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Nissan Maxima



  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    jolar, yes I got the Bose in-dash 6 and think it's great. I like everything about the car. It doesn't shift quite as well as my 95 Honda but is still pretty good.

    rodhewitt; I actually did a financially silly thing by selling my 2000 SE and getting a 2002. However, I liked all the stuff they've added and the .9% financing sold me. The new stuff in the 2002 over a 2000 that I found worthwhile are 255 hp, 6 speed, HID headlights, 6 disc indash, 2nd generation airbags, active headrests, seat memory, front-end styling. I know the 2001 has some of these, but the performance and luxury is worth checking out.

  • I believe the seats only retract if you have an automatic not a manual.
  • Has anyone bought or test drove the 02 six speed with the new LSD option?
    Your thoughts are appreciated
  • jolarjolar Posts: 17
    zexxey - My 2002 SE 6spd has the LSD option, I drove both, but didn't get on it enough to be able to tell any difference, it will probably help ME out more in the winter.

    What will LSD do for you in normal driving conditions? Traction mostly?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    March 2002 issue of Car & Driver has a small preview of the 2003 Acura 3.2CL Type-S with 6-speed manual and LSD. Has a nice comment about what the new helical LSD does: "mechanical, using gears to apportion torque and thus reduce wheelspin. A [LSD] evens out power delivery in any car, but its particularly helpful in front-drivers. Here's why: Since the front tires serve dual roles--steering and power transfer--it doesn't take much for the inside front to overcome adhesion and start spinning, particularly during the pronounced weight transfer that goes with hard cornering." Goes on to discuss how it cures wheelspin and how bad wheelspin is when accelerating and cornering.
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167
    Anticipating a trade of my 2k SE on a 2002 or 2003
    model possibly later this year, I sent an email
    inquiry to Nissan asking if they have any info they
    could release to me about the 2003 model to assist
    me in a buying decision.

    I received a response 3 days later which served to
    refer me to " or
    which sites are totally devoid of any info re the
    2003 model. In typical fashion, Nissan is remaining
    tightlipped about the 2003 Maxima!!!

  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    go to and you'll find the 03 Max. info you need.
  • Rather than go for a used Maxima, go for the new 2002. It’s much improved. I just got a 2002 Maxima GLE, sterling mist, automatic and I love it.

    Maxima refinements for 2002:

    More aggressive grille and front fascia, high-intensity discharge xenon headlights (which make it look like daytime at night!), side-sill spoilers, UV-reducing solar glass, new chrome-rimmed taillights, revised badging, new 16- and 17-inch wheels, and dual chrome exhaust tips on some models.

    There's also a different interior look, with seat designs meant to be more supportive, titanium-colored door handles and gated automatic transmission shifter, redesigned audio system faceplates, a new gauge package, and a steering-wheel controlled multi-function trip computer with outside temperature display.

    Optional six-speed manual shifter, brake assist, electronic brake force distribution, heated seats and steering wheel, and optional navigation system.

    Microfilter ventilation system for the climate control system with a reusable and washable filter, a multi-position slide sunroof switch, power driver's seat with memory function and entry/exit feature, and an upgraded audio system.

    And, of course, the 3.5-litre DOHC V6. Enlarged from 3.0 L, the 24-valve V6 now supplies 255 hp and 246 lb-ft of torque. Those are increases of 33 and 29, respectively, and they provide better launch since Maxima's weight hasn't changed that much. Besides the increased engine displacement, other enhancements made to the engine include a silent timing chain and an electronically controlled throttle.

    The multi-link beam suspension was refined for 2002 through the use of thicker front and rear stabilizer bars, the adoption of larger and softer trailing link bushings, and the relocation of the system's unique lateral link to behind the rear beam.

    Brake system upgrades for 2002 include two advanced systems: electronic brake-force distribution, which optimizes braking force depending on passenger and cargo load; and brake assist, which ensures maximum braking capacity is utilized to aid in hard or panic braking situations.

    Initially, the Maxima doesn't look like a big car, but with nearly 192 inches long and over 70 inches wide, its dimensions are almost identical to the Mercedes Benz E Class. Plus, the Maxima has more front head room and more front leg room than the Cadillac DeVille.

    Whew! ‘Nuff said? Go with the 2002 Maxima. To sweeten the pot, Nissan is offering $1000 cash back or 3.9% financing through 3/04/02.
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167

    Thanks for the referral to I haven't gone there yet so thanks in advance!!

  • but I didn't find any info on the 03 Maxima.

    Any clue how to find info at the site? I tried searching for "2003 Nissan Maxima" but nothing came up.

  • You have to look in the forums. But don't expect anything concrete. Nothing in there that I haven't heard on numerous other boards.
  • Can the LSD option be added on by the dealer?

  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    snugglez... Best way to get LSD is from manufacturer thru dealer at time of original purchase. :)

    Guessin' best and only way to get, while still under full factory warranty and without impacting factory warranty, is as an original option direct from factory with the car. Thinkin' almost anything can be added to a car if you have the time and money, but best way would be to buy as original equipment at time of purchase thru dealer. If you want it and they don't have it, try to do inter-dealer locate or instead of buying something of lot, order car w/LSD from factory.
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    When you are at click on cars and click on "Nissan/Infiniti Model Matrix". It'll gives you some info. on the 03 Maxima.
  • The 03 Maxima will be built in Smyrna TN on the Altima platform. Expect a gussied up Altima with a decent interior.
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    Wow, it sounds like radarlove must write brochures for a living.

    But I agree, I created a list of 20-30 items that the 2002 had over the 2000 in order to justify the upgrade with my loving but German wife. I liked the HP, 6 speed, 6 disc changer, she liked the heated steering wheel cause her hands go white with cold; so I used that to my advantage. However, now she wants to drive it when it's cold so it backfired on me a little. I took the .9% financing and paid about $400 over invoice for a hard to locate 6 speed in Tungsten.

    We had both always driven manuals, but bought a 2000 automatic since the 2000 5 speed didn't shift very well. But the new 6 speed shifts much better and we both enjoy going back to a shifting model.

  • thanks for your detailed info. I've been leaning towards an '02 for a while but I've always bought used before (too sensible I guess). I think you guys may have convinced me to buy a new car. Now if I can just decide on a color. By the way you said you bought a sterling mist GLE. Did you get the frost interior, or the black? Thanks again.
  • gg2kse:
    yes, I do write brochures for a living (and ads), but most of my last post actually came from two sources, an article in a Toronto newspaper and another car reviewer.

    I got the black leather interior. Looks great.
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167
    After some searching, finally clicked on "model
    matrix" @ freshalloy and found very limited info.
    It serves only to "whet the appetite" and was far
    insufficient to make any buying decision of 2002
    vs. 2003 models. Apparently, we consumers will sim-
    ply have to play the "waiting game" until Nissan
    is good and ready to release more detailed info
    about its flagship model for 2003!!

    Thanks again, tgif

  • The new Maxima production will begin in the spring of 2003. It will be a 2004 model.

    The 2003 model will be the same one on sale now.

    At the Altima training we had for salesmen in September, the gentleman from Nissan hinted at a V8 and a full size platform. Apparently, it will be based on the new Altima as far as style. It will be more upscale in features...they want it to compete against Avalon, 3.2 TL, etc.

    Thats all I know.

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