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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • I had not too pleasent experience in the snow with my C230 (MY 1997).( By chance E 320 4 Matic Wagon was sitting in the Garage). I have decided to move up from the C-class and have the following questions bugging me as I am wondering about the choices.

    1) E 320 4-matic
    2) E 320 with standard ESP & Traction control etc.
    3) Audi A6 4.2 Quattro vs E320 / 430.

    I need as much input as you wonderful folks can provide

    1) How is the performance of E 320 with Traction control / ESP vs.4Matic. I have the 4matic and love it but have no experience with the non 4- Matic. Cost differential of $ 2850.
    2) Did some top level analysis between A6 4.2 and E 320 / 430. In short, equally equipped (Loaded) costs were as follows (MRSP).

    A6 4.2 - 300HP V8 - $ 52,350(Quattro Included)
    E 320 4 Matic - $ 56,495
    E 430 4 Matic - $ 60,835

    These prices assumed all available options (Moon roof, Bose,Heated Seats, Xenons, Rear window power shade,MatellicPaint, 6 CD Changer ..) except the command & built in Telephone.

    Which one is the real deal?.

    Your valuable input will be much appreciated. Don't want to make a mistake due to my ignorance. I have never owned an Audi but love the Mercs especially 4 Matic wagons.

    Anticipating some lively discussions. Thanks in advance.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    As a result of numerous car wash/wax my windshield was polluted with many layers of wax/smear/etc.
    I spent countless hours (and $$$) trying all tricks and all available legal solvents. Here is the easiest and most efficient way to clean your windshield:
    1) Spray your windshield with a house cleaner such as Mr. Clean, Hertal, Fantastic....
    2) Wipe the windshield with "newspaper" (preferably auto section) or any disposable paper towel. I like newspapers because they never leave lints behind. Replace the paper immediately when wet. If you use a towel (or same wet paper) you will simply spread the oil/grease/wax from place to another but never remove them. Repeat the process "many times" until you see satisfactory results.
    3)Test your work by putting your wiper on automatic while spraying water on the windshield. If the smear if gone then wash the body around the windshield to remove all cleaner residu then jump to next step.
    4)Finish the work with a glass cleaner (Windex or simple ammonia)using newspaper. Next time it will be much easier. Never wax the car at the automatic car wash. Good luck.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    My car was the only one at the college parking lot late tonight. No other car ventured in since afternoon because of the two inches of heavenly and slippery ice. You can access/leave the parking only through a 8 degrees narrow ramp. No car/truck dared in. The freezing rain was so abundant that salt/calcium/stone were useless. Streets were almost empty and for once I felt I own the city. I got in/out with no sweat. At times like this nothing in the world can get you satisfaction like the feeling for having made the right choice. I love my 99 4MATIC/ESP/TRC. Go for it man. And by the way if I ever need to buy the A6 I would go to the turbo model which is sportier while the 4.2 is more quite inside. I love the panel of both. Now I made it even more difficult.
  • hjbornhjborn Posts: 20
    I also had a lot of problems at first with the windshield streaking. I think it must be the residue of the packing materials that are used on the car before it is shipped (or perhaps some contaminant that it picks up on the way). At any rate, the service manager at the dealership recommended rubbing the windshield with a cut lemon, and it worked! As someone on this forum pointed out, the active ingredient was probably the citric acid in the lemon. You have to work at it a little, spend maybe 10 minutes rubbing it on, but finally it comes clean. Have had no problems since then
  • We're planning to get a '96 E320 very soon. Any thought on its reliability and/or any problem with this model year, since it's the first year model of current E-class.

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Exactly! The W124 and W126 Mercedes-Benzes were the definition of Mercedes-Benz. They were probably the best built Mercedes cars ever. I personally still find it hard to resist buying a 1994 or 1995 model E just because, but I need a "new" car so I guess it will never be. The E500 in particular is probably my favorite Mercedes of all time, only the current SL and new CL coupes challenge that status. It's amazing how new 560SEL's look today, 10 years after the last one was built. I just don't think these newer Mercedes modes will last like those did.

  • The other evening the station attendant overfilled my gas tank--a mess. Since then, the needle on the fuel gauge reads a full tank when the engine is on though by now it should be down at least a quarter. Does this mean that the sending unit in the fuel tank is cooked, or what?
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    I know some time back (on the old software) there were some threads about the 2000 E series having problems registering a full tank of gas. With mine the best I can do is 19.5 on the electronic display and the guage needle never gets quite to the full mark.

