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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    I kinda got the impression that 50K is the base price.

    With only 6,000 of these coming to the States how many do we think will be here with less than $8000 - $10,000 in options
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Pricing is speculative for the next week or two. My dealer has a E320CDI Silver, charcoal interior, sunroof, heated seats and 6-CD changer sitting at the Baltimore port right now, waiting to be released.

    He indicated that this vehicle would list for roughly $51,500 as a E320 gas. In the past (1998/99), the E300 TD was about $2k less than the E320 gas. I'd be happy if the new one was even $1k less.

    I should know more in 7-10 days. I've already tentatively put my name on a late April order date for late July pick up in Germany. The car I would want would list at roughly $54.5k in gas version (premium package, upgraded leather (required by premium), xenon lights & metallic paint).

    P.S. Everyone: My dealer also sells Acuras, and when asked, does not think the Mercedes DVD navigation system is even worth the relatively inexpensive $1,200 it lists for. Claims it is difficult to use, has too small of a screen and is three+ generations behind the 8" screen, completely voice activated system in the new TL. Comments please.

    Footie, without the premium package (bagging nav system), and going instead with just a sunroof, entertainment package, xenons and metallic, I think I may be able to get the price under $50k via the 7% European delivery discount.
  • boiler1boiler1 Posts: 56
    Going over in May to pick up an E320 4Matic. Talked to 5 different dealers with no luck in negotiating a price lower than the published EDP price.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks. That seems to be consistent with what I've been told by at least 3 dealerships.

    P.S. footie: I did manage to find prices on Mercedes European website that show the base price of the E320CDI is the equivalent of about $1,200 less than the E320 gas. We'll see if that holds true for the US version.
  • alley22alley22 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any advise on whether I should purchase a left over 2003 E500 with 20 miles (considered a new car) for $51,000? MSRP was around $58,000. It includes the CD changer and better sound system. Or would you recommend waiting for the E320 CDI? I hope to keep my next Mercedes as long as possible, but do not want to pay much more than $50 grand. Thanks,
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    Its totally appropriate to mention the STS in the same light as the E class. They are obviously competitors though I think the E has an edge over the STS, Cadillac has made good effort and needs to be uploaded.

    Putting them next to each other illustrates that Cadillac is really not ‘inferior’. And judging from the XLR’s pricing, I do not think the STS will be very far off from the E in price.
    That being said, MB obviously has a huge head start in this market in terms of established reputation, but in 10 years, that might not be the case if Cadillac and Lexus maintain their momentum. As it is Cadillac is ranked higher in quality than either MB or BMW, and that is a good start.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I think the E320 CDI would be the perfect long term car. Does anyone know if the E320 CDI will be available in wagon form?

    I bought an 03 Jetta TDI (Diesel) wagon last year as a kind of beater mainly to see what a modern diesel is like to live with on a daily basis. Bottom line this little TDI has turned me into a huge fan of diesels. Now I'm ready to ditch my X5 for an E Class diesel - preferably a wagon.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    That sounds like a very good price on a new 2003 E500. But I'm almost suspicious of why a 2003 that's been sitting around presumably since last September/October only has 20 miles on it. Obviously not used as a demo and now 6+ months old and nearly 2 model years old (the 320CDI is labeled a 2005 model).

    I am a bit biased towards the E320 CDI only because it carries the reputation of past Mercedes diesels that seem to last forever. I'm sure the E500 would be more sporting, but if it's sport I'm going after, I'd go with a 545i 6-speed over the E500, even in spite of my dislike for the new 5-series aesthetics.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    There are many high performance diesels in Europe, BMW, VW and Mercedes all have high performance diesels that are capable of giving any gas engine a run. In fact, Mercedes put the first diesel in one of their AMG's this year - the AMG version of the C230 Coupe has a high performance diesel engine. The reason we don't see more of these engines in the U.S. is because of the high sulfer content of our diesel. Our diesel is mandated to become low sulfer sometime in 2006. Then we may see some of the sweet diesel engines that are available in Europe. My X5 is available with an excellent diesel in Europe. The only other diesel I'm comparing the E Class CDI to is the VW Touareg V10 diesel - it starts at $57k before options.

    My Jetta diesel wagon feels like it has a V6 under the hood in everyday driving, all that low end torque is amazing - and it's an automatic. It's an increadable long distance cruiser as well, it's capable of comfortably cruising at 100 and returns close to 40 MPG in everyday, mostly in-town driving.
  • bobbio56bobbio56 Posts: 37
    i am interested in an e500 4matic....i travel from philly to ny and dc alot...i want the speed and comfort of a benz and the 4matic is good for the snow...have you all found these cars to be reliable and how are they in snow....any input here would be greatly apprecited..thanks to all!
  • hjbornhjborn Posts: 20
    What's happened? I haven't checked this forum for a few days, and I find that no one has left a message since March. Are we in a different place now?
  • erikerik Posts: 21
    Hi, Im available to chat, 36yo male....oh, wrong forum. I drive a 2002 Jetta WGN TDI. It was the biggest auto I could buy with a diesel engine. It is a great car but way too small. I am pysched about the 320 CDI, Passat TDI, and Jeep Liberty TDI. We will probably go with the Passat because, I cant justify paying 50,000 for a car, unless we look at the European delivery. Of course, we would keep it for twenty years. VW shorted us by only offering the 8 vavle engine, not the sweet 16v engine. I think the CDI is the better engine of the two. The Liberty has a commonrail engine by VM motors. Italian. The WSJ did a story about the E320 CDI today. The Washington Post did a story on the Eclass a few weeks ago. Both were favorable. See you at the pumps, not
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    It appears the E320CDI is priced slightly higher than the E320 gas, unlike in previous years (98/99) where it was about $2,000 less than the gas model. Interestinly, in England the CDI is priced the equivalent of $1,500 less than the gas, comparably equiped.

