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Nissan Maxima



  • vanbo57vanbo57 Posts: 46
    Thanks to all of you who replied to my message and to those who may follow this. The way my car is running, (perfect), I am leaning on staying away from dealer service and going to my local Midas - I've used them for my previous "car care" and was always satisfied. I wouldnt use them for anything other than routine maintanance, most likely, untill the warranty runs out - but then again, my first year with this car which will be 8/31 and around 15,000 miles by then has given me confidance that I got a "good one". My only concern is brakes - warping rotors I have read many times on this board, have been a problem for some. My brakes are so far, so good.
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    Just to chime in with my experience on my 2k maxima concerning the car locking itself automatically. When I first got my maxima, there was an incident where i got stuck in a snowbank...and got out to examine how deep my car was in the snow while the car was still on. well, i closed my driver door not thinking otherwise, and guess what.. the car door locked!! the spare key was 2 hours away but who knew it would lock on it's own?! so $65 later and a locksmith, i was back in my car... i care a spare in my wallet all the time now.. and yes, i've noticed that it does lock on it's own....sometimes.. very rarely, but it does happen.

    Dealer service - i truly believe that maxima's have superior build quality and all it requires are oil changes, tire rotated every 7500 miles, transmission oil and coolant changed every 30k or so miles (could be more - have to check manual - but i feel better knowing the fluids are clean - i drive 15k miles a yr) i just dont believe that the prices the dealers ask you to pay for their services are worth it. do they even do these services when you bring in your car when it's under 60k miles.. such as the "set engine timing" or the "inspect joints"?? i doubt it.

    every 10k miles, go buy yourself a new ac/delco air filter for $8 and pop it in. beats paying the over inflated prices these dealers charge you. 2k maxima gle running as new. -kyle
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Yep, Carmax does offer great deals, I live about 45 miles away from the location in Greenville, South Carolina, and they are EXCELLENT! No doubt about it.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    My 02 SE's owners manual states on page 3-7 that all doors lock automatically if you press the unlock button and don't open the doors. This should happen within 5 minutes. They should not lock automatically with the keys in the ignition. Maybe Nissan hasn't perfected this technology yet.
  • jolarjolar Posts: 17
    Man, you guys gave me all the perfect segways. Ok, I have an 02 SE 6, unlocked my car from inside the house, to go out 20 minutes later, and it is locked, thought I was dreaming, this explains sometimes when my car has been locked. So the manual seems accurate on that note.

    Also, you can lock the doors with the key in ignition, do it all the time, like when cruisin' the hood. Or did you mean when the car is off though? And if the key is placed straight into the ignition, or having been just turned off all the way, and not turned, it won't activate any accessories or trigger the auto lights. (my wife leaves keys in car all the time...over night etc.)

    Of course my Rover key can be left on w/ engine off, radio, lights, whatever, doors opened, and it will shut all power down after 20 minutes. It also allows you to use power for 20 minutes after removing the key, slick huh? But I digress - -

    Also, I was leaning in to buckle my kid in the car seat, keys jammed in pocket somewhere, and the front 2 windows powered themselves down! My daughter said "how did mommy do that?" After playing with the FOB (love that word, FOB) If you hold the unlock button down, after about 4 sec, it downs the front windows! Cool huh? But they fobbed up when they didn't include functionality to close them with the FOB?1?1? Seems more important, like if it's raining and you are inside or running for the car, er something.

    Airbags - I have these little Airbag Tags on the outside edge of the head rests, does this mean I have the side Airbags? (cause I didn't pay for 'em)

    My dealer is whack, they also forgot to collect $1200 of my down money, they finally billed me for $163 - I questioned nothing. (don't rat me out please! heh heh)
  • monte4monte4 Posts: 101
    I cant lock my doors when my keys are in my ignition of my 97SE or 02SE.
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    Is this a new feature for '02 because to my knowledge Maximas (or all Nissans for that matter) have never had passive lock/arm.

    But aggiedog, does the manual state specifically that it relocks within 5 minutes? 5 minutes seems like an awfully long time for the relock to kick in. Hondas, for example, will relock, rearm within 15 - 30 seconds.
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    Side airbags come standard on the SE, at least in Canada, so you did pay for them. However, the $1200 uncollected down payment..... Wow, I'd buy from that dealer!
  • bdlfebdlfe Posts: 21
    Does anyone think it is not too much trouble for nissan dealers to offer a service loaner for the recall service? Has anyone been able to get this from their dealers? Mine is giving me "free" way, I have to bother someone to drive me back to get my car! Thanks for your input.
  • My 2001 Maxima has the same auto-lock feature.
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    And it is stated right in the Manual? The lack of auto relock was one thing I didn't like about my '95 SE, so I remember asking the dealer about it when the new style came out in 2000. And he said nope, no auto relock. Maybe new for 2001 and later? And it takes 5 minutes to relock? Maybe they figure it would take people at least that long to gather up the kids and lock up the house!!
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    The manual does state that the doors will lock within 5 minutes. My 4Runner re-locks in about 30 seconds. I've never timed it but it does work.

