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Nissan Maxima



  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    You are bringing up two different issues: the fuel octane rating, then contaminated fuel. Any fuel, no matter what its octane rating, can be "cheap and contaminated" depending upon how it is processed, delivered and stored.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    What state(s) was this in? I have not heard about this one. Maybe states are only not doing enough to stop these problems.
  • duke_waduke_wa Posts: 12
    I just purchased a 2000 model year Maxima "GXE?" and I noticed a huge difference when I filled up with 91 octane. Incredible engine performance! I think the dealer had used regular unleaded for test drives. My first impressions of this car is that it is fabulous!

    I have a question for knowledgeable 2000 Maxima owners. Buying this car used, it is very clean and all the features work perfectly, however, there was no owner's manual in the glove box, plus the model type designation is missing from the trunk. It was listed as a GXE model, but I'm starting to wonder.

    I've checked out MSN's used car site and noticed two important points when I read the available options for the GXE/SE/GLE models. The options list says that leather seats are "optional" on both the GXE and SE, plus, traction control is stated to be only available on the SE and GLE models. My Max has cloth seats (which are great), but it also has traction control, plus it has so many other extras like the power driver's seat, heated front seats, automatic climate control, ambient outdoor temperature button, apparent premium Bose stereo (no brand name listed), convenience lights everywhere, very solid sport handling etc., that it's hard to believe that this is the base GXE model.

    Can anyone please give me more information about how I can verify if the car is a GXE or SE? When I run the car's VIN number online, it just tells me that the car is "GXE/SE/GLE". Is what MSN autos web site stated correct? Is the traction control not available on GXEs? Thanks everyone for your help. I've enjoyed reading the posts on here.
  • gxe and gle's have the chrome door handles .. SE's have door handle colors that match the rest of the car...

    if it has climate control, i believe it's an SE or GLE and they just removed the lil GLE/SE logo on the trunk.. since climate control is not offered on the GXE.. it's an option on the SE and standard on the GLE

    if you have the BOSE system, it has the BOSE logo on the cassette door of the radio..if it doesn't, it's not BOSE.. that i dont think you could modify to hide it's a BOSE system
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    here in louisville, KY. ashland/mobil over-diluted their fuel with ethanol, and corroded the electrical connections to the fuel pumps/sending units.

    my ford focus was affected by regular gas, but most were affected by premium.

    it was causing gas gauges to fail and read full when it was empty, and hundreds of people got stranded on the side of roads with no gas.
  • duke_waduke_wa Posts: 12
    Thanks, Kyle, for your advice and comments. Given the following it's kind of difficult to be certain that my car is a GXE:

    -Exterior door handles are chrome;
    -No Bose markings on stereo, but it is a premium stereo integrated with the automatic climate control;
    -Car has the Traction Control feature;
    -Car has many upgraded convenience features.

    I think that we have to rely on the exterior door handle test. Therefore, it's probably just a GXE that's been optioned up like crazy to be very much close to what's included in an SE.

    Concerning the use of premium fuel and the amount that I drive per year, I've estimated that it's going to cost me about $130 a year (CAN$) more for the extra cost of 91 octane gasoline/petrol. Given the performance I've noticed from the engine using 91 octane, this is money well spent, whether or not it improves fuel efficiency!

    Again, having only owned this car for 2 1/2 days now, all I can say at this time is "WOW! GREAT CAR!"
  • duke_waduke_wa Posts: 12
    Can anyone provide more information about the 2005 Max interiors, including guages, instrument panel, etc.? Did Nissan decide to make interior improvements in the 2005 Maxima like the huge improvements that they made to the 2005 Altima? I thought the 2003 Max model interior was great, drooling over it when I went to a local dealership. But in my opinion, I think the Nissan Maxima interior regressed for that new 2004 model. Ugly!! Starting to look like Star Trek or something.

    Any other opinions on this?

    I formerly owned a '98 Altima and just bought a 2000 Max GXE. I thought that the Altima was a good value vehicle....well, the y2k Maxima is outstanding!! The quality is excellent and it is truly "loaded". Absolutely LOVE the engine!!!
  • woahhh, i just realized something, you're from Canada..and the canadian maxima come fully optioned out as i recall.. so auto climate control and TCS could very likely came on a GXE.. everything I'vd said prior on SE vs GXE do not apply since i was referring to maxima's in the US
  • carman4carman4 Posts: 15
    im looking at a 05 sl maxima any input from you out there will be appreciated tom
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    From what I have heard (and seen at local dealerships) the 05 Maxima has not received significant changes interior-wise.

    They add chrome door handles and the metal trim is a bit different and I also saw the power outlet beside the shifter now.

    I don't think Nissan will really improve on the Maxima's interior until it is facelifted or even redesigned...but there needs to be somethng done about it.

    I think the Maxima's interior will probably be as drastic a change as the Altima's facelifted interior was...but judging from how the 05 G35 looks, I would not expect much...

