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Toyota Echo



  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,683
    The ECHO gets better mileage because it wieghs much less than Scion.
  • breckcobreckco Posts: 62
    Just stopped by the forum and noticed a couple of posts about Echo's engines whistling. I had an 01 Echo (5 spd) that did that. A high pitched sound would be heard while maintaining a consistent speed or gently accelerating in 3rd, 4th or 5th gear. The sound would go away during normal acceleration.

    I had the car at the dealership a few times for this and involved Toyota's area rep. They tried swapping parts such as the air box and intake manifold and nothing resolved the issue. They admitted that some Echo's do it and some don't. Ultimately they couldn't figure it our and said they would research it in the engineering department of Toyota.

    My suggestion would be to contact Toyota and ask them if they have found the solution to this known problem before the dealership starts experimenting with your car.

    BTW, for me this issue was a nuisance but did not cause any drivability problems.

    Hope this helped... Good Luck
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Except for the spoiler on the back (a little too boy-racer for my tastes), it looks pretty damn hot! :)
  • kaz6kaz6 Posts: 331
    Thanks for the insight! Yes, it's more a nuisance thing than a problem...I'll ask about it while getting my 'safety upgrade' done aka child seat tethers.
  • nice job gussying that bad boy/girl up!!! Tell us about yer rims & exhaust....also yer
    spoiler sure don't look like ya picked it up at your Toy dlr's!!! give us the skinny...with
    a car that sharp u need a bigger back seat
  • hey my rims are enkeis...i chose to go with enkei because enkei makes trd and factory wheels for toyota...they are the sportline series and they are called sazukas =o)...and my tires are bf goodrich t/a exaust is a custom job, its a dynamax gonna upgrade to a carbon fiber muffler here obcessed with carbon fiber!!!!!! =o) and my spoiler was custom done by me and my dad..had to modify the base up to make it fit onto the trunk...and i shaved the keyhole too and everything off like the emblems and put my own =o)...yeah yeah yeah, i like the ricer look =o)....ive put an aftermarket intake on it...WeaponR dragon intake...anyone intersted they can check out or .... painted up my engine cover...and breath filter...i got a greddy oil catch tank, but i didnt like the hoses they sent me so i havent fully installed it yet, in the search for some high quality, high vaccum hose..i need 15mm and 20mm if anyone knows where let me know! PLEASE! ive installed a tach and some other stuff...ill give u a shot of the inside after this post! its pretty much self explanatory in there =o)
  • forgot to echo has been lowered 2.5 inches =o)
  • nnbnnb Posts: 3
    Who makes the front strut bar?, also what kind of spring did you use and what size tires ? I have a APEX spring on mine, it only lowers 1.8 in. Other question is, is your car AT or MT. I was wondering if you have complaints on the clutch if it's MT. Did you buy the weaponr from NOPI?
  • U definitely need a giant backseat!!!!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The majority of our Town Hall membership use 56 kbps dial-up access (or less). And many are not able to use the very high resolution displays.

    Large pictures take a very long time to download - especially if there are more than one on a single page - and also skew the screen, making all the messages on the screen very difficult to read - you have to keep scrolling left to right to read every single line.

    There are two good ways to go here - either post links ONLY to large pictures, especially multiple pictures, or cut the size down to load reasonably quickly on a dial-up AND to fit an 800x600 display with no scroll bars.

    Thanks - these methods are considerate of the rest of our community and we very much appreciate it.

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  • hey sorry ill will take more consideration next time...sorry didnt know, will you forgive me? =o)
  • no i didnt buy my intake from nopi, i had mine before nopi can get a better view of my intake by either going to and going into the gallery section or you can ask me for a picture, ive got like 30 pictures..including ones of my underbody neon =o)...and my springs are currently eibachs but they are the Ground Control Coilovers...also i have the MT and right now i really dont have any problems with sure thatll change as my hp figures change..working on that soon =o) just hard to go to school and pay for the car and put parts on it at the same time =o)...but if anyone wants anymore pictures of have anymore questions hit me up! you can get me through aim at ryan811869...or email me at PEACE! =o)
  • I have seen those pictures before, but I just noticed something. You are doing your car a disservice by having so many keys on the keyring. You will put a strain on the starter or so I have heard.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I know what you mean by that. I blew the ignition nin my mom's 1994 Bonneville because I had a huge keychain. It cost me $400 to get it fixed, because I also blew the car's starter and theft system at the same time. I now only have 2 keychains and 4 keys on my "car" ring. :)
  • yeah ive got em posted on the yahoo club...just thought ide share them with edmunds group =o)....hmm maybe i should buy an aftermarket brace for my keys? its such a strain to hold 5 keys...just pick'n =o) dont take it personal =o)...but i have a is the starter gonna know if u have more than 1 key on a keyring? that just doesnt make sense at all...the key doesnt even go into the starter...
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I am sure he meant the ignition, not the starter.

    My starter and theft system went because I kept trying to jump-start the car, not knowing it was the starter that was bad on it. Because of the repeated tries, I blew the ignition and the theft system (Pas_key or something like that it was called) where the thingie on the key keeps the car from being started if it doesn't match up.
  • Where have you been? I e-mailed you some pictures. Did you receive them?
  • I am wondering if the Echo has good safety features and is very reliable since I am a teen driver.
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