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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    The 2004 530i configured the way I want it has a US MSRP of $52,345 and an ED MSRP of $49,245. does not list confidential wholesale prices for the new 2004 5-series. But if the ratio of invoice to MSRP is the same as the 2003 models (about 91.3%), then the US invoice price would be roughly $47,790 and the ED invoice roughly $44,960 - hence my estimate of getting the car at around $46,200.

    Unfortunately - and the reason I am here looking at the E-class board - the 2004 530i is not only about $4,500 more expensive than the 2003 (could have got for $41,700 through ED), it is also an aesthetic dissapointment.

    Back to ED: With BMW's program discount (7%) combined with several BMW dealers who have agreed to discount the car to $1,200 over the ED invoice, I can get a 5-series for roughly 12% under US MSRP. I believe Mercedes standard ED discounts are less generous (4.5% +/-)and, at least when I checked a few years ago, the dealers were unwilling to negotiate further discounts. I even had one dealer who offered to beat the ED price for a E300TD if I took delivery in the US. I'm not sure why.

    Do you have new and different info on Mercedes ED program? A 2004 E320 CDI at about 12% under US MSRP would likely convert me to Mercedes, but I don't think that's likely.
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    I have all the pricing on the 04 525/530/545 including MSRP and Confidential Wholesale price for US,Munich pickup and Diplomatic sales.It was not easy to obtain! An 04 E320 CDI for 12% below US MSRP sign me up!,with the diesel you have more torque and much better mileage.I wish BMW offered the 04 530d in the US,check out the international website,the 04 530d has 218hp and 369 torque that's more torque than the 04 545i!
  • I just picked up my E320 today from dealer. One thing I wonder that the NAV isn't ready for E320. I asked my dealer, and they said MB will up date the NAV status latter. Anyone know any info. about NAV of E320?
  • which model year did u purchase? 03 or 04?
  • Just recently, I am getting a grinding moaning sound when I slow down/brake at about 15 mph. Goes away when I reach about 10 mph. Dealer says the rotors and pads are fine, and the sound is nominal. I disagree. Also, I get a little vibration in the brake pedal. Car has 53,000 miles and at about 16,000 on the current pads/rotors. Dealer suggests I wait until the current pads wear out before I get a brake job. Any experience with this problem or advise? Otherwise I love the car.
  • My 96 E occasionally gives a little grunt just before coming to rest, not at 15mph. 6 months ago I had the front rotors and pads replaced and after a few weeks I noticed pedal vibration when braking at around 30-50 mph. Went back to my mechanic a few months later and he replaced the rotors and pads no charge. Said he would tell his parts supplier they were defective. What a difference, they are smooth as silk and stop on a dime!

    The vibration is caused by a warped rotor. It can be caused by washing the car immediately after a hard drive. The rotors are still hot and will react badly to the cold water. So always wait at least an hour before washing the car. I recall washing the car right after a hard drive a few weeks after the rotors were first replaced and seeing the steam rise off the rotors. I learned my lesson.. For free this time..!
  • I had a similar problem with my E430 Sport. noticeable groaning from the front end when braking or even rolling at those speeds, but especially when braking. The MB tech took a test ride and told me the tires were to blame. I didn't believe it.
    Turns out it was the Goodyear F1 tires. As soon as I replaced them with Sumitomos, total silence.

