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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • Just take the car to dealer and if still under factory warranty they should fix all your problems. Good Luck.

  • Have been listening in on this chat room for quite a while, and I am impressed with the information and the depth of knowledge that is offered on this site. I have owned two Mercedes including a 1972 250C,original owner and now an E430 99,white,parchment with Xenon, shade,DC,sunroof, purchased new. I sold the C in 1988 at 50% of its original price! I still have the E, which is a great car that is fun to drive. Am interested in the CLK 55, which appears to be an an awesome machine. Have not talked to dealers yet but would like to get some input here first. I have several questions:

    1. What exactly do you get with the Designo Package? Is it worth the extra 6K?

    2. I understand that there may be quite a wait for this car. Does Designo make the wait longer?

    3. Is the CLK being re-designed in 2003 like the E?

    I appreciate any thoughts on the matter.
  • taisontaison Posts: 71
    Soundmann2, if you want your questions answered about the CLK 55, I suggest you check out the CLK board over at

    There are many CLK 55 owners there and all of them LOVE their CLK 55's.

  • yahoo2yahoo2 Posts: 28
    Zaino vs Zymol

    Getting ready to detail car and want to get input on these for the paint.

    Also any suggestions for cleaning under hood?

    Am also considering taking car to pro detailer. I live in Santa Monica, Ca. if any one can recommend one.

    Thanks all for info
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    When the E-class is redesigned,the CLK will not follow-that's because it is totally based on the old C-class with an E-class type 4 headlight front grafted on. Therefore I find it to be a somewhat disengious car.I'm sure it fools a fair amount of people. I imagine that of course being 30 years newer it will outmatch your old coupe(a car that is absolutely stunning). But the new one is based on a sedan built much more to a price. I would MUCH prefer a new E sedan. Only it will have the quality you have been used to owning. As far as the designo cars,if one is wealthy fine-otherwise they are an absurd waste of money. Rather than "wasting" thousands on designo,consider the CL500. Of course,much,much more money,but at least it strikes me as money well spent. That tapered C-pillar is brillant! It is a truly fabulous car.
  • rcroftrcroft Posts: 1
    My 2001 E320 has developed a problem recently when I try to fill the gas tank. The pump shuts off when it is about 3-4 gallons short of full. I can squeeze a little more in by clicking the pump a few times but I can't fill it up. I have tried three different stations and three different brands of gas with the same result. I have an appointment to take it to the dealer on Friday but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and might know the cause of it. Thanks.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508

    Is your E a Starmark car? I think that most everything except tires and brakes are covered and even it you don't have Starmark, you've had the car less than 60 days so the dealer should make good on all those little problems. Sounds like (or is it doesn't sound like) it was delivered to you without working front speakers. That is unacceptable for a 2-3 year old used E-class.The dealer deserves a small slap for that...
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    It sounds to me like your gas tank is full but your gas tank sending unit isn't working correctly. This is a common problem with the E class, C class and ML's. I have had the same problem with my 2000 E430 and my 1998 ML. These have all been corrected. Take it into your dealer and they will correct the problem. Unfortunately part of the fix of the E is to replace the entire dash instrument cluster, including the sending unit in the tank. Having had that done, I have picked up no rattles and I can't tell the difference from when I bought the car. I say this as many people are concerned about removing and replacing the instrument cluster.
    Good luck.
  • texbeantexbean Posts: 38
    I live in Dallas are and bought both my '96 C280 and '99 E320 from Ewing Autohaus. My salesman both times was Al Moten, and I was extremely satisfied with the deal. Al has been at the dealership a number of years, and knows his stuff. No pressure at all. I think Autohaus was honest and didn't play any games with me. I found the best time to get a deal was the last few days of the month. The service dept has been real good, also.

    Hope this helps.
  • vs4vs4 Posts: 70
    Has anybody seen Wedgewood Blue colour personally? What is there impression of Wedgewood colour? Would you prefer Wedgewood Blue over Brilliant Silver?

    How would you relate this colour to other very obvious items in this colour?

    I really appreciate for sharing your thoughts...