    However, I must say that lately I have grown to like the latest Maxima...would I buy one?

    Probably not...but it does look better now than it did when it first came out. I guess my eye have gotten used to it.

    So to answer the question NO, the 05 interior is not changed very much over the typical 04 model.

    And for Carman,

    The SL IMO looks a bit nicer than the SEs do. I am a BIG fan of the SL's wheels and like them...and I also think the wood trim in the SL model looks better than the silver-metallic trim they are using now.

    Overall, I think the lower-priced Altima has the better interior over both the Max SE or SL.
  • carman4carman4 Posts: 15
  • b10609b10609 Posts: 37
    Guys, I looked up the Canadian 2000 Maxima info I got back then, the GXE base automatic included traction control. The GXE Convenience Package option included 16" alloys (GLE style),215/55 R 16's,pwr seat,automatic air,premium 6 speaker (120 watt)AM/FM/CD,Casette, armrest, Homelink,and cargo net. FYI price was $30,290 CDN for automatic incl traction, and GXE Convenience Package took it to $31,900. PS There are no trunk letters on GXE's here. -Waterloo
  • duke_waduke_wa Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info, b10609 from Waterloo, that's exactly the used y2k Maxima model that I just purchased in Ottawa. it has all the features you mentioned, plus the Convenience Package. So there's a reason why there is no "GXE" badging on the trunk lid.

    I have the upgraded GLE style rims and fortunately, the tires that are on the car are almost new all season Yokohama AV Y4s, which seem great so far. Has anyne had any experience with these tires? The reviews all say the AV Y4 model is excellent.

    All in all, if you don't need leather seats or a sun roof, this dressed up XE Canadian Maxima GXE package is wonderful! The heated seats work great, the stereo, while not BOSE, is an upgrade and sounds pretty good, plus I find the auto climate contol very convenient. I'm wondering if the suspension on this model is also an upgrade, because the handling is great. I'll find out more about the traction control this winter. ;)

    This car is very solid and the quality oozes from every square inch of it. My wife even wants to trade me her Subaru AWD Outback wagon for my y2k Maxima. No deal!
  • b10609b10609 Posts: 37
    Hello again, DUKE WA. You've bought a good GXE there, the Convenience Package upgrades the Maxima perfectly. Suggestion: Ottawa gets a lot of snow, you might be better off buying a set of plain steel wheels and putting on a set of snow tires if you need to travel around more than most people. My 2001 GLE TCS has been good in winter but the original spec Toyo Proxes AO5 all season tires don't cut it for serious winter driving. Confession: My wife - big Subie fan also- has a 2003 Forester AWD and lends it to me on snow days & the Maxima stays home in the garage. Your GXE standard spec wheels are 205/65 R 15's with wheel covers - deleted when Convenience Package was ordered. A set of those could probably be located cheaply and that wheel size gives you all kinds of reasonable winter tire choices plus go anywhere ability with your TCS. Regards from WATERLOO.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 924
    I also have a 2001 GLE and until recently, a Subaru, and the Maxima went everywhere in snow that the Forester did, with the exception of extremely icy days. If you get a lot of very deep snow the snow tires might be a good idea. I have regular Bridgestone Turanzas on my Max.
  • carman4carman4 Posts: 15
    I just picked up my new 2005 sl I just have one question I have leather in the car but there is a very strong odor in the car I can't tell if it's a cleaning odor or the car it's self anyone else have this . The car has 20 miles on it. I will stop by tomorrow and ask the dealer Tom
  • max05max05 Posts: 29
    I just bought an 05 maxima SL, love the wood vs. the SE and prefer the 17 inch previous car was a 2000 maxima SE. Biggest difference is the Bose stereo....320 watts, 6 cd changer and 8 speakers vs. 200 watts, single cd and 5. I also have memory seats and power tilt wheel as well as audio controls on wheel...and a heated steering wheel and power folding mirrors and side curtain airbags and night vision mirrors and 43 more horsepower and a manual shift mode as well as automatic, vs my 2000, which i loved by the way....

    As far as the 05 interior vs. 04, I think the differences are subtle...i'm told the "titanium" is made from a different material, since the 04 scratched too easily. Also there is now an indicator light (next to the red security light) on the dash to signal when the passenger airbag is disabled or enabled. I was also told the leather seats are softer...I did notice the 04 SE i test drove had "stiff" seats compared to the car i purchased.
  • duke_waduke_wa Posts: 12
    Thanks again, b10609, I never realized how sweet these Maximas are. This y2k model is truly a first class 4dr. sedan. I see the posts that complain about the rear axle. Well.....why don't you check out the ride and handling? This car is for real!

    I was also checking out the posts concerning Accord vs. Maxima and as far as I'm concerned, the Maxima is far more sporty and has at least as good quality as the Accord. Any other comments about this?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    ...responses to that question should be placed in that very same Nissan Maxima vs. Honda Accord, so let's invite folks who want to respond to click on that link and continue there.

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