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Mazda MPV



  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    What is the invoice price? You should be able to get the van for invoice less the rebate. Also, you might want to test drive it with the A/C running up a hill to be sure the power is okay with you. If you rarely use the a/c or have flat terrain where you are then it should be okay.
  • rbladerrblader Posts: 28
    msgivh is right. If it doesn't include the rebate, then you're better off to keep on looking. I got my 2001 ES with all of that plus a rear bumper rubber step plate and the in-dash changer for $1000 less. Looking back, I think I could have gotten it even cheaper(a few hundred bucks more-if I took the time to haggle.)
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    and they only had 3 MPVs left( 2 black LXs and a Sand Mica ES). I'm glad we purchased our MPV a few months back and got exactly what we wanted. It seems the $1500 rebate is helping sales.

    I went to the dealer to look at 01 ES Protege, what a nice car. Currently, Mazda is offering 48 months at 0 percent, $500 rebate and a free Moonroof. They also have a few Pro 5s, but don't want to pay over MSRP with no incentives. I currntly have a 96 DX Protege. Any MPV owners looking for a compact sedan should consider the Protege. Largest interior in it's class, and larger than some midsize cars.

    Sorry to get WAY off topic.
  • rice13rice13 Posts: 3
    I was interested to see what others paid via Carsdirect. We paid 21,300 after rebates for an LX with rear air, roof rack, and fog lights (the option we didn't want). This included destination and all other extras exception documentation ($198) and state tags/tax. Sounds like others have done better and gotten the security package too.

    By the way, our dealer told us that the holdback of 2% was automatic - not based on the dealer's performance or how long they had the vehicle on the lot. Ironically, I had e-mailed this same dealer directly a few days before I gave up and contacted Carsdirect. I hadn't gotten an answer because the guy who had been handling internet sales for that branch of the dealer had left and hadn't yet been replaced. So we probably could have worked out a better price by dealing with the dealer directly via the internet. Oh well.

    We are enjoying our apple red MPV. No problem finding our car in the parking lot! We took our first road trip this weekend up to the mountains in North Carolina. No trouble on steep climbs with 3 adults and 2 kids. The shifting does seem a bit jerky, but this is the first automatic I've ever owned, so I guess it'll just take some getting used to. Apart from that, the entire family (from 2 year old to elderly grandmother) was happy and comfy. My only regret is that there is so little cargo space. We can't fold down the back seat because we have 5 regular passengers (hence the van). The best solution for us was to take out one of the middle seats. That actually worked extremely well. We put the cooler, food, and car toys there and Mom or Dad in the middle row could dish out whatever was needed.

    As for the fushia Volvo - it's in Durham, NC. We can't get rid of it until my 5-year-old gets unattached from his best pal. He's a self-proclaimed "vehicle boy," and thinks of the Volvo (which he calls "purple") as his best buddy. (Somehow he hasn't noticed that he's already cheating on the purple car with the red van.)

    Our driveway now holds the bright red MPV, which really vibrates with the fushia Volvo and recently repainted red '90 Mazda pickup.
  • rice13 - I know what you're talking about with boys and their (parents') cars! However, my 2.5 year old (who can already name every make of car on the road) wasn't as attached to our Subaru. When we told him that we'd have to say goodbye to the Outback, if we got the MPV, he said, "Let's get the minivan!" BTW, we're nearly neighbors - I'm in Raleigh. So it's good to hear the MPV can handle our mountains with ease in the summer!
  • patsfanpatsfan Posts: 8
    Final deal:

    '01 Sand Mica ES with fog lights, moonroof, 6 disc cd, net, mat, 4 seasons, step plate, roof rack, and mud guards.

    Trade: $5,500 is what they gave me ('96 Jetta GL, 65k miles - KBB said $6,000).

    I gave them my Jetta and $20,465. If I add what I thought my car was worth ($6,000), I come up with MPV cost of $26,465. Sticker was $28,900. I financed at 4.9%.

    Edmunds had a TMV of $26,695. How did I do?

    By the way, we love the van.
  • Patsfan,

    The best measure if you are doing well is to find out the invoice price for your vehicle and options and compare your price to that number. Based on my own experience of buying this van (about a week ago) I would say that you should be able to walk into any dealer and buy the van for about $300 over invoice before rebates. I have heard that some have managed to negotiate to invoice. I was lucky and managed to use Ford's partner plan to get 1.3% below invoice.

    Right here on Edmunds you can select the car and choose the options and see the invoice price. If your dealer wants more than $300 over invoice before rebates, I would say that you can do better.

