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Nissan Maxima



  • pathtomax - here is my 2c:
    Paint is a problem on my black GLE also. I got a ~$2.95 touch-up paint stick from the Nissan dealer and keep touching up what I can. It is a tedious job if done by an amateur like me but it can be done. It is annoying, though, having such problem on an expensive car.

    My Max does not knock at 8K miles but my other car does so I have done some research on it. Light knock when the engine gets stressed such as during acceleration is supposed to be OK. When the knocking gets persistent or heavy, there is a plethora of things that you need to check. Start with elimination of dirty (or low octane, as lsf pointed out) gas. Then check your oil level, per my local mechanic. Etc.

    On your radio, it sure seems to be a loose connection. You need to trace your radio wiring to see if you can find it.
  • whackowhacko Posts: 96
    If your paint starts getting worse, you can always go to Earl Scheib and pay $399 for a new paint job for your Max. Also, you can always drive your car with a car cover on (just make sure you make cut outs for the windows so you can see). I hear that driving with a car cover on is a great way to protect your paint.
  • greforgrefor Posts: 32
    Ignore that man behind the curtain. Actually, i think he's pretty funny, but some people take him seriously and get into some long winded rebuttals. It's obvious from his posts that he is trying to get people upset so he can laugh at the great lengths they will go to defend their Max.
  • I test drove the SE a few days ago. Looks great, but had a couple of concerns:
    the biggest is breaks. After hondas and my old mazda, feels like I have no control. Is it me and I simply need to get used to it, or somebody else had the same feeling?
    Next, in 5speed, the shifter was realy bad and the clutch was too long. I've seen somebody mentioned aftermarket shifters, do they really help? did anybody try them?
    What's a good price for SE in NYC area? Any good dealer sugestions?
    Thanks for advice.
  • Re: the 5spd. Yes the clutch is little long and it takes getting used to. As for the shifter, it usually very notchy until the car gets warmed up, especially when it real cold outside. Once warm, it's usally a lot smoother. As for aftermarket shifters, they may help a little, but don't expect a huge change. The brakes work well just need to get used to them.

    hope this helps,

    Good luck
  • Beware of the gas you use, just because it says its 93 does not mean it is. I have had my max for a year and a half and have always bought gas from Amoco and the same station when possible. Twice I had to use a Texaco station near my work and twice my car pinged like crazy on acceleration. Yes there are bogus gas stations out there so if you have experienced knocking or pinging with 93 octane change gas brands!
  • whackowhacko Posts: 96
    Secretly, I love the Maxima. I just can't afford one. I love everything about it except the ugly rear-end.
  • May you enjoy your cars even more in 2001!..I know I will...

    Go Dolphins!

  • To answer a previous post first, I have not herd any uncommon noises at startup on the Maximas I have tested or the one I bought.

    2 weeks ago I bought a 97 GXE w/ 37K miles. Appears to be very well cared for. I put 87 in and have experinced several stalls when the car is started after sitting for 10 hours or more. It canks and fires for a few seconds, revs to 1500-2000K rpm, then stalls, I tried dry gas and Prestone cleaner yesterday w/ no change. I filled the tank with 93 Octane today after running it nearly empty.

    Any suggestions?

  • whackowhacko Posts: 96
    Happy New Year to my one and only true Edmunds friend, norbert444.
  • umpopaumpopa Posts: 37
    Hey, Whacko...
    I haven't addressed you before, but find your posts entertaining.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!
    ....and to everyone else, too!

  • ... to all friends and owners of Maximas, even those who do not like their rear ends...
  • I haven't been following this chat since I bought my 2k GEL in March 2000. Has there been any discussion about any performance chip available for the Maxima? I'm not knowledgeable, just heard that such things were available. Do they work? Is it worth the effort/expense? Car runs great, no problem. BMW, I am wary of increasing performance by going to a less restrictive air filter, and have read a lot of posts on that subject, on various sites.

    My 2k GEL now has 20k hi and no complaints. Other than oil changes, all I've done is rotate/balance tires at about 18k. Smoothed the ride, but I do notice slight vibration in front brakes, and have read recent posts re this problem. Not severe in my car, and doesn't always do it. Assume re surfacing front rotors at about 30k will take care of this.

