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Volkswagen Passat 2005 and earlier



  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Just click on *vwguild*...
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Picture it: A Passat W8 Coupe with say 285hp and a price under 40K! There you have the perfect VW.

  • spider6spider6 Posts: 35
    I have my Passat for about 3 weeks now. I can't say enough good things about this cars. So many features and adanced technologies in a mid 20K car! This is the have my cake and eat it too car which is rare if not impossible to find nowdays. So here we go the PROs:
    1)A stunner! The whole car is extemely stylish! Nothing on the market can even come close expect for the Bimmers and Mercs which costs 10K or more. Everywhere I go people seem to turn their heads and stare at my black Passat with grey leather sunroof and my pounding stereo.
    2)The doors close like a bank vault every time I shut it I had to double check that it isn't a Merc.
    My father the C Class shuts the same except it doesn't have individual courtesy light under
    each of the doors.
    3)The car is larger than Audi A4 and better shoulder and head room than C Class Merc.Fade in/out light and stereo, stereo with speed compensating feature, top quality interior material and construction like an Audi!
    4)1.8T engine is a wonder! It picks up speed extremely fast, very very responsive so it doesn't feel weak at all. Low end take off is typical of a small engine when compared to large new V6
    or V8. Once the speed is above 20 MPH I can't pretty much leave most of traffic in the dust in
    a matter of seconds.
    5)Seats are covered in thick beautiful leather, it smells wonderful and rich! All the lights inside the cabin lit up like stars in the sky at night! It also features one of the most attractive dash
    I have ever seen on any car!
    6)One touch operations on front power windows, all window has pinch control(no cars in the price range offers it that i can think of). Soft touch interior everywhere, many leather covered surfaces are stitched like a fine piece of leather jacket. Just amazing! I am still have my mouth wide open and stunned on finding out all of the features, too bad the Germans are so used to this VW don't even both tell you all of the features, like they said it the brochure, they stopped counting after 40 standard features, trust me there are more whole lot more...
    7)buy the turbo save a few $$ for all kinds of cool add ons, large wheels, tinted window, etc
    the turbo is just awesome it has a cool zing sound to it when pushed a little. IT CAN GO VERY FAST IF YOU GIVE A little TIME! Overall very quite car and very smooth and refined. Some people don't like the 15 inch continental tires, I found them to be very quite just right amount of grip and ride comfort is top notch.
    Cons: JUST ONE!
    1)My trip computer started to act funny after 700 miles. It suppose to come on when I turn the
    key to ON position, the problem is that it sometime doesn't like to come on!! My dealer ordered
    a new trip computer module to replace the whole trip computer, Hopefully this is one time deal and will never happen again!
    This is the car to beat if you are shopping around. All of the German engineering for little money and yes I dont think I would had the trip computer problem if this is a Toyota or lexus.
    This car makes you fall in love with it. Simply one of the most gorgeous car in the mid $20K
    range, no other imports or domestic COMES CLOSE!
  • nucar02nucar02 Posts: 15
    Hi all..

    I am enjoying the pre-buying experience of a new Passat! Test drove a couple yesterday :-)

    Dealer offered me $3,000 off any GLX. So we're talking $27,375 + tax/lic for a GLX .. that's a couple hundred below invoice!!

    So even if I decide on the GLS 1.8T loaded with Leather, Luxury Package and Monsoon.. I am looking at invoice of $24,500 TMV of $25,400. So for $2000 more than TMV on the GLS I can get the V6 GLX. (sounds good!)

    Is there any reason to shop around? Thanks for any advice.
  • routerdogrouterdog Posts: 3
    Anyone know if there is a way to have the dash/gauges light up without turning on the headlights (Euroswitch?). It may be my aging eyes but sometimes I find it hard to read the speedometer, etc. during daylight - turn on my headlights and they're readable.
  • mehameha Posts: 2
    Does anyone know why the invoice price provided by Edmunds is about $300 less than the invoice price provided by and other dealers? I'm planning to get a black 1.8T (Auto) with Luxury and Monsoon (I'm told that cars without Monsoon is hard to come by in LA area) and the best quote I have is $23,500. Edmunds says Invoice is $23,069 (91101 zip code). Carsdirect and VW dealer in Pasadena says invoice is $23,386. Where did the $317 go?

    I'm planning to buy this at invoice price, so the number is critical.
  • peachtree103peachtree103 Posts: 189
    VWguild or another will be around soon to clarify, but in addition to the "invoice price" on the VW invoice listed by edmunds, there are a few other fees charged by VW that are clearly printed on the invoice that Edmunds does not include. They are real fees charged to the Dealer by VOA. Unless you need further detailing, just go with the higher "invoice" numbers.
  • claywaterfillclaywaterfill Posts: 534
    The numbers listed as "Invoice" by Edmunds is not always invoice--they miss it by a few hundred on may cars. As peachtree said, VW has some fees that Edmunds does not include. Also note that below the TMV info Edmunds does tell you that there may be local fees (like advertising) not reflected in their invoice price. Since the VW dealer and carsdirect both gave the me invoice, you shouls assume they are correct.