    Was there a known fix for this? Is it the tank, the guage or a combination?

    Any information would be appreciated.


  • I just bought a new 2001 E320 and have a question about the alleged Smartkey option. I asked the sales rep at the dealer about it and he had no clue, the marketing brochure that they gave me indicated that it was a standard feature, specifically what I am interested in is the User recognition feature that is linked to the memory feature of the drivers seat, etc... I can find no mention of this in the owners manual. A friend of mine that bought a 2001 C claims that there is a menu selection to set it up via the interface on the steering wheel. I can find no such option. Any help is appreciated.

  • Does anyone know how to shift the case of alpha characters in the command center of my new E320?? For example if I save a phone book entry I can't figure out how to shift to a lower case character in the entry description. I've looked throught the user manuals and can't find reference to the issue.....

  • Until recently I have not considered purchasing an MB until a friend of mine raved about her e300td. I am now hooked on getting an e300, 320 or possible s320. My predicament, not a bad one to have, is I really like the size of the S, but we are planning a move in which I will do about a 1000m per week and the diesel appears to have merit in this area. Can anyone tell me about MB diesels and the e300td specifically? I cannot find anything beyond the marketing material and have never owned a diesel. I have heard, salesman who didn't have one on lot, of problems, MB stopped making after the 1999 model, but rumors are coming again. Appears they do not depreciate. What's up? Any good info references would be appreciated.
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Love the leeeeemon idea.

    Any thoughts to using a good glass wax to clean?
    Some of the better brands of car waxs have these.

    What about cleaning the wiper itself? Household cleaner? Rub a lemon? Will it break down the rubber?

    Audi: I considered waiting on a 4.2quattro. Alot of style and equip for the money. So is Bonneville and Cadilac deville. Build quality is paramount to me, and MB is still best. Sacrifice xenon and some other goodies, and get a 4matic if you have but so much to spend. If you need the goodies, then go with the audi. Read up on them, there are some problems. All of these cars have some, But............I made my decision.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    I have not had a problem with streaking wipers. What would cause this? Car wash? I take my car to an touch-less automatic carwash. Nothing touches the car. Robots moves to the contours of the car and I have been very happy with the results. very clean job. It washes under the car as well. Hot wax and everything but never had streaking wipers. This is where I go:
  • 4426444264 Posts: 67
    Fuel gauge - a common problem for all German cars, your dealer should have a fix for it.

    Timeport names displayed - I can enter lower case names on the phone itself but they're always displayed capitalized on the dash.

    SmartKey linked with seat memory - my technician told me it's only available on the C-class but I'll double check..
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Been also using a laser wash system. Not as fancy as ernies, but for $5, its a nice system. Brand new in fact. I don't use the wax as I have a duragloss finish on it. but once a week it keeps car from getting out of hand dirty. Also wash's undercarriage. Kids love it!
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Hey everyone,

    Just to keep you all updated on the live MB chat idea. How does Tuesday, March 5th at 5-6pm Pacific sound? This will be our premiere chat, and it should be a weekly thing after that. All MB owners and enthusiasts (C-class, CL-class, CLK-class E-class, G-class, M-class, S-class, SLK-class, SL-class) are welcome to participate, of course.

    Please let me know!

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  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    I have been getting the top package. It costs me $10 per wash since I buy the certificates by the book. They put the Simoniz hot wax on it. I guess in the Spring I will have to Dawn my car again and start over the Zaino process. But it's definitely the only way to keep the salt off the car and keep the car clean in this freezing weather.
  • vs4vs4 Posts: 70
    Does anybody has any information on 2002 model of E430 and S430?

    Is it true that they might be dropping S430 totally and sell S500 at S430 price as Infiniti's new Q45 has 340 hp engine?

    I also read on MotorTrend's website(update) that Mercedes will be introducing new E in 2002 rather than in 2003 as it says here on Edmunds FutureTelling section.

    Thanks for all of you sharing your knowledge.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    My dealer told me they would be discounting their 01 Es by $5k starting in June so that they could get rid of them before the new model arrives. If the new E were coming for 02 this would make sense, but it sure wouldn't if they weren't coming until 03 would it? Does anyone have any more info on this?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The new model will only arrive for MY2003, or in other words, late fall of 2002. The wagon version will arrive approximately one year later.

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