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Nissan Maxima



  • After a 5 minute visit to this dealership - the mechanics managed to 'Fix' my car so that i would need to have thousands of dollars of service on it.
    First they told me i had to purchase a nissan battery - then i would need my
    Dashboard replaced and a new sunroof motor and switches and they would have to
    Keep my car for almost 6 months before they could find a gas gauge/odometer
    Suitable for my car. This all because my battery was failing and I was driving when it happened. Drove right into Sears - and replaced the battery with the top of their line. Little did I know that the sunroof, systems indicators, gas gauge to mention a few things - all stopped working. What did they say... "you needed to purchase a Nissan Battery".. my response - Nissan does not make batteries, and I was on the road when this happened and this is general maintenance of my vehicle. Then they said to bring it in - the first thing they told me was it was "out of warranty" - any excuse - then they said the whole dashboard has to come out and be replaced...
    If you look on the internet - there are thousands of people that are suffering from the same problem - Nissan needs a recall - mind you - all because the battery was replaced... well Nissan - you need a recall - because everyone replaces their own battery - recall all the years that cause problems with battery removal -
    Then the dealership called me one day to offer me a $9.98 oil change. After it was done - they charged me more than $35.00 - they knew I was there for the special oil change - and what the Manager said - when I checked the amount on my bill was "well, you were supposed to tell your service man why you were here, and what we offered. Remember - I walked into service and they knew I was expected and for what - they are liars and cheats. When I called back the manager - he told me he would give me a $30 credit on my account. Now, they will not even return my calls.
    not even for parts information.
    No I would never go back here again - never buy a Nissan again (I've had 5 Nissans, 3 Maxima's) and I will tell everyone one I know to go down the block to Bill Tyson Automotive in Royal Palm Beach instead. 561-753-6122 - they will help you and they are honest people.
    > bill tyson automotive - undid the damage in just a few moments - and i now
    Have a great place to go for my 2007 nissan maxima se -
    > and
    > i can trust them too.
    > thanks guys - your the best!!!!
  • nissan_tech1nissan_tech1 Posts: 16
    edited January 7

    sounds like a lot of mis-information.....obviously u had more wrong than just a battery. but the part with the sunroof probably lost its memory...all u have to do is hold the button closed for 5 -10seconds and it will reset itself. losing the odometer after a battery replaced sounds more like a fuse or ur just promoting this automotive business you put down. sorry u had a bad experience....hopefully u found someone to tell u the truth.

  • nissan_tech1nissan_tech1 Posts: 16
    edited January 7

    @profireman said: Key Fobs not working......

    I locked car, put key in ignition 6 times until hazards flash, then turn key to ACC like instructed.

    But when I press any key on either fob....hazards don't flash as they should when activating a FOB.

    Is there maybe a fuse blown or a wireless receiver for the fobs has an issue ?

    Any ideas ?

    sounds like the remotes ur programming are inoperable or the battery in them is dead. when u open then up to replace the battery, check for water damage or green corrosion. before trying again. procedure: get in car and lock car, insert key in and out till flashers flash, once they flash take keyless entry remote and press lock on remote(it should flash on ur cluster if it see it), then manually unlock the door from the main switch on the door, open the door then close the door then lock to close the process. then try ur remote. This is only for older model vechile...newer one u will need consult scan tool to program. hope this helps!

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