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Nissan Maxima



  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    I know the feeling - it's nice to be done car shopping! You got a great deal on a great car. I bought the GLE, same color 2 months ago (no SR) and love it.

    Enjoy that drink!
  • I was looking at the performance specs(Car & Driver-last issue) for the 02 Maxima GLE vs. 01 Maxima GLE. The 01 had 0-60 of 6.9 vs '02 which had 0-60 of 7.8.
    Is this for real?? This might totally turn me off against considering the 02 Max vs. the 01. I'm really wondering if i should be paying $26k for the new Max when the '01 one is going in the DC area for $18.9k
  • Thnx alot, and I have enjoyed the drink, and the next one, and I am enjoying this one also. When things in the world are so [non-permissible content removed], it is good to know life in the USA is so GOOD! I hope after getting the Max I keep coming back here , we have a nice group of people, almost as good as the 300M board:-> Peace!!!!
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    That article was a Road Test, not a First Drive. They drove the Altima for a whole week:
    "How will Nissan be able to sell the Maxima with this all-new Altima sitting right next to it in dealer showrooms? That's the question our staff kept asking as we spent a week with the redesigned Altima, which oughta be nominated for some kind of 'Most Improved for 2002' award."
  • Yes they had the Altima for a week. BUT I was talking about the Maxima. They only did a First drive on the Maxima.

    My bad, it was not clear the way I phrased it.

  • robertrrobertr Posts: 125
    Check the transmissions on the cars they are giving times for. The 2001 0-60 of 6.9 sec sounds like a manual 5-speed, the automatic is about 1.5 sec slower. Also, it must have been an SE (5-spd), not a GLE (auto). The 7.8 sec for the 2002 must be an automatic so the 2002 manual should be about 6.3 seconds - consistent with the increased horsepower and extra gear. In fact, tests of the new 3.5 Altima 5-speed have been around 6.3 seconds 0-60.

    The 2002 Max is maybe half a second or better quicker 0 to 60 mph than the 2001 when you compare like transmissions.
  • Where are you guys getting these time, 7.8 sec is for the 00-01 Max and Road and track got those #'s for it in the May 2000 issue. 8.2 for the 95 auto no way the 95-96 auto where the fastest auto Max's prior to the 02's. C&D got it to 60 in 7.3 sec in the May 1995 issue and Motor Trend 7.6 back Feb of 1995. I have a 02SE auto and I timed it at 6.72 to 60 mph.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    I read somewhere that the 0-60 time for the I35 was 6.9 sec (forget where). So I figure the Max auto will be similar.

    The problem with Edmunds Altima vs. Maxima comments is that they have to play in the fairytale land where everyone pays MSRP. When you compare at MSRP, Altima 3.5 doesn't do too bad (as long as you don't load it up). Unfortunately, in real life the Max goes for as much or LESS than the Altima 3.5, so that whole camparison goes out the window. At least for now.
  • danny25danny25 Posts: 119
    I think it was the Dec. issue of C&D that got the I35 to 60 in 6.9 seconds. I also saw another test of the I35 somewhere else, it may have been Motor Trend, and it got to 60 in 7 seconds, pretty consistant.
  • rdl40rdl40 Posts: 60
    The Maxima SE 6-speed is on my final list of the next car to buy. I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to Nissan cars so I would like to ask the Maxima owners a couple of questions to help me decide.

    Question #1- Is torque steer a problem because of increased h.p.?
    2. Will this car last 200k? (my current 5-speed Taurus SHO has 170K on the odometer)
    3. Can I put 18" wheels on this car, if so what size tire?
    4. Anything else I need to know before buying?

    thanks for your help,
  • OK. So it seems that all of us who drive an '01 or '02 automatic Maxima experience a bit of a lag between first and second gears. It seems to be inherent to the car. My question is, will that affect the longevity / future performance of the car?? I read a post here that the TSBs fix doesn't fix it and aparently the TSB was only for the '00 units. I have the "lag" in my '01 SE. It does seem to lose some power between 1st & 2nd gears. Other than that, I like the way it downshifts to pass at the slightest "blip" of the throtle, from 4th to third or from 3rd to 2nd. So, what do you all think? Oh yeah - do the '02 Maximas do that also??
  • The tranny was beefed up in the 02's and the shifts are much smoother and that lag is gone. Trust me I had a 01 it was totalled and now I have the 02 and it is much smoother in the shifts.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    ..I test drove an SE 6-speed a few weeks ago and did not notice a significant increase in torque steer over that exhibited by my 1995 SE 5-speed.

    As for lasting 200k miles, I think it depends on how you take care of the car and the type of driving you do. My '95 has 118k miles and is in near new condition with absolutely no repairs required beyond routine maintenance. I am confident enough in its durability for another couple of years to decide to keep it and get a third car instead of trading up to a BMW 5-series at this time (we got a Honda S2000).

