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Mazda MPV



  • billshoe1billshoe1 Posts: 1
    Looking to purchase a 2000 MPV ES that is currently a demo with 2000 miles. Looking for help to price this. In particular, does a holdback still apply here as well as the $1000 dealer incentive I have seen mentioned on this site? I note the Invoice with the options is $26,931. Has the entertainment system and assume the $500 coupon would also factor into the offer.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Okay, Tboner will concur with me here, as we both have (I don't have the contour anymore tho Tboner) two vehicles with the 2.5l Duratech engine.

    The engine in the MPV is the exact same piece that you will find in all v6 Contour/Mistique/Cougars, as well as Mazda 626 and Millenia models. It is made by Ford. The only difference between the Ford and Mazda models is the badging. Of course, the SVT engine is slightly transformed, but basically the same. The block is stamped "Ford" and the heads are stamped "Ford."

    So, when the Mazda guy tells you that the MPV engine is "based on" the Ford Duratech, he is right, sort of. It' 99.9% Ford, just not the emblems,or the intake runners, which say "Mazda," or have the Mazda emblem. Even the Oil filter says "Ford Motorcraft" on it.

    The 2.5 is a good engine with it's own specific problems, which are few and you shouldn't worry. I don't know for sure, but I'll bet the 3.0 is just a punched out 2.5 with the same block and heads, since this is a Modular engine by Ford.

    The tranny, I do believe, is a Ford unit (correct me Tboner?). It should be different from the 4 cyl automatic tranny for many reasons, so not prone (hopefully) to the same problems that are seen in the 4cyl 626 models.

    Maybe this helps?

  • cyclerklmcyclerklm Posts: 26
    Re: "The engine in the MPV is the exact same piece that you will find in all v6 Contour/Mistique/Cougars, as well as Mazda 626 and Millenia models."

    The MPV engine IS the same Ford design as the Contour/Mystique/Cougar, but not the same as the 626 and Millenia. Those engines are a pure Mazda engine. There is a photo on the page linked below, and it doesn't look anything like the MPV engine. The reviewer even noted the similarity... "While we'd swear that these were the same powerplant, that isn't the case. Similar as it might seem from the driver's aspect, it's pure Mazda design and build from the engine block to the intake runners. "
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    While the Duratec 2.5 and 3.0L are probably the same block with a bigger bore, I don't think the heads are the same due to the waterpump differences. Same chamber volume, but I don't think they are the same.

    I believe the tranny is a mazda unit. I've not been under there, so that could go either way.

    Mazda does have its own 2.5L V6 that is a pretty nice engine, and is of course, it's own design.

    javadoc, if you still have your sticker, you will see that the only US made part is the engine. The tranny is from Mazda in Japan. If I recall, the Contour ATX is an American piece and the MTX-75 is from Germany.


  • bugabooxbugaboox Posts: 23
    I ran across the results of the test as I was walking across the living room while the news was on last night. The anchor actually mentioned the Mazda MPV by name. That will teach me to pay attention to local news!
  • scrapplescrapple Posts: 3
    We just got our MPV LX - love it of course. We wanted the 3 in 1 audio system and the dealer put it in. However, our van was made in 8/99 and the owner's manual makes no mention of the 3 in 1. We figured out all the controls except one The lower left button reads: RDM/BS. We figured out RDM but not "BS". Of course we know what BS is in normal conversation but not as it pertains to a cassette player. Anybody know? Any ideas on how I could get an updated owner's manual? Many thanks!!! Scrapple
  • auerbachauerbach Posts: 110
    Has anyone leased an MPV? Wondering what might be a good deal, what to expect, etc.
    Any help is appreciated.
  • We are very much interested in MPV. I live in whiteplains, NY. I want to know any good dealers nerby who can give good price. I got a quote from for MPX LX with touring package, 4 seasons package, Power moon roof, Fog lights, roof rack and rear step plate for $23,645. Will any dealer match that price? Has any body purchased MPV from and how is that experience?

    Thanks in advance.
  • kady999kady999 Posts: 2

    Thanks (to everyone who replied) for the info on the engine. I'm now clear that it is a FORD engine in the vehicle.
    My next question is how does that affect the reliability of the vehicle - I have a long commute - 100 miles/day. How long will the vehicle last ?
    Any comments will be appreciated.
  • Does anyone heard anything concerning what is going to happen to the MPV's rebates/incentives as of July 1 ?? I'm trying to decide whether to wait until July to purchase, and like everyone else in that position, I don't want to wait and be a fool or to purchase now and be a fool.

