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Toyota Echo



  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    Is this before the "cold" light is extinguished? I think the car is delaying upshifts so that the engine heats up to operating temperature faster. You might even see this mentioned in the owner's manual.
  • bryanwbryanw Posts: 12
    I noticed this morning that the shifts are delayed until the moment the cold engine light goes out. It must be a program to save wear and tear on the overdrive and warm things up faster. This is the fastest warming up car I have ever owned. The heat just pours out compared to others I have owned.
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    I think that you will find that the "heat pouring out" is due to the fact that the ECHO has an electric heater, not the fact that the engine warms up especially quickly. :-)

  • tsnooktsnook Posts: 18
    Do all the years of the echo have an electric heater?
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,683
    My 2001 ECHO does not have an electric heater, nor does the heat come on any faster than any other car I have owned. I thnk it unlikely that such a device would be physially possible for a 12 volt electical system powered by an alternator of approxamately 800 watts, especially given the electrical requirement of the rest of the car.
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    Oops. I do not yet have an ECHO, but in my research I ran across the statement that the heater (in the hatchback version at least) was electric. I was surprised but it seemed like a wonderful idea for Canadian winters. Now I can't find the reference so I apologize for the post. I will check with the local dealer just on the odd chance that I was NOT in error.

  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,683
    This pops up from time to time. I wonder where the origin of this rumour is? BTW I suspect a DEALER is the wrong place to get this type of question answered! Many of them are spring loaded to agree with what they think the customer wants to hear...not to answer questions factually.
  • devaldeval Posts: 1
    I have a toyota echo 2000, i dont know how to add windsheild washer in my toyota.

    I opened the froant bonet but i dont see any tank where i fill the water.

    Can anyone help me with this problem.

    I dont have a car manual.

  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    Well, I have a 2001 and the heat comes on within 30 seconds of starting the car. Even when it is below freezing. The only explanation is that I have a car with an electric heater. The engine can't possibly warm up that soon.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,683
    The washer tank is on the right hand side of the engine compartment, near the front. Theres only the cap of the tank visible, the tank is hidden under other parts of the car. But look in this area to find it. Or maybe theres a picture of the location in the owners manual.
    After you take into account all the other electrical equipment it has to operate, the alternator would have barely 200 watts left over for a heater, if that. Which wont make much heat. Why your car has heat so fast is a mystery to me also. Maybe you could test for an electric heater by turning on the ignition without starting the engine with the heat and blower on. If it blows hot air...maybe there IS an electric heater.
  • bryanwbryanw Posts: 12
    I talked to the service manager of the Toyota dealership where my car was bought and he tells me that the Echo has an auxiliary electric heater operated through a relay from a separate winding on the alternator. This is to discourage people from idling their engine while waiting for heat to come. Apparently some European countries have strict time limits on how long you can idle a car.
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    Aha! Thanks for the information. I hadn't gotten around to checking with the local dealer yet. That will be yet another great advantage for me as I park outside and typically do short drives in the morning. Effect defogging is important to me.

  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,683
    Maybe this is put on Canadian cars.
  • ldlopezldlopez Posts: 13
    Thanks bryanw, much appreciated.
    I'm always of two minds.
    One want's somehthing that gets
    good MPG the other is actually
    getting home. I drive a Tacoma
    4x4 to work and it seems to get
    me home. Years ago I moved to
    rural NH and learned to drive
    in an appropriate manner in
    a Toyota Corolla FX '87. Sadly
    it was lacking in power and I often
    couldn't get it up my driveway.
    A VW TDI '99 had the same fate.
    The FX went to my brother and the VW
    was sold because although it got a
    solid 45 MPG it was would was always in
    the shop.

    With gas prices at $2 I'm paying
    something like $200/month !!!!

    I have a '93 Totota & a '00 Tacoma now.
    I'm thinking of replacing the '00 with
    an Echo, and use the '93 to plow.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,683
    Idlopez maybe you need a moped! Im not sure even an ECHO will help!
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,683
    This electric heater... Im there an indicator light on the dash to tell when its working? Is there switch to turn it on and off? If there is no switch, what happens in summer?
  • babyboomerbabyboomer Posts: 205
    Some have posted that Echos are hard to find at dealerships and that the lack of sales could mean that the Echo would be discontinued. Yet somewhere, and I can't remember where, I thought I read that a redesign is due for the 2006 model. If true, the demise of the Echo seems premature. Does Toyota ever officially comment on the future production of their models?
  • simonizesimonize Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Echo that has been a dream to drive and am very happy with it. I have 76 miles on it and about 2 months ago I get the check engine light. I take it to a toyota service center in New York and they check it out and tell me they find nothing wrong. They reset the sensor and I drive 10 mins and it's back on. They check it out again and say could be a bad sensor but they have to back order it. Ok. I was moving to North Carolina and I take it in to get it checked out and they say the same thing except this time it was more like could be a lot of different things> I mention the sensor thing and they say it could be but could be other things too depending on what I want to spend to be checked out. They reset the sensor again as they find nothing wrong. 10 minutes after I leave it goes off again. Anyone every heard of this?
  • simonizesimonize Posts: 3
    The error code was P0125.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,631
    Consumer Reports' April 2005 issue noted that an ECHO redesign is due for 2006.
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