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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • mac2002mac2002 Posts: 17
    Just looking this morning at the fotos that Nabzy took at the AMG factory, his post on Feb 26, 2001. I was interested to see these, as I just returned earlier this week from my European Delivery trip - got a 2001 E55. Spent 7 nights there, but incredibly, did not make it the factory tour, or the musueum in Unterturkheim. Will have to go back and see these places - driving a rental car next time!

    Where is the AMG plant? How do you arrange a tour? I was surprised to see the various AMG models on the roads there - the E55 Wagon (see fotos), also a E50AMG sedan.

    I expect to receive my car in a month I suppose. I understand that I only have a year to buy the MB warranty. Is this right? This extends the manufacturers warranty 4 years/50,000 miles?

    The dealer will install the CD changer (I bought it before leaving for Germany). Just curious if anyone has done the European delivery, then returned with the CD changer, and had the dealer charge for the installation?

    I will be Zainoing the exterior (the dealer has promised me he will NOT have their prep people put any wax on after they wash it. But as for the perforated leather seats - how does one go about treating these? I have been using the Lexol products on my other car - First the Leather cleaner, rinse with damp cloth, then follow up with the Lexol Leather Conditioner. It works pretty well, and is inexpensive. But, these are leather seats that are not perforated, and wondering if there would be a different cleaning technique.

    Sorry for such a long post!
  • kcsuprattkcsupratt Posts: 23
    I was wondering what does everyone use to clean their cars. What I am looking for is towels and drying. Can anyone tell me what good towels and drying items that use and where to get them ?
    I was thinking ordering some stuff from The Wash mitten and the Chamois. The prices are not cheap but before I order them I want to know the best out there and the best prices.

  • jas3jas3 Posts: 2
    Am pleased that European Delivery is available for the E-55. Any special arrangements required for this vehicle? How was the trip and accommodations?
  • markobodormarkobodor Posts: 17
    I would like to know if anyone has the Parktronic system on their car with the reading lights in the back. I would like to have the reading lights and possibly parktronic - I have a long narrow driveway to back out of - and would like to know two things: 1) are the reading lights installed in the center (where the dome light is located) or on the sides of the ceiling? 2) Would the parktronic be useful on a narrow driveway?
  • livetodrivelivetodrive Posts: 104
    The rear reading lights and the rear Parktronic display are integrated into one unit in the center rear of the roof by the rear window. The Parktronic has sensors on the sides as well as front and rear, so it should be useful on a narrow driveway.
  • svinaiksvinaik Posts: 84
    Recently noticed a constant humming noise in the rear of my 4Matic Wagon. Sort of like the computer fan noise. Took it to the dealer and he diagnosed that perhaps Fuel filter is causing it and replaced that but the noise is still there though a wee bit reduced.

    Anyone with similar experience and solutions.
  • mac2002mac2002 Posts: 17
    I was first told by my local dealer that it would not be possible to do the factory del for this car. So, spoke with a friend who did euro del with a E430, who suggested going to the dealer where he ordered his - he was pretty sure that this salesman would arrange one for me. Drove 5 hours to get there, and spoke with this man, told me he could do it. Hopefully some dealers on this board can give the exact reason, but I understand there are 4 models (including E55) that aren't available for E.D.

    Left a deposit on that early November day. Called up the dealership where I live on the following day. I spoke with the first salesman who told me that he would not be able to get the E55 Euro Del, and explained that I had found another dealer who could. Since I had initially given him a deposit for stateside delivery, he was interested in keeping my business, perhaps. He called me back 2 hours later, and said he spoke with his boss, and told me they would be able to do Euro delivery for me. I appreciated his trouble, but explained my commitment to the out of town dealer, so he credited my Visa card for my deposit.

    My dealer said that my delivery position was initially held by someone from Mercedes in North America. Can't confirm this. I am very interested to know what your experience has been, and whether you have already or are thinking of ordering one for yourself.

    I won't be back to read this board for a week.

  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    Where in the rear? Have you checked the roof rack? With the bars attached, it makes a humming, whirling noise that I found bothersome, so I removed them, since I don't use them.
  • dunninladunninla Posts: 33
    Yahoo2: I think a conversation with either, or, will give you a good feeling for how much additional improvement the sway bars will provide. Globe is at the cornr of the 10 and La Cienega--not too far from you. As I say, I stopped short of the bars, so I cannot comment. I found the +1 wheel/tire upgrage had the most profound change, and the springs has some benefit but not less so than the tires. The aggressive look with the new springs is fantastic. Speaking of tires, I seem to be the only one talking about the Dunlop SP8000 tires, but at $128.00 each, they have to be the most sticky, responsive tires out there under $160.00. Do a side-side comparison on of tests, and you will see that on dry pavement, the 8000's outscore the newer and quieter 9000's.

