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2011 Honda Pilot



  • slailorslailor Posts: 5
    Did the $31,900 include the documentation fee?
  • mermaid1mermaid1 Posts: 4
    No, Doc fee is 395
  • chesterschesters Posts: 7
    I noticed a USB port in the 2011 EX-L w/Nav during a test drive. Not sure about Bluetooth.
  • mtairyordgemtairyordge Posts: 144
    I have a question on the operation of the front and rear seat system. I understand that the kids in the back can listen to one audio/video source independent of the front passengers. My question is can this be done without the front system being on. I have not been able to find the correct key combinations, so I have the radio on with no sound while the kids watch listen to video. Can anyone tellme the key....the owners manual is not helpful.
  • ksm01ksm01 Posts: 4
    where did you purchase this ? that's phenomenal offer. please let me know, thanks in advance.
  • chesterschesters Posts: 7
    The two vents located at the top of the center console (for second row passengers) of my new 2011 Touring never blow air, regardless of what I have tried – changing mode to “top only”, “bottom only”, “auto”. Air always comes out from the bottom of the center console. Is there anything I missed or could this be a defect?
  • Has anyone known if honda improved its brake for 2011 pilot. It was said the 2010 version had a long braking distance of 150 feet from 60mph to 0mph.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    I had the same "issue" with my MDX when I first bought it. Are you adjusting just the rear controls? You have to monkey w/ the "dual" and "rear" buttons in the front seat console to adjust the rears.
  • oldoigoldoig Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2011 Pilot on 4/7, steering wheel and brakes, all works pretty good. You have it, you will like it.
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    What a week - Learned Saturday that my father-in-law wanted to buy our expedition and made an offer we couldn't refuse. So it was time to buy a new SUV for the wife. She really liked the pilot and I love my '06 ridgeline so we zeroed in out the pilot and I started doing a bunch of research. First off I'm not sure why Edmunds shows no love to the Pilot. I/We looked at all of the main competitors and here is that result.

    1. Ford Flex - my 8 year summed it up when I asked him about this car - No thank you - due to the unique styling we never spent any time with it.
    2. Hyundai Veracruz - same price as a Honda Pilot and the reviews were so-so on this car.
    3. GMC/GM/Buick - You want leather with that - that will be 40,000 and also have a personal problem with Government Motors..
    4. Mazda CX-9 Touring - Great price, 0% Financing and keyless entry/start and power lift gate - those where the positives that we got. The car was much smaller than the pilot . We have a 8 year and 9 month - in the pilot my wife was able to sit between the two them and was comfortable - the CX-9 is much more narrow and would have made our 8 year have to travel in the 3rd row. Also, the passenger front seat could not go up or down which is needed for taller passengers. I felt like I was sitting way high (I'm 6'1 with a long torso). Driver seat was very comfortable. The CX-9 is sexy but not as practical for a family.
    5. Toyota Highland - saw a great detailed review on the site comparing the two and personally think that Toyota has some of the sleaziest sales people. Based on the review posted here, the problems that Toyota is facing and the fact that it is basically the same width as a CX-9 we decided not to test drive.

    Why we chose the pilot -
    1. It is a Honda and reputation means something
    2. Car and Driver had a great update on there long term test of the Honda Pilot - 40,000 high marks. I put a lot of stock in to those types of test/reviews vs. just a couple of hour reviews.
    3. Consumer reports and most other were in love with the Pilot
    4. It is very roomy inside and very comfortable
    5. Rides very nice
    6. My wife really liked it (so did my son)
  • chesterschesters Posts: 7
    Brought it in to the dealership and told that the "mode" control was damaged during the production. They have ordered the part and will replace it. Wonder how this passed the quality control.
  • nklatskynklatsky Posts: 2
    I just completed a frustrating month trying to get a 2010 Pilot with the low financing rate, to find out there are no more 2010's available. Has anyone heard of the low financing becoming available? Any thoughts if Honda might do this again for this model?
  • mybuymybuy Posts: 42
    When I was looking at the end of March, I couldn't find a 2010 either - they kept disappearing as soon as one was found. I finally found out that Honda was offering the incentives for 2011s when a dealership ran out of 2010s. I was able to lease a 2011 from a dealer who was out of 2010s. You might ask the question about incentives on 2011s. Good luck.
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    I searched most of the country East of the Mississippi and only found Dallas to have a large qty of 2010's. The one I found an hour away the guy was not dealing at all wanted me to pay the more than what I paid for my 2011.

    I purchased a 2011 last week EX-L my price was 31,600 plus tax for a total of 33,800 out the door. I was able to get a 3.29% interest rate from the dealership. The key to getting a good rate is to have one line up outside - I let them know that I had a 4.19% from my bank USAA.

    Good luck - my wife tells me it is a great car... :-(
  • nklatskynklatsky Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback....I always hate the car buying process...It always seems that whatever car I want , the dealer claims to never make any money off of it/ giving it away...etc....such drives me nuts! I know that on some level they know that I know they are full of it...but I want the car....I know I have to bring a friend along who is not emotional about the purchase..and can tell me to walk away..Wall street...and car dealers...the worst.
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    Trying going through the internet department and if you have a car buying service available to you us that - it will put you touch with someone who is use to dealing via email and phone. I did my entire deal over the phone and it took me about 45 mins between two dealers to get my deal. Also, use the price that I got as a starting point.

    Good luck
  • swoosh2swoosh2 Posts: 2
    what was the sticker price on this Pilot? I live in NY and this same vehicle has a sticker price of $36,305
  • swoosh2swoosh2 Posts: 2
    What was the sticker price on the 2011 Pilot you purchased? What is the Dealers Name and Phone Number? I plan on picking up a 2011 Pilot EXL on Friday. Those plans could change if I can get the same deal as you

    Thank you in advance
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,964
    Check the Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion too.

    But no phone numbers please - they change and we wind up getting complaints. You can use the dealer web site for current contact info.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • New to the forum... Going to buy a 2011 EX-L. Trying to decide if navigation is worth it? Does the usb come standard on the EX-L or do you have to get the navigation package? Is the navigation worth an extra 2,000?

    More important question... dealer quote around 33,300 with navigation. Probably can get him down another couple hundred. Out the door with everything... around 35,500. Good deal?
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