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Honda Civic 2005 and earlier



  • Hi all,
    I am looking to buy a 2002 Civic LX sedan w/auto and was wondering if anyone knows a dealership in the Seattle area that will sell for a price simmilar to what other posts are reporting. The closest I've come across is a few hundred higher. Thanks!
  • Asking for a quote from Honda as "proof" the suspension is "better" is like asking me to "prove" I'm handsome by providing a quote from my mother. That said, here's a quote from, an official Honda corporate website:

    "For 2002, both the sedan and coupe models feature refinements inside and out. The new Civic provides sportier handling and a more comfortable ride."

  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    The evidence is that the suspension parts supposedly have different part #s for the 2002. How much "sportier" this makes the car is unknown. But since almost any other small car was sportier than the 01 Civic, this may not be much of an improvement. Honda could have made 15" or 16" wheels standard on all models, but they stuck with the 14" for the LX. Even the Elantra (Hyundai) has 15" wheels as standard. Get with the program Honda, Hyundai is beating you at your own game.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    What were the three top reasons for purchasing your current car? I'm assuming if your a regular in the Honda Civic Discussion you own a small sedan of some type. I'm interested in, what sold you on your current car!

    I'll go 1st. These were the qualities, I looked for when shopping.

    1.) Roomy Interior-
    2.) Value Pricing-
    3.) Attractive Styling-

    Thank you in advance!

  • Since Larry owns TWO Proteges, and preaches the Gospel According to Mazda regularly in the Protege forum, I wonder what he's doing over here in the Civic sedan forum? ;-)
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Hi, I like to read and post in some of the Sedan vs. Sedan comparo topics. One of discussions, (the Low-End comparo topic) is kind of running out of steam. This topic, by the way is pretty civil and MOST of the posts are level headed and informative. I was hoping to get some good "real life" data on what influenced everyone's buying decision. I don't think, I get into many Sedan(non-comparo) Discussions and bait the regulars? I would not want anyone to come to the Protege topic and act like a know-it-all, so I refrain from doing that here. BTW, I think Honda did a great job with the Civic remodel in 2001. I would appreciate any feedback that you or the other regulars would care to share.

    >What were the three top reasons for purchasing your current car? I'm assuming if your a regular in the Honda Civic Discussion you own a small sedan of some type. I'm interested in, what sold you on your current car!<

    >I'll go 1st. These were the qualities, I looked for when shopping.<

    1.) Roomy Interior-
    2.) Value Pricing-
    3.) Attractive Styling-

    Thank you in advance!

  • I'm no longer in the market for a small sedan of any brand (my fiancee decided to keep what she has), so I'll just keep quiet and see what others have to say :)
  • I was sold by the Civic's gas mileage, first and foremost. Most little cars can barely muster 32 on the highway, much less on the highway. Secondly, I was interested in safety. I actuall got my car before any crash tests were released; I guess the gamble was worth it. After those two, I was wanting reliability and roominess. At the time, the only cars as roomy as the Civic were the Focus and Protege, neither of which had the Civic's gas mileage or "promised" safety. Driving kind of took a back seat to all this stuff. Oh well.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    I guess some anit-Honda guys doing propaganda due to shift from Bones to Struts ! I have driven civic lx/ex several times (helped 5 friends in buying process) & I would say that Civic scores 7 on the range of 1 to 10 for fun to drive. The rear suspension is bouncy on the potholes but not on regular rode. SO on the curves Civic performs very well. I know Protege handles a bit beter but has a bit of 'busy' steering which gets annoying after a while. I have not cared to test drive a focus so do not know about it. Ford does not respect their own cars so I find it difficult to give any attention to it.
  • I waited for the 2002's because of the suspension changes (and the armrest). Sure is a firm ride. I've been driving like an old lady for this first 200 miles and the trans is annoying. I am hoping it will be more fun when I drive it harder. I can't believe there is no shroud inside the front fenderwells to help keep ice, salt and water from the throttle linkage, wires and other junk hanging behind the motor. I can see straight through the car. I was hoping to drive the wheels off of it. Any problems and this will be my last Civic.

