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Nissan Maxima



  • ron2ron2 Posts: 1
    I have 2004 Nissan Maxima drifts to left and the steering wheel shimmies. The dealer can't fix it and Nissan consumer affairs (1-800-647 7261) informs me that "its normal"! Does anyone else have this "normal" problem and how did you go about getting this "normal" problem repaired?
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    and it sounds dangerous. what has the dealer tried on this car? I'd suspect steering linkage or ball joints myself, unlikely to be the steering rack. you might have a bad flex joint on the steering column, and that should be diagnosable by a look and a wiggle or two.

    if you have no choice other than to drive it, sure hope you have real good insurance.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Well known that the larger the wheel the harder to balance. I'll wager your "shimmy" is a result of crappy stock tires on large 17" or 18" wheels that are either out of round or balanced incorrectly. I can't tell you how many posts I've read between here and other boards about Maxima stock tires being junk and causing a shimmy. Time and time again it's poor balancing and poor quality tires. As for the drift, you need to make sure it does it constantly, like even when in the right lane and the road slopes to the right. Otherwise you'll here the tech tell you you're experiencing "road crown drift", which means your car drifts according to the slope of the road. Sounds like simple alignment issue to me. Have you had an alignment done?
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Drifting can be also be caused by a defective tire, even if the wheel alignment is perfect. I had this problem with my 99 Mazda 626. Replacing the right front tire cured the problem without altering the wheel alignment.
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    you have a email i could contact you at? i have a question about the bandit S 1200
  • andmoonandmoon Posts: 320
    I own a 98 bandit 1200 and a 02 maxima...the Bandit is a lot more reliable.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    sounds good. can you delete the post?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Yep, 'tis done! :)

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  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I own a 98 Maxima SE and a 93 Suzuki GSX 1100G, which is very similar to Bandit 1200. It is a shaft driven bike, displacement is 1127 cc's. Curiously, Bandit 1200 engine has only about 34cc's more but they call it a 1200. Anyway, these two bikes have almost identical 4 cylinder inline engines with air and oil cooling. The crankcase oil capacity of my Suzuki is 5 liters, more than that of the Maxima which is about 3.8 liters. Even though the Suzuki GSX 1100G is a heavy bike (630 lbs wet weight), it accelerates from 0 to 60 MPH in just over 3 seconds and has gobs of torque in every gear.

    Reliability wise, both vehicles have been absolute gems, as trouble free as any vehicle can be.
  • larry4nylarry4ny Posts: 6
    Thats great to hear about 2004. I did not know the new model had 18 inch rims. Geeze, thats incredible. I am currently an owner of a 2002 SE model fully loaded. I bought it March of 2002 from a fleet dealer, and paid 27144 with tax and fees about 30k. The only experience I have had with my MAX is the idiot lights came on"serive engine soon" "ABS" . Don't know what Nissan did to fix it, could have been the "gas cap" Nissan said it was not on tight, maybe the brake system got wet who knows. I haven't seen those lights in a long time. Thank g-d ! I will say this car has incredible handling, I dont notice this turn ratio problem. This car hugs. I changed the tires to V rated instead (lower performance tires). There use to be Z rated. Maybe that made a difference. Also without question this car offline SCREAMS power 255HP. When I need to pass, take offline there is no question or doubt in mind or the maxima to MOVE!

    I am sorry to say this but you can not compare in any shape or form american cars to Nissan. I hope that comments come out as positive. But it's true Nissan Honda Toyota all have one thing in common "reliablity". People buy from companies that have proven over and over again reliablity.

    Pictures of my maxima: - 4ny&password=89487389
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 376
    Nice pix...

    I also have an 02 SE..majestic blue with frost leather. Loaded sans nav, meridian pkg, and trac control. I am having some trouble with the drivers power seat, even after the tsb service for back/forward inoperation was performed. Overall it has been a good car with minimal issues.

     I currently have the original tires(crappy potenzas) that have been a topic on the maxima boards . I too plan going to a v rated tire when the time comes.

    What tires did you buy and what ride difference have you observed?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Sorry to say that after 9.5 years and 152k miles, I'm heading over to Acura for my next sedan. I haven't fully decided on selling my 1995 SE 5-speed yet; may keep it as a back up vehicle.

    The switch to Acura shouldn't be taken as an insult to Nissan. I still think highly of the company and if my budget were limited to $25-27k, I'd probably go for a heavily discounted Maxima SE 6-speed. But the Acura TL 6-speed with Navigation at $33.3k ($2,000 under MSRP) put me in the league of BMW and Mercedes as far as quality of interior and overall refinement. It became too hard to justify a $52k+ E320 CDI. Similar to the $33k Honda S2000 making it hard for me to justify a $58k Boxster S.

