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GMC Yukon XL Normal Oil Usage?



  • I myself have went back to my "service manager" multiple times.. and have gotten nowhere with them. the dealership is the small guy. GM needs to step up and do right or they will be loosing a lot of customers...
  • Well, after talking to another service manager from another dealer, and GM, I decided to try some Rislone, and AT-205 Re seal added with the oil. After 1100 miles, I am pleased to report that the oil has not moved on the stick! I am going on a 3000 mile trip out east over the holidays, so will give a report on the oil use when I get back. 110,000 miles on the 5.3 now
  • How did you get GM to replace your engine? I brought my Yukon 2008 in while still covered under warranty with the oil consumption issue that EVERYONE is describing. I burn 1 quart every 1000miles. valve cover fix and cleaning did not work. Now they want to do the pistons but say that they will do this and no more. OR I can pay $3000 for engine replacement. Why do I need to pay to have my vehicle which was under extended warranty fixed? This is a known problem. Why are they not standing behind their product. Also I paid money for the GM APP and they are not standing behind that. Dealer says they wouldn't be comfortable replacing pistons and rings and having everything work after this. Real comforthing.... I only purchased Toyotas before this. Loved this Yukon but I can not afford vehicles like this when they don't work right. Really 1 quart every 1000 miles. Any help in this engine replacement would be really appreciated.
  • I am posting on every website and will post to all my facebook friends soon. I am trying to understand how GM rep can say that they will not continue to try to fix my Yukon 2008 that I brought into a dealership while covered under the extended warranty that I paid extra money for. They put in the modified value cover and did the cleaning process on my Yukon to resovle the 1 quart of oil per 1000 miles from burning. This did not work. They said that they will do the pistons and rings but will not continue with fixes if this doesn't work. How can this be? I brought it in under warranty when this problem started and the problem has not improved at all. They say they will replace my engine if I pay $3000 for it. Does this sound right to anyone?? My husband had a Nissan once with the extended warranty and they didn't even hesistate on replacing that engine when it had a problem. I had Toyotas prior to this and have never had this type of very serious issue. Buring 1qt per 1000 miles is crazy. Why won't they stand behind their product??? I thought this was the best vehicle that I owned prior to these issues. I'm very concerned and very disapointed especially since I'd like to stay with American made.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Are you already in contact with Customer Assistance, suek2008? Let us know if we can check into anything further by contacting us at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and a summary of the situation so far).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • What difference will it make? Your customer service center tells us customers "I am so sorry for the inconvience" then you ask us to take it to a Certified GM dealership and have it diagnosed at anywhere from $104 - $200 out of our pocket so you can have "confirmation" that your products suck. This is more than an inconvience for us customers... This is a problem you are well aware of and it BS that GM hasnt taken the steps to resolve the issue and to take care of your customers (some who spent $60,000 on a heap of metal and plastic that wont even make it to 150,000 miles!)
  • jgooglejgoogle Posts: 5
    My 2008 Yukon had similar systems as message #192. The difference was the outcome. My engine blew! There has got to be a remedy here from GM. I changed the oil regularly and kept it in good condition. 114,000 miles on it but cared for it. DAM!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    We can check into any available options if you wanted to contact us via email at with more information (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation). We cannot guarantee the outcome of the inquiry, but we will look into this thoroughly.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • jgooglejgoogle Posts: 5
    edited May 2013
    I see the growing number of complaints on this site alone. I also see a lot of people talking Toyota and Nissan. I have always did my best, without knowing all the facts about the origin of "American" cars, to support my fellow citizens in my purchasing of American cars. I didn't know all the facts then, and I just assume not. But this is not the American way. GM, we need you to bail us out, bail out being the key words here. We bought your product and it failed. And the money you are wasting on training your Service Advisors on how to give us, the American consumers, the run a round, could be better spent on training your engineers who created this problem to come up with a better product in the future. But right now, you need to stand up and back up the people who backed you throughout the highs and lows of the economy.
  • kwoerfelkwoerfel Posts: 1
    What is the GM recommended process for proceeding, gaining info/repairs, or dealing with this problem?
    I purchased my 2007 used Yukon XL in late May 2011 with approximately 52,000 miles on it. I have had a 1997 Suburban (got to over 190,000 miles on it and then it was totaled after the engine started on fire) and a 2001 Yukon XL. I still have the 01 and it has over 160K miles. I never needed to put oil in these vehicles in between oil changes. I now need to carry a case of oil with me at all times. I had the car just over a month and saw the Low Oil message. I checked the oil and it didn't register any oil. I filled and then saw these concerns online. I then checked my oil at every fill up of gas. I have to replace one to two quarts every few thousand miles. It is always dirty brown except just after an oil change. I have gotten regular oil changes since then (every 3000-4000 miles). I now have over 88,000 miles on the car. I love this car except for this problem. I have addressed this concern with the dealership at almost all of my other repair visits. They have told me they are not aware of any issues with these engines. I would just like to know what GM recommends for action on my part to make sure I do whatever is needed to make sure this vehicle lasts at least another 100k miles. I am a dedicated Yukon XL owner and would like to continue to be but I am now wary of buying another one, especially if GM maintains their position that nothing is wrong with EVERYONE'S 07 Yukon XL engines.........
  • lpnp2010lpnp2010 Posts: 6
    Your dealer is not being honest with you.. and if they are I would find a different dealership. Any dealer service dept I have spoke to about my 2007 Yukon XL knows about the excessive oil consumption but have never seen the degree of usage mine has. They need to do an oil consumption test but good luck getting GM to do anything at all about the issue. They just pass the buck and make excuses.. like "it's completely normal to use over 2qts of oil in less than 2k miles" which is absolute BS!! Hopefully you get futher than I have in the last 2 years.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hi kwoerfel,

