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Mazda MPV



  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    I agree that in many cases,especially if you keep your cars for a while that it pays to buy versus lease. There are cases however where leasing makes sense;you may want a new car every 2-3 years,or a company requires you to lease. If a vehicle depreciates rapidly,yet the finance company or leasing company uses a high residual then it would make sense to lease short term and let the finance company assume the resale risk. At the end of the lease,you can then decide if the purchase option on your lease is worthwhile based on real used car values at that time. This may be the case with the MPV. I may be interested in 2-3 years in selling,but I will probably be 'upside down' on my loan, owe more on than the vehicle is worth. If that is the case,then it would have been beneficial to lease. This also assumes that you do not use more miles than is in your lease.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I'm afraid I can't get you the picture of the two Excursions that I was telling you about. I guess they saw the light and bought a '01 blue Ford Windstar Limited, and a Toyota 4Runner. Funny, eh? ;-)

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  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    If you go to and check for resale on mpv 2001, you will be a lot happier.
    If I remember correctly they resale there for an lx is 20,900 for one with 12k miles on it. These are most likely purchased at auctions after a lease is run up. I know for a fact that carmax pays 17k for this type of situation.

    There will be a lot of resold mpv's im afraid because this suv has been leased to death.

    A used lx with 12k on it running at a no haggle price of 20,900 is very high to me actually, considering you could buy a new one for 21,600 with side airbags.

    You know whats odd, my local paper says on the 2000 mpv theres a 3000.00 rebate image that.
  • j2kbarlowj2kbarlow Posts: 89
    Thanks for your clarification, rutgers. Still you can drive yourself nuts trying to figure out the value of your vehicle in 4-5 years time! So many things can change. Before we bought our MPV we went to a local car show where we could spend as much time as we liked with any vehicle sold. A substantial number of people were VERY impressed with the MPV - there was a bigger crowd around it than any other minivan. But the recurring theme was, "It's soo neat, but I WANT an SUV!" If gas prices skyrocket, maybe the minivans become more practical (even 16 MPG is better than 12) and their resale increases. Maybe not. That's why I parlayed my Subaru story. Subarus have always been reliable but have never had the "Honda Snob" mentality. The Outback has changed that but you couldn't have guessed that 4 years ago. If you buy what you like and it suits your needs, be satisifed in that - it's all you can control!

    BTW, after living in Australia for six months I noticed that Hondas are generally MIA down under, but Subies and Mazdas are everywhere! It was a welcome change of scenery :O)
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    gunga64 and j2kbarlow,
    Okay,maybe I am overreacting a bit,but the only thing that matters is what you can actually get when trading in your van. People may like the MPV at shows,and carmaxx may have it listed at $20,900,but if the best you can actually get for it is $16,000,then that is the real value of the vehicle. A lot of people like,and look at the MPV,but they buy the Sienna and Ody,that is a fact,and that is what drives the price of these vans. I am not saying I dislike our MPV,and my wife does love it,however,in hindsight,as of today's market,it was a financial mistake. I guess I have already lost enough on my mutual funds in the past year,and I was burned in the real estate market not long ago,so this is a sensitive issue for me,and I probably should have chosen the 'safe' route when buying something. At least,I should have leased. Why I didn't research this beforehand is my mistake. I think the MPV is a nice,dependable,useful,vehicle. I wish more people,including the auto journalists felt the same way. Unfortunately,unless the perception in the market changes,this is something I will have to live with for years to come. BTW,Consumer reports must have gotten the depreciation wrong,as they list it as 'average';and I put alot of stock in what they say. There is something wrong when the Dodge Caravan is more desireable to consumers than the MPV.
  • j2kbarlowj2kbarlow Posts: 89
    ...rutger. I'm not trying to say your concerns are unfounded. Only time will tell.
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    Don't be hard on yourself. Even though everyone knows that Mazda's resale value is less than Toyota's or Honda's, the difference isn't that much, actually. I just visited Kelly Blue Book and looked up the resale value of Sienna and MPV. Here is what I found out.

