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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • hlsjrhlsjr Posts: 4
    I too have had the fuel sending unit on my 01' 320 replaced, and was rold that gasoline additives are responsible for the problem. I was also told by the mercedes mechanic to expect this to occur again,or until Mercedes improves the ability of the units to resist the deterioration caused by the additives. By the way, I only use Sunoco 93 octane in the car.
  • mcintexmcintex Posts: 2
    I just bought my first MB...a '97 E420 with 35k..what a wonderful car to drive and look at. But where do I get started? I don't want to let it go to pot. I am looking at Zaino for wax, but it wasn't arrived yet.

    First question.. used up all of my washer fluid on my first long trip. (It was great though.) The owner's manual recommends a specific fluid combination. Do I really need to take it into the dealer for wiper fluid?

    Also, although it is still under factory warranty ail 8/01, I want to start maintaining this myself. Is there a good place (on the web) that is a good resource for in-between major maintenance work?

    Thanks for the assistance. P.. I am seriously thinking about upgrading the brand new 16" tires/wheels to 17". The car is too sensitive to my liking and I think that will help.
  • rokinkeadrokinkead Posts: 18
    When the service advisor said there is an additive problem, I asked him if the new unit is different or will they keep replacing them. He stumbled and "kind of said" MB has a fix that is permanent. I am inclined to think there is no permanent fix available as yet.

    Maybe they should have used the same system found in other cars that have the same features.

    I am beginning to question the belief that I will be able to keep this car long term. If basic changes in fuel treatment do this in 4 months, imagine what might happen over a 10 years.
  • kcsuprattkcsupratt Posts: 23
    I just washed my E430 Sport car today and I noticed on the Molding where it reads Sport i have some dirt or something that seeped into the molding. Is there anyway to get this out ? Also, where can i get mud guards for my car ? I think if i had the mud guards in i wouldn't have gotten the new car blemished.

  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    Mud Guards can be installed by your dealer. To avoid piercing the body, MB designed them with brackets which can break easy when the rubber hits a solid obstacle. You should be careful when backing into side walks or snow banks, you may leave them behind. If you lose one you will have to buy a "pair"for replacement. Good luck.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    Jean is correct. My dealer installed mud guards on my '00 E320 about 6 or 8 months ago. They're the black molded type that fit perfectly and blend in nicely, similar to those found on the Honda, Toyota and other Japanese cars. The rocker panels on my MB are clean and free of road tar, grime, etc. Well worth the money!
  • kcsuprattkcsupratt Posts: 23
    Do you know how much they are and how much do they charge to have them installed ?

    Has anyone else have problems with stains on their molding of the Sports package ?

    Thank you all !!!

  • recyclrrecyclr Posts: 1
    Can anyone give me an idea where I can get a single headlight ring for the parking lights[small light] for a 2000 e430
  • bdwrightbdwright Posts: 4
    Hello all,

    I will be doing my first(of many) Zaino's in the next few days, when my shipment arrives.

    Just a couple of newbie questions, that I didn't find answers to on previous posts.

    Has anyone used the clay bar on thier wheels('97 E420)? Then do you Z1 and Z2 your wheels? Does it help keep brake dust at bay, etc?

    Secondly, since it is my first go at this, can I use the Z1 and Z2 on the black plastic door handles without that white haze that you see on some wax jobs?

    Additionally, I just purchased this car, any tips on cleaning the interior dash, wood etc? I will be buying some Lexol to clean and condition the leather.

    Thanks a million.

  • cmayercmayer Posts: 38
    The auto, with only 1200 miles and a still new smell, was my weekend loaner while my '98 E300 was serviced. Several physical changes in 3 model years - different wheels and ground effects, newer shape and lights on the side mirrors, longer and lower third brake light, telephone antenna...the change to the hood slope wasn't something I noticed either driving or looking at the car. I never had the two models side by side.

    Interior includes all those radio and emergency telephone things - too many buttons, but the wheel mounted ones are convenient - don't you get a cassette player any more?, nice contrast piping on the leather (mine are vinyl) seats and headrests, Mercedes Benz and stainless on the front door sills, newer shifter shape and funtionality, and the changed displays. The digits are larger (nice for us bifocal aged owners) with more functions - I assume you can adjust the contrast but I didn't fuss with it. Since tele-aid isn't active on this loaner, I got an annoying "1 malfunction" displayed every time I shut off the car. Even the key fob has a changed shape with the panic button relocated. Both the key fob and the steering wheel have silver silver stars, mine are just embossed onto the black and oyster plastic.

