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Mazda MPV



  • My gas mileage sucks! I have a 2000 ES and around town we are getting 16 miles to the gallon.(Nothern California) My 94 Grand Caravan got 20 city and 25 Freeway. Sending it to the shop next week to see whats up.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    We're all very happy that your are looking at the MPV, it's a great rig! I'm not alone in believing that it's the best minivan bang-for-the-buck out there right now. Problems for the van are few and far between (go over to the DC van or Odyssey problem forums) also.

    It is very unfortunate that a perfectly great engine (the 2.5 Duratech) has been drug throught the mud because a number of car magazine editors want minivans to smoke tires like top fuel dragsters. The MPV forums are chock full of people raving about their vans, and hardly anyone is having issues with the amount of power it delivers.

    We normally see 17.5-19mpg in town and 22-26 on the highway. We also have noticed that our mileage drops by 10-20% in the winter months for a number of practical reasons: snow tires, warming up the van, and MTBE in the fuel. There does seem to be a large variation in fuel mileages reported by members. It could just come down to the weight of a person's right foot. I swear mine's filled with lead, but I use the cruise alot too whenever I can, and am steady on the pedal...if that helps any.

    Good luck on your search, and read back a few weeks/months (It'd take a long time to read all of the happy owner's posts :-))

  • Just filled up my new 01 Sand Mica LX for the first time. Could not believe that I got 24 mpg around town. I had to check the odometer and the calculator three times and still can't beleive it. The MPV is now 10 days old and we are more thrilled with it every day. IMO I think the weedy engine comment is a lot of bull. Two questions 1. Have not got my new MPV car insurance bill, anyone care to comment on insurance cost for the MPV? 2. Any comment on the Yokahoma tires?
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    We just purchased a 01 LX Sand Mica, don't you just love the color? Our LX has the Security Pkg (wanted side airbags and alloys), 4 seasons(OHIO), rear air and roof rack. We only have 175 miles on ours, too early to calulate MPG. We just love this van and couldn't be happier. We have had 2 Mazdas in the past and one of them had Yoko tires. They were OK, they are not my favorite tire, I put Michelans on my Protege, after the Yoko's wore out. Also, my Wife's 626(trade-in) had Dunlop's, which we felt was a terrible tire. Put Michelans on her 626 and it rode much better. Mazda seems to use Yokos and Dunlops on most of their cars, they are average tires, nothing to write home about:) I called our State Farm agent and our insurance went up only $80 a year for the MPV, not too bad.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    We're insured thru State Farm, and I've always thought our insurance was a bit high at $466/6months, with, multi-line discounts, clean records and no accidents. Your fuel mileage is awesome! I've always loved Yoho tires, but I've heard some grumblings about the ones on MPVs, to be honest.

    rj, did I remember seeing you have a little one due soon?

  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    is everyone washing their MPV's today? Washed up the new addition to the family today. A few neighbors came by to check it out. They had no idea what kind of van it was. They seemed impressed. One neighbor never saw the magic third row and couldn't believe his eyes:)
    P.S Sorry about the magic thrid row....... I believe that is the other company's TM. It should read.......Tumble Under seat, Mazda's TM
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    Our State Farm rate for 6 months is only $305/100 deductible. We have all the same discounts and our home owner's thru State Farm. Maybe insurance is higher up in your neck of the woods.
  • Thanks for the info, I'll let you know what my rates are once I receive them. pjd, where in OH? I am in Toledo and I very seldem see other MPV's here.

    We really like the Sand Mica, I was leaning Classic Red, but my better half was demanding a new van ASAP (Civic was getting a little cramped for her and our two year old daughter) and no Classic Reds were on the lot.

