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Nissan Maxima



  • well, this weekend, i went to Koeppel Nissan in Queens, NY to get some resolution on my rotors.. i bought up the fact that at 20k miles, i had to get rotors resurfaced and now another 20k miles later, total at 41k miles, rotors are warped again, well... they didn't care.. so after examining my brakes, the tech said i had 0 pads left in the front... LIAR!!! i have my own mechanic who does all the work for my cars, and he examined my car 50miles ago, and there were plenty of pads left on it... probably 50%.. well, to resurface the rotors and new pads, $250.. ya right.. i ran like hell.. but they did charge me $45 for inspection.. well, i hope the $45 is worth it to them for losing potential business once i post on various boards like this one.. for $250, i could get brand new aftermarket rotors.. come on!!

    and the kicker was, i mentioned there was a TSB on the rotors, the tech said.."on the maxima?" i'm thinking to myself...there's about 50tsb's on the you work for nissan or are you just a good liar and like playing dumb.. maybe this is a common practice at certain service depts..

    well..the moral of the story is.. i went to Koeppel Nissan even after hearing horror stories from one of my neighbors (happened to him 3 yrs ago with his new pathfinder), but i decided to give them a chance..what was i thinking!? some things never change...

    Koeppel Nissan, Northern Blvd..Queens, NY.. potential service customers BEWARE!!!
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    I was at the same dealership many years ago. I was there for an inspection on my 92 GXE, which had a cracked lense because some young kid accidentally ran his bike into the back of my car. I should note that my inspection sticker would have expired the next day.

    The dealer said my car would fail inspection unless I fix the lense, and I was quoted a price of $200. I thought that was a rip off price, so I wanted to leave, but they said I had to pay the inspection fee even though they had not done a thing except looked at the lense. I did not want to pay so I called the cops. When the cops came, I told the cops that if the dealer wanted to charge me for inspection, they should do the inspection. They did, and they failed me.

    The next day, I took the car to a nearby gas station and they passed me by simply putting a red tape over the slightly cracked lense. Thereafter, I replaced the lense for less than $50. A few weeks later (when the weather became humid and rainy), I had trouble starting the car, even though the car only had less than 20k miles. Then I noticed the plastic housing over the distributor cap had a hair line crack, and I had my suspicion of who might have done it, on purpose. Needless to say, I never returned to that dealership.
  • I saw in some previous postings that the 2004 Nissan maxima has been discounted about $2.5K - $3K by some Nissan dealers. Another posting said that Nissan corporation did not offer any rebates on the 2004 Maxima. Does it mean that the dealer actually takes a loss on the sale of a 2004 Maxima?

    In order to compensate for their losses may be they resort to gouging the customer in their parts and service departments.

    I have owned ( and do own even now ) Honda, Nissan and Toyota vehicles. But I have seen the Nissan dealer in town to be the greediest of the 3, especially in the service department.
  • If people don't want to replace their Maximas with new Altimas, don't look at the new Maximas, since it is just a bigger Altima...hence the SAME platform. They almost look too much a like.

    But I understand where the Maxima owners are coming from. Like I previously stated, my step grandparents drive nothing but Nissans...especially the Maxima. They have never considered the Altima or the Sentra and probably never will.

    I can understand the point of people not wanting the new Altima as a replacement for the Altima. But like Bowke said, the Altima 3.5SE is supposed to be the replacement for the older Maxima models. Some do not see it that way. I am sort of in the median.

    To me, if the Altima is supposed to replace the older Maxima, why is there no GLE-type model? The SE is the sporty Altima and to me somewhat replaces the Maxima SE ONLY. Its ride is more harsh and rough than the comparable GXE or GLE Maxima.

    Don't tell me that the Altima SE with the leather package is the replacement for the older model GLE, not so in my eyes.

    I guess that is what the new Maxima is for? It confuses me a bit.

    Also, like many other posters, I feel that if the Altima is suppose to replace the Maxima, it should have interior materials that were at least on PAR with the last generation Maxima.

    Not so...

    But I hear that the interior will be redesigned for 2005 and mimic the Accord (aka the supposed Benchmark)

    Sometimes I wondered why they just didn't get rid of the Maxima, but then I think about my step grandparents and other loyal Maxima owners and I see why. The only problem is that my step grandparents don't like the styling or the interior of the new Maxima...ummm
  • ramped1ramped1 Posts: 159
    Bowke can probably answer your question better than I since he sells Nissans, but essentially what dealers are doing is giving away most of their markup on the Maximas due to tepid demand.

    At some point, probably soon, the Nissan will probably offer a manufacturer's rebate on the Maxima, unless demand picks up.

    It is my understanding that new car sales, parts and service are separate departments at most dealerships and have their own balance sheets, so I'm not sure if new car sales can benefit from increased prices in service or parts.
  • My understanding is that Nissan was building as many Maxima's as they could. Basically being able to shift between Altimas and Maximas on the assembly line.