    Look forward to hearing some feedback. Thanks
  • Hola amigos. It has been a LONG time since I last posted, but I've tried to catch up, so hopefully this post isn't redundant...

    I have a 2K Max SE 5sp, now 24K miles on it. I am currently fostering a love/hate relationship with this car. Here's why:

    Love: nearly everything about the car.

    Hate: A while back (~17K miles) I had to accelerate hard onto a busy road. In second gear the engine made a rather loud knocking/pinging sound that I had never heard before. This was disturbing, to say the least. Over the next 3K miles the same noise would happen occasionally on hard acceleration. I brought the car into the dealership twice during this period, but as you might imagine they could not duplicate the problem. Nor could I. It would never happen when I wanted it to (i.e. when the mechanic was in the back seat), and always when I didn't want it to. Very frustrating. Between 20K-23K miles the problem got steadily worse. I would hear the engine knock/ping even on moderate/light acceleration. The car felt sluggish, and occasionally the acceleration would be choppy. The car, in my opinion, was running like crap. Not the silky-smooth "best V6 ever made" that I had loved for the first 17K miles. Anyway, at 23K the Check Engine Soon light came on, so I brought the car into the dealership the next day (visit #3). A few hours later they told me that there was a programming error in the car's computer (I think someone mentioned this before). They reprogrammed the computer, told me the car was fixed, away I drove. Indeed, the car ran great...for about a week. This morning I brought the car in again (visit #4) because it is up to its same games again. Lack of power, engine knock, choppy acceleration, etc. If anyone has any input on this problem I would GREATLY apperciate it. I have never put anything but 93/94 octane fuel in the car (I understand that 222 hp = high compression engine, 11:1, I think). I'm beginning to lose faith in the car and its mechanics...
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    So the fix lasted 1000 miles or less? Sounds like the same thing you had b4. What are your rpms? What gear are you in? Could it be that you're running on 5 cyliders, which should be easy to figure out (for your mechanic)?

    Joe or George should be most helpful on this one.

    Good luck.
  • I wonder if you tried out what I posted in #680 and if it reduced your number of clicks. My bookmark, now in Favorites on my IE5.5, always brings me to the latest messages in this forum.

    BTW, happy to see you back in the New Year. I hope Joe makes it back soon. It appears that I became the favorite target of both the funny and the other on-subject messages in this forum. That should deflect some of their unjust criticism formerly addressed toward Joe's person.

    Joe, this forum needs you, indeed. Your help has always been appreciated by us Maxima owners...
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Well, I have bookmarked the Sedan page. When I went there two minutes ago, I found that not everything had been updated so I had to go back and hit the refresh button. I've cut the number of clicks down, but I think I'd rather start out there anyway.
  • borsystborsyst Posts: 30
    The vibration you feel in the front brakes will likely be fixed with resurfacing, but why wait until you get to 30,000 miles and you pay for it. There is a Nissan technical service bulletin on the brakes TSB00016, where Nissan will resurface the brakes under warranty, that means for free. If you wait until 30k, your argument may be lost to normal wear and tear. Just tell them you have been experiencing what feels like warped rotors, as well as a creeking sound (even if you're not) and then refer them to the TSB. You will get what is essentially a free brake job.
  • borsystborsyst Posts: 30

    I had the computer reprogrammed when the Service Engine Soon light came on, but I didn't have the acceleration problems you are experiencing, nor have I had any problems since. I still haven't gotten a good explanation from the dealer why it had to be reprogrammed in the first place.
  • The problem (knocking, choppy acceleration) occurs through a range of rpm's. I usually take my foot off the gas a little because it really doesn't sound too good, so I don't know if the knocking would persist over, say, 4K rpm's. Generally happens in 2-5th gear. Haven't heard it in 1st. It feels just like I'm running on 5 cylinders, or like one of the cylinders is firing off-time. In fact, that's just what I told the mechanic this morning. I think it is exactly the same problem that I had before. Either the computer program was not the problem, or the update still does not work properly. Going to call them right now to see if they have any news.
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