    I enjoyed driving the Protege but the Honda may be safer and hopefully more dependable. I drove a Focus, noisy and cheap looking inside.
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    Have a 00 Civic hatch (1st Honda for me) and so far its been great ! The upcoming Civic sedan hybrid sure sounds tempting for the next time around but I haven't heard the MSRP yet, has anyone ? Rob Fruth Houston
  • jjpcatjjpcat Posts: 118
    Do you have auto or manual transmission with your 2002 Civic? Why did you say it's annoying?
  • I saw a Ruby Red Civic a few days ago. Very pretty color. Think of it as the red version of Eternal Blue and you won't be far off. It's a big improvement over that Vintage Plum, by the way.

    Oh, and the white Civic EXs look good too.
  • Hi, I know that the 02 EX has the white faced gauges, but does the LX as well? Thanks
  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    Hi 'leerosenberg' - I just bought a 2002 LX Sedan and yes, it has the white faced gauges. I think they look pretty nice. Easy to read during the day and when back lit at night.
  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    Hi - The contributors on this forum really helped me by sharing their 2001 owner/test driving experiences, sharing early 2002 invoice pricing before Edmunds had them posted, and by sharing their personal purchase pricing. I really appreciated it. I'd like to return the favor by sharing my recent purchase pricing and initial ownership experiences...

    South East Michigan Area: Made an in-person visit to a local dealer and was quoted credit union member price of 3% over invoice. The next day, I bounced that price off a slightly more distant dealer I had contacted through the internet this past Summer regarding a 2001 and they beat the price by almost $140. Not a huge savings but enough considering their quick, courteous, no hassle, and free ability to discuss prices via e-mail/phone - very quick and to the point. Also, they were very careful to understand I wanted a car right off the truck and didn't think it was a silly request to want a car that hadn't even been test-driven. Made all the arrangements on the phone and we picked up the car the next day where the internet salesman came in on Saturday to complete the deal when he normally only works Mon-Fri.

    Civic LX Sedan w/Automatic, Clover Green Pearl/Beige Interior with Floor Mats = $15,423 before taxes, title, and registration. Actually, it was $15,383 but they charged me a $40 document fee to which I gave in since I had tried to talk the first dealer out of charging me this and he kept insisting that evey Honda dealer I'll come across charges it and not waive it (I know, goes against the Edmunds buying advice but this is my first Honda and it appeared to be true). My total out the door price was $16,367.38 (includes $925.38 MI sales tax and $19 title/transfer). My calculations show the total dealer invoice to be $15,068.22 (LX Sedan w/auto=$14,543.10 + Floor Mats=$85.12 + Destination=$440). This puts the dealer profit at $354.78 or 2.35% above dealer invoice. I thought it was a fair price considering Honda appears to be a surprisingly strong seller in the heartland of the Big Three with plenty of buyers snapping up their products. Even with the slower economy, we were surprised to hear the paperwork person at the dealership say their Honda sales are up 11% over last year's record numbers and they seem busier than ever even since the Sept. 11 tragedy.

    I've always been a strict GM product owner for many years but after experiencing too many recalls and other "annoyances" from Chevy, Pontiac, and Cadillac lines (I've never owned a Cadillac but I've experienced enough from driving my parents Cadillac and listened to their many service/design problems), I finally decided GM's low resale values are what they are for a reason and it's time to try something else.

    Already after only a week, I can say I really like my Honda Civic. It's just a plain, fun car to drive. It seems to express quality and efficiency in its every aspect. Nice tight steering, very smooth and quiet acceleration, no bounding jolts or bounce as I've heard described in earlier posts about the 2001, very nice visibility, clean lines outside and inside, tight construction with good solid door-closing "thud" even my Cadillac owning Mother liked, and apparent high build quality based on symetry of gaps and fit. The Clover Green Pearl with beige interior almost gives it a VW or BMW style look. My first idea was to get the Titanium Metallic or Silver since I thought they'd be easier to keep clean than the dark colors I've always leaned towards. I also thought they looked classy. However, the darker color actually shows off the shiny chrome pieces better and really makes the red tail lights stand out on the rear. Also, the green seems to visually "lower" the roof line which I think makes the car look a little less "bubble rounded" as I see the Titanium and Silver - though, they have their own unique class - It must be just how each of our own eyes perceives or likes certain colors in relation to shapes and highlighting - can't go wrong with any of the colors as far as I can tell.