    I did see that Nissan is offering a $2500 rebate on remaining 2003 Altimas, Sentras, Frontier, Xterra and Pathfinders.
  • Any comments on the size and comfort of the back seats between these two cars. Other than front vs rear drive, any other significant differences?
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    nissan isnt offering any kind of rebate on the altima. they have a dealer incentive of $500 for the 2003s, but not a customer rebate. the rest of them are correct.

    also, did you realize that the other 4 you mentioned are the vehicles that have not been recently redesigned?

    nissan is trying to move away from the rebate game. interest rates are another thing, but rebates really put a drag on the resale value. once the pathfinder, xterra, frontier, and sentra go through their next full redesign, the cash incentives will all but stop.

    you may see a few extra bucks for outgoing models or model year-end units, but thats going to be pretty much it.

    as far as what maximas are selling for, they are no different than maximas of the past. a dealer will put a price on one in the paper, and have it apply to only 1 maxima. probably a demo or something. otherwise, we make pretty good profits on maximas in general.
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167
    about the new Max. are right on the money in many

    I traded my 00k SE but I did not trade on a new
    Max. I am a Max person at heart and really wanted
    the new model despite some misgivings about the
    exterior. I was willing to overlook those "issues"
    until the sales rep quoted me several thousand over
    and above what my '00 retailed for in order to get
    me into the '04 model. I laughed in his face.

    What killed it for me was Nissan's forcing you to
    buy options you didn't want/need in order to get
    the option you did want. I also didn't care for the
    "trendy" silver accents which now replace the
    "warm" looking interior accents of wood (even if
    the wood is fake.)

    The cost of these option packages drove the price
    of the '04 to $4000.00 over and above the retail
    of my comparably equipped '00 which retailed just
    a hair over $30,000.00. That was a rude awakening
    for me.... not to mention the previously standard
    equipment (such as HIDs) now being an "option."

    Nissan needs to come to their senses regarding
    their pricing strategies or they will continue to
    lose customers such as myself who they have totally
    alienated with their greed. Perhaps the current
    sales figures reflect their shooting themselves in
    the foot over this and other matters.

  • I must have missed the exact offer on the Altima, but I did make the connection that the offer wasn't on the Maxima, Murano, Titan or Pathfinder Armada. My point was more to reinforce the info I had heard about Maxima demand with the fact that there is no current rebate or offer than special lease deals.

    As long as I've got your attention, is it true you can't get the limited slip differential without first getting the Drivers Package?
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    The thing that kills me about the Altima's interior is that it screams "Pontiac". I sat in one while shopping for my Maxima and I couldn't stand it. It reminded me of a friend's Grand Prix, which has one of the nastiest interiors I've ever seen. The center stack is ok, but everything else from the instrument pod to the door materials to upholstry is unbearable. The center console is just junk.

    Nissan's problem is that they have the opposite problem GM has; too few cars for their two divisions. The 04 Maxima *should* have been the G35, no question. For everything else, considering they only have two divisions they do an *awful lot* of badge engineering (FX/Murano, I35, Infiniti's as-yet-unnamed Armada clone).

    They should have killed Infiniti in the 90s. Now, all they're doing is hurting Nissan-branded cars by cheapening them so the Infinitis look better.

    That's my spectatin' half a cent, my-humble-opinion, so don't flame me too hard. :)
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    a couple of things kenny and i have been over already...

    if your 2000 SE stickered for a little over $30k, then a comparably equipped one would be closer to $32k. the difference is about $2100. this gets you more HP, torque, room, more features (driver preferred pkg.), and 4 years newer. not that bad a deal to me. people are assuming the elite pkg. with the rear buckets and navi were available before, and they werent. not for free, anyway. you also arent paying extra for the xenons. you just have the option to drop the price by $180 and get regular halogens.

    also, previous maximas continuously had a $2k rebate attached, which is why the difference SEEMS so much more.


    yes its true. the helical limited slip diff. is only available with the 6-speed manual, and the driver preferred pkg.
  • kenm8kenm8 Posts: 71
    Anyone considering an 04 Max SE for approx $33K MSRP should test drive an 04 Acura TL for the same MSRP. You won’t get as much off of MSRP on the TL as on the Max, but you might want to stretch your budget for Acura ownership. This is especially true for owners of previous generations of Max SEs that feel betrayed by the design of the 04 Max SE. The 04 TL just may satisfy your yearning for the fine fwd sports sedan that the Max SE once was.