    The desert silver and java wouldn't be my choice, but I'm sure others really like that combination. I liked the single push for roof opening; must be German safety that requires holding the switch for closure. I played with shifting a little bit, but I doubt that I'd do that much once the automatic were adjusted to my driving patterns.

    Performance was similar to the turbodiesel, but the handling differs due to my 17" wheel upgrade. Very nice car and fun to drive, but I'm glad to have my own auto back. Sure beats a Honda loaner for the weekend.

    The Delaware dealer took care of getting my PA state safety inspection at their associated agency. The service adviser called and offered to perform my next service 2800 miles early, but since that's three months away and I'll be paying top dollar for synthetic oil as well as any other regular maintenance items when that happens, I demurred. I'd also like to wait to see how the a/c and engine cooling functions are performing as we move into that time of year. Speaking of cooling, I noticed that the temp guage would settle near 10 o'clock on the '01. I'm used to seeing it at about 8:30.

    I'm still convinced that the E Class is the perfect sedan, even though I chuckle every time that robotic hand holds my coffee. You folks have good taste!
  • You can use the clay on your wheels. After claying, wash with Z7, then Z1, Z2, and finally Z6. Brake dust will still accumulate, but will come off very easily. You can Z1 and Z2 your door handles too.

    Just finished my second coat of Z2 after beginning the process with Dawn and clay. If there was a newspaper on the ceiling of my garage, I could read it in the reflection on the hood!

    Good luck.

  • 2ndmb2ndmb Posts: 72
    Hey Guys, Z2 works great on the wheels, as someone already stated, you will still get brake dust but it will come off easier. Keep adding more coats of Zaino, the paint will get deeper and deeper. My Brilliant Silver E320 looks awesome now. To those that haven't taken the plunge, go for the Zaino, you won't be disappointed.For more tips go to
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    My dealer charged me around $200 for a complete set of four installed mud guards. I think I was taken -- they're listed as an MB accessory for a bit more than $80.00 on (build your own E-Class). Since they just clip on, they should be easy to install yourself.

    Regarding Zaino on wheels, I recently upgraded to 17" 5-spoke MB Style E wheels on my '00 E-320. Before they were mounted on the car, I did the Dawn wash, Z-1, Z-2 routine and added two additional coats of Z-2. Since the new wheels were put on the car, I've washed them twice and each time added another coat of Z-2. What a difference! The brake dust doesn't seem to adhere as much, and it's really easy to wash off. Perhaps the reduced accumulation of brake dust on the new wheels is a difference in aerodynamics.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

    Just a reminder that the MB chat is on tonight (6-7pm Pacific/9-10 pm Eastern). Hope to see you there!

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket and Accessories message boards
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    well dealer got in a 1999 300 TD finally, it was Silver/Grey starmark and 32k miles. My 1st drive of the turbo model , I noticed u can slightly hear the diesel at startup but after that the 244lb torque really kicks in , pretty impressive,nice ride and good colors . It was priced at 42,900, they offered it at 40k even , and gave me a decent trade offer, I passed for now :(, a few more miles than i would want on a 2 year old car and the steering wheel was very badley worn down .It might be hard to locate another especially with that color combo, most seems to be Black or White, but i will still scour the private market, , ,thanks again for your assistance.

  • spfoteyspfotey Posts: 130
    Has anyone heard when MB is updating the e320?? i originally heard this fall but haven't heard anything for a while??....

  • macbestmacbest Posts: 55
    The new model will come out in the fall of 2002 as a 2003 model. It should be released in Germany later this year; it is a total redo. A number of previous posts talk about what has changed.

    Given that it will be so new, and the potential problems that come with a new release, the current make, a classic, is and will continue to be a good buy. I'm seeing a major glut on the market as the German connection could not turn off the production of E classes in as timely a fashion as they did with US cars. Prices of invoice at Phx dealers, and hundreds over invoice for California bay area dealers is common, although, still requires a "well I will have to talk to my manager" routines. I'm zeroing in on an E430 with these caveats and will wait until the new E has some of the bugs out.
  • cmayercmayer Posts: 38
    DL - I guess there will be some coming off three and four year leases for a while. Other than people who must replace their auto every x years, or, perhaps, the new quintuplets make an E too small, I can't imagine why anybody would want to give one up. I know I'd be really POed if mine were stolen or clobbered in a crash. Good luck with your search.
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    With the pending new model release in a year, does it take away from the present model??

    many have written they will wait. What is the cost and is it worth it? Food for thought.

    My 01 e430 after 5000 miles has really jumped in gas milage. now at 20mpg. Should be interesting when air conditioning season comes. Only problems is incosistant gas gauge.
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