    First, don't forget that Sienna and MPV has different options and different initial prices. I have already posted here before (see my post #1590 in this forum) mentioning that Sienna LE + LE Value package is almost perfect match for MPV LX + Sports package. MSRP of Sienna with those options is CDN$32,990 and MPV is CDN$30,695. Keep in mind that Sienna is sold at close to MSRP while MPV is several thousands below, so initial price difference could be about CDN$5,000 (US$3,500). Now, here is the 2000 model resale value due to KBB (both equipped similarly in excellent condition): Sienna: US$19,615. MPV: US$15,960. Difference is $3,655. Almost the same as what you would have paid initially. So you wouldn't loose money selling both. This difference will be even less in 4 years. Also add your wife's happiness to this and you'll realize that the MPV was not the wrong choice...

    I hope this helps.
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    The MPV is fine, as far as carmax is concerned its a no hassle price, so to me thats more
    relevent then the stupid price they put in kellys or edmunds or any other book.

    That being said , we are pretty convinced now that we will buy a Toyota now. The basic problems we have with the MPV are as follows: We weren't that impressed with the quality of the material that is being used in the interior of the Mazda nor the comfort of the seats. If we got leather that would have taken care of a lot of the quality issues but your talking big bucks then. The transmission churning got on my nerves, more then I thought it would. The fact that tons of used, and new MPV's available worries me a little. If you go to they have over 20 for sale here in orlando. Lease or no lease thats a lot to have used on a lot. I also went to a Mazda dealer they had 45 or more new MPV's on the lot, and expected to have over 100 soon. I just find that really really strange. Especially when its coming down to the end of the year.
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    j2kbarlow,I know you are trying to make me feel better and I do appreciate that,thanks.
    gunga64, although I envy you in that you have not made your purchase yet,I wish you the best of luck whichever way you go. The Toyota would be an excellent choice,and you know when it is time to trade,it will fetch top dollar,at least compared to other vans.
    Has anyone out there actually traded in a 2000 MPV? How did you make out? Also,has anyone leased a 2001 MPV,what type of residual value did the leasing company use? Timing is everything in life,and I guess it worked against me in this case. My wife is happy,and that is a good thing,but if I am miserable then it is only a consolation,and I will until we trade it in have this lousy feeling. I encourage anyone considering the MPV to be aware of the resale value versus whatever else you are considering.One suggestion,have the salesman give you the Galves book value on each vehicle from the 2000 model year,then compare this to the selling price of the new car to determine the depreciation.
  • marcbmarcb Posts: 152
    look like crap. these are arbitrary prices

    common sense would tell you that hardly any car ever sells at 60% or 70% of their original price after a couple of year or so.

    A quick search in Canada shows some really good used prices. While none of these specifies the model, take note that MPV invoices in Canada would roughly be around $22.8k for a DX, $26k for an LX, $29.9k for an ES.

    MPV link1!

    MPV link1!

    MPV link1!

  • marcbmarcb Posts: 152
    sorry, that was the 1st time i try pasting on a link using an html tag. here they are again, hopefully with the 3 links correctly on.

    MPV link1!

    MPV link2!

    MPV link31!

  • marcbmarcb Posts: 152
    LAST TRY, if this doesnt work i give up! sorry guys for messing up. at least i'm learning some html.. (mwahaha).

    MPV link1!

    MPV link2!

    a rel="nofollow" href="
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
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  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    That's okay, maybe your neighbors couldn't afford the fuel bill of all those big vehicles unlike those of us owning MPVs (content).

  • drdrevansdrdrevans Posts: 17
    Rutger, Lord, you need to chill out. The MPV is a great car. IF you paid, say, $3,000 less for it than you would have for a Sienna, that's about $60/month in payments (on a 5-year loan, assuming that you don't have a special financing deal)--and I don't believe for a minute that you can buy a comparably equipped Sienna for less than $4 to 5,000 more, so this is a conservative figure. Put that $60/month into a mutual fund. Presuming that the market goes up, at least after a year or so, and you'll have maybe $4,500 to $5000 in that fund at the end of five years. Then, of course, you won't have to replace the transmission in the Mazda in two or three years like you would in the Sienna...and you'll be DEEP in the black by the time you're done with your MPV.