    Jolar - Headrest tags - If your tags on the headrest say air bags, they may have put the wrong tags on your headrest. In cars with side air bags the air bag tags are on the side of the front seats (door side). There is a different tag on the headrest that reads Active Headrest (what ever that is).
  • nissangirlnissangirl Posts: 186
    I have a 2000 SE, I have recently been told from one person that I need to WAX my car, yet I was told that when I purchased my car from the dealer, that with the Clear Coat Finish I would not ever need to wax. Who do I listen to? Should I wax?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Just because a car has a clearcoat finish on it doesn't mean that you don't wax it! You should wax the car at least once per year, or when the water stops beading on the paint, to keep the paint looking nice.
  • nissangirlnissangirl Posts: 186
    Thank you. I don't know why my Nissan dealer would tell me that. Maybe I should write the Nissan Corp regarding this. I appreciate your advice, I will get some wax asap!
  • nissangirlnissangirl Posts: 186
    Well, I just spoke with a Nissan Body Shop technician that has been dealing with painting, and appearance for several years. He said that if you want to help with the pollutants in the air to keep such from sticking to your finish, then getting a Clear Coat Wax would help that, but as far as giving it more shine, no wax was necessary for Clear Coat finishes. And sure, it would make rain bead up again, but it will not help with the shine. I still may run to my local auto shop and pick up a bottle of this Clear Coat Wax just for my own peace of mind.

    Next opinion.......
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    I've heard you're not suppose to wax within the first six months because the paint/clearcoat is still 'curing' or something. But you definitely can't rely on just the clearcoat for the life of the car! Guy was probably selling you a line of bull to make the car seem better.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    On a new car, wax will not do much for shine, but it will protect the clearcoat. Your car will thank you for it 4-5 years down the road!
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    My service dept has promised to get me an answer on why the windows don't do all the way down when opened with the fob. I think the main reason for this feature is to allow the hot air to escape before you get into the car on a summer day.

    My middle-aged mind may be wrong, but I believe the "active headrest" is mounted on a pivot inside the seat so if you are rear-ended, your back pushes into the seat and the headrest moves forward slightly to prevent whiplash. I believe Volvo has already had this for several years. Yes, the tag says "active headrest".

    As for waxing, I'm not a groupie, but I think zaino wax ( is the best I've used. It really shines and I think another layer of stuff on top of the clearcoat is a good idea.

    Anyone else used zaino?

    Happy fobbing, gg
  • pbhattipbhatti Posts: 87
    This was posted on by pl8948. This might be reason why some cars autolock in 5 minutes, 1 minute or not at all.

    13 tweaks you probably didn't know about

    After reading a couple of threads about adjusting the sensitivity of the automatic on/off feature for my Xenons, I decided to pay a visit to my dealer. Well, it turns out that once the car is hooked up to the dealer’s diagnostic computer, they can change several other settings at the same time.

    My dealer (Trophy Nissan, Mesquite TX – also the operator of told me that these settings are not listed in the owner’s manual, or even in the books the repair guys use. He says the only reason they know about the settings is from a training course they had to take before the 2002 Altima came out. They even made their own worksheet so Trophy’s customers can fill it out before their car is hooked up to the computer. Here are the settings you can change and the appropriate modes:

    Door Lock/Unlock (with single click on keyfob)
    Mode 1: Unlock left front door only
    Mode 2: Unlock all doors

    Anti-lock Out (prevents locking keys in car)
    Mode 1: Master door lock switch can activate door locks w/ key in ignition
    Mode 2: Master door lock switch cannot activate door locks w/ key in ignition

    Dome Lamp Timer
    Mode 1: Interior lamp comes on when left front door is unlocked
    Mode 2: Interior lamp does not come on when left front door is unlocked

    Retained Power (Amount of time windows and sunroof will operate after turning off ignition)
    Mode 1: 45 seconds
    Mode 2: No delay (Will not operate after ignition key is turned off)
    Mode 3: 2 minutes

    Auto Light On (headlights turn on as it gets dark)
    Mode 1: Factory setting
    Mode 2: Lights come on sooner than factory setting
    Mode 3: Lights come on later than factor setting
    Mode 4: Lights come on later than Mode 3

    Head Lamp Battery Saver (applies when headlights left in “on” position, not in “auto.”
    Mode 1: Shuts lamps off after 5 minutes
    Mode 2: No time delay (headlights turn off immediately)

    Headlamp Illumination delay (time headlights remain on after exiting car when headlight is in the “auto” position)
    Mode 1: 45 seconds
    Mode 2: No Delay (lights turn off immediately)
    Mode 3: 30 Seconds
    Mode 4: 1 minute
    Mode 5: 1 ½ minutes
    Mode 6: 2 minutes
    Mode 7: 2 ½ minutes
    Mode 8: 3 minutes

    Hazard and Horn Reminder Mode (key fob allows you to choose between modes 1 & 2, but there are 4 others)
    Mode 1 (C Mode): Lock = 2 flash, 1 horn /// Unlock = 1 flash, 0 horn
    Mode 2 (S Mode): Lock = 2 flash, 0 horn /// Unlock = 0 flash, 0 horn
    Mode 3: Lock = 0 flash, 0 horn /// Unlock = 0 flash, 0 horn
    Mode 4: Lock = 2 flash, 0 horn /// Unlock = 1 flash, 0 horn
    Mode 5: Lock = 2 flash, 1 horn /// Unlock = 0 flash, 0 horn
    Mode 6: Lock = 0 flash, 1 horn /// Unlock = 1 flash, 0 horn

    Remote Auto Locking Function Mode (Doors automatically lock after exiting car)
    Mode 1: 5 minute delay
    Mode 2: Function disabled
    Mode 3: 1 minute delay

    Remote Panic Alarm Operation Mode (activates when button on keyfob held for approx. __)
    Mode 1: .5 seconds
    Mode 2: Function disabled
    Mode 3: 1.5 seconds

    Remote Trunk Open Operation Mode (activates when button on keyfob held for approx. __)
    Mode 1: .5 seconds
    Mode 2: Function disabled
    Mode 3: 1.5 seconds

    Remote Power Window Down Operation Mode (activates when button on keyfob held for approx. __)
    Mode 1: 3 seconds
    Mode 2: Function disabled
    Mode 3: 5 seconds
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