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2011 Honda Pilot

brn370brn370 Posts: 1
I here the 2011 Pilot is coming out in May 2010. Are there any changes from the 2010 Pilot?


  • No they will not. Pilot was redesigned in 2008 as 2009 so it is a 5 year cycle.
  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    Yes you are right. The 2011 Pilot will come to dealers around April 2010. They will have a new front grill (replacing the controversial grill ) minor changes to the front bumper and fog lights. Honda may do some very minor changes to the interior. But don't expect Honda will change their 2009-2010 cheap hard plastic dash.

    On the side note, does anyone really notice/ test the different in noise level between the "acoustic glass" in Touring edition compare to the regular glass in LX/EX editions ? :confuse:
  • tex18tex18 Posts: 82
    Crucial, are you sure about the new grille? Have you heard or read that it will get the new 6 speed transmission? I know its not a MMC year.

    Keep in mind folks Honda has gone to a 6 year generation cycle for trucks.
  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    edited March 2010
    Unfortunately there will not be 6 speed transmission. Honda even does some cost cutting: 2011 LX and 2WD models will not have heated outside mirrors (09-10 EX/EX-L 2WD do have) and only 4WD models have a windshield washer fluid level sensor. :mad:
  • ninenoterninenoter Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    A salesman showed me a build/delivery sheet yesterday which had about 8 2011 Pilots listed with build dates of the third week in March and delivery to his dealership before April 10th. I'm trying to decide to buy a 2010 model or wait for the 201 model. The trim level I'm looking for was on the delivery sheet.
  • BIG difference in the glass! WELL worth it!
  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    Wonder how many decibels those glass can knock off the NVH chart compare to the regular glass?
  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    edited March 2010
    Ninenoter: If you can wait, then test drive the 2011 first and make your decision. The 2010 Pilot's price has nowhere to go but down with time.
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 30
    Hi --

    We are looking at the Pilot and are trying to decide whether to purchase either the 2010 EX-L or Touring...or whether to wait until the 2011 models come out...and then look at the new EX-L and/or Touring. Does anyone know whether or not NAV will be an option on the EX-L or whether it will remain on Touring only? Also, does anyone know what the increase in invoice will be from 2010 to 2011 on the EX-L and/or Touring? Thanks! :)
  • tellis22tellis22 Posts: 1
    Is there any website that we as potential buyers can browse to see this new 2011 Pilot. I am anxious to at least know ALL the definate changes that are on this vehicle. I currently own a 2004 Pilot and it has giving me nothing short of superb performance.
  • If I am in the market for a pilot, and I do not care about 2010 vs 2011, what will be the ideal time to buy? Would there be an expected added bonus for waiting until late March/Early April?
  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    tellis22: To clear out 2010 Pilot, there will not be any official website for 2011 Pilot yet. Affair of losing sale on current models, Honda is often very tight lips about their new model changes.

    clarence10:what will be the ideal time to buy?: when you get the lowest price and interest rate on the model you want. So, wait for the 2011 Pilot come out and compare price and incentives vs 2010.

    Would there be an expected added bonus for waiting until late March/Early April? Of course. Price will be lower for 2010 Pilot. However, there may be less choice (color/trim/availability). With 2011 Pilot, there will be some upgrades for the same MSRP. So time is your friend in this case.

    crv123: Navi will be available in EX models. 2011 Pilot price may be + <1% (~$200-$390) depend on trim vs 2010's.
  • charmagcharmag Posts: 4
    Do you know if the EX-L models w/ Navi will also include Bluetooth and the USB port. Those are the only things I care about on the Touring. Any idea on prices of the EX-L w/Navi?
  • btkx15btkx15 Posts: 3
    Went to my local Honda dealer to get a 2010 Hona Pilot. they were sold out, he said they should be getting the 2011 in early April. Can anyone else confirm?
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 30
    According to one of my local dealers, the 2011s should start arriving within the next few/several weeks. I've read late March - mid April...and when I recently told the dealers I had been talking to about a 2010 Pilot, that I was going to wait a few weeks until the 2011 Pilot came out, they didn't I believe that the timing must be relatively accurate. I would ask the dealer who is out of the 2010s, when they expect the 2011s to arrive...just to re-confirm.
  • Local dealer here in Oklahoma City received several 2011 Pilots Friday. I took a good look at them and didn't notice a bit of difference from the 2010s. Same colors, same grill, same trim levels. I took the $1500 cash back offer and went with a 2010 EX-L RES.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 301
    Its official -
    there are no changes to the 2011 Pilot except NAV is now available on EXL trim.

    Those hoping for more changes will have to wait for the 2012 Pilot.
  • There are a few changes for 2011 Pilot ...
    1) For Touring only, Diamond White Pearl color is now available (different from Taffeta White)
    2) EX-L will be available with Navi as noted earlier
    3) Touring will no longer offer a Navi only option, you will have to get both RES and Navi

    That's all the changes I'm aware of.
  • nanoguynanoguy Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    I purchased 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD today.

    $30,900 + TTL + fees = $34,500 OTD. :)
  • mermaid1mermaid1 Posts: 4
    The start price of $30,900 was really good. However, you seem to have an excessive amount of fees. I was quote $31,900 + TTL for a 2011 and $30,900 + TTL for a 2010. I believe that I'll go with the 2010 because the 2011 doesn't offer any cashback and finance incentives, while the 2010 does.
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