    I sincerely wish all of you Maxima owners the same good fortune I've had (and may continue to have) with my 1995. After giving it a good wash and wax this Saturday, someone at the grocery store asked me if it's a new car. Makes it very hard to let it go. And perhaps I won't.
  • lichtronimolichtronimo Posts: 212
    I've been searching dealer inventories the last several weeks in anticipation of buying a Maxima this fall. I want a 6spd. and want to test drive one in advance. However, none of the dealers around me seem to ever have one. I realize I can order the car with the prefered transmission and other options, but I need to drive one before comitting.
  • bdlfebdlfe Posts: 21
    Anyone installed tires that are sized 235/50-17 on factory GLE rims or SE rims for that matter? Has there been any problems? The OEM size of 215/55-17 has only Bridgestone Turanza EL and Goodyear RSA in that size and tirerack people don't give it good ratings. I'm debating on 225/50-17 or 235/50-17. The latter would be the closest to the original size in terms of speedo and odo readings. I'm just wondering about any ride and driving issues.

  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    some dealers would agree to an order if you agree to certain terms:

    1) that if you dont like the 6-speed, you will take an auto instead, or some other car in inventory.

    2) that your deposit is non-refundable

    if you were ok with these terms, i would be comfortable doing a deal with you. therefore, i think other dealers would too.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Congrats on your prospective purchase! The 04 TL seems like a better car than the 04 Max, and almost all of the Max enthusiasts polled in another forum agree. I believe they all take issue with the 04 Max's interior fit and finish as well as its apparent declining reliability. Many, however, think that the G35 is a good competitor of the TL, primarily because of the RWD (although there are also rumblings against the G's fit and finish).

    If Nissan can improve the fit and finish of the 04 Max and get rid of those first year bugs, I believe the Max stands a good chance to compete with the TL, particularly given its lower price.

    Like many pre-6 gen Max owners, I enjoy all my Maximas (3rd, 4th and 5 gens) and believe they are reliable, as evidenced by CR consistent rating of the Max at or close to the top of the reliability scale.
  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99

    Might want to check out the Kumho (South Korean Made) brand of tire. I recently bought the Kumho Ecsta KH11 (W rated) for my 02 SE and like them so far. Only have 3K miles on them so can't speak to treadwear but I like the grip. The price was reasonable too. I had heard good reviews about the tire from other online sites, so I decided to give them a try.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    lichtronimo, bowke:

    I called my Nissan dealer last night just to check the availability of a 6-speed to drive before I seal the deal on a TL 6-speed. Nothing in stock and nothing specific in the immediate future. The GM of the dealership offered to sell me one completely to my specifications at or below invoice (whether ordered direct or traded), but he admitted that finding a 6-speed to test drive first would be difficult. Apparantly, Nissan has cut way back on the percentage of manula transmissioned Maximas since I bought my 1995 SE 5-speed.

    As far as putting down a non-refundable deposit or making any other concessions to the dealer on taking an auto if you don't like the 6-speed when it arrives? Sorry, but that's just BS in my book. In the past couple of months I have test driven (2) G35 6-speeds, a 530i 6-speed, 330i 6-speed, (2) TL 6-speeds, a E320 CDI, and a few others. The 6-speed Maxima is NOT a "hot" car. It is fading into obscurity and the fact that the dealerships don't even have anything to tempt me and other Nissan loyalists is not helping. The likelihood of me ending up in another Maxima in 2004 is low, but if I had been reasonably impressed, I likely would have recommended it to others to consider. In the past 9 years, I have been cited by no fewer than 8-10 buyers at my dealership as influencing their purchase decision.


    Thanks for the congrats. For what it's worth, I did seriously consider the G35 6-speed. Notwithstanding it's RWD platform, I didn't notice a significant advantage in handling and actually slightly preferred the steering feel of the TL. In addition, the TL engine has less low end grunt, but seems to more freely rev to a higher redline. But the real deal factor is the interior / amenities. As my daily driver family sedan, I am willing to give up some performance in favor of interior fit and finish and amenities. The G35 is not bad. But when I got into the TL, with the voice activated 8" Nav system, hands free phone, exceptional audio system, and extremely clean design with high quality materials, the G35 didn't stack up. Even the 530i has a tough time competing with the aesthetics and amenities of the TL's interior.

    I have greatly enjoyed my S2000 for the past 30 months to the tune of 17,000 "no frills" miles. But in replacing my 152k mile Maxima, the TL feels more like a car I can live with day in and day out form many years.
  • lichtronimolichtronimo Posts: 212
    I might agree to taking an auto if I didn't like the 6spd. given that I've pretty much settled on the overall Maxima package. I had a Maxima rental for a week, which really sold me on the car. It obviously was an automatic. The 6spd. isn't a deal breaker given I spent an hour and a half in traffic the other night trying to reach one of my clients. I really like the G35, but the interior is too small. Same applies to the TL, which doesn't feel much bigger than our '01 Accord.

    When do they start producing 2005s?
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