    The simplicity of the interior highlights the act of just driving with very easy ability to change the radio or climate controls without all the "bells and whistles" I've come to expect on GM cars which more often than not in my experience, just provide more to go wrong later. The open feel of the car really is nice in comparison to Toyota's Corolla which does seem a bit dated now. Though, recent Corolla 0% financing might have changed my mind if it had been offered a week ago. However, I still think the Civic's Best Pick rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety ( makes my higher financed purchase worth it. My son and his booster seat fit nicely inside and I like knowing it's LATCH compatible so I can buy the easier to install-type childseat once my daughter is old enough to need the upgrade.

    The only initial "issues" were the battery "eye" was dark when the salesman gave me the new car "orientation" by showing off the engine compartment - The "eye" went to the normal "green" indicator after a couple days of driving the car. The other thing was I thought there was a slight rattle in the rear windows on it's first drive home from the dealer but I determined it to be a film on the window which must make a rattle-type rubbing sound against a plastic strip which splits the rear window glass from the rear-most tiny glass section that doesn't move. I've not heard the "rattle" it in the last few days and I don't think it's temperature/humidity related since recent temps/conditions have offered chances to retest. I'm hopefull the "rattle" is gone from here. Also, I thought there was a loose "flap" behind the gas filling cap that slightly fluttered every time I closed any of the four doors. However, I surmised it's a designed "cabin pressure" release flap since it doesn't do it when the trunk is open.

    Overall, a really nice car and I'm very pleased with my decision to buy it as my commuting and around town car. If you're in SE MI and looking for a no-hassle salesman/dealership from which to purchase, I'll watch for any inquiry posts here for the next week or two and I'll be happy to refer you to my dealership...of course, that's assuming the price I paid isn't too overblown and someone actually cares to get a similar deal. :-)

    Thanks again for everyone's input (positive and negative) in this forum as it really made me more confident about such an important purchase.
  • I parked my car directly behind a Ford Focus a few days ago. I had long wondered why the Civic didn't look quite as tall and quirky as the Focus, even though it was about the same height. The answer lies in how tall the actual body is. The Civic rides closer to the ground, and the actual bodywork is taller than the that of the Focus. In addition to that, that low nose really does wonders for the balance of the car. It's a pain sometimes because it scrapes curbs, but it really makes sure the car doesn't look dorky.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,605
    I'm surprised that you would consider the battery "eye" being dark as an "issue".

    Simply meant the battery had lost some of it's charge due to the car sitting around. Usually the color comes back after driving the car a bit.

    Not a big deal...
  • Just out of curiosity, what does your VIN start with, a "J", "1", or "2"? Thanks.

    In my test drive between a 2001 and 2002 Civic, I liked the 2002 much better. The Civic is a really tightly built and solid car and I love the tight steering compared to my 1999 Camry. The Camry's steering is extremely numb and light. Absolutely no road feel whatsoever!
  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    My Honda salesman was the one who considered it a potential "issue", not me. I was the one to suggest it's probably to be expected considering it was a new battery off the line and put to work with little chance to charge with only the factory 3 miles on the car. I took the chance that I was right rather than allow the salesman to drive it into their service area. I had my two young children with me who had very patiently waited for me to finish the purchase and I had to quickly get them home for an afternoon nap. I initially began to doubt myself a little bit after the 35 minute, highway drive home from the dealer only to find the "eye" was still black and the next time I started the car it hesitated a little bit turning over. However, it went green after a couple more drives and proved like you said, "Not a big deal..."

    I speculate it must be satisfying for you to sell a quality product such as Honda. Contrary to the weeks following my many prior new GM product purchases, each passing day of my Honda ownership experience is making me happier and happier about my Honda purchase. It's nice to finally experience the Honda quality of well designed fit and function so many smart buyers have been touting for so many years. All the while, I've been blindly buying mediocre, hit 'n miss quality in the name of "supporting" GM on the brainwashing basis that my parents have always said if it weren't for GM, our family wouldn't be since my grandfathers both worked for GM their entire lives. That is true and I'm sure they built quality products for their time just as Honda is building quality products for our time and is a company also providing jobs to many more grandfathers-to-be as well. I guess I've finally wised up enough to realize that it's my obligation to my own family to pay my hard-earned money to whatever company best provides the highest quality, safest product I can afford. I think my grandfathers wouldn't disagree with my decision.

    Best of luck to you on your 2002 Honda sales - I hope you'll be busy.
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