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Honda Civic 2005 and earlier



  • oops13oops13 Posts: 16
    The best solution to your bouncing is to slow down to reasonable speeds for the conditions that you are driving in. You will probably never notice anything about the rear end bouncing or hopping when driving at speeds appropriate for the conditions. I too have noticed the rear end hopping mid-turn, but only when pretending to be Michael Andretti travelling at speeds far beyond what is prudent on the 270 degree exit ramp from the freeway near my home. Even then the hopping only occurs when I travel over fairly large bumps. Just remember folks, this is a compact entry level economy car. I personally am pretty impressed with the ride and handling of my 2001 LX (getting rid those factory tires is the biggest change you can make to this car's handling). If you want to race, get a shifter cart not a Civic. You are driving a daily commute not SCCA Autocross.
  • cartagramcartagram Posts: 115
    What are the choices for better tires to replace the factory Firestones that come with the '01 Civics? And what kind of tire do you look for that would "improve" the Civic's ride? To put it another way, what handling problem would a different kind of tire solve?
  • oops13oops13 Posts: 16
    I did not say that there was a handling problem that needed to be solved. I stated that a tire change COULD improve the handling of the car. When I say handling I am including wet performance as well. Putting the wrong tire on could do more harm than good. That's a chance you take. Always do your own research, don't just trust what the salesman tells you. A tire such as the Goodyear Regatta 2 is rated tops in it's class by Tire Rack customers as a touring type tire. I personally put Goodyear Aquatread 3's (it was rated tops in it's class as well) on my car after only 500 miles. I noticed an immediate improvement in wet traction and cornering grip(wet and dry). The ride is much less harsh also. It isn't just a wet weather tire anymore. It actually has the look of the old Gatorbacks somewhat. I did notice a slight change in the noise from them. It's not that they were louder so much as just a different pitch. I have over 7000 miles on them and they are wearing like iron. They have a silica reinforced rubber compound instead of carbon black which increases the grip as well as improves the mileage. They are 85,000 mile tires. From the looks of it I will get 100,000 easy. However, this is all just my personal opinion from seat of the pants feedback.
  • tazerelitazereli Posts: 241
    When the old firestones needed replacing on our 98 civic EX (good riddance) I got a set of Dunlop D60's for the 'Rack. My dear god what a difference! Not only did the car handle better, but the snow and rain traction improved tenfold. The car grips the road well and now I can take off ramps and on-ramps at speeds upwards of 45 mph. Now I did go to a slightly lower profile then stock so the tires have stiffer sidewalls. From 186-65-14S to 195-60-14H.
    As to the Aquatreds Ive only had experience with the older generation while I was in college working at Sears Auto Center. After about 20-30K miles the wet weather performance would deteriorate considerably as that center channel wore down. Still plenty of meat but the wet weather performance was not there.

    Happy motoring!!

  • scooter62scooter62 Posts: 18
    hi all-
    just picked up my lx 5-speed this week. i've owned 2 other civics ('78 and '86) with a corolla in between. so far so good. paid less than tmv, carsdirect, autobytel and one other dealer. only problem were the deep scratches on the rear fender. sales manager fell all over me being apologetic and gave me a bunch of free oil changes (whats with 5w-20? is it commercially available?). took 3 days to repaint, cure and finish. fortunately i cant tell the scratches were even there! very satisfied, but does anyone else notice an annoying little engine whine?
  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168
    I dumped the factory Firestone tires with 195/60R14 Yokoyamas on my '98 EX(Canadian). The traction on dry and wet condition is excellent. I can easily push 50mph on on-ramps. 45mph is like a walk in the park. However, there's something to watch out for. If you live in an area with a lot of snow, you might want to put on narrower snow tires in the winter. The Civic, being a fairly light vehicle, will float on top of the snow with 195 tires -- not very confidence inspiring.
  • The tire swap from your 185/65-14's (58.86" circumference) to 195/60-14s (58.45") was a good one. It closely match the overall size of the original tires.

    Too often I see oversized tires mounted on Civics to 'fill in' the wheel wells.

  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168
    I'm considering going with 195/55R15 when these wear out. I wonder if that would reduce body roll when cornering.
  • I have a whine, too. Mine comes from the blower. If I turn the blower on, a small whistle/whine eminates from the engine room when I rev the car, be it in motion or in neutral at a dead stop. It goes away by 3000 rpm. If I turn on the A/C, the sound becomes louder. See if yours is related to the blower also. I was told that the sound is normal (they said it was the power steering pump), and that mechanically the car is fine. But I'm not so sure. The engine loses a noticable amount of power with the A/C on in particular, and another Civic that was in the service bay at the same time as mine didn't make the noise. Lastly, they said that the Civic has variable-assist power steering, dpending on engine RPMs, which I know to be false. It all sounds fishy, but the car hasn't stopped running, and the A/C still puts out cold air. Nevertheless, if you have the same problem, I'd be interested in hearing what they had to say about your car.

