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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Footie, keeping an old Mercedes up with dated technology is not a bad thing. It might be crazy to take a high mileage Mercedes and try and bring it back to new but finding a lower mileage older unit may not break the bank.


    In my car club, it's nice to see the effort and expense members have put into their old cars from every domestic to European cars. Some of the older 220SL's from the early 70's are super sharp looking without a lot of gadgetry. Mercedes SL's didn't have power seats or tilt steering wheel until 1990.


  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    JD power and accociates may hold MB to twice the standard to other makes, so something perceived as a "quality issue" may be something that is quite normal, but not for a MB, making it look problematic,Camry and accord have good rating but they have had some problems lately. 97-2001 Toyota and LEXUS had a majority if there cars with an engine Flaw for 4 years with engine seizing, but Look at consumer reports and there engine still gets a Full or half red circle, Even though Alot of failures occured. I wonder how much cash they pay to Consumer reports to keep them elevated? same for JD. It seems the Consumer report and JD is thrown around, but in my personal experience, the cars rated "great" in reliability havent always been, and ones rated "Not so hot" have been least trouble. my friends '03 accord is already on a new tranny and all disc brakes before 30k miles. And it gets CR's Highest rating. so who knows..IMHO Sean
  • footiefootie Posts: 636


    1) I think it would be informative for you if you actually read the JDPowers site about how they do their studies. They ask questions of several hundred thousand vehicle owners. The answers are reported as problems per hundred cars. If Mercedes, or any other car company, was being unfairly rated, their lawyers would have JDP in court in a blink. They aren't, so the results you see are very indicative of likely experience over a large number of owners. So, IMHO, your individual experience or even your friend's Honda is statistically insignificant.


    2) I missed that problem with engines seizing in the "majority" of the Toyota and Lexus vehicles from 1997 to 2001. Perhaps you can provide a link to let us read up on it?


    3) Probably the best indicator of the reliability difference is Toyota's and Lexus's market share growth, quarter over quarter, year over year. If people didn't love em they wouldn't keep buying them. And the vast majority of Toyotas are made right here in North America, imagine that. The red hot Lexus RX330 is made in Canada too!


    Merry Christmas
  • Mybe yours didn't but that doesn't mean anything in the bigger scheme when thousands of cars are sampled statisticly. One positive owner experience doesn't quite make the brand just like one bad 1st year all new Honda model or that rare Lexus lemon model does either.


    No way do the germans or any other european brands build electrical systems as good or sound & stable in cars or other products like the Japanese do, I'll put money on that anyday of week on that. When they do finally do I'll be the first to note that. The E class made the least reliable list go figure.

  • Before I purchased each of my automobiles I went and "figured", then I purchased what I wanted. I guess I don't care about the "bigger scheme" and I doubt that I am the only MB owner with a "positive experience". I may be wrong, but I believe most people buy what they like rather than what some organization thinks/reports based on their so called "statistical sample". I don't care what someone thinks/reports about the Japanese auto electrical systems since I don't care for their automobiles. I have owned a few different Japanese autos in the past and I still like the MB best.
  • Just bought my second E Class in 2004, I reported to JD Power that I was not satisfied with the performance of the transmission.(Nothing wrong mechanically) I believe it rev's too high prior to shifting, But I doubt very much I would have said the same thing had I bought a Honda.

    We pay more & expect more out of a Mercedes. So these JD Power Report are well intention, but they do not give you the full story. If you look at some of these letters coming in,it will tell you that Mercedes owners are very picky, from car wax the car wax they use etc. The styling and handling cannot be match by any Honda or Lexus, this does not come into play in JD Power.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    I have been driving both Mercedes and a Hondas in the past 4 years, the Honda has lots of rattling and body panels squeaking issues which the dealer cannot fix. There is also a nasty brake clunk which my Honda dealers (yes I tried more than one) claim it's normal.


    It is true that my Mercedes also have their fair share of problems but the dealer managed to correct all problems.


    The same cannot be said about our Odyssey.


    Apparently, even the new 2005 Odyssey also has squeaking side doors, wind noise from bad window seals (check out which keeps me away from trading in our 2002 for now. I hope the 2005 model will have a more durable transmission, our 2002 Odyssey went through a transmission recall and it never shifted the same after the service.


    I always drive the E for long distance as I can't stand the squeaks and rattles in the Honda. I wanted to like the Honda as they're so much cheaper than Mercedes, but I can't due to their many problems and inferior (as expected) driving dynamics.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    Actually it is not service department gouging. The spark plugs on these engines are to replaced every 30k per service lit. It does not mean they won't last longer, it's just what MB recommends. Other manufacturers such as Honda are the same way on their older engines.

    Also, the newer V-6 & V8 have 100k plug change intervals.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    The all weather mats are the way to got. Your dealer is right about the beige showing more dirt. They do look a little weird in black, but do save some clean up.

    I know that Terk makes a very small magnetic antenna that might integrate with the stock system.

