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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • I've got one. With 7 gears you don't have to floor the gas. There is neck snapping torque underfoot no matter how much or little you depress the accelerator. Need 7 gears? No. Its always in the right powerband.
  • Has anyone got a way to keep the dead pedal/left footrest carpeted area from turning black & soggy? I've got the stone interior, and this winter has made a huge black oval in the carpet. Why didn't they glue a vinyl patch to the carpet over there, or put a color matching dead pedal on it? That carpet is gonna wear & fray particularly on the corner drop off to the floor. Suggestions?
  • I couldn't agree more with the comment about the "bucking horse" ride at low speeds. I have a 2003 E-320 which on the whole thus far has proven to be a very good car. However at low speeds the shifting is very erratic and this is terribly annoying especially in local driving. The car sometimes feels like it has no power and when you kick the gas a little it shifts and jumps forward. I complained to my MB dealer and the service manager took it for a ride and said that this was normal for the car and there was no fix for it. My neighbor who has the same car has had the same experience. This is a major disappointment to me and as soon as I can find another car that I like I will probably get rid of the car.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    My 2000 E430 sport is a keeper after reading the posts about the new E. Mine, with only 24,000 miles, has been a really good car. A couple of adjustments have been made at the dealer in the last four years.

    Now, my 2002 ML has had more issues during it's 27,000 miles than my "E". Nothing life shattering, but enough to make me think I'll look at a different brand because I might not get a "good" one next time. I don't want to live at the dealership!

  • I am looking at ordering the new 2004E sedan 4 matic and the car I am about to order has the optional "drive-dynamic seats" which move while you corner. Question - 1. does anyone now own a car with this option? 2. is there a switch to turn this off? 3. how do you like it?
  • Love them. Fun, Fun, Fun. The faster you are going the more they react. In the Vehicle settings area of the program, you can select to have them operate or not, and select which of 2 response levels you want them to respond at. Default is on, level 2.
    If I remember, I believe it is selectable for either front seat.
    The side bolsters must be adjusted "inward" to hold you slightly 1st, otherwise they are too wide open for you to feel the inflation/deflation. which is instantaneous.
    Neat little feature! Necessary? No. Neat? Yes!
  • teeboteebo Posts: 4
    Anyone know if 4-Matic will be an option with the CDI model?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    According to my dealer source, the initial release of the CDI will only be RWD. However, it seems that Mercedes is offering 4-matic in almost every model, so perhaps it will be offered on the CDI next model year.

    Curious, though, what is your take on 4-matic. I have really gotten a lot of mixed reviews, ranging from "wouldn't buy one without it" to "open your wallet for repairs after 4-5 years". I'm wondering if having all of the anti-skid, limited slip, etc. on RWD doesn't make today's RWD a lot better than yesteryears. Even with 4-matic, most of the Benz's in our neighborhood sat parked during the snow and ice this year and everyone went to their SUV anyway. The idea of a 4-matic CDI appeals to me, but not if the $2,000+ future repair bills I've heard rumors of are true.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    For my money a dedicated set of winter wheels shod with snow tires is a far better answer to winter driving than AWD. I am currently driving a 530i and have such a set of winter wheels for it, and even though we had 114 inches of snow here in our town last winter, my car wasn't stranded even a single day.

    Now that Mr. Bangle & cohorts have destroyed the 5-Series, and now that the E320 CDI is likely to be available, I am seriously considering jumping ship to the E-Class, even though it does not have a manual transmission. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt that the wheels from the 2002 530i will fit a 2005 E320 CDI. "Ummm, hello TireRack?" ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • Just took delivery of 2001 E320 BLK/BLK w/ Sport Pkg. Car has only 14,000 mi.Plus StarMark plus bought 3 yr 100,000mi warranty. So have 5 1/2 more yrs of warranty.

    Dealer installed new Michelin Sport XGT-H4 on 235/45/17 rims. Car like new.

