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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I recently "adopted" my nephew who is graduating from Yale this year.

    For his graduation gift, I was looking into getting him a nicely used mid-lux ride.

    Well, I have a close friend who is in the market to sell his well-cared for 2002 E320.

    Was this a good year for the final year of this model? What should I expect to pay (only 32k miles in impecable condition). What are some of the pros and cons of this model. Myself, as far as MB's goes, I've usally bought S-Classes, and so have little knowledge of the E-Classes, although most people I talk to say they're generally good cars. So what's your take?

  • I got cheated by Mercedes, as my E500 2004 developed rust on the undercarraige to a large degree, so much so that the company sent a rep (thief) out to void my warranty. They really owe me about 30 thousand dollars, but now the car is worthless because they voided the warranty. It is so rusted the shocks collapsed and it needs new springs (2000 dollars). This company Mercedes is so crooked they are bound to go out of business. I am a successful physician in Michigan and I don't do anything extraordinary with my cars. I own a 2006 750Li BMW that runs perfectly, and above all I get great service. I have never, ever, seen a car company cheat me or anybody else as bad as Mercedes has cheated me.
  • How does a car company void a warranty?
  • Have an 06 E350 with 12,500 miles on it. Originally had a blue smoke upon startup problem, but software update apparently took care of this. Got in the car the other day and there was a strong chemical smell when the A/C came on that burned by eyes and nose and made me cough. My original thought was the the A/C was leaking freon, but I think this was not the case. I replaced the cabin air filter (original one was activated charcoal) with a new filter. The local MB dealer only sells non charcoal filters (clue to problem?). Finally took car to dealer to address the problem. Turns out, this is a common problem and MB has a "procedure" to "fix" the problem. Apparently the fix consists of thoroughly cleaning the inside of the car, clean out the A/C unit and spray the worst smelling sweet "perfume" you can imagine in the A/C. I don't know if the original smell is gone or just covered up by the sickening sweet smell. This is my second MB (had a problem plagued 2003 C before) and my retirement vehicle. The car drives great, handles great, gets up to 30 mpg on the highway, and I like the design. It is very discouraging to spend this much for a car and have this sort of thing happen.

    I know that there are many others out there with the smell problem or MB would not have an approved fix. Would be interesting to hear from others about their experience and in particular from someone who knows what the problem is.
  • Hi, please can anyone advise me if it would be OK to fit new alloy wheels size 8 1/4 Jx17 H2 ET 34(235/45 ZR17 tyres) on my E class Mercedes, 1997 (W210), which currently has 15 inch alloys (205/60 15 tyres).

    The alloys I wish to fit to my car are 8 1/4 Jx17 H2 ET 34, are fitted with Dunlop 9000 tyres 235/45 ZR 17.
    Please could you tell me if this is OK to put on my 1997 E230 Mercedes saloon(210).
    The handbook says that suitable wheel & Tyres "light alloy wheel" is these cobinations 235/45 R17 93w tyre & the alloy 8 Jx 17 H2 ET37.

    Compared to the alloys I wish to fit, would the above handbook stated ones be OK on my car?? If so what differences in cars drive should be expected?

    Thank you very much
  • smwls8smwls8 Posts: 103
    $375 for a window regulator? Consider yourself lucky. Just replaced the same part in wife's 2003 jaguar with only 20k miles. Are you sitting down? $625 parts and labor. The part alone was over $400. Her next car will be a Lexus whether she wants one or not, and shame on Ford. They deserve to go out of business with obvious rip-off parts prices.
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    OK, I'm sitting down and shedding a tear for you. Did you have the work done at a Jaguar dealer? Mine was done at an independent shop; would have cost even more at an MB dealer.
  • Had a regulator on the 2001 E320 that I had replaced at the MB dealer for approx $350.
    Before anyone thinks that Lexas are cheap to operate;guess again. Have driven over 100,000 mi over a wide variety of models. Need regular service every 5,000 mi.
    MB service is every 13,000 mi. 2-3 years ago LS430's had a tranny recall. The fix was a new tranny. Also a very large number of 6 cyl. cars have had a "sludge" problem which calls for a rebuilding the engine. Parts are also expensive, as on any luxury car.
    No beef on Lexus, just pointing out that no marque is without its shotcomings. Buy an expensive cars expect expensive costs when there are problems.
  • Interesting! I bought a new E320CDI in April 07 and have suffered from a horrible sweet smell coming from the ventilation system. I was concerned that it was perhaps burnt diesel fumes getting into the system, but since your vehicle is gas powered this cannot be the case. After twice returning the car to the garage they replaced the air cond evaporator, telling me that it smelt terribly when removed and told me that MB do not always clean the chemicals off of them after manufacture. Alas this has not fixed the problem and the smell is back! They have tried the same anti-fungal spray in the system as you recieved but it just masks the problem for a few days. Clearly they don't know the cause of the problem so I think it is time to write to MB direct. I should have stuck with Jaguar!!!
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    If you drive for 3 years and 45K miles, how much should you expect to spend on regular scheduled maintenance plus wear items such as tires and brakes?
    Any difference for 4Matic vs standard model?
  • I am almost 50 and have driven numerous cars in my life. From American cars to Japanese cars to European cars. My previous car was a 2002 BMW 525i sedan. And, last year I purchased a new 2006 E280 GAS w/auto trans. SInce the beginning, it has never been satisfactory for me. It went in and out of the service garage. First, a bearing was changed after doing only 500 kilometers. Second, I had the airconditiong system checked and cleaned coz there was a very awful smell of dust, just like an old house, everytime I turned on the
    aircondition. It will only go away when it has reach the cold temp. The tech told me that this is a very common problem with the E Class and other Benz models. Third, the engine knocks resulting from a bad EGR Valve, replaced but the 'VERY ANNOYING KNOCKS AND PINGS' still there. No more hope !
    Till now, It has ran only 9300 kilometers and supposed to be a very new car. But, check these problems. So, take my friendly advice. At the same price catagory, rather consider a LEXUS GS 350 or GS 460 or a BMW 525 or 530. You don't wanna go through the same nightmare I'm having, would you? :sick:
  • A reporter seeks consumers who drive diesel vehicles. Please send your daytime contact information to no later than Tuesday, December 11, 2007.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • My grandmother is offering to 'sell' me her 1996 Mercedes E320 with only 15,000 miles (she can no longer drive). I am a Toyota Camry/Honda Odyssey owner and have never considered a Mercedes until now. The E320 is rear wheel drive and I live in a winter climate (roads are mostly clear) in the foothills near Salt Lake City. Any comments on the reliability of the E320, winter handling, history of problems from previous owners ... would be appreciated.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Model year 1996 was the first year of the W210 E-Class, and the E320 was the first version of that model to be released. I was working at MB-USA at the time (in Montvale, NJ) and many of my co-workers managed to put their E320s into the ditch during inclement weather. For whatever reason, the early W210 E420s didn't seem to be quite so touchy, and later E320s seemed to become as docile in the snow as did their V8 sibilings. I don't know whether it was of the rear suspension, the ESP software or some combination thereof. Regardless, you WILL need a set of winter tires if you want to drive that car around when the snow flies, other than that you should be good to go.