    I would also suggest visiting another dealership if you are unsatisfied with the service. If you need any further assistance with this issue please email me at ATTN Amber. We'd be happy to help you as best we can.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • jgooglejgoogle Posts: 5
    Well, I got to tell you, I never thought, in a million years that GM, an American company would turn their back on the consumer who bailed them out and kept them alive all this time. But they did, and you may want to prepare for a long wait. Because ol Amber here is the first of many who will be giving you a buffet of B.S. So I hope you are hungry.
    I don't know what the laws are for fraud there in your state, but if you don't want to waste your time, don't consult another dealership. Consult a law firm! How did Toyota and Honda pass GM by in volume? I think that compassion and honor have a lot to do with it. GM, You should be ashamed of yourselves!
  • jgooglejgoogle Posts: 5
    edited June 2013
    I have read a great deal of recent complaints on this and other forums. My car sits at a dealership here in Riverside CA. Who had nothing to do with the sale nor did they give me bad service. I was directed there by a GM Service person, such the one assisting most everyone in this forum, for a diagnostic test. The outcome is collapsed lifters. the same as the earlier problem that led me to my first rebuild. I am making two car payments now, one for the Yukon and one to Enterprise car rental. I have opted out of the game playing and have retained a lawyer. With no time or money to play the dealership to dealership oil pressure or whatever tests I see a lot of folks on here being forced to do, I hope that this lawyer gets me some justification after being ripped off by this so called American car company. After watching the crack heads on the job over there on 60 minutes or some investigative news show, the only thing American about this company is the American dollars they received in the bail out we were forced to give them. I will keep you posted on the outcome of my situation.
  • jgooglejgoogle Posts: 5
    What is wrong here? What is it with GM? They will do everything to dance around the issue instead of dealing with it. I know, just from this site and the others I review that GM has lost a tremendous customer base. I never thought in my life time that this would happened. How scandalous has Big Corporate become. If I worked there and saw what was happening outside of factories and offices you are encaged in, I would seriously worry about your career. Is GM so big, that a few thousand unhappy customers would not make a dent in "The bottom line"? remember when "Do the right thing" was the honorable reaction? Remember how we, as a nation would look down on imports because it just wasn't the American way? Well, I haven't really heard any issues with Japan's big 3. After Toyota's recall issue. And what happened to that CEO? I think jail time, maybe not. But public disgrace and humiliation at the very least. GM? Oh yeah, we bailed them out. Paid for our own inconveniences. In advance. What a joke. I am not laughing though, and I bet not too many people are. Accept of course, GM, all the way to the bank!
  • I had the same problem with my 2008. Service manager told me that he had 3 others in the shop with the same problem. He said that the v8 dropping off to 4 cylinders that the 4 dead were not oiling the cam and causing it to wear out. It also causes a low idle skip and with time this wear can cause ring damage to the pistons. My yukon only had 60000 miles, but was over 5 years old. GM agreed to pay 60/40 on the coverage. Mine did not have excessive oil use at the time, so they did not replace the rings on the pistons. However now at 74500 miles I have the low idle skip and very high oil usage, that started suddenly. I agree, I think GM should admitt there is a problem with design. I never got an answer from them if the change out of cam, lifters and rings will ensure that this is not just going to repeat itself.
