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Toyota Echo



  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    What an Owner's Club lets you do is subdivide large discussions to make them easier to follow. The ECHO, quite frankly, hasn't sparked that much chatter. (You're right on the money there, major.) It's neither a hot-seller or in scarce supply, so there's no need for a separate "best ECHO deals" topic. Defects are far and few between, so there's no need for a separate "gripe about ECHO problems" topic.

    I think the best chance of creating a need for an Owner's Club is if the performance-tuning and aftermarket accessories industries embrace the ECHO in a big way. Maybe if kids start building turbo ECHOs to run quarter-miles in the nines. . . . :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Because of prior requests, I've already asked for an Echo Owners Club to be created. I imagine that it has slipped through the crack, so I'm checking on it. Hang in just a little bit longer.

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  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    there are performance parts out there for echo's. eibach makes (kits) springs for the echo. i'm sure other manufacturer makes them too. for the engine department, nothing much can be done for the small engine.

    i believe the echo would look cool when lowered with a good set of mags! :)

    question here: why did you folks choose echo over corolla?
  • I guess it had more to do with the looks of the two cars. The Echo just resonated with me. Now if the new style Corolla had been on sale (and if it had the higher seating of the Echo), it would have been a harder choice.
  • Anyone looking for modifications might want to check out This is Toyota's official site. Word of warning, prices seem to be in yen.
  • There is a recall for the brake booster for 2000 model year Echos with automatic transmission. For full details you can go to It is my understanding that affected Echo owners are starting to receive recall notices from Toyota.
  • I think it would be nice for us to have one and I thank Pat for checking back into it.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    TRD USA is
    as far as i know - there are no performance parts in america from TRD for echo. there are wheels, buts that about it. TRD is very,very expensive. some of TRD parts are the same stuff u get elsewhere, they just slap the TRD emblem/name on the product and charge you 3-4x more!
  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    ECHO is the S.O.'s ride: When her previous car was getting bodywork done, she got a Corolla as a loaner. She liked it so much that she went to the dealership intending on getting one of her own. But the salesperson suggested that there was "something else" he thought she would like, too. . . .

    She didn't even have the ECHO on her buying radar before this point, but she drove it and fell in love with it. She really liked the higher seating position. The next time I saw her, I had to rub it in a little -- I reminded her that we had seen an ECHO at the auto show just two months earlier, that she had dismissed it at the time as something she wouldn't buy! :D
  • I haven't read this site in a few days and was amazed on how much activity there had been. Just some thoughts on recent postings:
    Oil - I use the Mobil 1 synthetic and change it every 5,000 miles. Believe it or not, my local Toyota dealer offers it at a bargain price compared to those fast lube places.
    Deals on 2001 Echos - I've seen some 2-door autos with air listed for as low as $9995 in the greater Atlanta area. I bought mine Sept. 9 and received a $1,000 debate from Toyota and got it for $11,000 with auto, air, rear defroster, mats and a couple of other weird options.
    Echo vs Corolla - seating position, seating position, seating position. As you can image, I can't say enough about how easy it is to get in and out of the Echo. No, I do not weigh 300 lbs, only 200, and I'm not 7 feet tall, only 6 foot 1.
    How far along econo cars have come - I just sold my wife's 1994 Ford Escort LX Hatchback to a friend for his daughter. I had to drive the thing 300 miles round trip to get the deal done. Although I got more than 40 mpg on that trip, it reminded me why I like my Echo so much. My Echo is quiet, very comfortable, has great visibility, and oh, did I mention, it's easy to get in and out of ...
  • kaz6kaz6 Posts: 331
    I frankly never considered a Corolla...I prefer the Echo's styling. A lot of people snickered when I said that Echo is the direction of design for Toyota but you can see very strong connections with the new Celica, Highlander, and RAV4-highly defined creaseline starting with the headlight and prominent tail lights. I get claustrophobic just looking at the Corolla's cramped interior.
    I was all set to buy a Focus ZX-3 when I dropped by a Toyota dealership to drive an Echo. Once I drove it I was sold...nothing comes close to its feeling of space and solid ride!!!
  • I received my recall notice yesterday.
  • When I was first looking into getting an Echo, I took along my roommate. Her response at seeing the car was, "Well, its your car but I don't like it." That was when the Echo first came out.

    Fast forward to about two years later and my owning an Echo for almost a year and her opinion has changed so much about the looks (she now thinks it is cute) that she is considering buying an Echo herself.

    I think the day to day exposure to the looks, the great gas mileage, and the great ride won her over.
  • kaz6kaz6 Posts: 331
    I was one of those that thought it (the Echo) looked hideous when it first came out. However, it's one of those things that grew on me and I now love the way it looks!
  • I'm finding that I can only cram about 10.3 gallons of gas into my Echo's tank, and that's filling it up from below empty. I've read that it's supposed to be 11.9 U.S. gallons. Is anybody else experiencing this?
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    i think those numbers of how much a tank can hold is based on an empty tank - completely empty!
    so i think unless we empty out the whole tank, i dont think we can get those numbers stated by the manufacturer.

    i also believe it's not good to wait until u reach "E" before filling up again. i know of a few people who do this all the time. all of them run into problems with their injectors/carburetors. over time, gas tanks will have "dirt/garbage" at the bottom - so if u wait until gas level is low and then fill up, it'll start sucking the dirt and u end up with clogged injectors/carbs! if you don't run into problems with injectors/carbs, you will get stranded one of these days - run out of gas.

    just my C$0.02 worth.
  • I try and fill up when my tank is no less than 1/4 full. As winter is approaching, I am going to increase that to filling my tank when it hits the 1/2 full mark.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I have coasted into the gas station before, up to the pump before I filled up. :) With my new car (a 2002 Jetta 1.8T) I won't be doing that. I usually refill it when it gets to the 1/4 mark.
  • Yeah, I've heard similar stories about injector problems from letting the tank go almost empty, though I don't think it matters much with an almost new car (mine's about 4 month's old), as there probably isn't much debris in the tank yet.

    Another question: How are people finding the Echo holds up in ice and/or snow? With its light weight and narrow tires, I'm a little concerned about how it will perform in winter, on ice/sleet especially. I live in a hilly part of New England.
  • I have had my Echo since December 29th of last year so I have experience in driving the Echo in all kinds of weather.

    I am very happy with the performance of the Echo in wintery conditions and have had zero problems except for an encounter with "black ice" and I don't think all the traction aids in the world would have prevented it.

    But I was able to get the Echo back under control without hitting anything or anyone.

    Also, I live at the top of a hill in my apartment complex and not once did I have to leave the Echo somewhere and walk up the hill.

    Just remember in winter, it is more a case of not what you drive, but how you drive. Just don't go racing around like it was a sunny, summer day.
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