    Any advice is welcome, welcome, welcome!
  • Just in case anyone pays attention/cares, I type
    slower than my brain and it shows. Please accept
    the phrase "does anyone heard" as poetic license.
  • julyarjulyar Posts: 35
    They usually do not announce incentives in advance, so don't expect any info on it until after 7/1. You may get lucky and have someone at the Mazda 800 number tell you, but I think even they don't know until the time arrives. So, it is a crapshoot on waiting, but for what my opinion is worth, as you get later in the year and closer to the 2001 models coming out, incentive should get better, but please don't hold me responsible if July incentives are not as good as June!! If you can wait 2 or 3 more months, then you might wait until 2001s are out for 2 reasons. First, if the 3.0 does come out, then you can get it if you like, and second, whether or not the 3.0 comes out, but especially if it does, then you should be able to get a REALLY good deal on the 2000 models.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Sorry for my error. I was going by what my Mazda mechanic was spouting about the engines and trannys. Shame on me! ;-)

  • I admire all the time and research you guys have put into getting your MPVs. We bought one last week after some whirlwind shopping and research. My 1995 Dodge Caravan (just back from shop with a radiator problem I did fix and an oil leak I did not) started having electrical problems and that was it for us. It had 104,000 miles on it. We needed a reliable kid-hauler car.
    We first test-drove Siennas, which seemed nice, and dealer offered what I thought was a pretty good deal on one. It was light-years better than Caravan, of course, but I wanted to check out other Japanese-engineered products. So, we looked at used Odysseys (new ones are bigger than I'd like) and finally at Mazdas, which we bought within 2 hours of actually seeing/driving. So far, so good. I read some of the complaints about mileage and quickly calculated ours. We won't be able to complain... We have a light teal LX with touring package and dual air. Kids LOVE it. I find the magic seat much roomier than behind seat for putting groceries in and everything is light enough for me to easily move (NOT the case when seats have to come out). Plus, we really like the captain's chair/bench option. And kids swear they have more room and are more comfortable. I don't know how Mazda did it.
    We were somewhat worried about buying a model in its first year, and we bought an extended warranty, which we don't usually do. One thing I liked about Mazda over Sienna was the longer warranty and roadside assistance.
    Thanks so much for these forums. You have no idea how much they help when you're shopping FAST. We bought fast, but now that the deed is done, as we look at other minivans going down the road, ours is the one we like best...
  • nick73nick73 Posts: 4
    Looking to buy Mazda MPV and want to know if anyone has had any good dealings with dealship
    around Framingham.

  • I bought at Mazda Gallery in Norwood....I saw Tamara. Gary is a good salesman. Tell them I sent you and I want something in return! :) Wouldn't go less than $300 over invoice. I spoke to Lowell Feingold at Gallo in Worcester, a nice guy...they wouldn't go less than $500 over invoice. None of the three dealers I tried to deal with in Ct.(where I now live) would go less than $500 overinvoice even if they had a van I wanted. All of these included the 1k incentive and NONE of them would tumble for that PLUS the 6.9%...(I settled for 7.9%) Regardless of what you read here...I couldn't get both. I walked out the door three times. I cut my eye teeth dealing with Ernie Boch so I know what I'm doing. Maybe you'll have better luck.
  • john407john407 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2000MPV LX. (suppose to pick it up tomorrow) I agreed to 3% over invoice. The van has several extras in which the sales person agreed to the price listed by Edmunds. The invoice is $20,210 with the extras, the total comes to $21,709. Can someone please break down the math for me in showing the price I should play? I have a feeling the sales person is playing with the numbers. The following are the numbers I am working with:
    INVOICE $20,210
    W/EXTRAS $21,709
    $35.00 TAG TRANSFER
    $2,000.00 TRADE IN

    Anyone who can show me a break down in the final cost will be doing me a big favor. Thanks in advanced for the help.
  • jgrant6jgrant6 Posts: 1
    Two local Tampa, FL dealers say they'll match Cars Direct prices but will need a fully refundable $500.oo "dealer transfer fee" to get the car from another dealer within 24/48 hrs. Is this standard practice?
  • canielcaniel Posts: 28
    Does anyone have information regarding the MPV entertainment system "coupon?" I'd very much appreciate any information about this. Thanks.
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