    Lastly, and this is just my opinion, I wouldn't waste my money to put 18" wheels on a Maxima. At 255 hp with 17" wheels, the Maxima is already stretching the handling extremes of a front wheel drive car. Adding 18" wheels will only increase your tire replacement costs with no discernable increase in performance. I go through my Maxima tires at $450/set every 50k miles (15" in 1995). I'm now looking at spending $750/set every 12k miles on the Honda S2000. Do you really want to endure that expense for a car that you expect to keep for 200k miles. If you are prepared to spend upwards of $10k on wheels and tires for 200k miles, I would get a BMW 530i sport instead. The Maxima is a great car, but it's no 5-series.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • 92drexel92drexel Posts: 153
    I agree with most of what habitat should be able to get 200k easy if you take care of it (I'm approaching 200K with my 92).

    Tire size: you would probably look at a 235/40R18. A good site is

    I did a quick check and noted about 4 or 5 tires in the 18" size that are the same price or cheaper than the 17" Bridgestones ($150 per) that comes standard on a new max. If you live in an area that gets snow, I would save the orginal 17's and swap them every winter. I bought new rims for my '00 just to look a little different.

    Also check out for more ideas and opinions. That is a great max site.

  • gtsccgtscc Posts: 1
    Totally agree with you there. Don't know about in the States, but my Nissan dealers here in Canada have very few of the 3.5 SEs available. I went with a Maxima SE with all the trimmings (i.e. with Leather and Sunroof etc.) and:

    1) Got my choice of Paint Color AND Leather Color
    2) Got dealer installed Tinting
    3) Got my Car in one week
    4) Paid marginally more than MSRP of the Altima

    In the end, it was a no-brainer. I got everything I wanted, and didn't have to wait. I also noticed that the Lease and Finance Rates on the Maxima (at least up here) are negotiable as well, while there is no dealing at all on the Altima. Like you said, in the end, you could end up paying more for the Altima.
  • How did you negotiate on the finance rates???
    I thought 6.8 for 60 months was already good. Can I do better?

    Contact me by mail if you want:


    BTW, congrats on your new wheels!
  • I am glad the "job" is over. I just drove home my 2002 Maxima GLE. It is SUH-WEET! Accleration and drive are better than expected. Stereo is great, came home with "SADE" on the CD.
  • I just purchased the 2002 Maxima SE. After driving the new Altima, Camry, Accord, Volvo S-40, and VW Passat, I choose the Maxima. I am a previous Maxima owner (1995), and was very pleased with the last one!!! I have to say the 2002 is an incredible improvment!! For power, performance, comfort, and price the Maxima has no match!! Especially considering the discounts you can get on the Maximas since the Altima came out.

    I got my SE in Gray Lustre, with only Sunroof, and floor mats. I listened to the Bose system and for the price decided it was'nt worth it. I have already purchased Infinity 652i's for the front and rear doors. I have also purchased one 8" freeair subwoofer, which I plan to mount in a similiar configuration as the Bose version. To power the subwoofer I will be using a Soundstream amp fed from a line level converter off the rear speakers. I will not be replacing the head unit unless it is absolutely neccesary.The total cost of the equipment so far is $400. I plan to do the install this weekend and will post the results.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    on your new purchases! I'm sure you'll be very happy. Like you, I looked far and wide (Accord, Volvo, Passat, Altima, Audi etc) and came to the same conclusion a few months back. I am very happy with my Maxima too!
  • I have a 2001 Maxima SE, automatic, fully loaded. This car now has 14,000 totally trouble-free miles on it. I took it on a 5,000+ mile driving vacation from Michigan to Utah and back this past summer and was extremely impressed. This is my 3rd Maxima since 1989. The first two were the most trouble free and pleasant cars I have ever owned, each exceeding 100,000 miles (other cars have included BMW, Audi, Volvo and a number of American products). Sure, the BMW and Volvo had certain features/advantages over the Max but in the end, the ownership experience for the Maximas has been better (cost, ease of ownership, reliability and durability). I would like to get a little better output from my headlights and am contemplating a set of PIAA Platnium Super White bulbs -- same wattage as stock (60/55). These are the 3800K bulbs -- nothing extreme. PIAA claims that they work fine in stock applications with no need to upgrade wiring and that they do not produce more heat than stock bulbs. They also claim that the light is far whiter than stock and the bulbs produce the output of a regular halogen 110/100 bulb. The last thing I want to do is to blow up/melt my headlights/housings/wiring. Has anyone out there installed a set of these bulbs and if so, what has your experience been? Thanks in advance for your input.
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