    Bsides, I think you are a little too worked up here. "I'm planning to buy at invoice price so the number is critical." Critical? $317 on a $23,000+ car? If you like the car $114 over invoice does not sound too bad. Don't turn this into a war over $317--or worse yet, $114. Two dollars a month on your payment is not worth it. Good luck to you!
  • birdboy1birdboy1 Posts: 39
    Hi Routerdog,
    I thought That i was being just a tad too picky when I mentioned this to a friend, however it is due to people like you, me and all the board members that cars improve. I also have had difficulty at times in the day seeing the dash clearly. If you or anyone else finds out if the lights can be wired to the daytime lights , please let me know.
    Except for two mil light malfunctions, and a new power outlet needing relacement for my cell phone, I have 9,352 happy miles on my 02 1.8t Passat.
  • pkraddpkradd Posts: 358
    I noticed that the W8 Passat has a slightly different look to the speedo, etc. It was a lot easier to read in the showroom without turning on the headlights. I wonder if this change will find its way into the other 2003 Passats.

    I also wonder when VW will figure out how to have the headlights go off automatically after turning the ignition off.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Base Price/Tip=$20863...Destination=$550...Port
    Prep=$25...FloorPlan Interest Reserve=$92...Luxury

    Grand Total = $23,186.00

    $200.00, no doubt, Regional Advertising Fee
  • nucar02nucar02 Posts: 15
    1) What do you all feel the resale value will be like on the '02 Passat GLX?

    2) What is the reliability on the Passat?

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The Passat has better than average reliability with the 1.8T and average with the V6, according to Consumer Reports.

    The Passat holds its value better than most other cars in its class. Don't worry about it, it will definitely hold its value.
  • After researching (and soul searching) for over six months, the husband and I are taking delivery on a bouncing Indigo Blue/gray leather Passat GLS 5 speed!

    We are very pleased with the deal I negotiated with Greenbrier VW (Chesapeake, VA). With minimal haggling, Robert Chin (the sales manager) and I agreed on $24K even (before tax, license, and title). I did complain about not wanting the Monsoon; we're big aftermarket fans and want to install an MP3 player. But that's okay...Robert located the car in Wilmington NC and we should be getting the Passat tomorrow!

    $25,000 out the door. And we sold our 96 Accord to a college student for $ pesky trade to mess with.

    Color me stoked! (or Indigo...)
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I bought a Passat from Greenbrier last year;so far,I'm LOVING it. So keep us posted about you VW experiences.
    Usually,I research my purchases,too. But there is just something about the Passat...I loved it at first drive. The only other car I really considered was a BMW 525i;I think you have to look at that level to find a car as entertaining as the Vdub.
  • Oh, we researched the Accord, Camry, and Passat in great detail!

    Accord: great car, not exciting. Parents have a silver 2000. Heck, we already had a 1996!

    Camry: great car, not exciting either. Side airbags and ABS is extra on the 2002, driving the price into Passat range.

    Passat: all those safety features standard! (we have a 2 yr-old son so safety's #1). Also, rated highly by Consumer Reports.

    Honestly, if it received crummy ratings from CR, we wouldn't have bought it. I really like the Grand Cherokee but it sucks rocks in the reliability area. And this is the car to see us into retirement (well, DH's retirement in 2006; he's Navy).

    I've never owned anything but Japanese (Toyota, Nissan, Honda) so the German Experience will be brand-spanking new!

    I'm glad to hear you have good vibes about Greenbrier. Casey in Newport News really frosted my cookies this past weekend. Greenbrier has been a dream to work with (even easier than buying our Civic in 1994).

    I'm tingling, folks!
  • avillanuevaavillanueva Posts: 11
    In the past month the price of a GLS 1.8 automatic Passat with a luxury package has increased slightly based on Edmunds TMV (Philly region). Why are prices increasing at this time? I need to purchase a car by late June, at the latest, and am wondering what I can expect in terms of a price. Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  • pkraddpkradd Posts: 358
    An article in the 5/16 Wall Street Journal has some interesting things to say about the direction of the various car lines. While mostly about Audi - going more upscale with aggressive styling and high tech ala BMW, it does mention that VW will keep the Passat and the rest of the line more conservative. This will probably mean in price as well. So, I suspect that the new president has decided things differently then Mr. Piech. More delination between Audi & VW is in the future.
  • routerdogrouterdog Posts: 3
    I just bought a GLS 5spd with Lux and Monsoon for invoice from Pitcairn Volkswagen in Oxford Valley (salesman was Andrew Kraft) No haggling, just a little reluctancy on their part.
    (215) 741-4100

    I had also gotten the same offer from Colonial VW on Street Road in Bensalem - same car -different color - at invoice, and was on my way to pick it up when the salesman called and told me the car had been sold to someone else. I then heard that Colonial does this a lot!

    Don't know why the price should be going up! They should be coming down getting ready to sell the 2003's

    Good Luck! Let me know how it turns out
  • avillanuevaavillanueva Posts: 11
    Thanks for the feedback. Will follow up with these dealerships.
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