    One question about the tire upgrade: When you upgraded from 185s to 195s, were you still able to use the stock steel rims, or did you have to buy new ones?
  • tazerelitazereli Posts: 241
    there was no problem when I changed from the 185's to the 195's with the stock steel rims. Rim width is a factor when it comes to choosing a tire size. If the rim is too narrow for the tire, the tire will bulge at the center and you'll be riding on the center portion of tread. As to too big of a rim, the tire tech might have a problem seating the bead on the rim and the tire will look plain ridiculous. As well as riding almost on the sidewalls. Riding on the sidewall is a very big no-no. when upgrading to a bigger rim size make sure the new tires are approximately the same diameter and circomferance as the old ones. otherwise the speedometer caibration will be off.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    I don't know about the rear suspension hopping in mid-corner, but it bounces in a straight line. This is probably because Honda tuned the rear to have very little damping for small up/down movements. Hit a large bump and the rear is contolled reasonably well. It's on the smaller bumps that the rear tends to bob up and down. Also I have noticed that the rear corners as if it had some kind of 4 wheel steering system. It's as if the rear wheels change their course slightly in a turn relative to the front wheels. Nothing major, but a bit odd and doesn't seem to help handling.

    Isellhondas: There is an article in about the Civic coupe(search for the Civic coupe, as opposed to the other Civic models). The car is imported into the UK from Ohio. Even in the UK, they commented about the bouncing rear suspension. So now you have heard this problem from a source other than this message board. Unfortunately, the British review of the Civic coupe was not very kind. Although they gave the hatchback (not the Si) a reasonably good rating.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,610
    Still...haven't heard about this anywhere else nor do I notice this when driving one.

    And...what do the Brits know...? Look at some of the stuff they build! :)

    Lets see now...rear suspension built by Lucas...
  • SUV weight is a concern for smaller car drivers.

    Here in USA there is a SUV craze...
    V-8 Expedition 4WD,
    Curb Weight 5345-lbs. (XLT), 5468-lbs. (Eddie Bauer).

    V-10 Excursion 4WD,
    Curb Weight 7087-lbs. - 7688-lbs.

    5,000 lbs SUV driving at 70 mph, It has a momentum of a 3,500 pound car doing 100mph.
    6,000 lbs SUV driving at 70 mph, It has a momentum of a 3,500 pound car doing 120mph.
    7,000 lbs SUV driving at 70 mph, It has a momentum of a 3,500 pound car doing 140mph.

    can you imagine getting rear ended by one?
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    The only solution to being rear ended by these monstrosities, besides buying one, is to move to the UK where they still drive cars the size of Civics and not a pick-up truck in sight.

    I have reservations about buying a small car in the US, even though I prefer them to anything else. In the UK, safety seems to have bypassed the US standard, since almost all cars now sold, come with side air bags and ABS. In the US, Honda only offers ABS on the EX models, while it is standard on ALL their models sold in the UK.
  • zack_01zack_01 Posts: 2
    I got rid of my Civic around 2 years ago. What a pain in the butt it was. Been watching the forum and see they haven't gotten any better. Had a '97 (inherited it from my sister when she lost her job and couldn't make the payments). Only put 33000 on it. Rear end bounced all the time. If I slowed down enough to make it stop kids on bicycles passed me. Hey young898 Honda's transaxles are [non-permissible content removed]. I would bet thats what broke. Mine kept crapping out on me. They blamed me for their factory boot that kept tearing or coming loose. Like I would sabotage my own car at night?? Like they don't know? Hell they admitted to my face its a COMMON problem. What your mechanics were doing was trying to figure out how they could blame you and make it a nonwarranty issue. Thats why they kept the car. Or they sound freaking incompetent if they can't figure out whats wrong. Now the die hards are poo pooing me. Well tell ya what. Next time your out in a parking lot or standing on a corner and you hear a car clicking and clacking while turning I will bet you $100 bucks its a Honda with a messed up transaxle. Never heard any other car do that. Me and my family have nothing but FWD cars and none have transaxles crap out so fast like the Hondas.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Read's Erin Mahoney's report on road tests of the newly redesigned Civic by following the link in the Additional Resources box on the left sidebar of this page. The LX Sedan and EX Coupe are reviewed.

    Share with us your impressions of the article and of the redesign and results.

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 160
    Bought a 2001 Civic LX sedan, sticker is $16,250, advertised at $13,495. I was expecting the usual salesman game..."sorry, that one was sold"...I must admit I was shocked when the saleguy said and I quote, "no problemo, we got about a dozen all the same, for $13,495, pick out your color." Needless to say, I bought the car that day.
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 160
    this price did not include NJ sales tax, and registration fee.
  • That road test was right on the money, and described everything perfectly except for the rear seat. The writer compared the rear seat space to neither the previous generation, nor the rest of the small car class. It's pretty roomy back there, certainly roomier than the rear seats of other cars, like the Sentra and Corolla. The Focus and Civic are about even, and both are more comfortable than the Neon. This fact was not brought out at all. And I don't see how that one editor got the footroom complaint from. I have size 13 feet, and they fit fine. Perhaps it is width that was the issue. Lastly, rear seat storage is pathetic in almost every car. What One seatback pocket is acceptable in this class. The problem lies more in the front of the car, where there's room for 3 CDs, a cell phone, and not much more (the owners manuals take up a lot of the glove compartment) unless you use both door pockets.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    OK Isellhondas, Edmunds' review of the 01 Civic is another example of a review detecting the rear bounce (look in the second opinions section):

    The Editor-in-Chief has written exactly my thoughts on the car. He is obviously more critical of the car's performance than the other Edmunds' writers. If the 2000 Civic finished 8 out of 9 in Edmunds' last comparison test, then judging by this review, it may move up to 7th place.

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