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Nissan Maxima



  • I've never experienced a cracked exhaust manifold that would cause a squeaking noise ..but hey...stranger things have happened. I guess you'll find out for sure when they replace the cracked one.

    What kind of marks, and on what surfaces ?

  • mhammy84mhammy84 Posts: 167
    there are black stains left on and around the door handles (mostly from mechanics hands), there are also a few small black scuff marks on the leather portions of the seating surfaces. I am mostly concerned with the black marks on the doorhandles, and also the scuff marks from shoes kicking the front speakers on the front doors. It really shows up on the tan interior! A friend of mine at the local "instant carwash" place used some "Tar Remover" and said if he didnt clean it off with water afterwards, long-term destruction of the plastic would occur. I DEFINATELY did not want him to use this stuff on my leather! There must be something out there thats gentle yet effective...thanks!
  • Thanks for the update on the Hood Struts. I'll see what the dealer has to say and let everyone know.

  • For the leather, any good leather cleaner, as long as the leather isn't actually gauged, will can try using regular saddle soap, which is what I use on works pretty good.

    For the doors, any kind of degreaser should work if it's grease...any actual scuff marks, depending on how bad and deep they are...may be permanent. Try good ole Armour All on'll sometimes lessen the appearence of scuffs.
    Do be careful, and DO NOT use tar remover on plastics or leather. It will discolor and/or melt plastic. You may have to try a few different things seeing as different types of marks and scuffs react differenly to different products.

  • Does anyone know if the 2000 Maxima factory installed in-dash DC player is capable of playing CD-R and/or CD-RW discs?


  • You can play a CD-R but I don't think CD-RWs will play in the car. But why would you burn music on a CD-RW?!
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I was considering extending my 3/36 mile warranty. I currently have 35.500 miles on my SE. I have only one problem so far, the passenger door sticks and lube has not worked. I have owned several Toyota's with little problems. I happy so far, but this is my first Nissan and I wondering if I should spring for the additional coverage (7/100).

    1. Should I buy the Nissan plan? How much?
    2. Should I go with e-z care? Less money
    3. Should I do nothing?

    I welcome any comments.
  • Strooper,

    My factory CD player works great with CD-R audio recorded discs. It will not play CD-RW audio discs. A gereral statement would be that almost all CD players should be able to play CD-R audio discs with some exceptions. Another general statement would be that almost all CD players will not be able to play CD-RW recorded discs with some exceptions. The CD-RW discs are recorded in a different format that most CD players can't play. The CD-RW recorded discs usually can be played back using newer CD-Rom drives in computers. More often CD-RW discs are used for data storage.

  • It really depends on how long you plan on keeping the car, how good you are at maintaining your car. Personally, I think what we charge is a rip-off. You already have 5/60 powertrain coverage, which also covers front struts. Unless you plan on putting WELL over 100k on the car, I'd save the money and if you need to have any out of warranty repairs'll probably be less than what you'd pay for the extended warr. anyhow. Just my opinion.

    Strooper....As mentioned before, No....CD-RW's will not play in the factory CD player, as well as most others...even home CD players.

  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    Thanks, I was thinking the same. My dealer gave me a price of $1,166.00 6/100. I will sell around 60K. $1200.00 can go along way in repairs with a local repair shop.
  • If you're going to sell the car at 60k...don't bother. Save the $$$, and use it as part of a down payment on the new

  • My '01 GLE came with a slight mettalic rattle or ringing that occurs primarily when the car is cold and I hit a bump. It sounds as if it comes from below and behind the heating and AC control panel. Reluctant to ask dealer to remove front panel. Anyone have similar problem?
  • Had the strangest thing happen lat night. Driving home on the at about 55 mph, in 5th (have a 5spd), want to overtake someone, so I change lanes and mash the gas pedal, rpms shoot up by about 300-400 rpms but the car doesn't accelerate then suddenly rpms come back down 300 rpms and car starts acclerating hard. I didn't touch the clutch. Just to check if it was me tried this in 4th and same thing happened. Happened a total of four different occassions. Never happenend until last night. What is going on??? Is it the TPS??? The clutch??? Happen to anyone else in their 5spds???
    Want to be armed when I go see the dealer.
  • I currently own a 2000 Maxima GXE with 28,000 miles. It is currently in service because the brakes are grinding and squeaking in the front of the car. The dealership claims that this is normal and I have to just live with it!

    Anyone else out there have this problem?
  • I would say your clutch is starting to slip a bit. A clutch test is usually performed by trying to accelerate in high gear/low rpm, exactly the situation you were in. If the dealer replaces the clutch, ask them to use high quality replacement parts (not the Nissan Key Value line).
  • Assuming, by your name, that you have a 2001 Maxima, there's no way you should be experiencing that much clutch wear so soon. That's not to say that that isn't the problem...because that's what it sounds like. How many miles are on the car ? If it's found to be the clutch, you shouldn't have to pay for the fix. We don't offer anything but OEM replacement parts for clutches stated by 96i30, you may want to ask.

    Path....Some minor squealing can be normal but, not grinding. If you also find that they are warped, demand replacement rotors. There have been some trouble with improperly torqued lugnuts that can cause the rotors to warp. You'd know this by a pulsation in the brake pedal when you apply the brakes.

  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I have a 2000 SE. My first brake issue came at 8k miles. I was getting a grinding noise at moderate braking (front). My dealer said it was some kind of foreign matter on the pads and cleaned everything up at no charge. Around 10k miles the problem came back, more foreign matter---not.

    They said to be 100% sure, I should cut the rotors and eliminate the roughness or any unevenness and I agreed. They grinding that was originally coming from the front had disappeared, however I felt that the braking power was significantly reduced. I now have 36K miles and need brakes (front). If you cut the rotors you may as well do pads at the same time. My dealer gets 179.00 for this. With 28k miles your at least due for pads.

    I very happy with this car, but every car foreign or domestic can have brakes that squeak and its a common problem.
  • Thanks for the responses. And yes Joe I have a 2001 SE, with only 4600 miles. So, I am concerned about the problem considering I drive mostly highway miles, with little or no bumper to bumper traffic. I'll let you guys know what the dealer says.

    Thanks, again
  • atuzaiatuzai Posts: 47
    I found a 99 Maxima SE, 22000mi, AT, only ask 15K. I think it is a great deal. But feel too good to be true. I will meet the seller ( private) this afternoon. Any suggestion what I should pay attention to when checking the car? Somebody suggest me to check it with Pep Boys, is that worth? I think it is still under warentty, should be no problem, right? Do not know much about car, really need your help! Thanks.
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    I wish I'd asked the question before I bought my 00 GLE last August. I was coming off bad experience (from a maintenance perspective) with a Ford so I bought the warranty. At today's shop rates, if one thing goes wrong, the expense should cover the cost. However, I know I got the warranty for a good price, but I still think I'd rather have a new set of Titleist irons (lol). : )
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