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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • wstehwsteh Posts: 8
    I actually have not sat in an E-Class since '93 when I bought my GS300. That was two generations ago, so maybe the headroom has increased significantly, even with a sunroof.

    But regarding the resale value, I typically keep my cars 8+ years, so I don't think it becomes so much of an issue. Besides, if I want wind in my hair, I do have a Mazda Miata as a 3rd car! :)
  • I replaced my burned-out bulbs in my instrument cluster using the Mercedes hook tool last weekend. The job went very quickly. The instrument cluster is friction fitted into the dash with two white plastic inserts on each side that provide the friction. The white plastic inserts have tapered grooves into which the hook of the hook tool fits. Simply insert the hook (aligned with the edge of the cluster) into the edge of cluster next to the small buttons. Slide the tool in 2-3 inches and then rotate it 90 degrees so the hook is pointing toward the cluster, then pull the hook out until you feel it engage in one of the grooves. Do the same for the other side and pull on both hooks simultaneously. The instrument cluster pops out quite readily. I made a graphic showing the bulb locations, wattages and part numbers, but am unsure how to post it since it is a jpg file on my computer and the posting instructions are for files on the internet. Any help would be appreciated.

  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    * Begin the process of posting a message, type the title and initial text
    * Open a new window in your browser
    * Go to the File Menu and 'Open File'
    * Find the picture or graphic you want to open in the file open box on your computer and open it
    * The picture should now be in your new browser window
    * The URL for it's location on your computer is now in the url box in this window
    * Copy that url
    * Go back to the window where you were creating the post for this group
    * paste the url you copied into the following text in the body of the message

    img src="URL GOES HERE"

    * then add a < to the left and a > to the right around the img src="URL GOES HERE"

    Here's a photo of a Ohdner Calculator from Germany/Austria in the 1930's I think:


    I hope this works for you.

    Regards and good luck
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    I can't see your picture. It's just a red X
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Gosh, I thought I had figured out something neat about uploading here on Edmunds.

    I followed their instructions, but apparently they don't really cause an upload to occur.

    Sysop...what's up with this? Did I do something wrong.
  • If you join you can post pictures on that site. They too have an excellent forum for the W211 (new E). I spend time there and on this site. Check it out.
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    I owned a new 2001 E430 and paid the gas guzzler tax. Car was not at all fuel efficient but I knew this going in. I travel mostly via interstates but never got more than 25.6 mpg which I guess is acceptable. Just traded for 2003 E320 and went from 8 to a 6 cylinder. Second benefit is 16' tires instead of 17 inch. Once you attain 60-65mph you cannot tell difference-at least I can't on my 6 cyl. I don't live for g-force speed acceleration as many younger people do so aside from gas guzzler tax, I now get 33.6 mpg, smaller tires, less cost and I'm happy.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    Smaller tires are a benefit? I don't understand your reasoning. BTW, some of the compacts and subcompacts have 13" tires!

    No offense meant -- I'm just curious because almost two years ago I "upgraded" my 2000 E320 from 16" to 17" wheels and tires. I'm absolutely delighted with the changes in handling, road feel and responsiveness.
  • cls73cls73 Posts: 9
    Can you purchase the 17" 5-spoke wheels as a stand-alone option? It's currently included in the Sport Package, but I don't find that package to be appealing. I just want the wheels. Any thoughts?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The Town Hall does not have an area where you can actually upload pictures. If you look in your Owners Club (link at top of page), you'll find a Photo Gallery discussion -- the first message there will show you how to cause a picture (hosted on another site) to display in your message.

    PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that if you do not actually own the picture, you should simply link to it. If you use the img src tags to display a picture which you do not own, the Town Hall is open to some serious copyright issues -- and therefore your message will be removed.

    OTOH, links to pictures you don't own are acceptable and appreciated, as long as the site hosting the picture does not mind.
  • Hi, everyone, I am one the proud owner of a 2001 E320. In my case I truly didn't have any problem. I just love the car. It is a pleasure to drive it - feeling so solid and safe. I have just one question though - I just wonder whether using the 'shift gear' feature to slow down the car would be harmful to the car's transmission. I am using such function to save the constant braking of the car. I would imagine it will save the brake pads too. When I drive a manual gear car, I always try to slow the car down by using the lower gear; it's suppose to be a good practice; but I don't know whether this applies to MB automatic with shift gear system. Any information or comments
    would be very much appreciated.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Hi lhcleung,

    I'd check the E320's owner's manual for instructions for using the transmission to augment normal braking.

    If there aren't any instructions advising you how to do it right, you have to decide why not.

    If you have ABS or traction control and use the transmission for braking, I sure hope someone in Germany wrote some traction and braking control software that can figure out what you are doing.

    Plus "saving" the brakes or brake pads on an E320 by using the transmission does not seem to be a favorable $$$ trade-off. I would think an out of warranty transmission replacement would be several thousand dollars.

    IMHO, Use the pedal, waste the brakes.
  • Thanks a lot for the input. I think you are right, because every time I use the 'gear shift' to slow the car down, I can feel the stress burden(i.e., holding the car back) on the transmission. It is certainly better to save the transmission than the brake pads! Thanks again.
  • I'm not interested in posting graphics on another web site so I can link to them here. If anyone is interested in seeing bulb locations, wattages and part numbers for a W210, you can contact me at my email address - and I'll return your e-mail with the graphic as an attachment.

    BTW, I notice that if I floor the accelerator, the engine builds serious rpms before the transmission downshifts. There is about a 1-2 second lag before the downshift. Is this normal?
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    It is normal for the lag time to downshift as there is no direct throttle linkage to the transmission. It is drive by wire and for whatever reason there is lag time,I suppose for the computer to actuate, however, I have never experienced any serious revs of the engine during this lag period. My experience is that the car will accelerate in the original gear during the lag period before it downshifts. Anything different from this I would have checked out.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    There is no problem in down shifting manually to slow the car down. In fact, it is a must under slippery and icy conditions. Most new cars are equipped with semi-manual just for this purpose. Not only you save the brake pads but it is much safer to use engine power to slow down the car. Modern automatic transmissions are smart. They will not/not downshift at speeds which can hurt the engine, they will delay down shifting until it is done at safe RPM to avoid engine stress. MB Pre 2000 transmission shifts are gated just for this purpose.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    I believe jean7of9 is absolutely right. If memory serves, the owner's manual for my 2000 E320 advises NOT to downshift to aid slowing/stopping during the break-in period of approximately the first 1,000 miles. It is silent regarding downshifts after that.

    I have routinely used downshifts to help slow my car with no ill effects. Incidentally, when the cruise control is engaged while going down a steep hill, the car will downshift in order to maintain the selected speed.
  • One of the pleasures of driving my E430 is using the Touch Shift to change gears. I especially like downshifting, which allows me to maintain better control while decelerating. I am sure it doesn't hurt anything.
  • My 96 E320 engine is getting quite dirty. I've done engine cleaning with simple green on all my japanese cars but never my Mercedes yet. Any special areas to cover??? other than alternator and cap/rotors that shouldnt get flushed/washed??
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