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Nissan Maxima



  • Hi,

    I had been shopping used hondas, new Toyotas, and now used Maximas in an attempt to get the best bang for my buck.

    Fell in love (danger will robinson) with a Black Special Anniversary Edition Maxima. The dealer has listed it as a 2000 model, but 2 things strike me as weird:

    1. Edmunds (and other sites) only list the Anniversary edition as a 2001 model year.

    2. The carfax report he let me read over (just to prove the car was good) had decoded the VIN to a 2001 model.

    Was the Anniversary edition only a 2001 option? If so, that's cool that the dealer has it listed improperly I would think.

    Its a Mercedes dealership, and they sell their trade-ins. They gave me an offer of 19,900. It has 26,400 miles. The offer is below what Edmunds says to shoot for, so I love the offer. The car is a very sweet ride. That thing purrs.

    So if anyone could answer the model year question, that would be great. Oh, and of course, what they think of the deal.
  • I just bought a 99 SE, my first was a 92 SE, and the ride is incredibly smoother on the 99. It has 36K and Nissan is offering a 6year100K warranty, from date of original purchase, that covers drive train plus non-wearable items. The car drives like a dream. It will need new tires soon, currently it has Goodyear Eagle RS-A's and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions. I do want all weather tread. Thanks
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 14,154
    The SE size is not common (215-55/16), so your choices are somewhat limited. But, my '99 will need tires soon, so I have a vested interest.

    Look at the Dunlop SP sport A2. Well regared at I just put a set on my wifes Quest, and they work well.

    Also check out the Yokohama Avids (tourings probably). Supposed to be a good tire at a very good price.

    TIrerack is a good place to start to narrow down what will work for you, based on your criteria.

    There is also a "tires, tires, tires" topic on one of the boards in TH where you can ask the same question.

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • Just clicked over to about 500 miles on my new Majestic Blue 03 Max SE. Love this car. Not a squeak, rattle, paint flaw, or anything wrong so far. I babied it and drove very easy for the first 500 miles and now it is time to push it a little bit. The engine sure sounds sweet when you step on it, not to mention how fast it goes. Bose system is awesome. First gas tank just a little under 20mpg, so far on second tank trip computer says 25.4 avg. My only wish list for the car is to have the tilt wheel go up just a little more than it does and have the steering wheel controls lighted at night. Otherwise, this car is awesome and in my opinion just as good as the 99 Lexus GS 300 it replaced. At 1500 miles will switch to Mobil 1 in the engine. 2 coats of Zaino so far and this car is turning heads!

    03 Max,
    Majestic Blue, black leather
    Meridian, Titanium, traction control, sunroof,leather & trunk mat.
  • Sorry, but I'm about to enter negotiations, so to speak.
  • Three comments: 1. I think the Anniversary edition was a 2001 model. Check the label in between the drivers/rear door - it must have the mfg date.
    2. I just bought a brand new 2003 Maxima SE for ~3k off a 26.5k sticker. NISSAN is overloaded with Maximas and they are dealing. Your price of 19.9k for a 2001 seems a bit high considering that. 3. If you do like the car, ensure that you are entitled to the balance of the 3/36k factory warranty. If not, what warranty do you have? GOOD LUCK...
  • I got the poor man's version of a new 2003 SE - cloth, no sunroof (MSRP $26.5k). Similar impressions after 300 miles; I love to drive this car! I agree with your comments about the tilt wheel not having enough up travel as well as the UNLIT steering wheel controls. I'm still confused about what type of gas to use - manual says 87 is OK but 91 is recommended for maximum performance. Here in SW Ohio my choices are 87, 89 and 93 octane. I plan to try the 89 grade (BP or SHELL) and see how that works. Otherwise, all is well...
  • man or auto?
  • I went with the deal anyway--they gave me much more than my POS trade in was worth (more than other dealers as well). Price still seemed fair for this area, and by every pricing guide I could find.

    For me there's a big difference between 26.5 and 19.9 (me personally and my budget). I did ask for opinions though, and congratulations on your drive! Sounds like you got a great deal.

    Dealer said it was a 2001 (like you confirmed) and had misprinted something.

    For the area I'm in, and the amount of shopping I've done, I'm happy with the deal. Its the first time on any car I've shopped that I've gotten a below TMV/blue book value. Oh, and it comes with the remainder of the 3 year/36k warranty. Hopefully though, the "bullet proof" status of these engines that I've been reading about and the reliablity rating is good.

    That, and I think I look cool in it. :) (only kidding, but I love the ride and love the way it looks.) Perhaps my emotions played a part too--I'm at the point where I had to get something asap, and of every make and mode I've looked at, this was the best deal/offer/car for the money for me. The anniversary edition apparently came with an infiniti engine which I know has less than that new 255 hp, but at 227 it was nice and quiet, and seemed to work for me. Very, very smooth. Love the auto-dimming rear view mirror, and the titanium looking pendals/decor.

