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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • Anyone familiar with the new Nano paint w/small ceramic particles that is suppose to be scratch resistant that Mercedes is due to come out with in the Spring 2004 on E,S,CL & Clk . This new clear coat that all Mercedes are suppose to have according to Auto Spies.
  • I ordered the car in very late Sept. It was scheduled to be built in the 1st 10 days of Nov, & it was at the dealer Dec 23. The Drive Dynamic Seats are very comfortable, and yes kind of fun to feel the bolsters inflate/deflate. Be advised though that the picture of the seat control switch is printed upside down in the owners manual which will make it hard to figure out initially.

    I have noticed that the Parktronic bumper radar is not sensitive enough (or the gain is not turned up enough). They give you at least 10 amber lights, but 7 amber and the red lights don't illuminate untill the rear bumper is 2 inches away from a wall. The red lights should come on when you are about 10 inches away from the wall. What good is it for all the amber lights and the red lights to come on all at once when contact will occur in 1 more second? The amber lights should give you an idea about how close you are to the wall. I hope this is adjustable by the dealer service personell.

    The uplevel sound system with Nav are awesome...far superior to the MB sound systems previously used. No comparison!

    I learned how to make all the user defined programming in about 2 days. However my drivers seat does NOT move backward as I shut off the car & exit the vehicle even though it is programmed properly to do so. I don't know if there is some exit position memory I have not programmed into it or if it considers my normal driving position far enough back to exit without the car moving the seat farther back.

    I bought the car on line and over the phone and saved $ 3500. by not buying the car on Long Island where I live but the 2 hour drive was well worth it! They took my trade in at a very fair price (2002 Caddy DHS) so the deal,the salesman, and the dealership were absolutely SUPERB! If you are considering the car, so far, I have nothing but praise for it.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Barry45rpm, I wanted to mention a malfunction that happened to me with my Parktronic that you might want to be aware of.

    I was backing my 2002 ML500 (with parktronic) in my garage and hit the box stored against the wall. Perplexed and dismayed, I rechecked why the Parktronic didn't warn me of the upcoming box until I hit it. To my surprise, the new "electronic bug" eliminator that I plugged in an outlet in the garage sends out signals that disrupt the Parktronic on the ML. Once I removed it, the Parktronic worked perfectly.

  • Go for it! A lot more for the money than the option groups available on 2003's. A good deal! Alot of the right bells & whistles.
  • vicvvicv Posts: 41
    When we ordered our E320 back in Aug, the sunroof couldn't be ordered separately. We had to order it as part of the "Sunroof Package" (Option Package 324) that included a sunroof, power rear window shade and manual rear side window sunshades. It doesn't appear to be available now. Anyone know anything about why they discontinued it?
  • msgreenmsgreen Posts: 67
    how do you like the 7speed automatic? How noticeable are the seven speeds? While "more" always seems better on the surface, I wonder when MB (and maybe others) will hit a wall of technical complexity for which a CVT would be a better solution? No doubt MB has done this right, so am interested in your impressions over some days experience and not just what we get with a test drive. Thanks.
  • If you accelerate SLOWLY & drive at a crawl like you might while looking for a parking spot in an aisle at the mall,1st is a very hi torque/low speed gear & feels almost like you were driving an old 3 speed manual. The moment you lift your foot slightly, you are pitched forward due to "engine Braking". You can select to eliminate this low, low gear by pressing the selector button on the top left of the console, but the manual says to leave it on for everyday driving. With normal & quick acceleration, the tranny is silky smooth & yields a very quick take off. It seems to be in the right gear during all speeds & maneuvers. This is an INCREDIBLE car. It feels like a 4 door sports car. My last 3 cars were, 98 Tahoe 4WD, 2002 Caddy Deville DHS & now this. Now I have to get used to buying Premium fuel again.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Any thoughts on the E320 diesel that will be available in April of this year? Is said to be 30% more fuel efficient than the gasoline E320.
  • jhdevoyjhdevoy Posts: 33
    I just took delivery of an e500 4matic last Saturday. As I purchased a previously ordered vehicle to get one quickly, the only option that I did not get (which I really wanted) was the upgraded sound system. The base sound system is alright, but I'd love to hear the upgraded one to see what I am missing. My previous car was a BMW 330xi (I live in Boston) and I like them both for different reasons. The E500 is dramatically more powerful and silky smooth, while the 330xi was more responsive. The steering on the MB is not quite as nimble and the acceleration waits a split second before kicking in vs. immediate response from the BMW. The interior is FANTASTIC compared to the BMW and the integrated phone system (bring your own service to the motorola V60 phone) is unbelievable. I am extremely satisfied with the car, but the difference between the two is dramatic. Over bumps the 330xi felt like I was being shaken by a gorilla, while the MB barely notices them. Surprisingly, body roll is almost non-existent for a car with such a beatiful suspension (unlike my wife's caddy that feels like it is going to float away when I corner). I haven't driven it in the sportier suspension settings yet. The brake-by-wire is a bit odd, but I haven't had as much difficulty controlling it as the auto rags implied. Car is absolutely beatiful (I got black with sand) and definitely turns heads, despite how ubiquitous the black mercedes is.

