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Kia Sorento Real World MPG



  • Jawilson, my idle is consistent, but it feels way too fast. I can idle at nearly 10 mph in drive. On my first service I'll have them check it. Idling this fast, i'm not so sure the MPG guage is any more broken in idle than at other time, it may kill your MPG that much. temp is 1 notch below half I think. (most cars have a special line or something where it should be, this one doesnt).


    After my second test tank of gas, I've confirmed the MPG guage off by 10-11 percent. I got 26.8 (or 29.5 KiaMiles/gallon - KMPG) average after 1 full week, 5 days of 60 mile commuting w/ 80% freeway, and a handful of miles to store, restaraunts etc. after work and on weekend with bad traffic. I'd fill up my Celica GTS every 7 days using midgrade. My fillup this week with the Kia was 45$ (about a notch below half) with regular, lower than any celica fillup i had since May, about 2-5$ less. That was one of my goals, to pay about the same for gas as I did with my Celica. Granted, I drive the KIA for maximum MPG and the Celica I'd just lock cruise control at 75 and not think about it. But that doesn't mean I only drive 55, if there is traffic, I might, because the payoff for weaving around is so low anyway, but more typical is 65-70.

    Some things that have helped me get better MPG from my first attempt I reported:

    -not idling at drivethroughs forever (I still idled on last tank to keep the comparison with celica more or less fair)
    -reset the MPG guage on freeway while driving 60, try to get it up to at least 36KMPG, and then try to keep it from falling when getting into town; as opposed to setting it in town and building it up on freeway; easier to see what's killing you.
    -try to brake as little as possible, if you think the lights going to change red, let it roll out.
    -this thing rolls forever, i'm getting better at not using gas just as i'm coming over a hill i know will get me up to speed with gravity down the other side.

    Next thing is to optimize up/downhill on freeway, resetting MPG guage liberally and recording results with different kinds of speed variations.

    and remember: with equivalent technology, a car will always get better MPG than an SUV. Laws of physics, more mass requires greater force to move it. period. with SUV we should shoot for "good enough", not "good".
  • The worst "posted" mileage estimates I've seen in 40 years are Kia's. The Prius V I traded my Sorento in on is estimated to get 44 city and 40 hwy with an average 42. After 2500 miles the three measured tanks of gas have produced 41.6, 44.5, and 39.6mpg. The 39.6 was achieved at 73- 75mph on the interstate mostly. With a range of 450 miles, it's hard to get an all hwy number. If Toyota can post fairly accurate mileage numbers, there is no reason KIA can't, but them they couldn't sell cars...
  • It's looking like the trip estimator is way off -- though it's still useful as it appears consistently off -- but I have no reason to believe the Sorento doesn't get EPA. I finished my second week getting a combined of 26.5-27. That's measuring at the pump. EPA is 25 combined, though most will have a few more city miles than I do. Comparing a hybrid car to a standard SUV is a bit iffy. Just looking at the numbers alone, 44/40 differ by 10%, so your percentage city and highway driving is isn't relevant, you'll be in the ballpark no matter what. but 32/22 differ by about a third. It's very easy to ruin the "32" with stop-and-go driving, but EPA isn't "32", it's "32/22" with expected 25. The Sorento can get 32 on the freeway, i've done it for miles at a time in both directions.

    What would really help if data was provided showing gas mileage as a function of different velocities/acceleration etc., so one can make selection based on their driving preferences and constraints. Though this exaggerates the point a bit, you can google an episode of Top Gear showing a Prius getting worse MPG than an M3 on a track.
  • the bottom line here, and I said this before, is the sorrento is to big for the 4cyl engine. 4 cyl pulling 5000 lbs of vechile. I'll bet I have talked more than a dozen people out of buying this vechile. Again, I love it, but the mileage sucks and they lied about it.
    I still can't believe after writing the president of KIA American, he responded with a color brouchure on how to drive for better mileage!!!!
    I mailed it right back to him with a few words.
  • I don't understand all the angst about not achieving the EPA estimates, and somehow thinking KIA is responsible for deceptive advertising. KIA has absolutely nothing to do with EPA mileage estimates, and even the EPA qualifies their estimates with the standard, "your mileage may vary" disclaimer.

    Talk of a lawsuit over EPA estimates is ignorance. Using the vehicle's trip computer to determine mileage is also ignorance. The EPA doesn't, and neither should you.

    Most of the anger seems to be directed at the 4 cylinder mileage, and has already been pointed out, loading 3-4 passengers into a 2 ton vehicle, and expecting EPA mileage results is ridiculous too. Read the EPA testing parameters, duplicate them as closely as possible, and your results should approximate the EPA's. I have the V6 SX AWD, and my mileage is within +/- 3%.