  • gm needs to stop pawning people off and assuming they will just go away. I emailed their VP about my yukon and all the issues I have had with it and got no where... but a $5,000 certificate to use towards the purchase of a brand new one. my thing is why do I want to spend 65,000 on a vehicle that they arent standing behind now. PLUS nobody wants to give me more than 9,000 for an 07 with 150k for trade in because of the excessive oil consumption issues. im tired of the bs and being the issues being down played by GM... maybe its time to get everyone on here to file a class action suit against GM.. that seems to be the only way to force them to fix the issue we are all having.
  • Noticed oil consumption problems 15K ago when the truck started knocking. Turns out 2500 miles into an oil change I was 3 quarts low. Opened a case with GM, the closest dealership is 25 miles away (and in traffic that means 45 minutes one way). There is a Chevy dealership across the road but it had to be GMC according to them. I brought the vehicle to them 6 times, each time it was 1.5 quarts low after less than 1000 miles. They told me I needed to bring it every 500 miles but couldnt tell me how long I was going to have to do it for. Taking my own measurements wasnt going to be valid. I called GM to see if I could take it to a closer dealer (which would have to be Chevy - what's the big deal here - it's the same engine maker right?) they checked around and said no, I would need to take it to the original GMC dealer because "they were overbooked." Really? Overbooked for an oil consumption test? So now I am stuck having to try to get to a dealership that can be up to an 1.5 hour roundtrip every week or 2 and they can't tell me how long I need to do this for.

    Obviously this is a problem - you can read about it in various places on the internet. They have 6 readings which all were low after 1000 miles (they tried telling me it's normal to burn a qt every 1000 miles - i laughed - my 2002 Denali never burned an ounce). I think what they are trying to do is make it an inconvenient as possible so that I just forget about it. I'm going to forget about it all right - I'm going to sell it and never look back on GM. Their quality is suspect, their service is lousy, and they dont stand behind their products. I'm sure they could care less about "losing a customer" but I wont buy GM again and I definitely will steer people away if ever asked.
  • Hey everybody! Like all of you, our 2007 Gmc yukon burned 2 quarts between oil changes. The truck had 140,000 miles when it just started burning oil... I've looked around on Google and have found out that the main cause of the oil consumption was the active fuel management. There are aftermarket parts that can make it so it will disable the active fuel management. After this was done it doesn't burn any oil.

  • vayukonvayukon Posts: 1

    I am having my 2010 yukonxl with 93k miles in for the piston and ring replacement. Went through a few oil consumptions and there was a problem. Will check back once I get this done. Are there any engines that do not use oil? The dealership was business like but showed some attention to me . Do you think this will fix the problem or am I better off dumping it and buying a F150 King Ranch

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