    Any comments or recommendations on this model & yr? Anything to look out for?
  • teeboteebo Posts: 4
    I haven't heard about problems with 4-matic. Yours and Shipo's comments about snow tires makes sense, I'm probably getting caught up in the hype.
    On the other hand, snow tires (at least from what I remember) don't ride all that well and wear out after a while. Depending on how long you own the car, a couple thousand more may equal snow tires and wheels.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Greasykid1---- I have a 2000 E-430 sport. I would check the sunvisor vanity mirror covers to make sure they are not broken. Both of mine broke off about a week apart after about a year. They were replaced under warranty.

    The other item were as follows:

    -The clock would lose about 3 minutes a month. The whole instrument panel needed to be replaced.

    -one fog light became out of alignment (replaced fog light assembly)

    In 24,000 miles and 52 months of ownership, that's all that I've had done other than regular maintenance.

  • Thanks Barry - two other questions:
    1. Is there a noise when the seats adjust (noticeable?)?
    2. With this option also comes the perforated seats that cool with air...again - noise from the fan? Thoughts? Also do the seats look good fully perforated?
  • The seats are awesome, comfortable & silent. The picture of the seat adjustments panel located under the drivers right knee is upside down in the manual. It will make you crazy because the printing on the buttons is correct in the manual. The on off button for the inflating cushions is located on the front of the seat facing the gad pedal, so its hard to know if it is on without driving & turning. If u want it on all the time, (I do) be sure to turn it on, THEN memorize your seat position. (Before you memorize the seat position, memorize the parking mirror down position).

    Its seats like these that differentiate your car from all the others.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "On the other hand, snow tires (at least from what I remember) don't ride all that well and wear out after a while."

    "Times" my friend, they have achanged. ;-) I am running Michelin Arctic-Alpin tires on my 530i, and they are easily as quiet and ride better than the OEM rubber. That said, it's not quite an "apples to apples" comparison, with the OEM rubber being 235/45-17 performance tires while the snows are 225/55-16 that have a taller side wall and a much more compliant ride. As for tire wear, I have about equal miles on both sets, and the snow have actually worn better than the summer tires. In the end, they are going to save me money because I won't have to replace the expensive summer tires as often.

    Best Regards,
  • Sorry to bring this up again, but a search in the eastern Mass. area at dealers show NO E430 wagons and just these E320 wagons at prices that are far above what people are claiming were too high at $34,900 for a 2000 E430 AWD.. I guess the supply of used wagons with AWD here inthe northeast has bumped the prices up about $6-8 grand above what other parts of the country are paying.. Or at least the dealers are asking these prices. They are all Starmarked...

    Similar pricing exists for the sedans also, which is what I'm looking for.. A 2000 E320 with 2 wheel drive and approx. 40K miles is listed for about $32K.

    2000 E320 AWD Wagon, 47,000, E1 & E2 - $37,500
    2001 E320 AWD Wagon, 36,400, - $39,900
    2001 E320 AWD Wagon, 26,400, E1 - $40,900
    2000 E320 AWD Wagon, 35,100, E2 - $42,900
    2000 E320 AWD Wagon, 29,500, E2, heated seats - $42,900
    2000 E320 AWD Wagon, 35,400, E1 & E2 - $35,900
    2001 E320 AWD Wagon, 45,700, E1, E2, K2a, multi-countour ventilated seats - $42,885
    2000 E320 AWD Wagon, 40,400, E2, heated seats - $38,995
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    I don't think there is such a thing as an E430 Wagon, but thanks for the numbers. I'm starting to wish I had gone ahead and bought the Benz, the seats in my Infiniti FX35 are very tight and uncomfortable due to the placement of the seat controls on the right side leg bolster (much better to put them on the door like MB does). The Wagon that I had been looking at, BTW, has already been sold from the dealer, I'd be curious to know what someone paid for it.
  • Sorry about that. I could have sworn you were looking at an E430 wagon... You can tell I've never paid much attention to the wagons prior to this..!!
  • Will have a 2000 E class 2 wheel drive with approx 41,000 in superior condition April 1st when my new E comes in. Southern New Hampshire for a lot less than $32,000.
  • Does anyone know that E-Class will have any minor changes in near future?
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