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Nissan Maxima



  • I'm afraid you're out of luck. You'll just have to memorize where they are. I have a 2001 GLE and that's my only gripe - in the dark, I have to guess about the cruise and audio controls on the steering wheel.
  • cheekscheeks Posts: 67
    Thanks for your response.I read your earlier message about the sub woofer rattle (I had the same problem - which the dealer resolved). The noise I described earler seems to periodically occur only when I press on the gas (although I have not noticed it when I'm parked and I hit the gas... only when driving). How would you describe the noise you hear? What did your dealer tell you?
  • See posts 696 and 702 (they're sorta long) for more clarification. Lately the problem doesn't seem so bad, but it's definately still there.

    The mechanics claim that they cannot duplicate it, and therefore cannot fix it...Very frustrating.
  • When going uphill and turning the corner at a low rate of speed, the body of my y2k Max gets twisted. The front end goes slightly counterclockwise against the rear end. That's when we hear this noise: It's like a rather well-oiled leaf spring flexing, plus a tick or two. Audible when the Bose is off, otherwise not really noticeable.

    Does anyone have anything similar happening, and an idea what it means?
  • I myself am looking for a new max. For what it's worth,you should only have to pay invoice for any of the max options. For invoice price on car alone, 100-300.00 over invoice would be reasonable. Found some dealers willing to take invoice or below if they are really trying to unload the car. I'm sure there are incentives and kickbacks even Edmunds can't find out. Good Luck and happy hunting.
  • bksobkso Posts: 5
    I have already talked to someone in a local network. They think it is serious enough for them to do an investigation. Hope some good is coming out of it. I never expect the dealership to be 100% honest, but I would have never expected the level of deception I encountered.
  • I am also bothered by wind noise in my 2000 Maxima -- coming from exactly the same location described in #777! (The back of the right rear window or door seal at ear level.) I have a feeling it got worse when the weather turned cold. I can't see any difference with the left rear door gasket. I thought maybe the small rear window outside gasket might have a leak.

    Does anyone have a better analysis, or a solution?
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    ive reading along with these problems and i must say that there seems to be something wrong with the doors. someone a few days ago stated that it was more difficult to close the front doors of his 2000 maxima and so the body shop had to realign the doors, which meant the doors were now misaligned, and now someone says that the dealer has to realign the doors (causing misalignment) to fix the wind noise problem, whats wrong with the doors?
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    i am having this windnoise problem too
    Can anyone tell me were I can look up the TSB's listed for the Maxima on the internet. When I go to the dealer I want to show them the TSB's so that they can't tell me that they don't know anything about the problems I'm talking about. I have the A pillar rattle and also a minor squeek coming from the back end of the car. I also want to get the TCM replaced because my transmission sometimes hesitates to catch gears when it is cold outside. I have a 2000 Black SE Maxima that I purchased over a year ago at $500 below invoice price. I love my car except for the minor annoyances and I have done some modifications to it. I have replaced the stock 17" rims with some 18" Giovanna rims sitting on 245/40's. I also have installed the Stillen intake, Front Strut Tower Brace, Rear Sway Bar, and Eibach Springs. The car really hauls a** and now handles like it is on rails.
  • Cartel,

    Here's a copy of the Transmission Control Module TSB. I have only heard of one internet site that will provide copies of TSBs. They charge $35 per car per year. Sorry I don't recall the site address. Someone posted the address here a few months ago.

  • whackowhacko Posts: 96
    The name "Maxima" is perhaps the coolest name for any car ever named. It's very fitting for a sedan that has combined luxury, power, dependability, and style. So what if Nissan has designed the three ugliest rear-ends in the market including the Max, Sentra, and Altima -- Nissan still rocks!
  • Thanks for all the responses from those out there with the same problem. Unfortunately I have no info on a fix yet (hopefully someone else does). I would love to know if anyone's '01 Maxima DOESN'T have this problem. I am under the impression this is a problem with ONLY the model year 01. Please correct me if someone's '00 has this wind noise problem also. It would be helpful in the diagnosis to hear that there are 01 Maxima's out there without this problem. I will continue to check this board and can also be reached directly at
  • Red---as I posted earlier, my 2000 GXE has the wind noise problem. I am waiting for my next oil change to tell the dealership about it.

    Also, I took my Max in to have the TCM changed about 4 months ago. Luckily I had the TSB from this board b/c the service manager claimed he didn't know what I was talking about.
  • If you check back (1 -1/12 months or so) in these postings, you will find one by an owner who was having the same problem. In his case, the dealer had pinned it down to the small window metal frame and seal in the back door. He commented that the dealer told him that the parts were on backorder, and because of that deduced that many Max's must have this same problem.
    This may or may not be the problem with your noise, though. I too have it in my '01 SE (coming from the back doors),and need to get to the dealer and have it fixed.
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    Actually, my Maxima is a 2001 GLE and I don’t believe I have the wind noise problem, as described earlier. So far I have had no squeaks either. I have only 1,200 miles on the clock though.
    Thanks for the info!
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    I don't have and never have had a wind noise problem. One thing that happened frequently after I first bought my car last August was that the doors (all of 'em) would not shut unless I was firm with them. The rubber gasket/moldings provided a nice tight seal and no doubt were the reason the doors didn't close easily. I also wouldn't change a thing (with mine). I like the tight feel when I shut the doors. I assumed most of the Maxs are like mine, but maybe not. I'm curious as to whether or not the Maxs with wind noise issues also have doors that don't require a "firm shut."
  • I have a situation similar to lsf in my 2000 GLE (no wind noise, no changes). What I do have, though, is a loud tire noise on most freeways at freeway speeds and on bad roads at any speed. This has been the case since day 1.

    Also, the body creaks but that might have started after the rear-end mishap (a 10 mph collision with an old Buick hitting my back bumper at an odd angle). My wife noticed the creaking first, now I hear it all the time...
  • My car's engine makes a growling noise when I slam on the accelerator, is this normal, should I take it to my Nissan dealer?. Also, when I lock the doors it makes this "click" sound, is there something wrong?.

    I am really joking, but I just wanted to keep up with the type of posts here. Come on folks, enjoy the car!

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