    Also, the issue of dampers was discussed. Globe was of the opinion that since I have new shocks on my E320, it was not necessary to swap these out. Good luck.
  • fourizonlyfourizonly Posts: 17
    I have seen it on the web, but forgot which website. Thanks.
  • jason64jason64 Posts: 50
    Hi dunninla, and those who have lowered their cars, if you lower the car without changing the shocks, aren't you concerned about the premature wear on them? Does anyone know how long the factory shocks last? Thanks for your reply.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

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  • svinaiksvinaik Posts: 84
    Finally got the thing sorted out. Fuel Pump was the culprit. It was producing a constant humming noise in the area around the jump seats in the wagon. Dealer changed the Fuel pump and the Fuel filter and the noise vanished immediately.
  • vs4vs4 Posts: 70
    Could someone please let me know if decorating a 2001 E430 for wedding purpose by some of decorating shops or decorating the car by using a tape will harm the paint/finishing in anyway.

    If someone has better idea to use a particular product, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    got a loaner with 5k miles on it, just like my 430. It gets 23.5 mpg vs 20.4 for mine. IM sure loaners get beaten on a little more. 6 vs 8: power band different, but 320 is certainly quick enough, and does the job. I long thought 320 is an excellent engine, and it performs well for our ml320. Biggest difference is tires and wheel size. As many have commented after change, it changes character of car. 320 with 16' wheels is very smooth, quiet and corners nice. Actually body roll not as apparent. 320 configuration is excellent and lacks nothing. 17 wheel gives better grip, a more road feel (good and bad), and heavier feel. This is just a simple observation i thought I would share.

    Question: some here have lowered the car with new springs. the other half would be to add stabilizer bars. What if just the bars were added? I don't care about cosmetic advantage of lowering (im sure it looks great!), but springs vs. stabil bars performance wise, what are the pros and cons of just doing one or the other??
  • jason64jason64 Posts: 50
    While driving on the freeway at a constant speed, if I "punch" the gas pedal hard and try to accelerate, the car tends to "pause" momentarily before responding. My service advisor says it is normal due to its wireless design (instead of mechanical leakages). Does anyone else has the same problem? Thanks for your input in advance.
  • fishxprtfishxprt Posts: 21
    I also have a problem with momentary pause. Every morning I back out of the driveway and after I put the tarns in I and put the pedal there is a definite pause before the car moves.
    This only happens in the morning and may have something to do with the car being cold.
    I have read on the Owners I class site that they have many problems with the I class stalling and acting like the power is turned off. Has anyone had a similar problem with the I class?
  • fishxprtfishxprt Posts: 21
    I ment to refer to the "C" class site that has problems with stalling!!
  • tendonstendons Posts: 43
    There is a lag of an eighth to maybe a quarter of a second when I push down suddenly on the E55 and it also happens on the BMW 740s 2001. It's enough so that I wind up thinking "what?" and almost about to depress the accelarator again, when it "catches". This happned once when there was a hole in traffic that I thought I could punch through, in the bmw, and found myself without power for that short, but slightly freightening quarter of second.
    According to the service tech, there is no longer a mechanical linkage and strangely the computer takes a little bit of time to make a decision to retard ignition, change fuel input and other things that used to be simple. It's annoying at times.
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Changed out the complete BOSE system in my 99 e300. (Have since sold it). My backround includes over 20 yrs. of audio experience & was extremely disappointed with the factory system.

    Good sound comes thru your ears,not thru your feet & that is where the factory system is located @ the base of the doors. Proper sound quality can never be acheived form this design.

    Take a good look @ the A pillar. You will see a small metal grill. Also look @ the extreme ends of the dash & you will see grills. THERE ARE NO SPEAKERS IN EITHER LOCATION!!!. Even more interesting is that if you remove these grills there are mountings for speakers,but NOTHING IS THERE! This goes a long awy to explain the poor sound quality.

    Also there are not 8 speakers in the system as advertised. Only 6!!. One pair of speakers are "dual cone" and therfore counted as being 4.

    My salesman is pretty sharp did not realize this until I asked him to put his ear to the A pillar & hear nothing.

    The remendy. Tore out the complete Bose system & the AM/FM/CASSETTE head. Mounted 3 way system in the dash/A pillar/door. Mounted a subwoofer in the rear package shelf(trunk mounted). Installed a new in dash AM/FM/CD player. In dash cassette without CD is stone age technology. Never missed the cassette.

    NO PROBLEMS with any MB systems. Recommend that this type of upgrade only be done by a HIGH END installer who is used to working on HIGH END cars.
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