    On the subject of resale values, I just traded in my absolutely loaded 1997 Explorer XLT 4wd for just over $10,000. Three-and-a-half years ago, when I bought it, all the websites said a comparably equipped one would be worth about $13 to $15,000 after 4 years. What happened? Firestone. Let an equivalent thing happen to ANY minivan, Toyota, Honda, MPV, or other, and the resale will plummet. If those Odysseys keep breaking down, and people are paying attention, those cars will NOT be worth 72% of retail in 5 years. Why do you think Chrysler products have always had lousy resale? Because they are cr-p and have been for years. Get 55,000 miles out of one without major problems and you're lucky.

    Buying a new car is a crapshoot. Depreciation is disastrous on virtually every new car. Buy what you like and just deal with it...And what's done is done. Relax and enjoy your MPV...It's the best deal available on a minivan, and you'll get your money's worth out of it if you keep it until it's paid for.
  • utcarsonsutcarsons Posts: 9
    Sorry to say we won't be buying an MPV any time soon...we got a trade in value for our current car ('s not an MPV :-P) and it was significantly less than we expected (and we bought it at A-plan pricing!!!) we have a bit more saving to do before we grab an ES.

    Anyway, my question is what are the best incentives you've seen in for the MPV? What would you think will happen for closeout of 01? I'd really like to get an ES before power doors are std.

  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    Here in florida you can get 1500.00 in rebate for a 2001 and 3000.00 rebate for a 2000.

    We just got a call from the Mazda dealer hes offering to sell us a used MPV 2000 with 16k miles on it for 2000 less then the new one. Give me a break! If you can't afford invoice price on a new MPV you should'nt be looking at a 2000 with 16k on it.

    Basically they are selling new MPV's any model here for invoice +1% minus the rebate, and thats not even dealing. They may try to add an application fee of 350.00 to the price at closing but I think even that can be bargained off the price.

    If anyone needs to know the dealer that offers any MPV for 1% over invoice I can give you the name. Its in Orlando Florida. Just let me know.

    The rebate is good till july 9th but I am sure they will keep it going, if not increase it. Mazda is the king of rebates, for japanese cars anyway.

    Bye the way you can get a good deal on a Sienna, don't be confused with MSRP on those. They are hurting just like everyone else is. Recession is coming baby!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
  • billmckinleybillmckinley Posts: 167
    Chill out, relax, revel in your wife's pleasure [no small thing, as I'm sure you already know], enjoy the quality of the van when you get to drive it, and for the love of everything that's sane, stop beating yourself up about what may or may not happen in four or five years' time.

    Alternately, do keep beating yourself up. Then when crunch time actually does roll around, you'll be too far gone to notice or care. You'll just be sitting there drooling uncontrollably and playing peek-a-boo with your fingers.


  • osakaosaka Posts: 13
    Today is a Tanabata festival which the star Vega and another star face each other at the both sides of the Milky Way once a year.
    We, especially , kids celebrate a wish and hope.
    We regard the two stars as separating brother, or separating love in the Japanese fairy tale.
    On my way to home, I dropped in the Mazda to buy a touch up paint, pure white,for 750Yen.
    At that time I confirmed new two items for the MPV with seeing a sales manual of Mazda.
    Item 1. H.I.D. headlight system for 133,000Yen.
    Re #1747 Rblader-Sann,
    I asked a salesman that the possibility of sending this option to N/A,if this will not be available in the future in N/A. It is supposed to replay me.
    Item 2. Factory-installed DVD entertainment system with DVD,game and TV. for 218,000Yen.
    I guess this will be the dealler-installed option in the future.
    Have a nice weekend!
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