    I guess my only complaint would be that the power steering doesn't kick in as much as I would like (makes the car feel a bit heavy in turns) and that the pedal takes a second to response. I also like the loud growl of the BMW straight six. But let's be honest, this MB V8 is a far superior engine and the torque band is phenomenally broad and smooth.
  • Amen! An awesome car. Did you get parktronic or keyless go? Do you find the parktronic warns you when you are much too close to an object? I find that the steering wheel doesn't re center after a turn as readily as other cars. I haven't noticed any difference between brake by wire and other conventional brake pedals other than if you push the pedal down very quickly, the brakes apply with a firmer grip for an instant. However, I feel we dont apply the brakes in a "panic" situation as firmly as we should until we further survey the situation for an instant, so you might be gaining an extra second of braking which may be a big thing in an emergency situation.
  • This past weekend, Motorweek, the TV show, had a review of the Dodge Ram Van which is a re-badged Freightliner, which is a walkin van designed and built by MB in Germany. It is currently being sold in the US (UPS has bought hundreds of them!) and has a 2.7 liter DIESEL with approx. 165 HP but well over 200 lb-ft of torque. Apparently the emissions standards are different for trucks than for autos which is why we won't see diesels in cars for a while longer.. Sure would make a nice E270 wouldn't it ??
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    quote microrepair-Apparently the emissions standards are different for trucks than for autos which is why we won't see diesels in cars for a while longer.. Sure would make a nice E270 wouldn't it ?? -end

    E320 is a car and it will be available in April of this year in USA from MB with diesel engine.
    Also, VW has been selling thousands of diesel cars in USA and Canada for years. The TDI VW has been sold in USA and Canada since at least 1996.
    Yes, emissions standards are different for diesel trucks compared to diesel cars.
  • ahmadmahmadm Posts: 15
    Dear MB Owners:
    I have been having problems with the windshield defogger. I live in Maryland and in low outside temperatures if I turn the climate control ON, all of the windows, windshield and rear included, get badly fogged up. The moisture sometimes is so heavy that I have to stop and hand wipe it. This only happens in low temperatures outside. Keeping the system ON removes very little moisture. I took the car to the dealer and they traced the problem to faulty wiring on the AC compressor. Guess what, it is hitting freezing temperatures again and the problem is back. Any insights into what may be the issue here? Thanks a bunch.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    I had a 2001 E-class and never had any problem with the windshield fogging up.

    A few suggestions:

    1. Clean the interior of your car, if windows are dirty, they're more likely to fog up.

    2. I presume you do not have the recirculating air on when you're trying to defog?
  • Which diesel is coming to the US? Will it be an E270, E300, E320, E350 ????
  • E320 diesel. Check out this week's
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    E320. Saw it at the NAIAS yesterday. The sales rep said in the low 50's. Bummer
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I've heard pricing comparable to the E320 gas. Not the great deal the E300TD was, at $3k+ less than the E320, but I for one wouldn't consider the E320 gas over the E320CDI for the same price.

    Question to new "E" owners: how would you rate the quality / reliability of 2003/04 E-class vs. previous generations. I'm a bit skeptical of Mercedes based upon the overall drop in quality that I keep hearing about. Is it overblown or real? After BMW's redesign of the 530i (yuck), the E320 CDI may be the first automatic transmissioned car I will have ever owned. Quite a leap, but I just hope the rest of the car holds up to the same degree as Mercedes legendary diesel engines.
  • Over the rear seat there is a dome light. 2 of the switches operate the rear reading lamps, and 2 switches don't seem to do anything. I cant find any mention of the rear ceiling light in the manuals. Anyone?
  • Has anybody but me noticed that when you leave the car for service, or with a valet parking guy at a lot, if you lock the trunk and glove compartment and take the metal key out of the black "Smart Key" to keep with you, and leave the parking attendant with just the black Smart Key, there is no hole left for the attendant to attach a paper key tag to, that will identify the smart key to belonging to any particular Benz he has on the lot... nor can he hang the key up on a key board, because the glove box/trunk key you took with you, has the hole! Shouldn't the plastic Smart Key be smart enough to have a hole molded into it? The only way I see around this is to get a glove box/trunk key that doesn't fit the car and leave it in the Smart Key slot all the time, to utilize its hanging hole. That way you keep the real glove box/trunk on another key ring in your pocket. ??? But that doesn't seem to be "smart"
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