    In addition, that car was one of the last MBs sold here in the U.S. that used their I6 engine (the same engine that powered previous models of the E320 and 320 E), and that particular engine seems to be fond of trashing their head-gasket somewhere around the 100,000 mile mark.

    WIth those two things in mind, I would jump at the chance to buy her car were I in your shoes, it's a wonderful ride. ;)

    Best Regards,
  • two questions as I shop:

    1) is MB's faux leather ok? I'm not a great lover of leather in cars, but my experience with vinyl seats is, well, not so great. They're offering 27mo leases, so it doesn't really have to hold up that well, but any opinions appreciated.

    2) the Consumer reports ratings are, frankly, pretty impressively bad. I drove and liked the car a lot, but how much trouble do folks have with their e class cars?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    I prefer leather, but Mercedes Benz leatherette (Tec vinyl) wears like iron. It lacks leather's aromatic smell and slightly softer texture, but it really holds up.

    My '07 E350 has given me no problems and is rock solid.
  • The 96 E320 did not have ESP or anything remotely like it. All it had was a limited slip differential. I live in central Massachusetts and see way too much snow for my liking.. So the first thing I did was to buy a set of four really good snow tires when I bought the car used in 1998. I never really had a problem getting around with it and in fact came through a couple of really tough storms in the NY/Connecticut area on my way home from Florida in late February. I was able to make good headway on the interstates even with 3-4 inches of snow while most non-MB vehicles (including 4WD vehicles) were going much slower... Of course I've driven in snow for over 40 years so I've learned to keep a feather foot on both accelerator and brake to avoid rapid changes in torque. Keep in mind that it snows like heck in Germany too, so any German car has to know how to handle snow.

    I now have a 2001 E320 that is better in many ways because it has a first gear lockout for winter driving as well as ESP (it's first year on the E320) which is barely short of amazing in the way it controls the torque and braking on the individual wheels to help keep you out of trouble and deliver power to the wheel(s) that can handle it.

    Shipo is right about the head gasket issue. I had to replace it on my 96 at about 120,000 miles. And another less mentioned, but frequent problem, is the front suspension bushings seem to wear out around the 70-80,000 mile mark. It can be expensive. The one you may buy might have the problem at a lower mileage just due to aging of the rubber. Other than that the 96 was more durable than the 2001 which has had a failed wheel bearing, failed catalytic converters (both!), and a number of other things that did not go wrong on the 96. But it also has had the same front end bushing problem!!

    If her car has only 15K miles, you can still get 70-80K wonderful miles. It is a terrific car. Maintenance is a little higher than with the Asian cars; it will need brake pads and rotors at least every 40K miles, but I've never replaced shocks before the 110K mile mark and the E320 is fairly easy on tires for such a big heavy car.

    Enjoy the great ride !!! :)
  • Correction. ESP was available on 1999 E cars. Ordered a E300 Turbodiesel with ESP. It was a rather rare AND expensive option.
  • legisnewlegisnew Posts: 1
    After I took delivery of a new 2007 E350 I notice a rattle in the chassis. The dealer has replaced all of the shocks and struts but now has a problem because the front of the car is too high. They say they don't have parts for this chassis. The car has been at the dealer for two months.

    I served a lemon law notice on MBZ and we are negotiating a new car. Has anyone else had a similar problem?
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