    Aftermarket phones are okay, but I'm not sure about integrating one into the Comand system.
  • Wow Mercedes has quality problems you don't say? Should I trade in my rattlebox $45K when new 1995 Honda built Legend which should self-destruct anytime now with 110K miles. Or should I get an E class with purdy looks but an inside made of low rent materials or get the all new RL. Do I want the image queen or do I want a more advanced, better built car made by a little known company called Honda Motors. Or do I wait and get the all new GS Lexus in black with a red blow tie of course and 350 hp V-8. Or maybe wait till Mercedes starts using Japanese built parts so they will fail earlier than expected and make the service guys happy and busy.. My new unique Mercedes will have the new easy access integrated front towing hooks the Japanese brands might someday copy on theirs.
  • Call me when Mercedes has "figured" out the quality from surveys you care little about. I wanna be first to read about it. Maybe I can sway these owners that don't care about quality so they don't make a mistake and rush over and trade in their S class for the far less advanced LS430.
  • Hey bobcatman since you wanted to be called, you failed to include your phone number? By the way, since you apparently defer to others (surveys, etc) to make your decisions, I am curious; in order that you never make a purchasing mistake, do you always refer to a "survey" and insist that the subject item be rated "high quality" before you purchase the item? I suppose that the Dealers that sell Japanese autos don't even have service departments since by definition (or surveys) their autos never need maintenance.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    " "No other marque holds up as well as MB."


    And where are the stats to support that? "


    My point here is not specifically with "reliability", but rather with durability, particularly the body integrity as noted in the last paragraph of the report linked in a prior response from "sapporo". MB's built 20 and 30 years ago had little for electronics and as a result have been durable and reliable. I personally am not convinced that the MB's built since the late 90's will last nearly as long as the older ones, and I think I made such a statement in my earlier post. Most of the old MB's still look good because their sheet metal and paint have held up well. In my area, New England, it is rare to see any Japanese car that looks good after 20 years. But there are many MB's and BMW's that do look good after that length of time. From my own experience I can tell you that the paint on my 1988 Mazda after 9 years did not hold up nearly as well as the paint on my 1996 E320 after 8 years. No contest..! On the other hand, the Mazda cost me next to nothing, in repairs, to own for 99K miles and 9 years. The E320 did cost me $3K at 115K miles. And that's when I decided to start thinking about selling it.


    And I think it's foolish to spend as much in repairs as the original cost of the car, which I also suggested in my prior message. Unless of course it's a Buggatti.. And worth 100 times more than it's orginal purchase price..


    "There isn't a Mercedes available today with an AWD system that is good and capable as the one in the Infiniti G35x or new Acura RL."


    I would disagree with you on this. The M-class has a superlative AWD system. And I think it is now being used on a few other models as well.


    <soapbox on>

    I personally liked autos a lot more 30-40 years ago when I could do most of the work on them myself. Now, the home mechanic doesn't stand a chance of doing anything other than changing the plugs or the tires due to the plethora of electronic controls on virtually every functional element of the car. That's one reason I don't have or want a NAV system with all the problems that it seems to cause. The other is I belong to AAA and prefer to do my navigation by paper map and not be watching an electronic screen while driving. For the same reason I do not use a cell phone while driving; I would rather pay attention to the roadway and the other drivers, since most of them AREN'T paying attention.


    <soapbox off>
  • I have a 1997 E300 D and have problems with the car surging/sputtering at 40 to 60 miles an hour, do you have any idea what may cause that?


  • Where is Don Pool, I go to Euro Imorts for service. American Service and HBL go there sometimes too ") I have one problem he hasn't solved yet and that is surging/Sputtering at 40 to 60 miles an hour when I go over that it stops. it also seems I have pressure build up in the gas tank and gas comes drips out. Wonder if that has some thing to do with it???



  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    in the E class this coming March as an '06 model. First I have heard of that (had thought we would not see that change until the Fall).
  • ive heard rumors that in march there going to release a E350 version around march, but placed as a 06, which is to take place of the E320. Is this true? if they do, i assume it is the same 3.5 as the ml class. any info would be great, and info on where i can read up on it. i hear it is also already being sold in the European market, btw.
  • retnavretnav Posts: 25
    To post 6061 by Holland from retnav.


             Don Pool MB Specialist is at 6917 Lee Highway in Arlington. That address is essentially the intersection of route 66 and route 29. It must be inches from being in Falls Church. If you try him please post if you liked his work and prices. My MB is still under warranty with HBL and thus far I have had no reason not to continue with them. I pass the Don Pool business often and he has a multitude of MB's he is working on. Business looks to be very squared away. I am interested in knowing if people appreciate his work. Regards
  • lamboolamboo Posts: 4
    Yes, my dealer, MB of Chicago, confirmed (a few weeks ago) that they are taking orders for the 2006 E350 (no pricing) for Feb/March Production. In the meantime, they are really pushing the 2004's and 2005's. If you buy the E320 '04 or '05, make sure you strike a real bargain - they are over-inventoried for sure.Anyone contemplating an E-sedan should also look at the new CLS at slightly higher price points - as the German's say "the E-classs is for taxis, the CLS will be an owners car"
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Herb Chambers Boston is showing 98 E's in stock on their web site. All but 6 are 2005's. 28 of the 05's are under 60K, the rest over.


    I would guess one could shop a great deal there, especially this time of year.
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