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GMC Yukon XL Normal Oil Usage?



  • headgame01headgame01 Posts: 15
    Bigmak, Don't expect that to work. I had the issues for about 9-12month and by the time I was done, they did the oil deflector and cleaning, replaced both complete head, replaced the Piston, Rods, Bearings, and rings. I would have been cheaper to replace the engine the first time. They had to remove the engine twice to do all this. The labor alone probably cost more than what the engine would have cost with only one labor charge. Good luck with your issue. Mine is pretty good but they finally fixed it at 90K on my engine. So a new engine rebuild at 90K. I hope at 120K I don't have issues.
  • bigmakbigmak Posts: 3
    Weird thing was the last time it happened the check engine lite nor the oil lite even came on. Thankfully I just happened to check the oil cause I was going on vacation. I couldnt even see any oil on the dipstick, and I only put about 200 miles on it since I had picked it up from service dept. Truck only has 45,000 on it,. Hopin for the best. good luck to you too!
  • bigmakbigmak Posts: 3
    Just picked up truck from dealer after installation of oil deflector. Got home and just to be sure I checked the oil. Oil was overfilled, was about 1/4 in. above the cross-hatching on the dipstick.Is this bad for my truck and did dealer purposely do this to make consumption not look so bad?
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Hello bigmak,
    Per the 2009 Sierra manual, p. 5-16, "Do not add too much oil. If the engine
    has so much oil that the oil level gets above the cross-hatched area that shows the proper operating range, the engine could be damaged."
    I'm sorry that this occurred - if you would like for us to look into anything, please contact us at (include your name and contact information ans the last 8 of your VIN).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 1,521
    There is "extra" room by design because people aren't perfect and minor errors do occur. Was the oil level exactly where it should be? Sounds like that is a no. But was it high enough to be a concern, actually, that is also a no.

    In the high pressure to turn work at a pace that is way faster than anyone should have to be expected to perform atmosphere of a dealership service department some accuracy issues you are inevitable. The tech simply poured in the entire last bottle of oil instead of stopping with about 1/3rd of it left over. The "dealership" as an entity isn't out to try and sneak something by you as you suggested. This may well be the only thing the tech didn't do perfect while he/she got paid for about 70% of the time that actually gets invested to do the repair.
  • Looks like I too am a victim of this engine. Yesterday while driving my truck started sputtering and all the "brake system" and "traction control" light came on. The vehicle is sputtering and it appears that the fuel management system is acting up. I have noticed lately that I have been consuming more oil. Im at 97k miles, so I better get it in soon. If they give me the run around at the dealership Im not sure what I can do.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 1,521
    If you insist on being a victim then that's what you will be. Since when did eveyone get the idea that a car is anything other than a machine that requires service and repair on a consistent basis? It's true that much of the blame belongs with any manufacturers or their sales people who attempted to promote their product as not needing as much servicing as the vehicles in the past did. Then another healthy dose of the blame belongs to "consumer experts" who sell their opinions to those who will listen to them as they usually only tell the consumers what the consumers want to hear.

    Machines (cars) break and need repaired. An engine that needs oil added at various intervals between services is NORMAL!Those two situations do not make you a victim, they make you a vehicle owner, the only question right now is whether you are a responsible one or not. If I played the consumer expert line and pretended that it isn't normal for an engine to use oil you would be happy to listen to me because it's what you want to hear. Telling you the truth, tactfully or otherwise will likely make this something people who want to make someone else responsible for their problem unhappy.

    Now the symptoms you described SUGGEST that your having an issue with one of the wheel speed sensors or it's wiring. That could cause the traction control system to falsely think your experiencing wheel slippage and that could cause the system to reduce the engine power at times. Without feeling the "sputtering" your experiencing frst hand there is no way to know if this is a false traction control issue or if your engine is misfiring. Does your Check Engine light flash, or is it already on?

    If this is a misfire and you have a flashing check engine light, you need that car serviced right now, not later. A misfire will in turn damage the catalytic convertor and then you would have an expensive repair on your hands and want to be the victim all over again when you had the ability, as well as the opportunity where you could have done something about it.
  • To JLOVE2007,

    Not sure who you are addressing on the Oil Consumption issue, but I respectfully disagree that oil usage of the level that people are seeing is normal. To use over 1 quart every 1000 miles is not normal. As a matter of FACT if you read the manual and GM policy it is way over what is expected. Also, a FACT is that GM has issued a service bulletin about the oil usage in 2007 5.3 L engines. There are very defined steps that have to be taken to verify this but in most cases they end up basically rebuilding part or all of the engine by the time they are done. So, to sum the Oil issue up that most posts on here are addressing, you need to read them and get a clue as to what they are talking about. If it was not an issue the GM Customer relations would not be on here asking to help with the situation that many dealers refuse to acknowledge exists.