    According to my dealer, he believes MB is slightly inflating the price of the CDI in the US because of all of the favorable press and pent up demand. Based on that strategy (i.e. milking), they can keep it. Just kidding, I still think it's a great car, but I have all but decided the new Acura TL - with it's exceptional navigation system, bluetooth hands free phone system, 6 speed manual transmission and Acura reputation for quality and reliability - is my next sedan. I wish it was RWD, but it still handles as good as the E-class, just not the 5 series. And I can sock the savings in price into my daughters 529 account.

    The deal is not done, but that's my heavy leaning at this point. But I still don't think anybody can go wrong with an E320 CDI, even if it is a few thousand more in the U.S. than it should be based upon European pricing. And who knows, perhaps when I actually drive one in a week or two, I'll change my tune.
  • mb2000mb2000 Posts: 1
    I own 2000 E320 with 60K miles on it. Every 3K miles, the oil level message comes on and indicates that 1.5 qts engine oil is needed.

    My question is that is this a normal condition? MB dealer tells me that this is normal and expect every 1000 miles about .5 qt oil consumption.
  • pho1pho1 Posts: 3
    Can't agree more. I'm debating the same two choices. I'm very intrigued with the CDI after experiencing diesel MBs on business trips to Europe. It took me a while to realize that the car services were using diesel-, not gas-powered, E's. Problem is that my local MB dealer has one CDI coming in later this month and it's already sold. They will not have another coming in late May/June so effectively there is no way to test drive one. The Acura TL seems like an acceptable compromise, esp. given the price difference and (unfortunately these days) quality difference between the builds. The more I read the more I'm told that I'm supposed to want RWD, but I'm not an aggressive driver so unlikely to actually come to that conclusion myself. Glad to hear that you will be able to test the CDI in a few weeks. Pls post your impressions and let us know what you finally decide.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Its not bad enough that you will be able to get them to do anything about it. It's better than I used to get on my 190e 2.6 with would have been 2 quarts / 3K miles
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    For what it's worth, if you are seriously considering a CDI, I would also suggest going for European Delivery. Although I was dissapointed that the base price on the CDI is a bit higher than expected, I was pleasantly surprised to get confirmation that the car is available through ED for a 7% discount on full MSRP. Given that the car is already in high demand, that represents a "real" discount to what most will be selling for stateside. And I was told if I ordered in April, I could pick the car up in mid-late July, built exactly to my specifications.

    As far as test driving one, my local dealer has promised a short test drive of one they have pre-sold, but will not be picked up for a week after delivery to the dealership later this month. I have driven the 1999 E300 TD and expect the E320 CDI to be a healthy step up in power, but not dramatically different in handling. Meaning that it is nice, quiet, solid and stable, but no sport sedan.

    As for RWD vs. FWD, a test drive of the Acura TL 6-speed convinced me that Acura has done a very good job of extracting maximum balance and handling out of their new TL FWD platform. The 6-speed has a stiffer suspension than the automatic (which I did not drive). I also considered the G35 6-speed as well, but it was not nearly as refined and - in my opinion - aesthetically attractive as the Acura. The 330i is slightly too small and the 530i is slightly too ugly. The AWD A4 3.0 is way too heavy and sluggish. So, albeit I might prefer RWD on paper, nothing so far wets my whistle as well as the TL.

    P.S. The TL would require me to make the FWD compromise. However, the E320 CDI requires me to make automatic transmission, no sports suspension, very heavy car compromises. Nothing is perfect, although an E400 CDI on an E55 chassis with a short throw 6 speed would come close!
  • is the 'only; advantage of a diesel engine the mileage/gallon? or is it faster, more reliable, etc.?
  • erikerik Posts: 21
    Except for the 0 to 60 time (7.8 sec. vs 6.8), a diesel outperforms the gas engine counterpart in several ways. Quieter except at idle. Faster 30 to 50 and 50 to 70 times( i.e. passing power). Longer engine life and maintenance. Less carbon dioxide emissions. Better gas mileage. Better torque. Diesel power also attracts hotties more than the gas counterpart.
  • pho1pho1 Posts: 3
    Habitat1 - this is getting scary. I had the same assessments of the G35, 330i, 530i (I really tried to like the Bangle look, but just can't), and A4. I was also concerned about the Audi's reliability. Maybe I should just wait to see what you settle on since we've been moving in parallel universes up to now. I noticed you gave no thought to the C320 - reason other than interior size? Thanks for the tip on European delivery; I'll look into it.
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