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Hyundai Tucson 2010 Bluetooth quality



  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    Thanks as that gives the rest of us hope. Please let us know what happens. I love the car but the bluetooth drives me nuts.
  • shannon19shannon19 Posts: 3
    I changed to AT&T and have the Nokia 6350. The moment I changed, the bluetooth has worked perfectly. I even get to hear my MP3's on my phone threw the radio if I wish. :)
  • elmo039elmo039 Posts: 6
    either talk to the general manager in person or on the phone. also try writing a letter to the owner of the dealership. I kept having my complaint (letter that I also copied to the owner) w/ hyundai corporate moved up the ladder when they said no. I told them if I wanted a used part I would have bought a used truck.

    Call everyday if you have to. I also posted my problem on
    If worst comes to worst, maybe threaten the dealer to take all maintence, repairs, collison work to a different dealer for the life of the truck. All those visits will cost more than the $2800 invoice they have to wait to be reimbursed for. It's so stupid to fight w/ them when it's warranted for 36,000 miles and they get it back from hyundai. good luck, keep fighting for what you paid for. :)
  • Dealer set uo bluetooth on my env 3 lg Does not recognixe my voice but picked up
    tel number from cll phone
    deleted the phone number
    started all over
    'phine got stuck at entering code 0000 cell phone wouldn't pick up code and just stalled so deleted thephone

  • I have had my Tucson for a year the end of February. I love it but in the last month or so the bluetooth still recognizes my commands will dial but never connects. I've deleted it & reprogrammed it in & also removed the battery from my phone from advice from friends but it still won't connect. My next stop is back to my dealership but I am wondering if others have same problem as I am having. The bluetooth worked perfectly for about 7-8 months and now I am getting concerned. :confuse:
  • I feel your pain ..I have a Brand new 2011 Tucson and the blue tooth quality is absolutly terrible .. All the people that I talk to say i sound like im in a tunnel or it is muffeled . Its a feature that I paid for and it not working good at all.. I started the paper stream and call the service manager at the dealer Keeping a log and my Hrs ...see how much time it takes to resolve this issue
  • I have had the car for 14 months now and love, love, love it with the exception of the bluetooth. Mine is a bit better now that I've increased the volume. You have to use the volume lever on the left side of the steering wheel to do this as the dial won't work for the bluetooth. My niece has a 2009 Sonata with an aftermarket bluetooth added by the dealership. Hers works perfectly and it was a cheap addition. go figure. I'll keep this car for years but never buy another Tuscon due to this problem.
  • Please keep us posted on this message board. I have had my Tucson for over a year now and they replaced it once. It is just a bad design or a bad bluetooh. It still does not work well.
  • Just purchased a 2011 Tucson GLS..........
    The bluetooth is awesome...........connects right up and the audio is top notch.

    The audio quality has a lot to do with the phone your using not the Tucson BT.
  • I dont belive it does or should......If your phone works properly at all times with no interferience then the bluetooth should work great. We use 2 different phones and both have poor mic quality for the reciveing party (in a barrell and muffeled )
  • Thanks for backing up what I said.........You hit the nail on the head. :-)

    Two of the same model Motorolas:
    Ours is crystal clear......wife can't tell if I'm on the phone directly or using the Tucson's Bluetooth.
    Sounds muffled and somewhat distorted.
  • gizmo23gizmo23 Posts: 3
    I just went to my dealer on a 2011 tucson and was told that my phone was not on there compatible list.. Although my phone work great and it dials and can hear OK but people that i talk to say Im in a tunnell. I told them that they have not heard the last of me .. I just bought a $26000 phone on wheels and it works like crap ...Dont belive the salsmen when they say they all work ... They really dont know .. I talked to Verizon and showed them the list of compatible phones . They said out 0f 2 phones on there list only one is still even avalible
  • elmo039elmo039 Posts: 6
    I have a 2010 tucson not 2011 but I can't imagine the salesperson told you the truth when they said they all work. For the 2010 their is a list of phones that work, I bought the phone on the list and people couldn't hear me either but I could hear them after about of month of fighting with the dealer and hyundai corporate finally got a new stereo system b/c the phone goes through that. sorry to say you might not win this one unless the salesperson gave you something in writing then maybe.
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    My phone is on the "compatible list" and it still won't work well. I've argued about this with the dealershi and it's not the phone. IT's the crappy bluetooth.
  • 2011 Tucson Limted w/out nav BT works great, I hear everyone perfectly & they can't tell I'm in my car. BTW I'm with US Cellular out of Chicago area & my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S. Good luck to those having problems, I guess I've been very lucky!
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    I can't get my car to pair with my new Droid at all. Any suggestions?
  • I finally figured out how to download my contacts to my Tuscon bluetooth. Even though I selected which contacts I wanted to download, all of them downloaded. Is there a way to delete contacts??
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    I have never been successful in downloading only selected contacts. I just let the system download all of the contacts.
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