    My $0.02

  • patsfanpatsfan Posts: 8
    Thanks, Rick. According to Edmunds, invoice for this van is $26,715. I went with all the necessary info. and was shooting for below invoice. I got it for $26,465, but that was after the $1,000 rebate, which you get vs. the $1,500 when you take the 4.9 financing.
  • vaikarvaikar Posts: 1
    Just purchased my MPV ES yesterday. Thanks for all the great information I found in this discussion group.
    Got a pretty good deal. I got ES with roof rack, cargo mat, net, fog lights. Drive out price was $26,000 (with the $1000 rebate) [this works out to almost the invoice price on this car]. Did not pay any dealer fees, paid only a $50 documentation fee.
    The dealer in houston (Jeff Haas Mazda, Justin Flannagan) I dealt with was very nice. Found him to very honest and did exactly what he agreed to do.
    I had a question for you folks, did any of you get an extended coverage and how is Warranty Gold coverage?
    The finance department at the dealership tried to sell me an extended warranty for $1300.00 (I got a better quote for a longer term from Warranty gold ($738)).
  • patsfanpatsfan Posts: 8
    The warranty is not worth even $500, let alone $800 or $1,300. Happy trails......
  • garyjwmsgaryjwms Posts: 28
    We've had our LX for about a month now and we're very happy with it. However, I've noticed that many of you folks who post here regularly have gone with the ES. I am really curious to know, from those of you who bought an ES, what specific features or combination of features, or other considerations factored into your decision to buy the top of the line MPV? Did you go in knowing you wanted the ES from the outset, or were you weighing the advantages of the different models?

    Also -- who here got the entertainment package, and are you happy with it?

    Just curious,

  • What is the Mazda S and Ford X plan and how do you get it?

    I saw 2001 DX MPVs advertised for 17,255 this summer. This is about 2K below list. Do you think LXs are available at such a big discount?
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    I think there are some posts on the Ford X plan, Mazda S plan.

    It is for suppliers of Ford, but you can also join EEA, see this thread scrible "Ford Partner Program......(need some help)" Feb 23, 2001 1:05pm


  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    I personally do not like extended warranties. They are a real money maker for dealers or whoever sells them. Some people like the peace of mind which comes with them and perhaps in their case it is worth it,expecially if you are going to keep the car for a long time. In general though,with the longer standard warranties and better design of cars today,it is very likely that this is money lost on your part. It would be better to put that $1300 into a mutual fund,earn interest and use it later if necessary. If you don't use it,then you are that much ahead of the game. If you do decide to get one then get it wherever it is the cheapest as long as it covers the same components. Plus, I would be willing to bet that the dealer would negotiate the price down for you. Keep in mind,there is a reason the dealers always push extended warranties; they will probably never have to 'pay out' on them and even if they do on 5%,they are still going to make a ton of money. Good luck.
  • otishotish Posts: 59
    Our only experience with an extended warranty was also our only (and last) experience with a Chrysler product. We had a Jeep Wagoneer with an extended warranty that was always needed something done to it relating to the computers and it was never covered by the warranty. It was such a pain and it seemed to be anything electrical was not covered by it. I doubt that we will go either route again.
  • brmudabrmuda Posts: 50
    We knew we wanted leather interior from the start so, we went right for the ES. We found $ went a lot further w/Maz vs. Honda and they were willing to "deal".

    We opted for "aftermarket" Rosen ent system because I did not like location of VCP from factory. Our dealer only charged us invoice $ for the ent sys (they arranged installation). Rosen quality is exceptional.
  • Ive been lurking on this site for most of a year now. Ive even posted a couple questions(I thank everyone who responded).

    My problem now is we have decided to try and buy 2001 MPV and save $ over probable increase in 2002 model year. Ive been to two dealerships (Bye the way we live in Jackson Michigan and have to drive 40 miles North or east or west to find dealers)Ive made what I thought was a reasonable offers according to what you folks are posting and Edmunds TMV Calculator.
    But on both occasions The Dealerships Laughed at My offer and would not even consider anything close. So Im coming to you folks to see if my offers are really that bad or are Michigan dealers really able to sell for more than other parts of country (any one in Michigan thats got a good deal please let me now I will drive to get van at a good price)
    My Last offer was for a SandMica LX With LX touring Pkg + 4-Seasons Pkg + 6CD Changer + Fog Lights + Rear Air + Roof Rack. Edmunds Invoice for this Vehical was 24,833. I offered Invoice + $300.00 for $25,133.00, They Laughed and Said They absolutly couldn,t go any lower than $26,023.00 Final end of descussion.
    Am I Misunderstanding Your posts and Edmunds? Or Should I just give Up on Mazda here in Michigan and look for somthing else.
    Thanks in advance for any responses jacksonian and flustrated!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    The Premacy is based on the Protege, and not the MPV. Because of this the power of a 1.8 is sufficient but not great. The Premacy does have some neat features that I'd like to see on the MPV like a trip computer and 3 lightweight middle row seats(made for smaller folks though). Who knows if Mazda will ever bring it over here.

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I was pondering this LX/ES popularity the other day. Seems to be alot of ES vans being snatched up. IMHO, it's because folks are noticing that the ES is a virtual steal. We got an LX only because Mrs. Javadoc didn't want leather, and I only wanted heated leather (I know, heated leather is debatable). My pal at the dealership said that their sales of LXs have been falling, but ES model sales have been picking up by very well. When you think about it, if you want an LX w/ Touring, 4Seasons, Rear A/C and fogs, you can have an ES for just a few bones more, if you want to have leather.

    Our next (yes, NEXT) MPV will be an ES for sure, replete with sunroof. Now if I can only find a way to snatch a grey-market AWD model...

  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    jacksonian: Run from that dealer,they sound like fools to me. Unless MPV's are that popular in Michigan (unlikely),or there are no Toyota/Honda/Chrysler dealers within 50 miles, then that dealer is not being realistic. Hold out for your deal,go to another state,but in todays market for them to ask for $1200 over invoice on an MPV is absurd. Good luck.
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