    We bought last week 3/28, I was on Carsdirect today and saw a $1,500 customer rebate being offer by Mazda thru 7/9??, Maybe we should have waited another week. Oh well, love the van!!!!
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    we reside in Columbus. In the almost 2 years the new MPV has been out, I've only seen about a half-dozen or so on the road. When my Wife and I first saw the MPV, we knew it was right for us. Our dealer, Byer's Mazda(great dealership), had about 12 MPVs on their lot, no red. Sand Mica was my Wife's first choice, with Rainforest Green a distant second. They had the exact color and options on their lot, and didn't want to take a chance on losing it. We got a good deal, and was happy with their offer on our trade(I made them come up $400 more). I dealt directly with the Mgr, and was in and out in less than an hour. He knew me from being a previous customer and getting my Protege serviced. Last weekend they sold 5 MPVs. The auto show brought alot of customers out of the woodwork. I'm glad your family is happy, we are thrilled. This forum reinforced our decision to purchase the MPV.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I called my ins. agent after seeing what you're paying...the story I was told: claim rates in AK are higher than OH, go figure, lol. Some crazy story about more accidents here in the winter so there are more claims per insured here. Ah well, I can thank all the silly SUV owners I see rolled or in the ditch when it snows. :) At least I'm paying half that for the Volvo, so it evens out imo.

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    My rates were cut in half when I went Outside. I had good luck with Nationwide, Horace Mann and finally AIG in Anchorage, fwiw. (I try to shop price every couple of years).

    And here's my obligatory link :-)

    Vans, SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • cutter44cutter44 Posts: 42
    While the power in general is adequate for our purposes, does anyone have any hints for dealing with the lack of "oomph" when the engine is cold? Other than letting it warm up for a few minutes? Sometimes it seems to have a hard time getting out of its own way when the engine's cold. Thanks.
  • Hey tweet, great news about your insurance. I got rid of my 98 Corrolla and my insurance actually went DOWN $90 for the year. I couldn't believe it. I guess it's because of the security system but can't be sure. I too was really happy about the insurance.

    I live in NJ - Home of the highest insurance rates in the country. I have my insurance through Liberty Mutual (FYI - State Farm will not even write new policies here in NJ - I have a friend who is a Farm agent). I pay $1700 for a 99 Camary and the new 01 MPV. Liberty Mutal is a minimum of $300 cheaper than anywhere else I looked. Check them out if they are in your state. Even my friend from the Farm says they are great for auto insurance (except for trying to get in touch with someone when you get into an accident). Oh well, a chance I'm willing to take.
  • rotarykidrotarykid Posts: 191
    some new mazdas have the technology to shut off any power systems(such as the headlights) after it sits for a while. At least this is true on the newer trucks. If you leave your door open thus leaving the dome light on, the computer will shut the lights off by itself after a while(before the battery dies).
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Ahhhh, freedom from MTBE in the petrol...finally, and removal of high-drag snow tires...first tank and we're back up to 20.5mpg, with a 50 mile freeway trip and the rest urban-route driving.

    BTW, found Hertz rental car rents MPVs at John Wayne (Orange County Airport) for about $300/wk, if any tire-kickers were thinking of trying an MPV out before buying, that wouldn't be a bad way to do it. You can, um, drive it like you would a rental (heheheh), try out all of the handy gadgets in the "real world," let your kids drop icecream on the seats, and then turn it back in!

  • rjr425rjr425 Posts: 53
    You might have temporarily slipped a cog or two in the old mental machine. :-) I think you're confusing pjd58 and me. At nearly 58 I damn well better not be expecting a little one any time--soon or otherwise. The only new addition to my family is The President McKinley, and while he might be my baby, I doubt that's what you had in mind.

  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    No new one's coming to my homestead, at least my Wife hasn't told me anything, lol. Our only new addition is the LX in the garage.
    Rj- Maybe all that caffeine Java is consuming is short circuiting the brain:) Rj you can still have kid's at 58, not that you would want any...:0)
  • rjr425rjr425 Posts: 53
    With all the coffee that Java drinks [and we only know what he admits to! How much is he drinking that he ISN'T telling us about?], the amazing thing is that he still has a brain that CAN shortcircuit.

    ". . . not that you would want any." My point exactly. The 100+ kids I see every day in my classroom are more than enough for a man of my advanced years.

  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    Anyone know what the difference between the MY 2000 170hp engine and the MY2001 160hp
    engine is? Am I correct in assuming it is just the chip? Seems this would be the easiest 10 hp
    to gain. Looks like the MPV Performance Enhancement thread is archived, that's why I am posting here. Thanks.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Well, you know, rj, pj, potato, potahto...

    my bad, my whatchamacallitz crossed w/my thingamobobz.


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