    Thank you for replying, I appreciate it. Have I mentioned I'm excited and happy? The car in close running for this was a camry that nobody was moving down in price on, so the Maxima wins...and I think I got more car for my money.
  • Regfootball--I left that part out..I got the Auto trans and while filling up today I did find a small chip in the paint. It is on the corner of the trunk lid driver side basically above the fuel tank filling area. Don't think I am going to do anything about it because I had to really look to see it but it still makes me mad. Not sure how accurate that MPG trip computer is either. It showed an avg of 25.2 but when I filled up it took 15.9 gallons of 89 octane in 344.1 miles. Oh well, just the 2nd tank and I am very happy with the car. Is anybody else going to switch to Mobil 1 or other synthetic oil? I also ordered some K&N oil filters over the net for under $10.00 each. Nothing but the best for my new Max! I got it for $250.00 over invoice via the internet dealer in Renton, WA. Sticker was $30,343 and took advantage of the .09 financing too. Car really feels a lot more expensivem than it is both in the way it drives and quality of the interior appointments.
  • Glad we are both happy and yes, emotion does play a part in major purchases. The other cars on my short list was a Camry XLE-4 and the 2002 Accord SE. Neither car had much driving excitement and that is why i bought the Maxima. Remember that your 2001 Anniversary edition Maxima is a special edition and that should keep it's value a bit higher than normal. Good luck and congrats...mcc
  • We are looking into purchasing a 98 Maxima that has been labeled as a GLE by the seller (car broker), yet the gages are white, which I thought was a distinctive feature of the SE. This car has every imaginable option, but it does handle a little different than some of the GLE's I've driven. The leather steering wheel even has the sporty leather with holes in it?? Does anyone have any suggestions about how to find out for sure? For example, tire size? We tried looking up the VIN but that was of no help. Thanks!!
  • Very quick way to tell. All SE's have body colored door handles. The GLE and GXE both have chrome door handles. Have since at least the 1995 model year.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Other SE features:

    Standard spoiler (if added on the GXE/GLE there will likely still be a center brake light in the back window (as well as the spoiler).

    Fog lights standard.
  • Hi,

    Sorry for so many posts, just getting excited. I don't pick up the car until Friday, but I'm considering buying some tools and things so I can do the oil changes myself. I've scanned the board, and it looks like quite a few are doing it, but some of them are mechanics/auto experts.

    Two quick questions:

    1. Is the oil filter easy to get to? (2001 model)
    2. The car still has 10K miles under the warranty. In that situation, is there any reason to have the changes done at a shop until the warranty expires?

    Thanks, and sorry for the newbie flood of posts.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I have been changing my own oil for 130k miles on a 1995 Maxima.

    If the 2001 is the same layout, the oil filter can be easily accessed by removing the front passenger side tire. There is a hard plastic/polyurethane cover inside the wheel well that, once removed, allows easy view and access to the filter and drain pan plug. I barely get my knees dirty.

    The tools I use are: jack and wheel lug nut wrench that come with the car, phillips screwdriver and small vice grips for the (3)fasteners that hold the access panel to the wheelwell, socket wrench and attachements for the oil filter and drain plug.

    I have an MBA, not an MS in Mechanical Engineering, so if I can do it, anybody can. Average time start to finish is about 20-25 minutes. Most gas stations accept old oil for recycling. I don't do it to save money, I do it to save time. I can't drive back and forth from the nearest Jiffy Lube in less than an hour. And I have never had a warranty claim, but my Nissan dealer suggested keeping a log of the milage and date of all changes (which I do every 3-4,000 miles)

    I only wish my Honda S2000 was as easy. That's not a do-it-yourself job (at least not for an MBA).
  • Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. This board is great.
  • Would anyone here think that swapping 02 SE wheels for 02 GLE wheels on my 02 SE Maxima would screw up the alignment?

    I swapped them out last December, and they have been fine until late. I had them rotated (not balanced) and since then, it has felt a bit off. Also, I have an appointment Wednesday to get the steering column fixed, cause I think it is loose.

    So, do I have a problem or do you think not balancing the tires when they were rotated screwed it up?

  • I suspect the issue is more related to the balancing (or lack of) than the wheels themselves.

    I have a 95 GLE (15" wheels) and a 00 SE (17" wheels). A couple of years ago I bought some new 16" wheels and tires for the 95 and took the old 15" wheels and put dedicated snow tires on them.

    Been swapping from 17" to 15" as necessary (it snows once ina while in Wisconsin) and have not noticed any problems other than they do need to be rotated and balanced about every 5-7500 miles.

    Where did you pick up the GLE wheels from?
  • I currently have an '00 SE cloth interior & 35k miles. I have been offered a nice price for it, and was not planning on selling it. However, I would love leather, brand new carpet (I have a child that stained my carpet), brand new paint, and a pinch more power. However, I will be paying for it if I decide to sell and purchase an '03 - there is a price for everything. I'm just curious if the '03 GLE is worth trading up my '00 SE. I have loved that car from the moment I knew it left Japan in June of '99. Couldn't wait to get it, but now that it is no longer "perfect" I am considering taking the money and running to my nearest Nissan dealer. Any opinions??
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