally liable for knowingly exceeding the vehicles limits and opening yourself to be sued especially without coverage even if it was not your fault. Seems to me "extremely intelligent" would know this already...
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