    A vehicle with this size and weight will give much more consistent mileage with the larger horsepower and torque of the V6, and the EPA mileage estimates between the 6 and the 4 were only 2 MPG. Why buy the 4 at all? Better to have the V6 power available and not need it, than vice versa.

    I have had my Sorento 6 weeks, driven 1200 miles, and love it.
  • KIA has nothing to do with EPA mileage estimates, and did not lie about anything. They are restricted by law on advertising anything BUT EPA mileage.

    I think the President of KIA was more than polite to reply to your message at all. He sent you a brochure on how to achieve the EPA mileage by altering your driving habits, what more would you expect him to do?

    If you think the Sorento is too heavy for the 4 cylinder, you should have bought the V6, but you cheaped out, and now you have no one to blame but yourself, not that you are not trying.
  • Get a life Wilson. Take a good hard look in your rear view mirror, and there you will see the problem. The reason you are not getting the EPA mileage is YOU!

    It's your driving habits, speed off the line, vehicle load weight, local vs. high %, or likely all of the above. If you had researched the vehicle properly, you would have gotten the V6.

    The idea that KIA is participating in a conspiracy to fool people about EPA mileage is absurd. The EPA mileage ESTIMATES are on every new car window sticker in America, you cannot listen to salesman, or anyone else in this regard.

    The nanny state has required consistent and published EPA estimates for years. Man up and take responsibility for your decisions and driving habits, and quit your whining, please.
  • Let me explain one more time about the Angst. I bought the 2012 4 cyl sorento about a year ago, was troubled at the mpg I was getting, 12mpg city and about 18 hgwy. Told everyone about the problem and was told about the breakin period, and even was sent a brouchure by the president of kia on how to drive for better mpg.
    Well the bottom line is not matter the EPA estimates or not KIA sells this product based on that, and to me that is deceptive, and they certainley do that, proclaiming ther great mpg this gets. I have done all the test scenarios you can think of, and not by the mpg calc on my tripometer, but by actual fuel used vs mileage, and not with 3-4 people in the vechicle, just me.
    So good luck with your KIA, but please don't tell me what I already know, and that the MPG claim by KIA is CRAP.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    edited September 2012
    That's the argument Honda used when they were sued for puffing about their mileage ("fuel economy estimates AHM advertised could not be achieved under normal driving conditions."). Honda settled the class action:

    Honda Civic Hybrid Settlement

    Just like manufacturers built to crash tests, I think they tune the car's computers to do good on the mileage tests they do to meet the fuel economy regulations. Those numbers don't seem to translate well to the real world for some makes.

    Both Kia and Hyundai are getting a reputation for their vehicles not getting the EPA miles per gallon estimates in the real world.

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  • Dude -- the issue is that KIA splashes the EPA estimates all over billboards and TV ads. If they were reluctant to stand behind them, then they wouldn't feature them so prominently in their marketing. THAT is my (and probably many) people's issue...

    And, moreover, I paid an extra $1800 to be able to access the GDI technology due to , again, KIA's over the top promotion of it over the std 4 cylinder. As it stands, the difference in MPG is more realistically a few MPG, instead of the bigger difference many of us expected.

    If you read most of the posts in this thread, you will see that people are tracking each tank fill vs mileage, not the dash display. So, drop that.

    Go back several posts and you'll see my detailed mileage over the last 17,000 miles. I've only achieved 26 mpg once. I drive at least 50% highway miles. The range stated on the window sticker for highway (26-38) is meant to be a distribution. I don't expect it to be a normal distribution (bell curve), but I don't expect that I could never stay hover in the low end of the range on several all-highway trips.
  • You are not upset because you got what you paid for.
  • This lawsuit pertains to a hybrid car, and is not really comparable. However, lets examine it anyway. People sued because Honda advertised the car as having 50 MPH. Completely true, for the EPA highway estimate. The ads also correctly, and legally disclosed this fact in the written part that flashes on the screen. Whatever your thought are on this being a proper disclosure it met the legal requirements.

    So a bunch of people too ignorant to do proper due diligence regarding a vehicle purchase filed a class action. As is typical, Honda chose to settle instead of litigate, for cost reasons. What was the settlement? Up to $1K off of a new Honda to those eligible, if purchased within 1 year, and here is the best part, a free DVD on changing your driving habits to improve gas mileage.

    It is estimated that trading in your old Honda for $1K off a new one is going to net the average owner about $200 in savings, and the % of people expected to do so is very small.

    The bottom line is do the proper research on anything you plan to buy. The cost of the GDI engine versus the regular 4 divided by the fuel savings means you are going to spend years waiting for the MPG difference to pay back the higher cost. These differences have been documented by Consumer Reports and all of the car magazines.