    Just food for thought.
  • What year is your E430 and how many miles on the F1's? I have an '01 E430 with F1's (21,000 miles) and it sounds like a rear wheel wheel bearing is making noise in a cyclical manner. Also, the car seems to follow road imperfections, especially when stopping. The MB dealer put it on the lift and ran the wheels and said he didn't hear any noise. I believe without weight on the bearings they may not make noise. What do you guys or gals think?
  • I know Sirius satellite will be a dealer installed service department option on the new E class, because the car has been pre-wired for it...(Omigod). What actually is involved by the installing technician? How much of the car has to be taken apart? What kind of satellite antenna is used and where is it located?
  • I am thinking of buying a '04 E320; does anyone know if MB has corrected the electrical and other problems that I read about in the '03 model? I emailed MBUSA but have not heard from them. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a '98. Replaced the F1s at around the same mileage even though there was a fair bit of tread left. I do recall that the noise was evident even when the tires were brand new. The F1 is a discontinued tire for a good reason.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    I think MBUSA had resolved the 2003 E's electrical problems by throwing in a COMAND unit to replace the regular Audio unit?
  • Anyone have any comments on the sport suspension of the E320? I have a BMW 5 series, and test drove the E320 without the sport suspension today. Nice interior, but it drove like grandma's Caddie. Does the sport suspension make a big difference? Thanks --
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    I too had a BMW 5 series and recently purchased an E500 sport. When the suspension is set at the sport 2 mode the ride is close to the BMW but not as hard. The handling is also very good, some people might prefer the BMW handling but I like the Benz. Hope this helps.
  • I went to a Benz Dealer in CT last week to see the new 04/E320-4 matic, we discussed about the price and the salesman said they won't give any discount for that car. He also won't give discount for a car that we order from the factory.
    But he will give discount 2K if we order the 2004-rear wheel drive.
    I like to know what others think and experience about the price of 2004/E320 4 matic or rearwheeldrive ?
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    I have an E430 sport (2000) with 22,500 miles. I replaced my tires with Michelin Pilot Sports at 20K. I had terrible road noise with the old tires and they were very sensitive to road imperfections. The new tires made a world of difference but I still get a little road feel on rougher roads. I'm sure that is just typical of the low profile tires/wheels.

  • I hope this isn't a breach of protocol for the Mercedes-Benz Pricing Discussion Site, but I read the feedback in the posting above (#5373 by 330ii on Oct. 30th) about the BMW Euro Delivery (ED) Program while researching the MB E320. Since that time, I've decided to go with a BMW 5-series and I'd like to gain some insights / guidance about ED pricing on a new 2004 5-series. I've also posted a similar message on the BMW discussion site.

    Currently, I'm considering purchasing a 525i or 530i via the ED program. I'd prefer to order from a San Francisco Bay Area BMW dealership. The best deal offered so far on a 525i is about 10% off U.S. MSRP (i.e., Base + Options), excluding destination charge of $695. Given the options I want on the car, the cost savings amounts to $4,350, which is $1,600 better than the cost savings of $2,750 advertised in the ED Program section of the BMW N.A. web-site.

    Nevertheless, this still leaves about $700 on the table based on the cost savings opportunity described in posting #5373. It suggested a pricing of $1,200 above the ED invoice price and it was being offered by a few dealerships. Is anyone aware of a dealer offering this type of deal on a new 2004 5-series via Euro Delivery? If so, can you share this information.
  • I don't know about the BMW EDP but my MB dealer says that they are being paid a flat commission to handle an EDP car and therefore have no room to negotiate. Does anyone know if this is true? Or is it because the 4matic that I want is going to be in relatively high demand initially? Anyone actually successful in bargaining on an MB EDP car?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    As far as getting a $1,200 over ED invoice deal, you just need to shop around the dealerships in your area. When I first began looking into the ED program, I was told by most dealerships in the DC area that the ED prices were "non-negotiable". Then I saw on this board where Passport BMW in Maryland will discount an ED car to $1,200 to $1,500 over the ED invoice. Since then, other dealers have offered to match this discount.

    On the other hand, the deal you apparantly have been offered on a U.S. 525i - $4,350 under MSRP - is almost too good to pass up. That's under US invoice?!? Is that for a 2004 model? Demo?

    As much as I am an advocate for ED, it's certainly not worth traveling to Europe to save an additional $700. You'll spend at least that in travel expenses and you will be without the car for 4-6 weeks after you drop it off in Europe. ED is good if you are a cash buyer and have another car you can use during the time your ED BMW is in transit between Europe and the US. But even I wouldn't do it unless the savings were at least $500-$1,000+ AFTER deducting for travel expenses.


    That's the same story I got from Mercedes 2-3 years ago when I considered and E320 Wagon. However, I am now considereing an E320 CDI when they become available for the US next spring and intend to check into the ED program further. I'll post here in the next 1-2 days what I find out from a friend who is a leasing executive for Mercedes.
  • I'll be very interested to hear what your guy has to say. I printed off a list of all MB dealers within 100 miles but I'm not looking forward to all the calls. Would be nice to have some good info to start with.
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