    As for the Sputtering Engine piece. You are correct it could be many things and people need to either have the knowledge to evaluate it or take it to someone who does.


  • bobg76bobg76 Posts: 6
    My 2007 Yukon XL was consuming more than a quart of oil every 2000 miles beginning around the 65,000 mark. After 40,000 of on going oil consumption monitoring by the dealer and 4 separate procedures on the engine to patch the problem, my engine was finally replaced by GM at 105,000 (about 750 hours). Patients and persistance won out for me this time.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 1,521
    It's difficult for this discussion to take place without letting emotions get in the way. By what criteria are you making the statement that an engine using oil isn't normal? The vehicles are equipped with a low oil level detection system, as well as the good old fashioned dip-stick. If engines truly never used oil why would they be necessary?

    Having been a mechanic/technician since the mid 70's and having personally rebuilt hundreds of engines it's fair to say that I know a little more about them than the average person. I know when they need taken apart and repaired, and I also know when it's a waste of time and money and there has never been a greater waste of resources than I have seen take place when the reported problem is an oil consumption issue, and nothing else.

    Let's play with a scenario. You have an engine using a quart of oil in 1000 miles. The oil costs $5.00 a quart. So in 100,000 miles you would spend $500 on oil that needed to be added. Attempting to repair that engine let's put the number at $2000, and lets say it's "successful" and now you only use one quart in 2500 miles. You'd still be spending $200 for replacement oil in the next 100,000 miles plus you have to figure the $2000 for the service work which means you spent $2200 to save $300. Now tell me how that is reasonable.

    The only thing that is occurring here is many of the posters want this repair if and only if they can get someone else to pay for it. What you don't see as a "consumer" is you end up paying for all of this in the end because the manufacturer has to pass any costs of doing business right back onto their customers in one way or another. No matter how popular the solution may sound as in "they replaced myengine for free", it may have been free to you at the moment, but every other consumer actually had to chip in and pay for it.

