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Toyota Echo



  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    ALL your trips are less than 4 miles, many in heavy traffic, and you run the A/C all the time? I would say 37.7 mpg is FABULOUS, no kidding.

    BTW, if you literally go three months between fill-ups, you may seriously be losing a little bit to evaporation. That will drive your perceived mpg down.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • hilmerhilmer Posts: 10
    Here ya go, see the link.

    I've had mine for about a year and love it. Very simple to use and I have cleared a few trouble codes so it has paid for itself.

    It has helped me to learn how to drive for best economy as well. Mine is the first version and not as easy on the eye as this new one. Mine is ugly but it works great. John
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    It looks nice but $170 would double what Ive spent on this car (besides gas) in the past five and a half years.
  • hilmerhilmer Posts: 10

    I hear ya, but if you read just two codes it has paid for itself. The wifes 96 Camry threw two codes within tow weeks of each other, both for O2 sensors. The first code her Camry threw she had read by the local shop. It was the good old gas cap loose thing and it cost me $85.00. That was when I bought the gauge.

    Well, at least out here, they charge $85.00 to read and/or clear a code. When I read codes for friends I usually just get a case of beer or a couple nice bottles of wine, LOL!

    Now I have the benefit of being able to see the instantaneous fuel economy, RPM, ignition advance, and coolant temperature as I drive, which is worth something to me as well.

    I'm still averaging above 40 MPG with my Echo which now has 55K on it, and no problems yet. John
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    Lucky for me no error codes yet! NJ didnt test the emissions directly my last inspection they checked for error codes. If I werent so cheap I should buy a scan gauge and learn how everything works so when trouble happens I dont have to rely on the "experts". I guess until the car falls on its face Im going under the assumption the car is a miricle and will never need anything fixed. So far so good! 207 miles driven with a 4.97 gallon filup today for 41.5 mpg. That included a 60 mile drive at 45 mph in fifth pretty much nonstop. $15 for two weeks driving.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    Well Ive been moved from second to first shift at work. This has changed my driving habits considerably. I used to come home at midnight and could drive the speed limit with few problems. Now I have to come home at 2:30 pm. Its dangerous to go 45 mpg (the speed limit)on parts of the trip home. This would be on the Admiral Wilson Boulevard which is a three lane each way divided unlimited access highway. There are morons going 75 mph on it. I NEVER see anyone pulled over by a cop. If you get in their way they tailgate and pass on the right swerving in and out of traffic. So in the interest of self preservastion I am increasing my speed from 45 to 60 mph. This is just a little faster than the speed of traffic. Im afraid this will impact the mpg I am getting. Ill let you know.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    it seems like what with all this folder creation they have done here at Edmunds, every single model out there has its own "XXXX: Real World Fuel Economy" thread. So how come we Echo people don't have one? :-/

    Got a rather nice 42.5ish mpg on the last tank, 383 miles on 9 gallons (8.96 to be exact) of gas. :-)

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • patpat Posts: 10,421

    a) you coulda made one yourself, b) you coulda asked me to do it for you and c) here ya go: Toyota Echo: MPG-Real World Numbers. :D :P

    Please do the honors!!
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    Thats a good point considering fuel economy at a bargain basement price is an ECHO strong suit. Im afraid though that the ECHO is not front page news anymore and is slowly being shunted off to the side with the Tercel.
  • babyboomerbabyboomer Posts: 205
    There is a slight possibility I may have to pull a John Deere LT160 lawn mower about 4 miles round trip every two weeks using my 2001 Echo. The ramp-type trailer would be bigger than the Echo but I can use side roads to avoid traffic. Other options besides towing exist but I'm curious. Has anyone put a trailer hitch on an Echo? If so, where was it purchased? What is the towing capacity of an Echo? Any problems?
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    You can do a google search for hitches. Almost all the companies who sell them make one for the ECHO. I installed one and used it to pull a 16ft aluminum boat. Towed it 65 mpg no problem. The ECHO has plenty of power. You will need a special kit to adapt the trailer lights to the ECHOs wiring but it isnt much and is easy to install. Towing the tractor just four miles should be no sweat for your ECHO. Good luck and tell us what happens!
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    I have found my first dislike about the Echo. This begins the long slippery slope down to a trade for something else (I am a card-carrying CCBA member! :-P).

