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Honda Civic 2005 and earlier



  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Big can of worms. Several topics about it in the maintenance and repair section (look for quality assurance in the title). Speaking for myself, if I had the choice between a Honda built in Japan or elsewhere, the choice would be pretty easy.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    There's no measurable difference.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Did you ask the service manager how much the 30k service was? Or did you hask how much would it be to do the oil hange, change the transmission fliud, etc??? You shoud do the latter. Never go to a mechanic and ask how much for th e "___" (fill in the blank) service. It may include things you don't need done to your vehicle.

    Best thing to do is look in the manual (a novel idea) and see what is required for the 30k service. Then call the service department and ask them how much it costs to do the following items. For example, I change my own air filter. The garage will charge you for the filter plus half hour of labor. And my oil changes tend not to fall on the required service interval. So some times I may not need to have the oil change.

    Follow what is in the manual.
  • C&D 10 best was in this thread some time ago, just found this on the europeanhonda web site.

    Honda is the winningest make with 3 models on the list including the Accord, 16 times winner in 20 year.

    As reported earlier, the new Honda Fit won the 2001 Car of the year (COTY) award in Japan, making it 2 in a row for Honda after winning the COTY last year with the Civic series.
  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    Even at "severe" use the coolant is rated for 45k miles. You needn't use "genuine Honda fluid", as it is merely industry-standard green coolant. Now, that doesn't mean you can use 7-elev coolant (Texaco/Prestone is fine). The manual doesn't call for a flush either, just drain and refill (especially on an engine that has no cooling problems). Mix 50/50 and use a coolant tester (for some $4) to verify. Important - make sure you check the reservoir level after driving few miles at normal temp, the engine will probably tap into that reserve. For $5/gal, I change mine every 2 years. While the coolant may be stable and show balance at the freezing/boiling point, lubricity does breaks down from heat.
    Good luck.
  • osum02osum02 Posts: 29
    I personally have compared a Japan assembled Civic's to North American assembled Civic's and I have found absolutely no difference whatsoever. The vast majority of Civic's are made in either Alliston, Ontario, Canada or East Liberty, Ohio. Only about 3% of Civic's are imported from Japan. Honda's been making most Civic's in North American since the mid to late 1980's and since then Consumer Reports and other trade magazines have given the Civic excellent ratings in DQR (dependability, quality, reliability). In fact, if there have been any problems, it's been with parts from Japan or cars assembled in Japan. Awhile back I spoke with the service department manager of a Honda dealership in Olympia, WA who used to work in the Marysville, Ohio and he stated that all 3 plants in Canada, the U.S., and Japan are within tenths of each other as far as workmanship goes. In other words, it does not matter where a Honda product if manufactured
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,348
    Still, there others who frequent these forums who have a different opinion...
  • stragerstrager Posts: 308
    Check out the discussion in the Station Wagons board. It doesn't look like a wagon, but the Civic 5 door is the dominant body style sold in Europe and Japan. Maybe we'll see it here in the Fall of 2002, to compete with the Protege 5 and the Toyota Matrix.
  • I would not be surprised to see it if the P5, Matrix, and Focus ZX5 do real well.
  • Has anyone installed Honda's in-dash 6 CD Changer in a 2002 Civic? The installation instructions were not clear on how to remove the 12v accessory part of the console prior to removing the main area of the console.

    Thanks, Andy.
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 237
    Does it hurt the car or parking brake when I shift my automatic into drive or reverse (with foot still on the pedal brake) and THEN disengage the parking brake? Sometimes I forget it's on, and I'm already in drive or reverse when I release the parking brake. Mind you, my foot is always still on the pedal brake when I do this. Just want to make sure I'm not hurting the car. Thanks!
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    no it won;t hurt the parking brake as long as you don't drive away with the parking brake on.
  • Actually dave210, you are doing the correct thing. As long as your foot is on the brake when you shift into drive or reverse before releasing the parking brake, you are preventing excess wear and tear.
    When parking, you should put your foot on the brake, engage the parking break, shift into park, then release the brake. This prevents the transmission from taking the pressure of holding the weight of the car on an incline.
  • I was able to figure out how to install the in-dash Honda CD Changer. I took pictures of the job. For anyone who is interested, go to the following link:

    The link will change when Cox assumes the @Home server. I will re-post when this occurs.

    P.S. We purchased the CD Changer at and were very pleased with their service, etc.
  • I just recently bought a 2002 civic coupe LX. I had a spoiler put on but now the mount brake light on the back window doesn't work. Is the spoiler light supposed to compensate for this?
    After spending over 19,000 thousand for a new car I would expect every dang light on the car to work...

    Does anybody know the answer?? sincerely jsaint
  • I do believe the light in the spoiler replaces the light on the rear dash. They probably have to use the wire from it to power the light in the spoiler. I have a question, though. Is that $19k the amount you financed with a roll over from your last car? Looking at LX coupes myself, I have been quoted around $14,300 for it with an out-the-door cost of $15,500. Adding stuff like a CD player and mats will still keep it around $16,000. I am looking at 5-speeds, though--so an automatic will add $800. Just wondering.
  • Am I the only one who thinks it's strange that a CD player is not standard on the LX trim level? I find it strange that a $15,000 car can come with air, cruise and power windows/locks/mirrors--but cassette. Even the DX with no cassette is strange as well. I wonder if they may add CD standard for 2003? They changed the suspension from 2001 to 2002, so maybe a radio upgrade for 2003 may not be too much to ask?
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    if it has to be one to keep prices low. You can put a car kit with a disc man to play your cds. Better yet, you can burn a MP3 Cd with 150 songs & get an MP3 player with a car kit. No need to have 6 disc changer etc...... All these Car kits work through magnetic cassete which makes cassete player a better option to have on a car.
  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    you're looking for. You will lose frequency response through the adapter, which may be the whole point on why we play CDs.
  • I'm all for keeping prices down, but how much extra could it possibly cost to sell with CD standard? Especially at their selling price? Maybe $100? I just think if Protege, Sentra, Lancer, etc can come with CD for less money than Civic, a Civic LX could benefit from standard CD.
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