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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • That's what I like about these forums! The free exhange of Info! Good, Now I have to do my homework. Thanks to all! BTW the 2004 specs/ordering inf is available on the website starting today.
  • chaim3chaim3 Posts: 4
    When relying the proverbial weak links to certain mechanical components within the E class and the associated repair costs I'm surprised nobody has had issues with the air conditioner. My 2000 E320 required a new evaporator unit to the tune of $3,200. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending upon how you look at it) the car was just 5,000 miles off warrenty and M-B agreed to pick up $2K of this. Anyone else experience this repair??
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    The post by boo20 covered the details of the factory warranty extremely well. The more expensive choice reportedly covers about 90% of the original 4-year new car warranty.

    The price of the warranty definitely IS negotiable. However, my own dealer would not budge from the $2600 or $2650 MSRP price for the extended warranty for my 2000 E320.

    But thanks to posts on this forum, I finally purchased the premium 4-year/100,000 extended warranty for a price of $1680 from Courtesy Motors Auto Center in Chico, CA (I live in Northern Virginia). If you'd like a contact name and phone numbers, send me an e-mail.

    The price probably has gone up since I bought mine in late March, 2001. But it's a pleasure to deal with them.

    Hope this helps. Keep us posted.
  • it no longer includes leather, it doesn't have airmatic suspension, yet it is still $3800? price hike or am i missing something?
  • enkkenenkken Posts: 10
    MBUSA recently released 7G-tronic automatic transmission for all upcoming 8 cylinder models, including E500. I ordered an E500 wagon which is to be delivered in later October, but I noticed that this vehicle comes with "older" 5-speed transmission. Does anyone know why E500 wagons come with 5-speed when E500 sedans, in both std. and 4-matic, come with their new 7-speed transmission?
  • boo20boo20 Posts: 85
    I understand that the 4 matic models will carry over the proven 5 speed transmission for 2004. They will not get the 7G. I found out about this on another web site (or maybe MB newsgroup). MBUSA web site does not mention this one way or the other.
  • sfvassfvas Posts: 10
    I just repaired the Fan Regulator Unit in my 2002 E320, and I am SCARED when I finsih my 6/100,000 warranty. Maybe I'll need to go out and get the E550 Hybrid Turbo in 2006! hehehhehe
  • allygallyg Posts: 18
    I have a silly question to ask. I just bought a 2003 E320 last month with stone leather seats. The light color seats get dirty easily with my two young kids. Could anyone tell me where to get good car seat covers that are not too ugly? Or is there any other protective stuff I could use? Thanks a lot.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,566
    Yes the stone leather shows dirt but it's a shame to hide the leather; it's quite durable. Use a leather cleaner such a Lexol or Turtle wax once a month.
  • With all the bad publicity of the E class, there is nothing out there that embodies all the qualities of the E class. Just drove the new BMW 530I,Infinity G35, Acura Tl and although these are very nice cars, they is something lacking in all of them. Presently have a 2000 E class with 35,000 miles with only a sensor replace. Even with its deficiencies the E class is King. The Exterior styling and interior elegance is superior in appearance, not necessarily quality,but a class appearance.
  • allygallyg Posts: 18
    Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I will try that first. :)
  • finadvfinadv Posts: 59
    Does anybody know how Xenon headlights fail. Every now and then one of mine will go out while driving. If I turn the lights off and back on again, it's usually fine. Is this just a bad bulb, or is it some other issue? If it's not the bulb then the dealer should fix it under warranty.
  • Its my understanding that they operate like flourescent lights, & that there is a "ballast" that could be failing, causing insufficient/improper voltage to be applied causing the light to go dark. I may be wrong though.
  • finadvfinadv Posts: 59
    It sounds like you may be right. I took it to the dealer today and he said it sounds like the "burner." I'm guessing that is the ballast. He said it's not a burned out bulb because Xenon's typically last 20 years. I had to make an appointment in order to get a loaner and not wait around all day; he said three hours to change. So I won't know for sure until then. I'll bet this repair will pay for the extended warranty by itself. Those Xenon's are expensive.
  • I live in the Boston area and own a 2001 C320.
    Last winter was a brutal one for snow, and I have an 80 mile round trip to work each day. I made it through each storm by adding five 50lb bags of sand in the trunk and back seat last year for ballast, but the going was always an adventure.
    I knew I should have gotten some snows, but never had a problem with it like that before.
    I am now looking to get either a 2001 or '02 E-320 4-matic for the added weight and all-wheel piece of mind.
    First off, is the 4-matic good in the snow? Will it handle good on all season tires, or will snows be needed?.
    If snows are needed, which tires are better for that car? Michelin Arctic-Alpins, or Blizzaks.
    Thanks in advance for any responses.
  • We're contemplating shipping our '95 E320 cabriolet to London to my parents' house. Can anyone recommend a reliable overseas shipping service? Car will be shipped from Los Angeles to London, England. Last time we shipped a car (Alfa Romeo) the radio and other items were stolen in LA. The E320 cabriolet is in immaculate condition (only 25K miles) with all the accessories and we want to make sure it stays intact. Any suggestions?
  • I would highly recommend you read results of driving comparisons with all-season vs snow tires on Their conclusions suggest you should get snow tires whether or not you have a 4-matic if you live in the snow belt. I have Dunlop M2 WinterSports on my E-420 and was very pleased with their performance in a mountain pass blizzard last year. Dunlop now has an M3 wintersport which is even better based on user feedback ratings.
  • Auroraborer, I too live in the Boston area and have driven my 2000 E320 4-matic through the last two winters, one wicked-one mild, on 235/45 17 Michelin Pilot Sport All Seasons with no difficulty on ice, snow, slush, and fresh powder. Of course, snows will do better but I have had no problems with an empty trunk and backseat.
  • I am 3 weeks away from taking delivery of my new 2004 E500 and although I read everywhere that it will have the new 7g transmission the dealer still claims to nothing nothing about it. How can I find out if in fact it will have the 7g?

    Any advice on purchaing an extended warrenty?
  • enkkenenkken Posts: 10
    2004 models that have 8-cylinder engines, except for AMG and 4-matic, will come with the new 7G automatic transmission. You can check specifications at
     I have an E500 4-matic on order, and I was not happy to find out that this model will come with an older 5-speed transmission. I still don't know why 4-matics will come with the older transmission. You figure that MB should be able to figure out a way to place th 7G-transmission with 4-matic.
      Please keep this board informed as you negotiate your final price. I was told MSRP, but I am assuming that one should be able to do better.
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