    Besides the Acura being a superior car to the Max, I think that Acura dealers’ level of customer service and customer respect is better than at Nissan. This is based on our experience (wife and I) of Nissan dealer service on 7 years of ownership of a 97 Max SE (154K Mi) versus 3+ years Acura dealer service on an 01 TL (71K) and 04 TL (2 months). All service work at Acura has been excellent and the staff has always been courteous and respectful. The Nissan dealer generally does a very good job, but still does not "strive" for nor achieve the level of excellence provided by the Acura dealer.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    get back on the point, man...acura customers dont like to wait long for their salesperson.
  • With the exception of the Armada/Q56, the days of Nissane badge engineering are over. This is the last year of the I35. It got a one year extension since the G35 AWD is just arriving now. The new M35/45 is much better than the current vehicle and IMO will sell much better too. Finally, the FX and Murano are *not* built off the same platform. The FX is RWD/AWD built off an extended FM platform (G35, Z350) and the FWD/AWD Murano is built off the FF-L platform (Altmia, Maxima, Quest).
  • I am glad you cleared that up...I just shake my head when I hear people say that the FX and the Murano are the same...similar to how people believed the G20 and the Sentra were the same.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    While not many of us would cross-shop a Maxima with an Avalon (because they cater to different drivers), there are eerie similarities between these two cars for the following reasons:

    First, Nissan has treated the Max as its "flagship" car for many years (20 plus years?). Toyota has deemed its Avalon (since 1995?) as its "top of line" sedan, saying it is a roomy ES 300 for less money.

    Second, Nissan wants the Altima to compete with the Camry as "the bread and butter" car, leaving the 04 Max (which will sell much less in volume) to compete with the slow-selling Avalon. (I don't want to compare the new Max with the new TL because enough has been said.) Is this a "race to the bottom"? I hope not.

    Third, the 04 Max has been called by some (on this Board and elsewhere) as a "Japanese Buick." This title truly belongs to the Avalon because that is its middle name. LOL!!

    Fourth, the 04 Max is based on the same platform as the Altima. The Avalon is based on the same platform as the Camry. Both are stretched versions of their respective base cars and both are U.S. made Japanese cars.

    May be you can think of more. Don't be shy, speak up.

    Having said that, however, the Max has gone through significant changes since 1995 while the Avalon remains substantially unchanged since its debut in 1995. So, it is understandable why the Avalon is a slow seller because little or no R&D has gone into it (I heard Toyota dealers are now selling the car at $4k below MSRP - see Edmunds Avalon Board). But why is the 04 Max also a slow seller even though it is a newly redesigned car? Will Nissan, like Toyota, give $4k incentive or rebate in order to move the new Max if sales remain stagnant? Time will tell.

    But Nissan calls the 04 Max sales figure in the past six months as "meeting expectations" (I read it here on this Board in the last few days). If that is true, it is quite pathetic because Nissan does not expect much from its "flagship" car, particularly if you see the amount of advertising money that has been poured into the new Max.

    I have been thinking about various ways that Nissan can boost the sale of the new Max. I will post my thoughts in the very near future. Stay tuned :-)
  • I don't think so.

    The Altima came out in MY 1995, was redesigned by 2000. The Avalon has changed a lot style wise both for the exterior and the interior.

    I am not sure about the chassis changes for the Avalon, but it has been redesigned at least once and will be up for another redesign for 2005 I believe
  • Nissan's positioning of the Maxima and Altima has everything to do with matching up better with Honda and Toyota and is primarily focused on the Altima.

    Nissan tried to match Camry and Accord with a smaller 4 cylinder Alima and a bigger V-6 Maxima. Problem is Toyota and Honda sell more 4 cylinder Camry and Accords and the Altima couldn't compete because of size. Nissan's solution has been to increase the size of the Altima to match Accord/Camry and offer the same potential engine combinations in its basic family sedan.

    This change to the Altima's position basically encroached into Maxima territory. Nissan's response is to push the Maxima more upmarket to compete more in the entry-lux category against its own G35, Lexus ES, Acura TL, et al. My guess is that Nissan will drop the Infiniti I35 when the new "M" debuts with both V-6 and V-8 power. This move focuses Infiniti more towards an international all rear wheel drive/all wheel drive range and leaves Maxima to provide a front drive option.

    Its interesting that the TL is held up as the gold standard for the Maxima to beat. Read other boards and you will see arguements that Acura is not a legitimate luxury/performance brand because of a lack of rear wheel drive platforms. Nissan is trying to provide focus to Infiniti that separate it from Acura.

    I'd love a TL, but it comes with so much extra stuff, that its out of my financial reach. Further, the Maxima offers more interior and trunk room making it a better choice for me. ing/home.shtml
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167
    Re yur response to my earlier post.

    The quote I received from that dealer DID NOT include the Elite Package. The quote was way off
    base for the car I configured for them. I wanted
    to retain a three passenger back seat and made
    mention of that during our negotiations.

    What I believe drove the quote through the roof
    was Nissan's posture concerning having to buy
    option pkg. #1 and #2 in order to get the options
    in package #3. That's a lot of b.s. which I had
    no intention of tolerating.

    I am VERY FOND of the Max and frankly wish I was
    in one now but the company has made that out of
    the question. If things change in the future, per-
    haps they will regain me as a customer but for the
    time being they have lost my loyalty.

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