    How many of the people on here complaining actually test drove the Sorentos in all 3 different engine configs? How many knew their % of local vs. highway driving, since the GDI's better mileage comes from highway driving.

    Its typical of Americans today to want to blame others for their own poor decisions. They can't even compare EPA mileage, which is designed to offer comparisons between vehicles, NOT guarantee you mileage of that particular vehicle. What part of "Mileage is for comparison purposes only, your mileage likely to vary" is ambiguous?

    If any of these whiners had done a test drive between vehicles, and not bought the V6 for a 2 ton high profile vehicle, especially when the EPA difference is only 2 MPH, what is left to say?

    Hire a lawyer, file suit, wait 2 years or more, get a coupon that nets you a $200 savings if you buy another KIA, and get your driving habits DVD.

    The president of KIA will send you a driving habits color brochure right now for free. Seems to me to be your best option.

    You can't fix stupid.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    edited September 2012
    I was surprised that Honda settled since the law essentially lets the manufacturers off the hook for publishing EPA ratings.

    I don't think the fact that it was a hybrid really matter; the suits attacked the advertising.

    It would be nice if there was a site with a large number of owners reporting in, not just ones with low mpg. has the right idea, but only a handful of owners reporting.

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  • They settled because it was less expensive than litigation. The people that sued got next to nothing. The lawyers got a nice payday, as is typical. People that talk about suing usually have little or no experience with doing so.
  • Sorry, I meant the cost per MILE driven for gas is 16.66 cents @ 24 MPG, and 16.0 cents at 25 MPG.
  • You got what you paid for too, you just did poor research, and now you want someone else to bail you out of it. EPA milage numbers do not in any way guarantee you that mileage. They are for comparison purposes only, between different makes and models.
  • KIA did not create and is not responsible for the EPA mileage figures, so your complaint that they wont stand behind them does not make any sense. EPA mileage figures are to be used to compare the mileage between different makes and models, they in no way guarantee you that that is the mileage you will get. In fact, they all state that your mileage will probably vary.

    The standard 4 cylinder in the Sportage gets an EPA combined 24 MPG, and the GDI gets 25, only 1 more MPG.

    With gas at $4.00 per gallon, and driving 12K miles per year, it would take you over 22 years to recoup the higher cost of the GDI engine, if as you stated, you paid $1800 more to have it.
  • My guess is that you are in the car business or have some dealing with the car industry. Used car salesman perhaps?
  • marilyn17marilyn17 Posts: 8
    edited October 2012
    OK my plan,,,,starting the end of OCT. I am putting signs on my vehicle.....


    and drive around the 3 car malls that have Kia dealerships...I will also put balloons on my car and do this for the last 4 days at the end of every month. Maybe this will help the next consumer from being misled and then get blamed for not doing enough research. I also have friends who think this is funny and a great idea who are willing to make a parade. I unfortunately don't think it's funny at all but WILL make my statement.
  • I do not work in the car industry, or in a support industry either. I am a car enthusiast and read most of the car magazines, and go to many car shows.

    I am unfazed by your suggestion that I must be a used car salesman as well, even though I am not. You are making assumptions based on old stereotypes. Most car dealers, including the used car ones, are interested in happy customers and repeat business.

    I have the following suggestions for you, which are free, so take them or leave them as you will.

    Its a CAR. Its not worth getting upset over, although I do understand your frustrations. What is a few lost MPG's compared to the time you are spending angry? Life is to short to let things like this determine your happiness.

    If you are that upset, make an appointment to see the GM of the dealership, and explain to him that you need a car with better MPG, and the Sorento is not meeting your expectations, and ask him to work with you on a fair trade in on another model with better mileage. Perhaps a Sportage would work better if you need an SUV, or maybe if MPG is primary, choose one of the smaller cars.

    You will take a depreciation hit if your car is a 2012, or 2013, but its not as bad as it used to be. Maybe the Used Car Manager or GM will give you a better deal to maintain customer relations, maybe not.

    To get the most amount of money for your car, the best thing to do is to sell it on Auto Trader yourself, which is not that hard, but you need to be careful, and read their instructions. The California DMV has instructions on its website telling you everything you need to know to sell the car yourself, maybe your states DMV does as well.

    What I would NOT do is what you are planning as far as making a scene in front of KIA dealerships. It is likely to harden their resolve that it is your fault, not theirs. As the old saying goes, you get more flies with honey than you so with vinegar.

    Again, its just a car, a few hundred dollars per year in gas. In the great scheme of things, it is nothing, a mere annoyance. Many people with true challenges in their lives wish that was all they had to worry about.

    The sooner you put it behind you and move on to happiness, the better your life will be.

    Hope that helps.
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