    I guess that unlike almost every Toyota, INCLUDING the not-much-more-expensive Corolla, the Echo does NOT have UV-blocking glass? I noticed that a yellow card I have sitting in the car in the little box on the dash (a discount card for a car wash) totally faded out in a matter of weeks, because of the sun. Good thing my car has so many hues of gray inside, so that if things fade unevenly it won't be very noticeable. But I shudder to think of the amount of sun exposure I am getting while I drive, in that case.

    In a lot of ways (excluding mechanical), the Echo is a bit of a throw-back to cars from 20 years ago, and those are mostly ways I like. This one is not. I thought all the cars had UV-blocking glass these days. I remember up until around 2000, Toyota Monroney stickers on some models even listed it as a feature and I would always think "geez, they are still listing that? It's standard on every car these days". Apparently not. :-/

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    So....what car are you going to find that gets 40 mpg? I would do a little research while you are on that long slippery slope about the UV tint or lack of. Perhaps it can be added...
    Heres a test you can do. Find someone with transitions type self darkening glasses. If the glasses dont go dark in your ECHO in bright sunlight its because the windshield is stopping the UV.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    well, the Yaris has it. :-)

    And the Fit. :-)

    My eye is always caught by the latest new, glittery car. Both of those will probably get me close to 40 mpg the way I drive.

    Retrofitting the car would be enormously expensive. It is the actual glass itself that is tinted all through to absorb UV rays, so we are talking what, at least $500 worth of glass all around? Plus labor costs? Nah, not doing that.

    We are just having an especially bright summer, that's all. I live near San Francisco, and normally the fog blocks the sun about half the day in the summer. But this year the nation has had all these heat waves, and around here most days have dawned clear and bright!

    Anyway, I am a consummate CCBA'er. The Echo did pretty good going more than six months before I found anything I disliked. And it isn't going anywhere any time soon. I am thinking 18 more months...


    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • inharmswayinharmsway Posts: 153
    I believe the ECHO's owners manuel do not recommend towing, but if you look at Toyota's sites in Europe, the Yaris (same car) can tow guite a lot even with a smaller motor. Go figure.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    Probably some liability issue they are trying to cover their [non-permissible content removed] on. FWD cars generally arent recommended for towing as they can lose traction easily. However, in my experience the ECHO will tow 500 lbs like its not even there. If one is cautions and conservative Im sure its capable of towing 1000 lbs under the right conditions. You better be smart about it though.
  • marikamarika Posts: 39
    Windows typically block most (90%) UVB but not much of UVA (10%). You can get an aftermarket window tinting that blocks most of UVA but you might have to be persistent to get the action spectrum for blocking from 320-400 nm as most installers will not have a clue and they do not commonly publish this detailed but critical info in their standard product lit.

    This will have the added bonus of preventing most skin sags that people typically associate with the aging process. Very little is actually due to aging: up to 90% of it is from UVA (sags, loss of elasticity dark and light pigmentation problems) superposed on UVB exposure (wrinkles, redness).
  • rep5858rep5858 Posts: 45
    I read an article pertaining to a recall of the Echo/Yaris. Has anyone seen this , and have more information about it?
    What years echo are being recalled, etc.

    Also, I tow a 12' jon boat. Keep speed under 70 and tongue weight under 500 lbs. U-haul did entire installation for 100 bucks. Their books rate echo to tow 500 lbs. max
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    the affected cars (some 24,000 Yaris and Echos) were all built in 2001. If yours was built that year, you may want to call Toyota customer service and ask if yours is one of the affected ones.

    The fact that they included Yaris models makes me think the affected cars may be partly or mostly Canadian ones.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • rep5858rep5858 Posts: 45
    Thanks! My car is a 2001. I will call tomorrow and post the results. Figures :sick: Oh well i will assume Toyota will cover the cost?
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