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Toyota Echo



  • ldlopezldlopez Posts: 13
    I have had no expecience with the Echo in snow.

    I have had lots of experience with a '99 VW Golf in snow,
    a '87 Toyota Fx in snow.

    There are two limitations:

    1. traction, you need good tires, some nice studded Nokian Hak10's would
    be nice.

    2. ground clearance, you are not going anywhere in 12" of snow. You just
    don't have enough ground clearance.

    If your driveway is plowed and the roads are plowed then item 2 is not a problem.
    For me my driveway could get 8" of snow and it's up hill so many times cars
    of similar size could not get up the driveway.

    So if you have to make it down the road that has not been plowed in 8 hours
    I would say you will get stuck.

    Otherwise I would expect it work out fine.

    Call up the local Toyota dealer and ask them.
  • babyboomerbabyboomer Posts: 205
    My son thinks the Echo is not macho enough to impress the ladies and others. He wants something with more power and prestige and luxury that will imply that he is someone of importance. I explained the advantages of the Echo, and I realize that the emotions when driving a particular car are important to his happiness, but he still thinks bigger is better. Any suggestions?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    There is also the thought that the guys who drive around in big, fast cars are overcompensating for other "shortcomings". ;) Those who drive an ECHO or similar cars are confident enough about themselves that they don't need a macho car to impress the ladies. If a lady were only interested in me for my car, I wouldn't think much of that lady.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    Well you might point out that at least he will be able to afford to drive it. Hows he going to drive some 15 mpg babe magnet when gas is $3-5 gallon? Its like $6 in Europe now so theres no reason it couldnt get to that here in the future. Hey the broads will be lining up to date him if hes the only one with a moving vehicle.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    What have people heard that Toyota is going to do with the ECHO? Are they going to discontinue it or do they plan to keep making it? Are they going to make a hatchback version avilible soon? How about a diesel option? Can anyone tell me a source I could monitor or interogate whjo might know about such things?
    The reason is Im considering selling my ECHO at some point. The ugly truth is that its probably at the peak of its used car worth now. Its value will only go lower in years to come. Sadly, I can no longer do repairs to my vehicle anymore. Having Toyota do them will be $$$ and there arent any other mechanics around here I would trust to work on it. It makes economic sense to sell it in the near future and go with a new car. But what car could ever replace an ECHO? A hatchback diesel ECHO sure could. i wonder if there are any plans to make them? Does anyone know of plans by Toyota or any other carmaker to produce a car like ECHO?
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    You might wish to read this thread: lexi4life, "2006 Toyota Echo" #55, 30 Apr 2005 10:39 pm. There is also a strong suggestion that Honda will be introducing their highly successful Fit/Jazz, probably early in 2006.

  • snifflessniffles Posts: 34
    Check this site out. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to see the Echo replacement. They just updated it a couple weeks ago and now it looks like the sedan and hatchback will hit the US shores in March 2006. I can't wait. I want to get rid of my Hyundai Accent hatchback.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    Hmm so it looks like 05 is the last year for ECHO, but maybe not because theres a replacement. I hope they bring the diesel here.
  • reba05reba05 Posts: 36
    I have a question on traction - I find that on the freeway at high speeds, my ECHO will start to feel unstable, as if I have no grip on the road. It can be scary especially when at around 70 mph. The roads can be totally dry too. Is is because wind is getting underneath it giving it uplift or something??
    I think the handling in high wind has been the most nuisance with this car. Would it help to put weight in the trunk??

  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    No this is not normal. I go 80 with mine all the time and its OK. Ive even been up to 106 briefly. First thing to suspect is the tire pressures. Then the tires themselves. After that you have to look at the struts and alignment. How are the tires anyway?
  • reba05reba05 Posts: 36
    All of those items are fine. I just assumed it was due to the car being so light in weight. I have only had the car for 3,000 miles so maybe I am still just getting used to the way it feels compared to my previous vehicle.
    Thanks for the tips!
  • ldlopezldlopez Posts: 13
    check tire pressure by all means, but perhaps a front end alignment ?

    If I remember right toe in can make the front end unstable.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    I did a search on MSN for used car prices and got a survey of used ECHOs selling at car dealers. They were asking $12,800 for a 2004 with 37k miles on it! Even 2000 ECHOs were going for $8000 with 63k miles on them. What are used ECHOs going for in your neck of the woods?
  • dogendogen Posts: 1
    Just bought 2001 sedan with 14 inch goodyear tires, reportedly with 35k on them but not excessive wear. I have noticed unsteady handling at 70+MPH and wonder if when I need to replace tires going to larger size would help? Also think the car may need an alignment as front right wheel looks like its been scraped and there is very slight drift to the right.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    I advise against putting larger tires on your ECHO. It will drive like a truck with them.
  • shessshess Posts: 1
    I had the same problem and the dealer told me that it was the gas I was using.
    I switched to super and still I am still have the same problem. If you find out the fix let me know.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    I went on a 150 mile trip to Atlantic City to look at a boat. When I filled the tank it came out to 52 mpg! 4.8 gallons took me 250 miles!
  • reba05reba05 Posts: 36
    I bought a 2003 with 34,000 miles for $9,200 - however that was thru a car auction. Same exact vehicle at a dealer would be around $10,500. Twin Cities
  • canechocanecho Posts: 1
    Hi. I just ordered an Echo and I'm so glad I went with this car. I did a lot of research and looked at several different cars. Finding a car that fits well is hard because I'm 6' 7". I found that the Echo gave me enough room, a quality car, and an amazing price. After reading all of your comments I'm completely excited about my purchase (it says something when the discussion isn't about problems but improving an already great fuel economy.

    This is my first new car. It's replacing my used 1991 Accord (283 000 kms, don't know what that is in miles). I found that for me the ride in the echo was just as comfortable and the echo was even a bit more peppy than my old car.

    I was reading old messages about car size and saftey. This was something I was looking into. The echo has a great saftey rating compared to many larger cars. What matters more than size is how the car is built. A larger object will move a smaller one but if the smaller one crumples in the right spots it will protect the occupant. My girlfriend was just in a car accident. She was driving a 2003 Civic and was hit from behind by a Quad-cab pick up when she had to stop for deer. Anyways she lost the car but walked away without a single broken bone. The guy at the junk yard told her the car did everything it was suppose to. So the attitude that bigger cars are safer is bull.

    I'm looking forward to many years in a great car.
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