  • toddl1toddl1 Posts: 2
    Regarding rcroft and his fuel tank problem. I recently had a similar problem when I filled up my y2k E320, the gauge would register 3/4 full and would not move. I took the car into the dealer and discovered I had a faulty fuel level sensor. I would suggest that the dealer check that out, it to may need replacing. My service etch mentioned that they have had a lot of problems with this sensor lately. I hope this helps, let me know what you find out.
  • buckie1buckie1 Posts: 1
    Anyone have any feel for what to expect for engine longevity for the 300 or 320 w/ reg oil changes etc? I'm looking at 94/95 w/ about 100k miles. Is 250-300 reasonable?

    I have a '83 240D w/ 250+ and still going... best car from a maintenance point of view ever! Can I get another MB as good?

  • svinaiksvinaik Posts: 84
    Considering that discounts are available on the current E Class but I am sure that MY 2003 E Class will go for MRSP (At least for the first 2 years), What do you folks think will happen to the trade in values of the current E-Class when the MY 2003 E Class hits the road. Do you think that Trade in Values down the line will reflect the current discounts offered.
  • kkopskkops Posts: 14

    I have the same car, purchased about six weeks ago. It is a wonderful car. I believe the tires are Pirelli Supersport 7000 tires and they are an excellent tire. I believe they are rated HZ which corresponds to a ultra high performance tire and near Z rating (racing tires). You can read a review on them at They handle real well from my experience so far.

    Also, they are excellent on wet & dry surfaces, you are not likely to hydroplane on these tires even at fast speeds.

    Enjoy the new wheels.
  • kkopskkops Posts: 14
    Based upon my review of various dealers, I can tell you for sure that in Southern Florida as well as the Northeast (NY, NY, CT) area, that just about all dealers are offering a minimum of $2,000 off of MSRP for an E-class. Depending on what you order, the reduction can definitely be higher.

    If the salesperson is not willing to deal, I would ask to speak to the sales manager and tell him you are ready to buy now but expect to pay what other dealers around the country are charging.
    Good luck.
  • jdsu1437jdsu1437 Posts: 3
    I just ordered an E320 (4mat) with most of options from a dealer in the Philly area (PA). The dealer only gave me $2000 discount and I will not have the car until mid-late April. What's a reasonable discount? Should I cancel the order and forget about the $500 deposit that I put in?

  • tendonstendons Posts: 43
    is the winter mode just mean it starts in second gear or are all the gears changed to reduce wheel spin.The car only has 200 miles on it and I find that it seems to want to get out of first gear, when it's in the summer position, as quickly as possible unless I push down quickly on the gas, while in the w mode it starts I guess in second and holds on to that gear for some time. I wondered if the differences are just a function of the breakin period or will first gear always be like that? Stewart
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    No, in winter mode, the transmission starts off in 2nd gear. This is because 2nd gear has less torque than first, and hence the rear tires are less likely to break loose and spin, especially since you're already on a slippery surface.

    WRT the summer "behaviour", the transmission is driver adaptive, and hence if you're not a lead foot, it will shift for economy. It has multiple shift points/maps to accomodate the different driving style. You'll find that if you consistently drive hard though, it will hold the gears longer before shifting.

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  • kkopskkops Posts: 14

    If you are happy with the car you ordered, I would not cancel the order. $2k off of MSRP is a good price for that vehicle. The point of your maximum negotiation is when you are ready to sign for the car and put down your deposit. This is the time where the dealer hopes you are relaxed and buys into whatever he/she has told you.

    In order to demand certain price breaks you need to know the market. I spent six months researching my purchase before I walked into the showroom. I didn't want to feel like I was sold a vehicle but rather I was buying what I wanted.

    Everyone has a different point of view. A year ago, most prices were inflexible with respect to these vehicles. It is only now when there is a buyers market by virtue of a larger supply of E Class models that some negotiations and price breaks can occur. It also doesn't hurt that a new design change is about to occur in a year and a half from now. Some dealers believe that they should get full MSRP for the vehicle and that is their policy. I know that is the case for almost every S class car sold. Other dealers especially larger dealers will offer some discount in order to move the cars quicker. Its up to you to know what range your dealer will operate in.
  • tkc9789tkc9789 Posts: 2
    Some of the messages posted here clearly indicate that dealers are selling the E-class at or below invoice. Can someone tell me if I may be able to find such deals for a E320 in the Dallsa Ft. Worth area?
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