    As far as the routine to try and curb the engine oil use rate covered by the bulletins, I'll remind you that I am a professional mechanic and have access to every bulletin ever printed from every manufacturer. If you read the posts in nthei very forum you will find failure, after failure, after failure, to alleviate the concern when following those bulletins. This isn't the first, the only, nor will it be the last time any manufacturer deals with such reports. Trying to fix something that isn't broken results in no change in the vehicles operation. Replacing the engine can of course make a difference for a short time but typically the same neglect that set the stage for the first consumption issue is rarely corrected by an owners service habits and the new engine turns around and eventually suffers the same fate. Meanwhile someone who understands and accepts the situation rolls merrily along at a fraction of the cost of any of the repairs with a vehicle that serves them wonderfully as long as they care for it like they are supposed to.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 1,521
    I have a customer who has a 2002 Toyota Highlaner that has used about 1qt of oil per 1000 miles for the last four years. She got used to adding oil as required and now has just over 225,000 miles on the car and it's doing just fine. The last time she was in she asked if it will see 300,000 which means she will plan on replacing it in about four more years. There is no reason that I can see that suggests she won't get that far. But she will be adding oil the whole time,with no where near the expense nor the futile effort of trying to "fix" it.
  • Good luck getting it resolved!! I have been dealing with the same thing and much much more for over 40k miles now. 6 different oil consumption tests (using anywhere from 3-4.5 qts in 3k miles) all showing problems, "fixed it" multiple times just to have the same issue before the next oil change. Problem is dealers around here want you to drop your car off first thing in the morning and leave it all day for an oil change... when you have kids and a job that’s hard to do. Mine has been nothing but a headache.. problem after problem. I have replaced (all before 100k) motor mounts, throttle control position sensor, battery, sway bar links, ball joints, the power lift gate and power running boards went out, cruise control stopped working, transmission slips ALL THE TIME and I baby this vehicle!! I have always been a "GM" girl, every single vehicle I have owned has been GM same with my husband as well. I normally get bored with a car and change every couple of years but was hoping to have my Yukon to 300k+ like I did my 99 Silverado with the 5.3 (and never had to touch the engine)... BOY WAS I WRONG!! Not only is it junk, but everyone knows they are junk so good luck getting your money back out of it. We are in the market for a new car and my husband REFUSES to buy another GM vehicle and I am on board with him. After repeatedly dealing with GM's "supposed" customer service department and got absolutely nowhere (except to customer service reps that can barely speak English) I don't know what else to do. I leave messages all the time for different reps and never get calls back. I’m told now that the engine really needs to be replaced, it stinks horribly bad of burning oil all the time, exhaust smells like rotten eggs ( cat converter apparently needs to be replaced too) You would think after spending as much money as we do on these vehicles they could at least stand behind their products :(
  • looks like you had many of the same issues we have had w/or 2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali. We replaced just about everything, the oil we battled from around 40kmiles up to 100k miles. Finally the dealer replaced the piston rings, which seems to have stopped the burning. It still doesn't run like it did earl on, seems sluggish, transmission seem to jerk and slip at times, could never get anything done w/it. Now air-ride system and rear shocks seem to be out. Reported the motor that provides the air but was told that noise was normal...typically challenges you run into when trying to report problem. They want the car all day, then don't fix, you have to keep trying but they act like your crazy at times. Oh well, $55k+ vehicle and nothing but issues. I won't be buying another GM car...always tried to sticko American made cars..always GM but i guess none of them are worth it, nor truly American made in the end.
  • I completely agree, it is so frusterating!! Especially when you look at how much money we spend on that GM brand! Its sickening... I wanted to roll my window down and say sorry to someone I pulled up next to at a stoplight today that had just bought a brand new Acaia, but I bit my tongue and kept driving. Eventually consumers / customers will figure it out and be where we are, and GM will be belly up.
  • After 40,000 miles and ongoing fixes (4) as well as ongoing oil consumption test, GM finally replaced our engine!!
  • I am so glad I came upon this board! I have an 08 Suburban that has been very dependable, except I noticed increasing oil consumption at about 60,000 miles. I do my own maintenance, so started adding oil sporadically. At about 80,000 miles, it was using about 1 qt per thousand miles. Of course, I didn't know there was a defect in the 5.3 engine, so figured I would have to eat the problem eventually. Of course, now at 108,000 and using 1 qt per 750 miles, I read about the problems with this engine. I called our local dealer(very reputable) and talked to the service lady, told her the miles ect. She understood the problem, said I need a consumption test, and even stated that they would work with me even though the warranty had expired. I went in, and one of the service people on the floor basically showed me the door, said they will not help me out, while admitting they have had many problems with these vehicles! He said, "Once you are over 100,000 you are on your own". I went to the dealers used car lot and was going to trade it on a used 2012 with 20,000 miles on it when my conscience got the best of me. I can't imagine someone else buying what they thought was a dependable vehicle, and running it out of oil before 3000 miles! I called GM and told them my story, got a case number ect. I was instructed to bring it back in and have a diagnostic test performed and possibly an oil consumption test. Question, am I wasting my time? Has anyone had any luck with this problem out of warranty? I am so mad I must have lost 3 hours of sleep last night! GM should have sent a bulletin out to owners telling of this defect, and alerting us to have it checked before the warranty expired. I know, it is not cost effective in the short term, but one person can poison many others about a brand they have had trouble with, and all the advertising in the world will not sway a negative personal testimony!
  • Well, you are like many who got screwed the day you bought that vehicle. I went through this from around 40k miles. At first, not really worried given i had extended bumper to bumper to 100k and the engine/drive train is covered to 100k either way. My wife took it in religiously for the oil consumption test. It was burning 1 Q per 3-4k miles, they also do all our maint/oil changes, so as they were doing the oil consumption test, i started to check when she got home. I noticed they added an extra Q each time, so that towards the end of the cycle, it would be close to normal. We dealt with this for well over 1 year, called GM, never got anywhere. Finally they acted like they were going to do me a favor, checked w/the area GM rep and were going to fix this thing. When i picked it up, i questioned what they did, as i was under the impression they might be replacing the engine. NO, all they did was change out some type of splash guard, which they felt oil could slip behind, be burned and cause this symptom. So we are back to oil consumpiton and moniting. Same results, although now i'm up in the 80 miles range and it's burning 1Q for every 1K miles. Couldn't believe it wasn't smoking but it was surely burning. Contacted GM again, dealer, got nowhere. I finally took it back to the dealer i actually purchased it from, they quickly took it in to check things out. We picked it up, asked what they did. They actually replaced the pistons/rings, which was more work than anyone really did. At this point, i'm closing in on 100k miles. It doesn't appear to be burning oil like it had, so i was somewhat relived that i finally got something done. Looking back, they should have replaced this engine and should still do so. I'm over 100k so that's never going to happen. I worry it's just a matter of time. It doesn't have the power it did early on, which is why i purchased, spend the money and higher fuel expense to have the Denali. You better find some way soon to have them fix yours.. all the test will just prolong the same results.
  • Ya, I was afraid of that! Glad you got yours taken care of. I'll keep posting to let everyone know what happens. Wish I would have seen this board two years ago!
  • Well bad news! The service manager called me before my appointment and said it would be a waste of time. He said GM will NOT stand behind me on the oil consumption issue out of warranty. Guess I will just keep adding oil until the thing hatches and go from there! Anybody have some suggestions? Ford, Toyota? I know Nissan is not the answer!
  • Oil consumption is covered under the 100,000 drive trane warranty. Go back to your service manager...
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